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Amber Priest

My grandparents enjoy going through the car wash. Rather regularly. Giggling like school kids tripping in the 70's again they watch the colors and soap suds cover the car in wonder and they themselves seem to be entranced by the machine pulling us along. Momentarily in another world their eyes look around in wild wonder. I had no final destination fears while riding backseat to this color whirl. I usually feel slugish from the jerks of an automatic car wash. This one runs smooth. The vacuums are strong have good suction to them. They also have a nifty car mat washer. It runs the sand and mud mats through and cleans them within 3-5 minutes for all ya cars mats to be sparkling like new again. Rags and spray bottles available as well. This car wash accommodates it's customers well and seem very supportive and helpful. I recommend to anyone wanting a hassle free car wash plus a wee light show for added enjoyment while ya treat ya vehicle to a shine. Everything you need together without hassle or woe

Karl Blau

A quick and easy way to keep your car looking new. I love the area where you can add the level of detail to cleaning that you want. Powerful vacuums. Plenty of cleaning cloth towels. Plenty of windex-like cleaning solution in spray bottles.

CeCe Lewis

The manager, Jeremy, definitely needs additional training in customer service! We are cancelling our monthly plan.

Kelly Gibson

The best car wash service program around!!

Debbie Evans

This is the neatest car wash ,after your car is washed the vacuum is free and works good they have towels and cleaners for you to use

Ryan McGinley

Excellent car wash, and value for the money, buy the monthly membership and you won't be disappointed.

Joyce Hudgins

Sister- in- law took her car to this car wash and said it didn't get all the tree sap off her car. She liked how it got her windows clean though and for the most part the rest of her car. She said it got most of the tree sap off the hood of her car, so overall she liked the car wash.

John Brown

Free use of vacuum after wash was nice. Worth it to get unlimited monthly washes for 26$ if you wash a lot.

Allison W

Great service and price

Birk O

Good fast wash. Love it

Amelia Center

Good prices very convenient great customer service, I recommend this place ,,,

Sissy Parker

Great folks

Valerie Claeys

Wish they'd get the buffer to actually touch the top of my suv.... there is always soap on my pathfinder size SUV and I have to wipe it off...canceled my membership bc i was tire of hearing itll be fixed or yeah its messed up.

Shannon Jackson

Brushes scratched up my BMW .

Mark Bootle

The only place I'd take a nice truck or car too

Shantale Haley

My car looked so clean


Place does a great job

Phil Hawkins

Great car wash

sheri walters

My husband and I use this car wash frequently and their customer service is timely, courteous and on point. A special thank you to Autum S who has help us several times!! Great job!!

Marshall Dozier

Car wash is Great! Price is Great! Hours are awesome. Just got back from a long back roads trip and the associate took the extra time to make sure she tried getting all the bugs off the bumper... didn't expect that. Not sure her name but white girl with purple hair... went above and beyond. Thanks!

Jayson Hansen

To start, I believe I may have gotten in under their cheaper lava subscription at $29.95 a month? I could have sworn I saw it at 30 something, which I probably wouldn't spring for if I didnt already have a subscription. Yes, it's not a place you'd want to go to for that showroom quality paintjob, though I think this place gets a bad rap of creating marks on vehicles, though I've yet to see anything significant. It's down south yall, there is sand.. so unless you use compressed air to blow off your car, light rinse, then heavy wash before using a sponge, etc, there are going to be scratches taking place. Though again, I believe they do a good job of keeping their rollers clean, as I've yet to see any indication that it scratches my car. No signs either that its killing my clear coat. Unsure where people get that idea, the lava wash isnt real lava... I enjoy the fact that they have free vacuums and free mat cleaners, now if only people made sure they placed the hoses back when they're done with them. Its an overall good business which I'll gladly continue using for as long as I'm here, all the while waving to those fiddling with money/credit cards at the booths as the system immediately let's me in due to then subscription. Good place.

William Clarke

great place to get your car cleaned. bought the 29.99 monthly deal thanks to Autumn. the wash does a great job on the wheels. Goose Creek has needed a great place for a car wash for a long time.

Jamere Miller

It was cool the clean the outside with the sprayer and you use the rest of the supplies the really clean all the crumbs the from the inside even a mat washer.

Josh Crider

16.00 for a car wash and I still had to clean the front of my truck by hand and the outside of the windshield by hand. Because the wash didn't clean it at all. Granted the place had free vacuum and rags and widow cleaner but I still none the less had to get the stuff off the front of the truck from the bumper to the roof. It hardly touched it. Won't be going back. I can get a better quality wash at the auto wash in mind corner for half the price.

William Card

Hate that they got rid of scrubbing the front windshield and bumper also the back

Ally Blanco

Fast, convenient and a good value. Wash the car and then move over to the cleaning stations where you can vacuum, pressure spray dirt out of tiny areas, clean your windows and even wash (yes, wash) your floor mats. They have a special machine there that will wash them.

dawn dorton

Awesome job. People that work there are very nice. Price is great. It includes vacuuming the car out (yourself). Vacuum s do a wonderful job of getting everything up. Rags available. Lots of trash cans to clean your car out. Employees keep everything nice and clean. No trash laying around like other places. Will go back.

Janis Natoli

Easy. Good job. Price


Giving 2 stars based on how poor their customer service is. They are supposed to be open by 7 am during the week. 7:20 on a Thursday and they are not open. Several employees justed staired and made no effort to let several of us waiting in line know that they are having issues and trying to "dial in" some equipment. I tried to pull up to one employee in a company truck to ask if they were closed or what's going on but when I got close he put his head down and wouldn't even look up. I pulled back around to the cones that were blocking the drive as 2 employees just looked out at myself and 2 other drivers sitting there and just kept walking away paying us no attention. I had to call in to ask if they are changing hours or having issues to find out what the problem was and I apology or anything for the inconvenience. This is another example how poor customer service / relations are with businesses these days and shows what this company thinks of their customers. If this was one employee, maybe but when there are several than this is very clearly the mentality of the management team and owners.


Plenty of space for the free vacuum and rags and window cleaner was provided free also. Staff was very helpful. I bought the $30 a month pass which you can use once a day. That is like getting your vehicle wash and vacuum for a dollar a day.

anna Carr

Wish they had a vending machine for a few items to purchase for air fresheners or Armor-All.

Christian Harrison

Owners have a great business mentality. Customer first!

Newly Humbled

This car wash is bomb. It's not overpriced and the vacuums suck everything out well. There's towels that they offer on site with a bin for used towels and if I recall correctly there's two vacuums on each station. Also there's an automatic floor mat washer/cleaner around the vacuum station. It definitely works. I'd recommend this spot.

demetrius frye

Mew car wash and the best one so far in Charleston

Geno Meneghini

Best car wash for the buck hands down!! I recommend the monthly package, unlimited washes for a month!

Kathy Sain

Best Carwash in the lowcountry!

Janice Peterson

Good place to get your car sparkling. It is basically a run through and then there is a place to run your mats through, wash your windows vacuum, etc

Macy Brisfere

Best Carwash in Goose Creek!!

Barb Enos

Had a great experience and my car looks great!!!

c heatherdale

Now THIS is a car wash that actually works well. It's well maintained with a good staff, the automatic wash does a great job with the car without leaving scratches, you get free towels, vacuum, and a highly efficient mat cleaner. It IS way too pricey for individual car washes but the monthly unlimited car washes is a great deal. Basically you can wash your car 30x for the price of 2, so if you like to keep your car clean and don't want to keep paying or pulling the hose out every time there's pollen, rain, mud, etc. like we get frequently in SC, it's a worthwhile investment.

Jeremy Boisvert

Best place in all of Charleston to wash your car. Super Friendly staff!!! Their ceramic coating is Amazing!!!!!

Zack Evans

Fast car wash, free vacuum, but the wash machine leaves swirl Mark's in your paint and didn't get my truck all the way clean, which isn't easy in a pickup truck anyway. Nice staff.

Chris Ede

Great job on the wash. Wheels looked great and no water spots. Prices are good especially if you get a monthly membership. Nick and Henry are awesome as well.

Barbara Monroe

Love the quick $10 wash

Lou Pran

Great car wash

Lucille Schendel

Love this place for getting my car washed inside and out.

Paul H

Love this place. It's my favorite car wash. Has so many little things that are free to customers after the wash. Planning on getting the unlimited wash package soon.

Mark Tracy

The people were great. Everyone was really helpful. The manager on duty (Nikolai) was very helpful. Refreshing to see a business that takes pride in what they do. Definitely going back.

George Allen

Can't beat it!! $10 for basic drive through carwash, includes vacuums & clean towels/spray window cleaner (doityourself) under shaded parking spot.

Stephanie C

The wash is great and the station with rags and glass cleaner, and a mat cleaner make it a full service place.

Yvonne Smith

GREAT VALUE FOR THE MONEY!!! This car wash definitely takes the cake in Goose Creek! Clean and courteous staff, free towels and vacuums, state-of-the-art equipment and a cool atmosphere. My car has never looked so clean! Will definitely be coming back!

Robert Clayback

Great place

Phil Hicks

Quick place to have your car sparkling again.

the pulse bar and grill Shawn p

Keep your ride clean at a affordable rate


Very convenient. Wish they had more locations in the area

Jeremy Prince

Great carwash! Free vacuums. Monthly package deal is the best option! Unlimited washes!

Noah Pascuzzi

The price is good, staff is friendly, and it's very convenient, but there one huge drawback. The wash scratches your car. I noticed it the first time I went through. After I got done there were a few small almost unnoticeable scratches on the top and hood of my car which was alarming considering the paint on my car is pristine. I mostly ignored them but was weary of using the wash again. Over the span of a few weeks I went a couple more times just to be sure and sure enough the scratches became more abundant and deeper. Because of this I won't be returning. If you have an older car or just don't care about your paint then it's a great value. For $30 a month with up to one wash a day it's an unbeatable value. But be weary of the risk if you do value your cars paint.

Lori Driggers

Convenient and car always looks good

Bill Schuteker

Best carwash in town. The staff is friendly and everyone always works.

Tasha Clark

Soooooo, I had issues with the carwash the first time that I went and the owner contacted me about coming back for a do-over... Everything went MUCH more smoothly and was done better this time around. However, I'm not going to give them 5 stars as it took 2 trips to get it right. Car front and sides were washed but a lot of dirt was still on the back and in the tire wells to say that $20 was spent on a subpar wash.

Pete smith

Fancy fun car wash

Pj Espinal

The sides were still dirty after going through the washer .

Tracy Elsey

I really liked it

Joey Stetter

Awesome job

Tyler Smith

Really good car wash with a self clean vacuum and hand dry station. A bit on the expensive side but it's the best car wash I've found in the area

David Eubanks

Got the 20.00 one time wash and was really pleased. Free vac afterwards was a huge plus.

Jason Pogar

Great carwash. Lots of help keep things moving. Only downfall is sometimes not enough vacuum spots. Would be helpful if workers staged cars waiting for vacuums in the couple of parking spots inside the gates. Sometimes you just feel forced to drive out when there's no vacs available. They should coordinate or allow you back same day if you have a pass.

Chris Lenga

Been with a few different car washes in the area. By far the best service, efficiency and quality compared to all the others. Pricing is pretty average and when I go there's almost no waiting unlike so many other places.

Ashley Adams

Went through the wash and didn't feel I got completely clean. Circled back and they were so kind to give me a re-wash with no trouble. There was a really sweet young African American that did a GREAT job getting all my bugs off. Thank you!

philip lazarev

MR. NIKOLAI is the best ,he was very helpful and above and beyond. Thank you sir .

todd taylor

Reasonable price.

Yves Teixeira

Quick service, convenient do-it-yourself auto interior cleaning, courtesy vaccums and towels, good experience.

Kerri Hill

Love the monthly deal. This time of year with all the pollen it's nice to wash it a couple times a week.

Ms. Miller

Its okay, somewhat newer.

shay F

Very convenient option to make sure you keep your car clean! With monthly membership you are able to go and get your car clean everyday

Jawaun Foreman

Rarely uses the pressure washer gun for the rims. Workers give the vibe that they don't want to be there.

Daniel Ripley

Does a great job and fast

Daryl Richardson

Plenty self-serve services to keep your car clean.

Brandon Jones

I will leave 1 star because that is the lowest possible. Horrible customer service, was rear ended in the wash line and nobody could do a single thing until a manager arrived... Why is a manager not there to open!!?! Anyways, the "manager" offered nothing to compensate... Or even apologize. After getting my police report filed I left and cancelled my monthly service. Also made sure to cancel the service from all the cars in my household and telling all of my friends and family to cancel theirs as well. IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR CAR AND TRUCK DO NOT TAKE IT HERE!!!!!!

Lindsey Adams

So happy to have such a great car wash here in Goose Crek. Staff is really kind and curtious. Nikolai was very helpful signing me up for my membership.

Lauren Riggs

After my first wash, I was very happy. So I went back again and bought the monthly pass. I will be cancelling immediately. My car has little chips in my paint all over it. I won't be going back.

Mersivette Figueroa

Great addition to our town

Frank Watts

For the money, excellent cleaning machinery, easy in and out.

Douglas Heffner

I recently started a subscription service at this car wash. I really like it. I’ve used other places and this is easily comparable to them. $26 a month gets you the good, middle of the road plan. The floor mat cleaning machine (something I haven’t seen anywhere else) is amazing. It cleans that deep grit out of the rubber floor mats with ease. This is worth the money.

Sharon Gibbs

Best car wash in town!!! Great prices, friendly staff, awesome management and an all-around cool place to get your car cleaned up! Thanks Time to Shine!!

Leslie K Bass

Super clean car

William Boatwright

Shiny... very shiny... but a tip... avoid on Sundays at noon... it's crowded for most of the day.

Tabatha Simmons

I dont like how I was charged membership fees after I canceled my account.

Milana M

Clean and tidy. workers on top of everything to keep it clean it’s impressive. Definitely getting a memebership here. Garbage is constantly cleaned, vacuumed clear. Love that they have a mat cleaner machine it saves me so much time!

Johnathan Morris

I paid $20 for the best wash and all 4 of my tires plus my running boards were still covered in dirt.

Robert Lawlis

Great place and price friendly staff

Derick W.

Automatic carwash with self service vacuum. Also includes compressed air to blow out air vents and glass cleaner with rags. I like Time to Shine so much I bought the membership which allows me to was my vehicle once a day all month long.

Dave Drost

Very impressed with this car wash. I travel the country for work and I’ve never seen another car wash with so many amenities. Plus the wax coat they use is the shiniest in the Tri-County area.

Bobbie Slater

Great place to clean your car yourself. I wish they would add a vending machine to keep stuff like Armour All or leather cleaner. They provide damp towels and glass cleaner. They have a dust blower and very strong vaccuums.

Zach Kemp

Great car wash to go to. Have an awesome unlimited plan for $30 where you can wash as many days as you want once a day during your monthly cycle. Location does have free vacuums for your use, a free rug cleaner to make your life easier, and towels and window cleaner so you can clean inside your windows all in one stop!

Daryl S

Excellent car wash. Vacuums also have crevice tools. Compressed air to get those books and crannies. Microfibre cloths and glass cleaner is provided free. There is also a mat cleaner.

Jessica Curry

Great like always. Love my membership.

A. C.

Great new car wash. Reasonably priced and accessible options to vacuum your own car for free. Spray bottles and rags provided to further detail your car yourself.

Philjcksn jcksn

Wash my car withoug getting out of it. How convenient is that. Nice shine.

James Bagley

Excellent monthly programs for washing your vehicle and making it shine! And, it protects your paint from sun, ice, and other elements!!

Nairus Gadsden

Was not Happy with this visit. They didn't spray my windows good so the love bug stuff was still really bad.

Astr aeus

This location was the only one I could contact where they were actually able to pick up the phone. Nikolai was a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful. Thanks for the great service!

Thomas Ballou

Good car wssh

jimmy mccorq

Wonderful place to get your car wash done, came out cleaned. Customer services was great as well thanks to autumn. Prices here are really good pulse vacuum and window cleaner is for free.

Toni Cantrell

Awesome! The staff is great and helpful.

Pretty Blu

Brought my car in yesterday to get my little car nice and clean, it didn't do a good job for it to be the $16 wash. I still had dirt all on the hood, under my wing. My windows were still dirty with bird feces on it and the hood was still filthy. Thought I had to just do touch ups after the wash but I had to try and get it cleaned after myself. Other than that, the vacuums are very good, has a great suction. I don't know if that's enough for me to go back though just for vacuums. Customer service was okay. Seems like the workers were teenagers who giggling and laughing unsure when to direct me.

J Ambrose

Love this car wash so much that I enrolled in a monthly plan. I love the powerful vacuums and the air hoses to blow out hard to reach crevices.

Stephen Kellar

BEST drive through car wash I have experienced. My car looed great! Self service for interior. Always a sufficient amount of wiping towels, glass cleaner, etc. Helpful staff if needed.

Courtney Schley

We went because the first wash was free with the grand opening, but we were very impressed with the speed and efficiency of our wash and that there were more than enough spaces for vacuuming afterwards. There were at least 15 cars there between the wash line and vacuuming and yet no wait. Pricing is a little high so this will not be an often stop for us, but whenever we do need to go this is top on the list.

matthew finch

After you run through the wash you get free vacuums for as long as you need them.They have rags and window cleaner available too. It's a great deal

Elke Maria

LOVE this place! Great service for a great price. You can tell if a car went through that car was; it doesn’t just shine, it sparkles!

Roberto Di Camerino

Good service, if you are member, you pay $1 per wash or $30 per month.

Greg Bessinger

All the extras for free!! Glass Cleaner Mat washer Towels 2 different vaccum nozzels per cleaning station with awesome suction!! All my dog hairs gone!! This Place Rocks!! Prices right too!

James Sims

A bit pricey, not enough room to park and vacuum car. Always stocked with shammies

Derrol Turner

They do a FANTASTIC job, so impressive for hands off cleaning.

Jennifer Smith

Hands down, best place for a ride through car wash. Free towels and vacuum cleaner for after are a bonus! The monthly unlimited plan is a deal!!!

Tessa Lindsey-Gautreaux

The car wash is clean and the staff are there to help in anyway they can and it showed! The wash did an excellent job getting my car cleaned. Free towels and vaccume available. This will be my go to wash from now on!

Dennis Wenger

Top of the line of quick "roll thru" car washes. Towels, cleaner, vacuum available for no extra cost in the stalls, afterward. I've never used the floor mat cleaner, I have the wrong type of mats for that. Wash and detail your own car every day of the month for around $25, if you'd like. There are lower cost packages, as well. Get there early and there is no line. They open at 0700 most days, except Sunday, I think. Close at 2100.

Zac Staires

Nice place to get your car washed, with the club membership all I have to do is pull up there when I need a quick wash so it's pretty convenient. They have good vacuums and provide you with clean towels, window cleaner and there's an automatic floor mat cleaner too!

Billy Carson

Such a great idea. The car wash is effortless and actually does a good job cleaning your car. Then, they provide you with towels and all chemicals to clean your windows, interior, and shone your tires. Oh, and the floor mat cleaning machine they have is a lifesaver. The vacuums are super powerful - seriously, it would probably suck up a small child. Great for getting dog hair out of seats or anything else. And they offer a monthly membership that will allow you to go as many times as you want!

Amy Johnson Gerhardt

Always a great place to clean and detail your car. Monthly membership is recommended. Complete car detailing supplies and tools provided. Go early when it's less busy.

Thom Schmenk

Great first impression! Don’t know what took me so long to find this place, but I’m glad I did. Friendly staff, great wash of car, clean towels to dry inside door frames etc. Vacuum lines on both sides of car. Friendly on site manager explained monthly membership. For the price of going to Cactus twice I can go here once a day, every day if I want! Like I said, first visit, great first impression.

Rob Freeland

Monthly payments and unlimited wages are the way to go.

James Rife

Love this place. Awesome service, car comes out clean, and love the free vacuums and mat cleaner.

Aaron Reed

Friendly staff. Quick wash. Amazing cleaning. amazing lights and fun lights. Nice amazing directions after car wash.

Cash Car

Best carwash I ever used. Good prices, great quality, free vacuums, towels and cleaner. Nikolai is very helpful guy, would like to have someone like him working for me

Scott Julian

My wife loves this place so I got her the monthly package. They email her a bonus coupon monthly for a free wash that she gives me so I can wash my Jeep. It's just too bad one of the locals didn't know what to do and left their car in drive which made her catch up to my wife in the wash and hit her 3 times which resulted in my wife's rear bumper cover needing replaced.

Stephanie Coleman

Great new machines. Lots of soap.

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