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1008 Fording Island Rd, Bluffton, SC 29910

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REVIEWS OF Island Car Wash IN South Carolina

Polly Jenkins

tried bluffton location and car did not come out too clean. employees seem lazy. recommend going to Island in Okatie

Karen Ann Davison

Best car wash in the low country with 3 locations

Cheetah and Zebra's Toy Reviews

The car wash itself was great the people who vacuumed my carpet and cleaned my windows not so much..... They didn't remove the floor mats to vacuum they missed the entire top of my windshield and when my husband went to check the car and tip them they actually asked him to give them a big tip I won't go back and instead of the 10 he planned to tip the two gentlemen he gave them the three ones he had in his front pocket

Carol Williams

Really nice clean car when finished. Been there several times

Orlando Azuara

Josephine Willis

Stay away!! This car wash in the same shopping center as Target used to be the best around. It is under new management now and it's terrible!! They overcharge and don't even complete the tasks included in the "wash" listed on the board. After we left and discovered yet another area of the car they just skipped entirely, we called the office (no answer) and left a voicemail for the manager about the poor service we received. 4 days later - NO response. They don't want your business and they certainly don't do anything to try to earn it.

Linda Adair

Jennifer Dunn

I paid $20 for an automatic car wash. It left lots of dirt all over the back and around the tires. That seems highly overpriced.

Heartlandexpress 999

Sick of People that doesn’t know to their job or doesn’t want to do their job! I choose the $30 one and my interior is still dirty!!! I took the rag from the guy and start cleaning myself, he told me that he got 10 years in this business and if I want a detailed job I need to pay $230 . NO I JUST DON’T WANT DUST ON MY FREAKING INTERIOR ! And he definitely needs to change his profession!

Lynne Wilken

Car wash didn't clean my car. Went to the office and spoke to some woman who could have cared less. She told there were towels outside that I could usr wipe off my car. Really! So I am wipe the dirt off with a towell!

Barry Serota

great staff

David Fogle

Seaneyluv Pettit

Robert timblin

Gera Foushee

Nice towels and vacuum system


Kind of expensive could have done a better job.

Emily Quesada

Michael Chou

Newly rebuild, however, the staff seem rushed and did not clean the car throughly. They left many streaks through out the exterior.

Ronni Cislo

Robin Griffin

Todd Grayson

Sandy Robert's I

Love it

Joeanne Demetriou

Best Carwash ever wish I have one here where I live. 5 stars no reservation

Richard Rodman

Good car wash, a little pricey though.

Joyce Pouncy

I paid $20 for an exterior car wash, terrible outcome and I was told to wipe down my car with cloths they provided. I felt ripped off, not patronizing this place anymore.


The owners need to give the cleaning staff more time to hand wash vehicles.

Courtney Doucette

Great car wash very concerned employees

sarah blount

Todd Bjur

Nice and clean

Robert Lheureux

Kyliegh Sharp

Danny Livesay

Great service, super friendly, and extremely thorough.

Carolina Eugenia Diaz Echeverri

Inside cleaning cold be better. Pricey for what u get

robert henderson

I am giving this 5 stars in comparison to the other wash down the street. The first thing that I noticed was that the attendant put on a pre-treatment & then pressure washed the bugs and stains off of my front fascia and window. Mind you I only bought a ten dollar wash. The cleaning mechanism was superior and don't worry about any missed crevasses because they provide little shop type towels for cleaning/drying & cleaner & free vacuums for those so inclined. They have full service should you require it & the entire facility was very clean. I won't be going to any other car wash. PS- I just noticed that the $10 wash I got also applied some sort of tire gloss product.

Claudine Robert

Went there ya few days ago and the gal (really really really long nails) who greeted me was incredibly nice and polite and did a great job with the scrubbing of all the dead bugs at the front of my Jeep. The tunnel always scares me (we have brand new tires/rims) and I prayed they wouldn’t get damaged and they didn’t. The man who detailed it after the tunnel did an incredible job and I really wish I would have asked him for his name. Definitely going back again. Jeep looks brand new!

Heather Henderson

The actual car wash itself is fine enough. However, DO NOT sign up for the monthly $24.95 deal. I have tried since August to cancel the recurring payment and no one ever calls me back. I've called and left several voicemails since the end of August and I've not heard a thing. They continue to pull money out of my account. I finally filed a dispute with my bank to get it settled.

David Tonsberg

I still haven't been able to remove the smell from the homeless chick that vacuumed my truck. Quality of service is lacking.

Michael Ellington

Brenda Boyer


They have a very nice equipment. And the ppl that clean the cars are good. The manager wasn't very nice when I was having a little trouble to get through the little gate

Letisha Scotland

Mark Schaeffer

Jennifer Witter

Service is good . The employees are friendly. After being introduced to this car wash they assisted me in using the machines at entry as it was confusing to me and I would recommend others to patronize this establishment

Keith Fisher

Gay Corbett

I was greeted at the entrance where you have to make a decision on what you want done. The gentleman was very helpful and courteous. The car was was great and the staff that did my interior did an excellent job. I will go back! Thank you Island Car Wash Bluffton.

Gale Horwath

Very good job on the outside of the car but they didn't clean the inside windows very well.

Keith Howard

Great service, wonderful vacuums!!!

Leslie Pitz

Sage Evans

Used to be my to go place but it has gone down hill. People playing on their phones. No communication. I've come twice now for an interior clean and everyone had been sent home. I won't return.

Guadalupe Pech

Love the service... I always ask for an employee named Nelly, she does really great service, does a good job at a fast rate.

Sherry vaughn

Dave Dobbin

Scott Wellinger

After spending $20 this morning (the exact amount I spend every other time for a wash, vac, towel dry, window cleaning and tire shine), I was informed my $20 afforded me a drive-thru exterior wash only. When I inquired with the female manager (I had to interrupt her personal telephone call), she grinned, shrugged her shoulders and replied, "you picked it." After asking 4 times for her name, and she refused, I assured myself I will not spend another dime at Island Car Wash.

Vic Smith

I brought my work truck in to get washed. First off, the machine was having trouble pushing the truck through the car wash, and the staff member assisting the vehicle entry was making sure the vehicle was in neutral. It was. Foot also off of the brake. So it shouldn't have been an issue. It was. There were quite a few cars behind me also, so I know the employees were feeling the pressure of being busy. Once my truck went through the first time, I'm only assuming it was the manager who walked up to me, and said that we have to run your vehicle through again because it go through a full cycle. She then, very condescendingly told me not to have my foot on the brake this time and to also put my car in neutral. Pretty much blaming me for the machine malfunction. I was also busy with work on the phone while all of this was going on. So I did not have the time to tell her that I've been through a carwash before. I actually worked for one as a teenager, so I am very familiar with how things work. Then my car is ready to be cleaned on the inside, I bought the highest package there was to ensure that the truck would be cleaned. It was very mediocre at best. They took a dirty rag and wiped over a couple of spots on the inside. Also the inside was not even barely vacuumed. No sent was asked to be sprayed. So I left feeling disrespected, insulted, and frankly ripped off.

Jaquan Manigo

Didn't do well on the interior

Thomas Young

L Herndon

Bob Unamann

Ross Eison

Very good car wash, pretty quick, too.


tiffany Shetters

William Saul


Helpful staff ! I was surprised to see that clean drying rags,window spray and free vacuums are provided!

Toni Valenstein

I also spent $20, but all I got was a drive thru. And it didn't clean my car very well! I can go 1/2 mile down the road and spen $5 for the same thing! What a waste of money!


I have always had a great experience here until today (9-3-2017). The guy manning the wash ran me through the $6 wash when I paid for the $10 wash. Realized it didn't shine my tires at the end (otherwise I wouldn't have realized I was getting ripped off) and went back. He refused to run it back through for the wash I paid for and told me they didn't have any tire shine. Unacceptable. Bad business. Take pride in your establishment and be there to manage your incompetent employees.

Felicia Stewart

A bit disappointed they didn't wipe my dash...

Nicolaj Pyndt Jørgensen

Brian Luttrell

Best car wash for a reasonable price.

Russ Browne

Michael Broome

Works well for a drive through car wash. A little on the expensive side.

Zachary bowse

Will Guscio

Lean and clean all the time...all the time

Dennis Smith

Best car wash in Bluffton. Free drying cloths and glass cleaner.

Glennice Williams

Wilma Flintstone

Just fell out of like of them.

Mike Mabee

Shelly Brown

I like the fact that if you only go thur the car wash the

Trudi R


Paid for a $6.00 wash. My car was still covered in dust and bird poop. Spoke to a man at the front said to pull thru again. They spayed the car off and sent us thru a second time. Car still has bird poop and dust on top of the car. Employee called my husband a con artist. Wont ever be back.

Barney Johnson

Great wash, especially if you keep your vehicle relatively clean. Use the $6 wash and vacuum your own car, wipe your glasses with their clean cloths and you are done. Very Modern

Diane Barber

Good deal 24.00 for a monthly pass! Excellent facility.

Zach Shedd

Great service, free vacuum!

Evan Bess

They always do a great job, and have the best attention to detail in the area.

Shequllia Welcome to Shaq's World Hannon

Very quick service

Ellen Demeritt

Very difficult to understand what kind of car wash you are paying & if it comes w/ vacuuming and hand dry. Won’t do back

Ralph Landi

The Best Car Wash in Bluffton. You can chose between full service and self service and either way, your car and rims come out shining! Great Value and my only go-to car wash!

Dave Scheifele II

patrick obrien

Good job

Jennifer Irvine

Always go here to get my car washed. I have the unlimited pass it's so worth the money.

Paul Schwartz

Timothy Doyle

They recently redesigned the washing equipment so we were a little hesitant about using it again. But after going through we found the new process did a very good job of removing the last vestages of pollen from our car without leaving streaks or smears.


Great place!!! Got $30.00 complete exterior/interior wash!! Tony is one of the best detailer's there....I will wait for him to do my vehicle if he is not available right away!! I have a 2019 Jeep Cherokee....they made it look "showroom new" after a long trip in from Montana and the blizzard storms it went thru!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

steve Craig

Herb MCD

One star is too much. Poor job on the cleaning inside and car scratched through the car wash or by the people wiping the car off with dirty cloths. Had to go to Walmart and buy a detailer to try to get scratches out and clean car inside. Will never go there again. Paid $30 plus a tip.

Alec Bishop

My car shines after this place

Richard Smith

Don’t do the best job they even broke an accessory in my car and tried to hide, they didn’t even offer an apologize when I returned to ask them about it

Mark C.

Its an avg car wash. Its just okay.. Get the basic wash. The rest is hogwash!

josh tiller

Lauren Hull Herndon

Joe Laster

Michael Beard

John Munger

Ray Alicea

Full service is amazing

dwight causey

Very nice and fast washing and cleaning ..detailing vehicle...i use it often...

Brian Donnelly

Steve Mckinney

Que T

Lisa Kaufman

Tonight was my 1st time. I pulled up to Pay. No humans there to explain choices. All i saw on computer screen was a $20 full wash and it said free vacuuming. After goong thru automated machine car wash, I pulled around expecting someone to dry off my very wet car. I was them told I csn use the clean towels to do it myself.. AND...there is no one to vacuum interior of car after 5pm. The vacuum is "free" to do it myself. I've been to many car washes before and never have i paid so much $ to do it all myself! If there is a next time, i will get the cheapest drive thru wash and know I do the work Very disappointed!

Sue Haupt

brent cameron

Ivy Rowland

Tammye Brown

Michael Nguyen

Matthew Schlabs

Car looked great. Free vacuum too

Sher Doud

Great staff

Devra Thuss

Alice Castellano

Excellent wash. Easy self-service drying and vacuuming. No tipping required.

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