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1620 S Sycamore Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57110

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REVIEWS OF Silverstar Car Wash IN South Dakota

Rachel D

This was my 1st time going to a Silverstar. Reasonably priced and nice that vacuums are available; however, staff weren't the most friendly or helpful for a new customer. It also didnt get the back of my vehicle clean. I would still much rather go to Empire where they vacuum and wipe it down for you for not a whole lot more!

Jordan F

Decent car wash. The downside is your car will never get cleaned the first time through (especially the back of my car). At least they will wash it again for you but you have to get back in line. Would be much better if it was cleaned the first time. And no, I'm not buying the cheapest car wash so that's not the reason it's not getting cleaned.

Amy Sibson-Jensen

Kelvin Lawrence

I have unlimited washes. When you come.out of the wash there is a sign that says if your not happy we will wash it again for Free. Well not if you have unlimited washes. Which is crazy. You have to come back the next day. I'm done with that now. The wash is pretty good. It is busy

Carol Barnhart

Gets those darn bugs of your grill and windshield, depending on which wash you pick.

Justin Breems

Great value with vacuums and towels included would be five stars but the area above my back bumped never gets fully clean...

Sumo Polka

John Kangas

There are guys that use a high pressure wash and brush on your car before it goes to the carwash. They do a good job, it's worth it!

Thomas Wierenga

JD Alfredo

$9.00 NOT Clean at all¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!

John Salazar

Denice Bradfield

Jason Toering

Free Vacuum's, Free bug removal, and your car comes out clean at the end. You really can't ask for much more in a car wash!

Dave Perrow

Joe Snaza

Darby Parsons

Rick Hull

Patrick Starr

juan macias

John DeMore

Best car wash in town

Clint Siemonsma

Always awesome

Steve Coomes

Greg Greer

Friendly and efficient staff. Very good value for your money.

Mary Wiese

Mike M.

You'd be silly to look elsewhere for a car wash. Best bang for your buck and at this one, you don't have to worry about employees getting into your car to wipe down the inside and leave streaks ... and with the Satisfaction Guarantee, why go anywhere else?

Antonio solis

Matt Allen

john gotti

Michael Woolheater

Cullen Mack


Friendly workers, and does an amazing wash

Bryce McGee

Used to do a better job but lately I get home and as it dries realize I need a rewash to get everything. Of course the one time I finally go back they tell me since I left they won't rewash "policy" even though you can see the brush striping from their wash and lookup the history on my prepaid card. I won't be using them again after it runs out, cheaper to do it myself right the first time at the manual wash.


Scratched the hell out of my paint. Deep enough in some places to remove base coat. The clear coat on the left side of my car has been all but destroyed after 1 wash. To address their reply, the quality of their foam has nothing to do with what damage could be done to a car. To claim that a carwash is incapable of damaging a cars paint is simply false. Contaminants in your car wash will easily damage paint.

Christina Lofstedt

Reasonable cost, quick, vacuums available at no extra cost. Monthly packages are an even better deal, especially for the winter salt and grime.

Kevin Kruse

Great place to get your car washed. They pre soaked the car before the wash. They have free vacuums and dry towels. Very impressed with our first visit and will be back.

Peter Kleinjan

Such a awesome place to get my car washed. Love the memberships. Access to vacuums and towels also. Highly recommend.

Julius Yonly

Great performance

Phillip Pounds

Darci Boy

Tyler Mouw

Omar Thornton

Danielle Hofer

Best vacuums

Charity Small

Katy Even

Your people who run the booth are a joke. I don't know how many times now they have just walked away and I've been left sitting there. It's not like I can just drive through and leave. Or you get here and nobody is even there???? I pay for your sticker and for as much as I use it I could go to the gas station and actually get my car dried at the same time

Danielle Fritz

Thorough service, worth the money!

Mary Yungeberg

Just washed my Mustang convertible there for the first time. WOW! Best $15 I've spent all week. :) The car looked great after the wash and It's nice to get the undercarriage cleaned up and everything clear coated. Being able to vacuum the entire interior for FREE is nice, too. No rush and it was convenient to hang the floor mats up and vacuum them thoroughly. I was totally pleased with my experience.

Estelle Veronika

Always satisfying

Jacob Byers

Would have given it 5 stars, but last time I went the front and rear of my car came out dirty and I purchased the most expensive wash. But I will always be a loyal silver star customer!

Lance Gushwa

JoshuaCaleb Wichner

gets the job done maybe a little to fast..

Thomas McKee

Best car wash for the money. Plus vacuum. Excellent

Xafso J Jango

Nolan Schneider

Katherine Ashworth


Julie M Redlin

Fast carwash guaranteed clean or they'll wash it again! And free vacuums!

Jordan Hewlett

KeithBeth Sanborn

Friendly staff who did a great job!

Alvin Jenkins

Harmony Pitts

Johnnie Ray Lay

Jason Vaughn

Jaradyn S

Always get a great car wash and is fast and easy. Love the free towelsAand vacuums

Matt Hursh

Jesse Weig

Quick and clean car wash

Donna Moeller

Very friendly and helpful.

Ryan Farsdale

Love the unlimited wash

Brett Kruse

Josh Dubro

Awesome car wash with a great group of workers!!

Corey Kasin

Steve Uhrich

Started paying for the un-limited (once a day) wash when I moved to town. Half the time there is one brush not working for days at a time and I call in and report the brush not working every time and two days later still not working. And my truck will come out dirty every time. Canceling my membership here and I DO NOT recommend this place to any one.

Out of The Desert

I will be taking my car to a self-serve car wash after reading multiple negative reviews. I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to warn others. I would also like to recommend (everyone has a phone in their hands nowadays) to take pictures 'before and after' the process! Immediate evidence will save valuable time later....


Busy as hell but customer service still on fire

Paul Westra

Robert Eilmes

John Kok

Phillip Eisenberg

Been closed for three days. The cold never stopped them last year.

Chris Wehner

Andrea Vetos

Guard Roving

Del Jensen

Clean!! Really enjoy!


Easy to use and cheap

Amber Thilges

Sam G

Silverstar is one of the few car washes that will actually get my car clean. There are staff at the entrance that will powerwash and\or scrub the front and rear of the vehicle if there are bugs, excessive dirt, etc. This isn't one of those touchless washes, so don't go here if you're afraid of the brushes touching your car.

Jill Hand

Great job cleaning all the dirt and from of our large van.

Jesse Scott

Very affordable for a quick but very detailed car wash.

Drew Daniel B

Sami Pitts

Jim Schillerstrom

Great value!

Josh Hamann

Shandi Demps

Nice car wash

J w

Travis Bell

Took a brand new suv through the wash and scratched up the passenger side all the way down. You can see it is very obvious that something was in the brushes and went round and round scratching all the way down damaging the plastic trim and paint. That not the bad part as things happen. The bad part is how your treated when binging the issues to their attention. They said a manager will call. Know one called. When I called to talk with a manager they say they will call you back. So then they send you a letter that says sorry are equipment is so good that it would be impossible for this to happen. So it's not there fault. A true business would take ownership of a mistake. O look a reply. And there it is. A pre laid out we send this out to everyone response. It is impossible that this could happen in our car wash we will give you a tour but not at all intrested in looking at the damage to your vehicle. if you read many of the reviews many have scratching issues with the same results. I'll try other media sites to let people know buyer beware.

Lance Steen


Silverstar does not back their product. Cancelled our monthly membership.

Andrea Ramirez

Benson Mattison

Excellent customer service/friendly staff, but the wash (while very low-impact and safe for finishes and wipers) is not the most thorough.

Mark Veldhuizen

I've never been able to keep my truck so clean. I love the monthly plans. Get to wash my truck every day if I want to. So convenient. Lots of locations too.

Brittaney League

B2BDavidf Feist

Robert Hamilton

Very nice

Andrew W

Mike Vermulm

Samantha Carlson

Paul Hull

Dominic Schneider

Nice price and does a good job.

Tessa Wegner

Scratched the paint all the way down driver’s side side door and a little on to my passenger door and claim their machines don’t cause that. I have cancelled my service, returned gift cards and will no longer ever use their service and will not recommend them to anyone. I now have a $1000 in paint damage to my car. Edit to their response: there was a spot on the opposite side of my car with a small amount of paint damage I knew about

David Feist

Jordan Van Maanen At Vern Eide

Silver Star cash washes are the preferred car wash for us here at Vern Eide on East 10th Street. I personally love this location for it is conveniently located across the street from Hy-Vee on Sycamore Ave.

Edwin Rogel

To much mistake

A h

As a mom I wash my car here just for the vacuum lol

Kylie Murray


Brian Gochal

Best car wash

robert graham

The best car wash in town the monthly unlimited wash is awesome and the vacuums are great and customer service is top notch

Stephanie Moore-DeNeui

Wish it actually got the dirt off my SUV!

William Sports

The approach is difficult for long vehicles. Doesn't do a good job on tonneau cover . Still go every week.

Jessica Nieman

Not getting under my license plate area/door handles/ trunk access lately... ?

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