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REVIEWS OF Empire Car Wash IN South Dakota

Roberta Elkins

This place used to be decent but quality of the work has declined over the past couple years. They barely vacuum, so basically all you are getting is a basic car wash! They did not dust anything inside my vehicle, floor mats were not even wiped off, bugs still on the windshield! The only time you notice that they did something is if your car is extremely messy inside. It’s sad with the price I paid ($28) and it only looks like the outside of was cleaned minus the windshield!

Chris Mitchell

Car getting bath and blow job

josh jones

I Had to wipe down entire truck after they washed it. Not worth the money in my opinion.

Eric Earns

I have used this location since moving here almost 3 years ago. Now all of a sudden they stopped giving military discount. Looks like i will go somewhere that they appreciate those who served.

Kyle Boehmer

Excellent job cleaning my vehicle. A little slow, but that happens on nice days

Pamela Boehmer

Rachel D

This is the only place left in Sioux Falls that is full service where they do everything for you. I hope they continue to stay open;however, their quality of work has gone down the last couple years. Seems that everytime I go it is getting worse. Some employees barely are doing anything when they should be drying the vehicle. On my recent visit I watched an employee miss a ton of spots which is why not the 5 star rating.

Judy Drobeck

Very busy the day I was there, but it still went quickly. Car looked great when done.

Marsha Myers

Bruce Eide

Car washed! Thanks!!

Walter Bauer

Rick Lehr

Just ok. Not much for full service car washes in town. Without competition empire will survive.

Gilbert Garcia

They do a pretty good job here. It takes a while but they are usually busy.

Antonio Martinez Padilla

Hey they hooked up my buddy's ride real good and quick

Lori Nelson

I always go here when I want the inside and outside of my car done. They do a great job. They are always really busy, so you may wait for a time. They have a TV. You can purchase soda and candy inside. They also sell car accessories.

Dennis Guy

Good people lots of fun

Kris Albertus

The outside of the car looked fantastic . I paid for the works, but I was disappointed that they didn't get everything vacuumed out as much as I would have liked this time, (but that hasn't happened in the past to me). Also I had to ask the worker to spray the cinnamon air freshner in the car when he motioned to me that the car was done. I could not smell anything had been sprayed.

josiah miles

For being as busy as they were, got through pretty quick. This place is officially the only full service car wash in town. They vacuum, they wipe down dash and panels, wax and hand dry.

Abang Abella

I was not pleased with the service.

Sarah Larson

Always do ok

Dmitriy Shkinder

Great job!

Niecole Bruske

mary carey

Every one who has had a horrible experience like I did should report Empire Car Wash to The Better Business Bureau.They scratched the side of my car, the front passenger seat was soak and wet, there was actually mud chunks on my back seat, they ripped my car seat cover and my floor mats were still dirty all 4 of my doors were dirty. My windows were smeared. I asked for the manager, it took her 15 minutes to come out. She came out angry and aggressive like we were at a bar. She said my inside doors were stained, I came home used a magic eraser came right off.When I told the manager lady I was going to call police about the scratch she tried to refuse to finish to reclean my car, her employees knew she was being ridiculous so they finished cleaning and still did a horrible job. This so called manager needs serious retraining on her job or just needs to be fired. I was actually scared because she was so aggressively RUDE, never even said sorry, she refused to refund my money and keep saying they did not scratch my car. I urge everyone to make a report to the Better Business Bureau . Empire Auto can not keep getting away with horrible service, incredibly incompetent manager who acts like she is at a bar parking lot and most of all actually damaging people's vehicles. I had to clean my car for an hour after leaving this car wash . Im actually afraid to go there again. I can't believe this place is still in business. If you value your vehicle do not go to this car wash. I rate them minus 1000

Randi Sharp

They do a great job :) they clean everything and the people are so friendly


Total garbage - They completely scratched up my car - all over, both sides, trunk, top - And then they vehemently denied it. The car was 1-owner and flawless prior to my visit. The body shop I went to says it looks like it's from the …

Jordan Campbell

Always the best work.


Morgan Gerken

They turned me away and wouldn't wash my car because my car was dirty from driving on gravel roads. Skip this car wash if your vehicle isn't perfectly clean.

Maxwell Rysdon

As a recently constructed car wash, this place is clean, modern, and inviting. Unlimited free vacuums bring great value to the wash you receive.

Laura Steenhagen

They clean my car, and for a basic cleaning got the floor done, the windows clean in AND out, detailed inside and washed!! Also hand dried!! Love that they have a military discount!

david johnson

This place used to be decent but quality of the work has declined over the past couple years. They barely vacuum, so basically all you are getting is exterior wash and maybe floor mats if you have rubber ones. The only time you notice that they did something is if your car is extremely messy inside. If you care for your car interior at all, then there’s no point of paying the premium to take it to this place.

Taya Benson

Nice, detailed work! They do magic!

Amanda Sabers

Cherie Anderson

I took a black car covered in salt and yuck and it came out looking beautiful, even did a passable job on the WeatherTech floor mats.

Mandy Rempfer

First time here, and never again. Manager was just as childish as the employees they spilled cleaner all over inside of car. Not to mention the scratches from the vacuum as it Dinged all over my vehicle. Most definitely not recommended to …

Stacey Roozing

My first time using their car wash and they ripped the paint off my bumper. I had just bought the car a few weeks prior to getting it washed. The manager said it was due to a rock chip. I am sorry but show me a car without any rock chips. The problem is the idiot got too close with the pressure washer, and you should never pressure wash plastic anyhow. A little bug remover and a sponge takes just as much time and is safer on vehicles. Other businesses are responsible for things they may not be completely at fault for so what makes car washes any different. I deliver packages, so if you receive it broken do you take the loss? No its usually my company and they don't know if it was given to them that way or not. You cant see the item but you do everything to make sure you take care of it. Its the same when I give you my car to take care of.

Tammy McKillip

They do a good job, however could step up the quality of service. They left my floor mats on the passenger side of the floor instead of putting both back where they belong. A full service package should warrant a higher level of service.

Mike Sandstrom

Very thorough


They were friendly and did an amazing job!

Leo Lewis

Great service, clean car every time. They simply take the time to do every car right, and they never fail to produce great results.

Dal Dayland

usually really pretty good car wash

Steve Aaron

Best in town even though it takes a while

Jessica Vanderham

They did an amazing job with cleaning my extremely dirty pickup! They even ran it through a second time to get all the mud out of the tires!

JoAnn Gnat

Excellent job

Randal and Marcia Garfield

The bwst

Brett Kruse

Micheal Beaver

Great car wash in Sioux falls

Micah Hagen

New truck, first wash, scratches down whole passenger side. Must have dropped a towel and continued using it.

Rea McKeown

Two tens were stolen from our car. Our mistake to leave them in but very disappointed that thieves work here. I won’t be back.

mike whitehead

Very professional and did an awesome job!

Robert Luves

I work here and know there is no better full sevice alternative existing!! We are the best, let us prove it

Maywin Thoreson

Good place for full service car wash.

Scott Koch

Wow empire decent deal, in and out in 10 minutes cleaned inside and out for 20 bucks

Taelor Johnson

I came to get my car washed after an ice cream mishap. I paid $35 dollars for an "Ultimate package" wash, and there was still sticky spots on my steering wheel and inside of the door. Normally I don't mind coming here because they usually do a decent job, but this was worst my car has been after a car wash, and I paid for the most expensive package. Not very thrilled...

Marilyn Rohrer

I have had Empire washes many times with great results. The last time I was there was today, 5/16/19. You couldn't tell by the inside if anyone opened a door, let alone vacuumed or wiped down. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I'll be desperate before I go back.

Laurie Kirby

This is the only place left in Sioux Falls where you can get the inside and outside of your car done for you I hope they stay open forever

Mike Andersen

Last placein town to get the completefull service wash job!

Trisha Grimes

Only had my new vehicle for a few months and not only did they scratch a trim piece on my door, they put 4 scratches in my navigation screen.

Out of The Desert

I will be taking my car to a self-serve car wash after reading multiple negative reviews. I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to warn others. I would also like to recommend (everyone has a phone in their hands nowadays) to take pictures 'before and after' the process! Immediate evidence will save valuable time later....

Steph Brooks

Absolutely do not recommend Empire Car Wash. Pulled up and my vehicle and others around it were soon just a number until a decked out dodge truck pulled up. Every employee got in it to check it out! After all the glory of loving up on this truck that pulled up, our vehicle finally made its way to the dry bay. We go to get in it and our floor mats for the entire vehicle are missing! They can’t find them-manager watched the camera and due to employee mistake, they are now sitting in another vehicle that has left Empire! I understand mistakes happen, but there are far too many being made there! Will be working with Empire as they owe us new floor mats.

Matt Ahrens

I called to make sure they were open I live over an hour away from this car wash have used them many times. They told me they would be open till 5 o’clock I arrived an hour and half (2:15) later told me they are closing and would not reopen. The weather did have a very light mist in the air. I did want my vehicle washed and vacuumed but again they came out and told me the manager did not want to open to do my vehicle. I traveled over an hour one way to a detail wash and am disappointed they wouldn’t do it. Very poor customer service.

Brett L

Wife had some issues with some some lazy employees, trying to pull a fast one. Talked to a manager after a my nasty post here and he was very interested, polite & fast to react. So that tells me that management cares about their customers. So I'm happy to change my post. Still only 3 stars because she had to make a trip back & it shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Justin Dziobecki

Been going here for years quality has gone down hill never going back last coule times my car has mysterious scratches that were never there they vaccuum but half asspulled out leaf as i was getting into my car. And have to dry my car after i pull out from them drying it. Your better ofc doing it your self. Sioux falls needs more full service car wash show these kids how to work!

John Thornton

Nice car wash with interior vacuuming options.

Todd Geerdes

On Saturday I went in to get the outside of my pickup washed. It was busy so it took about and hour. I get it and have no complaints about that. We have used Empire countless times over the years and have always been pleased with their work. When I was going to get in my pickup to leave an employee was scrubbing an area on the windshield on the driver's side. I didn't think anything about it until I got home and noticed about an 8-10 scratch on my windshield right in my line of sight. I tried emailing them this weekend, but there is no email on the website. I am hoping that someone from Empire will read this and message me. Todd Geerdes

Billy B

Solid cleaning of vehicle, friendly staff, safe on tint... which I always worry about. Solid carwash, and probably the best carwash in the city. Just keep focusing on a quality cleaning experience, and service

Catherine Ratliff

You get a small army of workers cleaning and shining when you treat your vehicle to a Sioux Empire Car Wash. Great work, guys; my car is sooo happy

Robert Eilmes

Rod Dirks

Terrific wash, good price, hand dry.

Laurie Nelson

Fb page says open..drove over from tea..closed

Sindy Palma tercero

Me gusta como dejan mi auto! Muy buen trabajo

Sheila Cavanaugh

Have always used this car wash and they do a pretty good job, but don't leave any money inside the car. My sister had left $20.00 in cubby for me for gas and it was stolen by one of their staff members.

Yvette VanDerBrink

Great service and wash.


Our car smelled like dirty rags after and we had to drive with the windows down to get the smell out. Service really is just average or below average. They never do a very good job of wiping down the inside. If the outside is all you need done then I guess it's not too bad cause the machines don't suck.

Jeff Keckeisen

They do awesome work.

Daniel Gomez

Unorganized in the flow of autos through the vacuume lines they seem to favor certain lines therefore skipping customers who arrived first

Ashlee Wendt

Have always used Empire, but this is likely the last time. My car was not that dirty to begin with and i made sure everything was removed and easily accessible. I explained to them my main concern was a good wiping and vaccuum. Apparently paid $15+ for the privilege to go pay more now to go vaccuum and wipe out my car as you can't even tell they vaccuumed or wiped out the inside. Outside is clean (the part I said was my least concern and that was automated).

Amanda Nelson

Very disappointed. I payed 34.18 for a car wash half of the inside interior to be wiped my windshield was half cleaned, I even went back and no one seemed to be surprized, I was told with 4 door vehicles they don't do the back Interoir which makes zero sense for the price I payed, and on top they didn't even wipe down the front doors on the inside, and leaving the 2nd time still disappointed, this was my first time at empire wash, I will not be returning.

Jesse Scott

Always amazing even when they're busy. But when they are super busy some interior cleaning gets missed.

darren erlandson

We just had our Ford Edge dome yesterday and the outside was ok but the inside was terrible windows floor. Not sure if we will go back.

David H

Best car wash I have ever had. Very impressed with Empire.

Monte Engle

Josh San Miguel

Every time I come here I get greeted like an old friend.

Terry Keiser

Excellent job


Great place to get the car washed

Doug Peters

Great service and staff, reasonable price.

Cody Huisken

First time using Empire. Definitely won't be the last. It isn't the cheapest option in town, but it is the best quality per dollar! From interior to exterior, to door jams. Empire does an excellent job.

Allan Catellier

Fast and clean

Paul Beukelman

Went to Empire with a pretty muddy pickup. I requested the 23 dollar package. When I went to pay the attendant had marked the 28 dollar package. I thought ok, I have a pretty dirty vehicle. When it was said to be finished there was still debris hanging off the bottom and the dash had not even been wiped off, the tonneau cover had not not been cleaned as well. Tried to point this out to the young man but just got this blank stare. 5 bucks at a self serve car wash would have gotten me the same results.

Tera Dubs

Definitely not worth paying a premium to go here. While they do vacuuming and clean your mats, they don’t even take the time to wipe of your dash anymore. I have to basically clean the interior myself.

isai vizcarra

very bad service, pay 27 dollars and my car is completely dirty

Sarah Damm

Did a awesome job cleaning i side of jeep. Could not of asked for a better job


Exterior wash was well done and finishing work was above average, but really needed two people hand drying to do a complete, satisfactory job drying door jams, etc. Facility is old dingy and cramped. Picnic table seating is uncomfortable and bulky adding to the lack of space in the customer waiting area. There is only a single cashier station. There is no outdoor seating near the wash exit and the parking lot is not large enough to accomodate all vehicles when operating at full capacity. Walkway from car to building entrance is unclear and not handicap accessible when a car in the first line blocks the curb cut. There really needs to be a clearly marked path (crosswalk) for customers exiting their vehicles into the building. Neither the entry or exit doors have an awning. Really need to build a facility twice as large or a second location.

Jason Skadsen

Fast, Affordable and they really get my truck clean! Thank you

Rtown McKoopa

Full service carwash is nice but the setup is strange.

Samantha JoHansen

Brandon L. Maddox

a google user

Way too long of a wait

Tim J

Great carwash. They do the whole car inside and out. A little pricey but you get what you pay for. Nice facility with friendly people.

Maureen A Bland

Today's experience at Empire Car Wash was the worst ever. We took our brand new car to get the last of winter washed off. Who could have predicted that the car would be in worse shape than before it went in? The car, inside and outside, was filthy. White spots all over the exterior, mirrors, bumpers, driver's door, and inside the car on the passenger's side. All windows were smeared and not clean. The inside of the back window actually had muddy streaks on it. My husband and I just spent an hour trying to clean the mess created by the employees at this car wash. If someone in Sioux Falls wants an idea for what could be a successful business, we are in need of a well run car wash with employees who have some pride in their work. You'd make a fortune since Empire is your only competition. Avoid this car wash if you want a clean car.

Dwight Pehl

Took 40 minutes to get the car vacuumed. Manager gave 10% discount and couldn’t do anything more. Terrible service. Ended up taking over an hour with wash. Ridiculous. Not using them again.

Stephan Ferguson

Horrible process all around all young kids who didn't seem to care at all. Vehicle was not clean inside at all doors and dashed didn't even get wiped down, and mud smeared on the ceiling. Then charged me extra because there was dust on the back window.

Joshua Beckley

Clean it up

Becki Forster

Truck is still very dirty inside & out. Very disappointed with the service! On a good note - they forgot one of their towels in the truck so was able to finish cleaning the inside ourselves. Will NOT be going back!

Elizabeth Schreiner

This used to be the “go to” car wash in Sioux Falls for friendly quality service. The last couple of times haven’t been impressive at all. I paid for an empire package and my car is still dusty, many spots are missed, cup holders sticky, wheel not wiped off etc. Employees having a disagreement in front of customers. Dingy crowded facility that needs updates. Very disappointed in the service. Most likely won’t be going back. Two stars because the outside looks nice and they took time to wipe it down.

Steve Adams

Christine Johnson

We went to Empire hoping for a clean car when we were done. We paid for the Ultimate wash. The outside was clean, but the inside was still nasty! I’m very disappointed. I’ve always loved Empire Car Wash. My dash was dusty. There were finger prints on the rear view mirror, the seats and floor were still sandy! (They did remove and clean the floor mats!) The center council was still dusty and dirty! We thought the Ultimate Wash would clean the inside also.


Excellent detail to your car!

Susan Ribstein

Happy with the cleaning, but after we left, we noticed that an employee from the car wash must have helped themselves to the two ten dollar bills that were tucked away by our lighter. Beware: Make sure nothing valuable is left in the car before you leave it to be cleaned !

Dan McChesney

You would think if you spend $30 on a wash you sure would think they would get the windows clean every time we go there we always have the same problem maybe it's time to go somewhere else

Glenn Schumacher

Tom Brady

Great job great price

Xavier A Cuellar

This place sucks I have brought my car their many times and do not recommend it probably will not be going back. Also seen young teenagers smoking in the back.

M Kutter

Interior is still dusty. Windshield wasn't cleaned. Very expensive. Floor wasn't vacuumed well, still had gravel and visible dirt on the floor.

Jeremy Wilson

Very good service . I love these kids that work there very positive attitudes ...

Deb Sanow

Had an issue the first time but the Manager Brian made it right. I appreciate his timely attention to my issues and his friendliness while doing so. My vehicle looks FANTASTIC! Thank you for the amazing job!

Courtney Meyer

Fast. Nice to get a basic retail at a reasonable price.

Char Plucker

Customer service is terrible! Waiting in line when there is no line! I use to love this place...I will find some place else to take my car!

Arif Hossain Joy

Fast wash and cheap. 30 minutes and jobs done.

Brian Gochal

Great job getting my car extra clean

loveable Fox gaming

they did a great job

Jeremy Ernster

Utierresng Lachancew

Not usually a long line when Im passing through after work so a quick car wash always works out great.

Gina Gilbert

Took over an hour. Worst service ever, kids standing around not working and looking board. Because of this the washers stopped every 10 mins. Watch out for scratches that can occur with the attendants not caring or paying attention.

Shelly Broghammer

Very good at what they do and it's reasonably priced!

White Stallion 01

One of the best car wash areas to go to never had a problem besides of one manager named Ryan

George Waldner

A every good car wash.

Chad Hennings

If u need a quick wash and a reasonable price this is a great choice for you. Not much of a wait here most days and once is usually a need to get it clean here!

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