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432 Calhoun Ave, Greenwood, SC 29649

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REVIEWS OF Frank's Car Wash IN South Carolina

Kristen Lewis

This is the place to go people!! If your looking for a great old fashioned, honest, and jam up job, look no further!! These guys go out of their way to ensure quality, and do not cut corners!! Wonderful people, fast and friendly service with all smiles! They have a service for your individual needs, and yes people, they DO DESERVE TIPS LIKE THE GOOD OLE DAYS!!

joe yawn

Love Frank's. Does a good job. Good people......

Stoneman 51

My Truck was Dirty and They could've done alot better job! 0--10 I give a 6, Sorry Frank !!!

Constance Nix


Meridy Duncan Duncan

Willie Hill

They do a great job here

Jason Moyer

I rather not go into detail. But I highly recommend you take your car or truck elsewhere.

Phillip Ashley

Great, quick, reasonable, drive thru carwash and detail

Damascus Hounds

84 degrees and sunny and they closed at 3:30pm, not 6pm. I wasted time and gas to make a special trip to get my car washed. Grrr.

Lisa Klugh

RUDE.... My mother visited today and the cashier was holding a 10 minute long private conversation when she approached and ask to be waited on he told her leave if she could not wait then he threatened to have her arrested for trespassing. This is in no way professional. Frank's has lost a loyal customer

Lillie Nichols

Russell Davis

The best!

Adam Shirley

They do good work.

travis henderson

Payed 32 dollars my inside wassnt look even vacuum had do it my self and didn't even vacuum the trunk.

Brenda Foggy

Jackie Starks

Alex Johnson

Daniel Long

They do a fair job on the outside but don't clean worth a damn on the interior

Roger Collins

Amelia Saxon

Outside car wash great Inside vacumn fair Windows awful..

James Gresham

Quick oil change free wash

Eddie Brown

Very professional

John Covington

Great service

Dennis Green

Good wash job & fair price

The Truth

Loved it fast fast and super clean

Wallace Upton

Oliver Mccurry

Clean up a car!!!

Brandi Godfrey

I got the full service, it was 90 for oil, filter and a good clean up. NOT a good clean up, ill continue to let my 11 yr old clean her up. Now im wondering if I actually got an oil change! Not happy, wont be back.

Monica Patterson

Frank's always does a great job. The cars come out spotless inside and outside. The benches outside are a nice touch for the customers since it does take a little time for the staff to get you ready to go. Wish there was no smoking but I know that is hard to enforce outside. Staff is friendly. Highly recommended if you want the hands on attention to detail.

Martisha Dandy

I don't know if the day that I went they had a bad day or something. But they half clean my car. The service was fast but I felt it was too fast considering that my car still look that bad on the inside. Areas that could have been clean weren't even clean the vacuum service was horrible. Frank's has been in our community for years it has slacked off more and more as the years go on.

Bruce Revels

Great little car wash.has everything u need to get the job done on your car. The attendant was very nice and friendly

Everett Bedenbaugh

No complains but interior could be cleaned better

Brenda Hunter

Pricey but the attendant did a great job of cleaning the inside of my car!!!

Mad M

Tim !

I work there in Lube shop we great place we talk to u about car

Tara K. Farley

Fantastic, as always

Charish Cauley

I went up to Frank’s Car Wash of Greenwood today and got the $32.00 deluxe car wash package. I did not have to wait, my car was immediately taken back and it took 8 minutes total for them to “wash, vacuum, wax, clean my windows, wheels, etc.” When I got told that my car was ready after 8 minutes of being there, I thought for sure there must’ve been an error since I got the most premium package that they have, but I called up there after I left and they let me know “that the package you order shows up on their computer system to let the employees know what they need to do to your car.” Needless to say, when I got back in my car, I still had grass pieces on my carpet, my windows were not cleaned properly, and there were still spots on the outside of my side mirror. I also googled reviews/ videos of the “Turtle wax fire & ice” before deciding to spend $32 total with the added waxing special. I was pleased with the videos I watched so I decided that I would pay extra for it to get done at Franks. The results did not come close to what the reviews/videos of the “Turtle Wax Fire & Ice” appeared to be. With all this being said, I encourage you all to not go here for a car wash. This was the worst car washing results I have ever had. I honestly could have done a better vaccum, wash, wax, and cleaning myself. This was the first and last time I will be going Frank’s Car Wash.

Robert Britton

They tried twice to simply clean my dashboard and the interior of my car and failed. The only reason it gets 2 stars instead of 1 is because the man in the booth that takes your money tried to make it right. I won’t be back.

Shardi Martin

John Rogers

Guess I should have read reviews before I took my truck in. 37 dollar car wash and 5 bucks in tips, got about half of what l expected.

nicole moss

Marion Marek


Rebecca Morgan

High prices and my car was still a little dirty

Ken Kirk

DeLaurentis Hayes

Shayla Richey

First time customer. I’m 17 and they told me I needed an air filter for 13$ and didn’t let me know they were charging me another 20$ for a labor fee. I am very upset. 60$ for an oil change and a new filter is ridiculous. I will definitely not be back

Kevin Isaacs Sr. BS MHA/INF

Trisha Newell

Doc Bennett

Don’t pay for the full service with Turtle Wax. The wax comes on, halfway, once your vehicle is most of the way through the wash. Even when you point it out, AND an employee rides through with your vehicle the second time. The vacuum was almost worthless. Scam. We won’t be back. Watch my video

Angela Rushton

Great place to have your car washed

Justine Tiller

Waste of time and money. They didn't clean the windows inside my vehicle. They only vacuumed a portion of the vehicle. I paid for the top of the line car wash @$ 40

david conley

Wilma Keen

Won't be back...i find it hard to believe that an owner would keep letting this happen, the vacuum job was awful. This was my second time going here and same both times. Done

Elvia Pendleton

Need up graded

Bob Glick

Shane Goranson

I really like this place. Great value.

Sherry Carson

Great service and staff, Very fast workers

Mark Timms Travelogue

Good value

Tommy Tucker

Friendly service, they do good job inside and out of your vehicle. they even offer as many washes a month as you like for a flat fee.

Brandon Martinez

They are really good and nice. I bought a car that had been smoked in and it stunk so bad. They shampoo the carpet and seats and wiped everything down really good. The smoke smell was COMPLETLY!!! gone and the inside looked show quality.

Drew S

Locally owned and operated, creates jobs for the people of Greenwood and provides excellent care and services for your automobiles. Come dirty, leave sparkling clean!

Austin Boerger

Karl Ziegler

Had an oil change here awhile back and they spilled oil on the car frame which then dripped onto our driveway. When I went back they blamed it on the engine design. I stopped using Frank's for a long time, but took my wife's car in last week for an oil change. Same exact thing happened and they blamed it on the oil plug gasket. The manager said it would be a good teaching experience for the crew. I've never had this problem with these autos using other shops. I've spent a lot of time and money getting the stains off the pavers in our driveway. I will not be back.


The best quality wash and detial service in town. Also the rapid lube is excellent with great staff who know their stuff.

Tracy Chiles

Got to get paid

Rabon Creek Gospel Bluegrass

Chris Stiles

Car looks good on the outside. Very nice tire shine. But then I got in my car supposed to be a full vacuum and my seats weren't touched and there was still dirt inbetween my seat and also on the floor board of the pass. seat and they missed some mud spots on the inside of the door. Waited for about 20 minutes which I know it takes for a normal car wash. But will not be returning.

Ken Carrier

Melissa Latham

Very disappointed! My daughter took her new car to have it washed and it came back with more spots than before the wash. There were water spots (no real biggie), dings that weren't there before, a hand print right on the hood, and other spots of something all over the car. She took it right back to let them make it right but only got "must have happened somewhere else" and "that's probably something the dealership hid from you". Frustrating when you pay someone to do a job and they don't care to make sure the job is done well. :(

Iris Blackburn

They did an excellent job on my car..

Jeanette Gary

Clean up very good

Cale moon

Clean your car very nice

Cale Moon

So so

Sheila B

Did a great job on my car!


Curtis A. Peterson

Beth McQuown

Latrivia Leverette

Michael Reeder

Decent, depends on the detail man you get. Mine was worthless, streaked windows, armour all on windows or what ever product he half a**ed out on my dash.

brantlee kidd

Paul Cuenin

Good full service car wash service

Linda Tyner


Tony Gaines

Glennetta Norman

$20 special inside and out

mary hughey

They always do a great job.

dallas dyches

I will NEVER BRING one of my vehicles back to this place! I paid $32 for a compete package. When I got in it the windows were smeared and the car had not been vacuumed properly, and only half of the car had been wiped down, the guy said take it around back so I did. When I got back there the guy said mam I vacuumed it, some stuff did not come out, so I HAD TO TAKE THE VACCUM AND SHOW HIM HOW TO DO IT. So I pulled back up to the guy that takes the money and he tried to ARGUE WITH ME ON WHY I DIDN’T DESERVE A REFUND. Said he was the manager and the owner couldn’t be reached. Finally after 10 mins of arguing with him he hands me my money back and says for me never to come back. FINE WITH ME FRANKS CAR WASH, I WILL LET THE WHOLE TOWN KNOW ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE AND NEVER BE BACK!

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