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REVIEWS OF Constan Car Wash, Detail Shop and Mobil 1 Lube Express IN South Carolina

Joey Bouknight

Two terrible customer experiences based on one trip to this place. First when I got there and told the attendant that I wanted to get an oil change and wash, he hollered out "Oh he wants an oil change?!" While throwing his hands in the air (apparently I upset him). I should have left then. After waiting 45 minutes, the owner attached me to tell me that the oil filter they need for my car is not in stock but they'll have it "soon". So I opted to only get a car wash. Once they were done I paid (for my wash) and left. 3 weeks later, the owner calls me on my cell and opens the conversation with "You owe me money for an oil change"....... Excuse me???? Terrible customer service. Don't give them a dime out your money.

John Dixon

Not as good as they use to be. Slack with details, cashier could be a tad bit more personable! After all charges are a little steep!!

Charlie Chapman

This is a very nice car wash it's set in five points. It is definitely an antique in that it has been here probably longer than most of the places in Columbia. Is it good work go check them out for yourself.

A Google User

I have been using this car wash for a long time. They always do a great job. The stuff is friendly and helpful.

Jay Hornsby

The exterior wash was mediocre, asked them to go over a few spots again. Inside windows not clean at all. When I drove off with the sun coming through my windshield, I saw a streaked film bad enough to distort my view. When I got home, I re-cleaned all my windows first with a glass cleaner and then with vinegar and water. I could not get the film off. I went back to Constan that afternoon and asked them to get the film off my windows. They tried and tried and couldn't remove the film. A couple of weeks later, I went to another carwash and asked them to see if they could get the film off my windows, and they, too, tried and could NOT. I will never go to Constan again. Apparently, they wiped my tires with something and then put that on my windows. Bye, bye, Constan.

Md Multan Biswas

They were so rush! I found many dirt on the body of car after washing! Was a waste of money!

Jeremee Haynes

Worst experience ever I normally have my car washed and cleaned here but recently I had a bad experience with me taking my vehicle here and my tint on my windows was damaged by the workers who were responsible for cleaning my vehicle. Whatever kind of chemicals they used, peeled my tint off of my windows and once I got in contact with the owner he basically said that they are not responsible for any of the damages. I would definitely not recommend no one taking their vehicle to this car wash.

John Gorman

Wish we had a car wash like this in Connecticut. Awesome job!

Claudia Sarmiento

Awful customer service. I came for the first time today to try and get my floors vacuumed and one of my floor Matt’s shampooed. First off, the guy behind the counter seems so miserable and is extremely rude. I was polite and asked if this is where I came to pay, he looked at me like I was stupid. I explained to him I had never been here before and that someone told me to come to him for an “estimate”. Instead of him explaining possible services they offered he again condescendingly looked at me and said “estimate for what?”. Then he told me it would be $85 for detailing. All I wanted was my Matt’s done and vacuumed so he told me to go around back and that it’s $4 per Matt. I went around back where he showed me and stayed in line behind the other cars just for another guy to yell at me saying I’m in the wrong place and that he doesn’t know who told me to come here. He gave me no further direction on where to go so I just left. Seriously the worst, only one guy was really nice to me but everyone else was a complete dick. If you hate your job so much just get another job

Tammy Simmons

The job wasn’t done properly for the extra money I paid. The windows have to be recleaned, the dash and windshield are not cleaned well and vacuuming leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t see me returning and this was the first time I had been to Constan.

Graham Smith

Excellent customer service with a smile! My car is always clean as a whistle and my tires shine so much my coworkers notice how clean my car is. I always recommend Constan and use the online coupons. Great deal!

Dianne Griffin

Great job. You really take pride in what you do. Thank you so much.

Isabelle Zeman

went in to (unfortunately) get throw up cleaned out of my backseat. They only charged $35 and washed the exterior, vacuumed and wiped down the entire interior as well for no extra cost. Only took about 40 minutes and did not need an appointment. Excellent service and work!

M Long

First time user, staff very friendly until I got to the 2 folks wiping down & vacuuming the car. They appeared less than pleased with me walking to my own car, left dirt on back seat from floor mats being picked up & spilled on it.. I didn't notice these things before I left because I was made to feel rushed at that point #1, and #2 I wouldn't have asked them to fix it because they seemed angry already. Lastly, I think when the time has been taken for a car to be "washed" coming through that machine, the folks doing the last part should be more careful of the client's car & money and not put armor all rags & fingerprints all over a nicely washed & shiny car. Lots of armor all overspray, dash not wiped, fragrance splattered onto console & just left there. I'm sure i'll go back but I hope for a couple in a better mood next time & don't take it out on my car or anyone elses when we pay $25 to get a service.. Thanks

Madushan Abeysinghe

Went their with a groupon which said Car Wash, Polish Wax for $6 (worth $11). But what they did was just washing the car and drying it. I didn't see anybody waxing or polishing it.

Anthony Coetzee

Phenomenonal job detailing my car. They had my car looking like new on the inside, and for the price it was much better than I expected.

Deryll Hall

Price is equivalent to the good service you receive. Friendly staff.

Stewart Carter

Awesome service! My car away comes out looking like brand new. The staff is wonderful.

Mark Bennett

They put their back into it. Full interior and exterior wash for $16. Made my minivan look like it was worth driving 8) Give the guys a tip!!!

Elizabeth Prairie

Terrible. Didn’t get any services done. It smelled of marijuana and the person to change my oil or do a detail.


This is the only place you should go to get your car washed/ and or your oil changed. Did not try to up-charge my oil change and my car is beautiful.

Nikhil Kesar

Great deals but I wish it was hand wash

Nicholas Vazsonyi

Always good job. Friendly service. Great owner.

Varsha Gaonkar

This is was first time at Constan and first car wash ever! They did a great job and I didn't have wait for a long time. Their rates are also low and I got a Groupon coupon, which made cheaper than usual. I am definitely going back to them for the next wash.

Thad Munn

Always thourough. Definitely have always tried to go on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday as they have a coupon on their website where a normally priced $33.95 carwash is only $18.95, is WAY worth $18.95, and is redeemable just by showing the page on your phone. Not to mention the coupon page also had one doorThe place is also old school and has been in Columbia FOREVER. Back in the day (60's or 70's), Happy the Tiger,a real, live, Siberian Tiger lived there b/f he was given to Columbia's Riverbanks Zoo, a perennial Top 10 finisher in the list of the nation's zoo's. They have a shoeshine stand, often have vintage handmade rugs and/or tapestries for sale hanging on the wall, and like any good carwash, windows where you can watch the car be pulled through the wash. The staff is fast and they are also consistent. All around great carwash and piece of Capital City history.

Mrs. Heather Daves

I found them to be pricier than the rest (charged me 6 extra $ for "dog hair") and there was visible grime on the body of my car afterwards. HOWEVER, the attention to detail on my leather interior was FAR SUPERIOR to the rest and well worth the money. Would have gotten five stars if not for the missed areas on body/tops of windows. The windows need to be rolled down and wiped so that the top edge becomes clean also.

Robert Nahouraii

nice job on my minivan

Carla Dominick

They do a pretty good. Just need to look your car over before leaving. They do tend to miss spots.

Robert Franklin

Good price, but I don't feel like they detail the inside of a vehicle as well as they used to

Kim G

Great price on Groupon. Service was excellent. They do get packed at times. Just be patient while your vehicle is getting the TLC it needs. Will be returning.

Larry Owens

Quick service and also well worth the price. They do a very good job cleaning.

Heyward Gadsden

Old but they do a damn good job.

Alberta Gibbs

Great job with cleaning my car.

Xaque Williams

They almost always do an awesome job. Every once in a while they forget a section, like the right rear of the car not washed or dried... But they do great inside and out 99% of the time! The interior of the waiting area could use an update

Danielle Shealy

I just had my 1996 Jeep detailed with an oil change. This car had been sitting outside and had terrible stains before I took it to Constan; Chip helped me decide what options to choose to help get my car "showroom" ready and the work of the entire team, especially John Brownlee, has this Jeep looking better than ever. Amazing job and attention to detail! We will definitely be coming back here with all our wash and oil change needs.

kids toys

The guys always trying to do the required job they asked. However, having a lot of cars is really exhausting. So I feel the difficulty of their work. 4+ stars for the quality and the speed.

Child of God's Kingdom

I like this place and the way it operates. The staff is very attentive to your car needs. The manager and assist manager is AWESOME. I bring all three of my vehicle's here.

Pete Stevens

Car wash does a pretty good job but they are extremely slow. The employees that I encountered were rude. The cashier didn't even thank me. No one that works there seems to enjoy their job at all.

Nathan Ginter

Terrible wash... my child could do a better job.. tried them twice.. Will not return

Stacy Ohrin

I invite you to watch the car wash process through the large windows inside. You will be shocked, as I was, that the brushes and scrubbers are inoperable and/or don’t even touch the vehicle’s surface not even the wheels. The preliminary manual (by the attendant) scrub brushing of your vehicle is all you get! I had been to this car wash many times and never stopped to watch through the inside windows, until my 13-y.o. son enlightened me on our last visit. I was APPALLED to say the least!

Raekwon Hymes

Recently went here for a car wash and it took FOREVER. The job is done well besides the wait, I was very pleased.

Jacob Villines

Set up a hidden video camera in my car to run through this car wash after I went inside and looked through their windows and noticed that their machines aren't even washing the cars. The brushes that are supposed to wash the sides of the vehicle don't even move or touch the side of the vehicles and the brushes above are barely even moving enough to do anything. All they're doing is squirting soap and water on the car and someone wipes it down after it comes out. Will be showing this video to the State department where I work to get this place shut down and get my hundreds of dollars back.

Jazzy J

Despite the guys' exasperation at the front counter when I asked about groupon pricing/the student discount they actually did an amazing job with my vehicle. I'll definitely be back as a regular customer, great work!

Patricia Tricia Johnson

Not what I expected. I was not satisfied with the service

War Damn Eagle

The best money for the service car wash in Columbia. A full exterior wash only $6.00

Lexie Townsend

Very happy! Took maybe an hour at the most, and once i picked it up my car was shinning and clean. Upon paying my bill, Mark, went over everything they did in detail which was great. However, when I was leaving, a gentleman who worked there asked me if i was single and wanted my phone number. Flattered, but it was really not appropriate at that time. Regardless, I plan on coming back! Thanks

Mark Hendrick

Customer service is awful when you are greeted. If you like being belittled and talked to like a dog this is the place for you. If not, do like I did and leave and go to Frank’s. The soft skills of your frontline workers really leave a horrible impression on your customer base and are going to cost you money. Spend a little bit more time training them and the car wash machines will do the rest.

Aurelia Hamilton

My car looks brand new!! Everyone is so nice and I couldn't be happier. We're planning to take my husband's car ASAP! I'm a life long customer!


There was still dirt and pollen spots on my car that I wiped off with my own hand. There was also still pollen on my dash. That stuff isn't that hard to wipe off. Not a good sign. Needless to say, I'm not going back.

Ginny Fuller

The people at Constance did a GREAT job cleaning the carpets/upholstery and the front headlights of my car- the car looks brand new! Everyone who helped me was also friendly and courteous. I highly recommend them!

Tiffany Holman

My husband usually brings my car in to be cleaned. He took my car in yesterday to be cleaned and I was dissapointed with the quality of work on the interior cleaning. The seats look like they have not been wiped down, the cup holder was cleaned out at all. I was picking up peanuts and m&ms from the back seats where my kids ride. It didn't look like the car had been vacuumed in some spots. Will try somewhere else next time.

Yazied Alsulaiman

Worst car wash I ever been. With bad attitude from the workers and the manager

Andrea Jeffers

I have always had a great experience at Constan and always recommend this car wash to anyone that asks but today I was very disappointed. If I hadn't waited so long for my car I would have spoken with a manager. The inside of my car looked like it was blown out, not vacuumed, which left dirt and grime all over my seats, dashboard, console and gages. It was really that bad. Not to mentioned my seats were wet. I hope it was because they were so busy and seemed short handed and this isn't the new normal. :(

Josh Leonard

I came in for a basic exterior wash and the car came out relatively clean though the car could have been better dried off. There were still streak marks on my windows, but for $6.00 you get a much cleaner car than from a fully automated machine. Still would recommend friends and family.

Roger Hawkins

I've been bringing my cars here for almost 20 years. Oil change and full service wash (included) for about 20 bucks less than an oil change alone at any chain joint. There are some factors that may deter the bougie or well-to-do, like the bathroom that burns your nostrils the second you walk in or the diverse staff and clientele, but if either of those are a problem for you please go and pay more for less service elsewhere. For everyone else, this is the spot!

Koby Padgett

Great service, and you can get a shoe shine while you are there.

julie bailey

Great job

Yasser Hassanein


Courtney T

My husband is selling his car and wanted it fully washed and detailed. I looked this place up and decided to go because of the good reviews, but I should have gone anywhere else. A gas station car wash would have been better. The staff was extremely rude and the car is barely cleaner than it was when I arrived. There was a miscommunication about the service I wanted. When my price came out to be less than expected, I expressed there was a problem and the cashier acted like it was a horrible inconvience that I would want to pay more money. He finally rang me up for the service I wanted and asked what scent I wanted. When I asked what scents they had available he threw his hands up, huffed, and grumbled out two scents they offered while shaking his head. I said one of the two scents and walked away since I was apparently bothering him and he did not want to wait on me. Car comes through and they barely spend any time on it. As soon as it comes off the line a guy drove it over to the detailing area and parked it. I watched him work on other cars for way longer after they came off the line. He gave my car no attention at all. The detail work is horrible. The car is barely vacuumed and they did not wipe anything down at all. The windows are streaked. Exterior of the car is also still dirty. Rather than come and get me when the car was done, they blew the horn several times from across the lot. After paying $32 so I would not have to wash the car myself, I am now going to have to wash the car myself.

Frederick Bonsu

Good job

Elizabeth Moultrie

Great carwash at very reasonable prices.

Javon M.

WORST SERVICE! I PAID TOP DOLLAR FOR THE WASH AND MY TRUCK LOOK LIKE IT GOT THE WORST WASH EVER! So I'm standing there watching them clean my truck and they wasn't even cleaning the windows right. My windows are still dirty. My cadillac have rims and doe doe was shining my tires and using the same clothe to wipe my rims which left wipe marks all over the rims. So I got the manager after I was pissed off and the manager went out and basically said everything was fine. My running board wasn't even cleaned all the way. And I said I see why yall don't have good ratings online. The manager said sir we have a 3.3 3.7 rating online. That showed me just how stupid he was because THAT'S NOT A GOOD RATING SIR!!!! Plus you pay all that money and the machine you run your car thru isn't even washing you car just rinsing it off basically. No soap no tire scrub or cleaner just ride thru and they wipe it down to make it look clean. Don't waste your money go somewhere else and get your money worth because I just wasted $32.95!!! Then when I told him I'm never coming here again he stop helping me!!! Worthless!!!

Britt Mill

They get the job done and your car will look as good as new

Kevin Staley

Best car wash ever. Better than Franks! Customer service is always great and cashier has a great attitude and really helpful. Always exceptional service.

Kyle Sobus

To be quite honest. It's looks a bit rough, seemingly unstructured and a bit confusing, but don't let that deceive you. They've got their process nailed down and have consistently given me a great wash/vacuuming. Plus an oil change, full wash/vacuum for $40 is hard to beat. I've been going here for a while and I would highly recommend them.

Norb Benson

Great Groupon deals.

Rejensia GTX

I got 3,000$ more on a trade in and I give ALL credit to Constan. I think the ladies name was Teresa that worked on my truck from 8 that morning until 6 at night. If I could've tipped her a grand I would've because she deserved it. She took my truck that looked like it had been ran through the garbage and back and did what I thought was impossible. She made it look brand new. I almost didn't want to trade it. I would recommend this place to ANYONE and EVERYONE. My friends and family (Who know what it looked like before) were in awe of the AMAZING job they did. I will def be going back. After reading these reviews I want to make it VERY clear. Constan did the UNIMAGINABLE they went above and beyond what I expected. I had crumbs caked into under my seats so bad they wouldn't slide forward. My kids had chocolate baked into cup holders, drinks spilled, milk spills, crumbs galore. I thought there is no way this car will ever look new again. I figured they would clean it the best they could but I did not expect what I got. I wish I would've taken before and after pictures. My family and I have been using Constan do our details for over 20 years. I highly recommend them. They did an amazing job on my truck and I will be forever grateful. If I would've taken it for trade in the before condition I wouldn't have gotten nearly as much as I did. So thank you Constan. We WILL be back


I never leave here disappointed. They do a wonderful job each time. Highly recommended!

James Martin

These guys work hard and do a great job. That is the positive about this place, though, and what truly matters. However, its embarrassing to have the owner give me a lecture on having a mess of a car. I know I have a messy car. I wouldn't need your services if it wasn't, right? The facility seems like it has seen much better days in the past. II give Constan 4 stars because you get your money's worth having your car cleaned here.

John Hall

Great service very thorough

Linda N

Always an exceptional job. Great staff who work hard. Very reasonable prices. Tip jar deserves lots of love for the hard working men & women there.

Robert Miller

I got the full service detail done for a good price. After four years of no attention my seats needed to be cleaned. They came out really nice and the rest of the interior was as clean as the day I bought it. The work was done in the time they said they needed. Around 3 hours. I would go back. My car looks great. The staff was just fine. No problems at all.

John Morris

The guys there we're just okay. Definitely no smiles

David Johns

Constan is definitely the best "full service" car wash I've ever used. The folks are friendly and appear eager to get your ride shining. I used to work at Constant part-time while I was in high school, and even in college. I worked my butt off but always felt good at the end of the day. I curious as to why they shut down the 2nd lane that used to be open during the busy times, but, I digress. If you're into the "full service" car washes, Constan is hands-down the very best in the Columbia area. Having sung their praises, I do my own car washes (mostly) now days as I'm retired and don't have a whole lot on my plate anymore. :)

Elton Jewell

very best in cleaning,changing oil price is right

Sheila Boyd

They clean your car really well inside and out. Also, in a timely manner.

David Crow

These guys do the best job around. Iv'e been to the local chain that's all over town and costs a lot more and they can't hold a candle to Constan.

Dennis Mc Kiernan

Good service, decent quality wash and interior clean for the cost.

Zachariah Cooper

I'm sitting here now watching them work on my car, at first glance there is a ton of people working to make sure my car comes out extremely clean. When it first came through the wash, it looked better than I've ever seen it before. I will say that it's a great environment and reminds me of a few car wash places I have been with my father when I was younger. They really go out of their way to make sure everything is cleaned and vacuumed!! "The Works" is worth way more than what they are charging for it. I'm amazed by the hard work they are putting to make sure my car comes out clean as a whistle.

Susej Jennings

Great place to come great prices

Charles J. Brooks

Good service, and fairly priced...

Aaron nunez

If you go in a Wednesday you get the full package for 19.95. I went here one time and now I dont go anywhere else.

Latonya Law Tucker

Best $6.00 wash town!

Amanda Rose

Staff is very friendly and they do an awesome job. Go on their website for coupons.

Bria Davinee'

Exterior looked good but interior (Dashboard, seats, cup holders, etc) were not cleaned at all. Just floormats.

Keenan Wynn

First time experience. Bottomline Constan needs improvement. It is apparent this car wash has been in business for many years. Constan Car wash could have even greater potential if they would up grade the existing technology (low water pressure and skimpy clothes on the machine)...This establishment services a very HIGH volume of customers despite their deficiencies. In comparison to Snappy, Frank's and Sparkle car washes CONSTAN does not COMPARE in terms of the car wash and service. What bothered me the most is the employees appeared offended when I asked them to re-wipe dirty spots or redo certain areas. Nonetheless, l tipped them very well but have no desire to return there again....

CGK Hancock

I paid $31.00 for an executive car wash, and did not get an executive anything. They wiped my car down with dirty towels and lint, my windows were not clean, the interior was also done horribly with lint and some sort of silt all over my dash. I had to re-clean everything myself. Maybe it was the time of day I went, but the more I think about it the more angry I get. I paid 31.00 and had to redo the interior myself and when I get the change this weekend rewash the car myself ( which I believe I should have done myself in the first place). Especially for the price that I paid. The people were nice, but the actual service they are providing is not worth any of my cash. I would not recommend this location to anyone. Here is the break down of what I was supposed to get The Works Wash includes ( or does not include) Full Service Wash $15.95 Nope, My car had lint for days, my windows were not cleaned properly. I know this because I had dirt on the left side of my windshield that was still there when i left My car was not dried properly leaving water spots. My interior had crude all over the center console as if they used dirty towels from the rims to wipe my stuff down. Polish Wax 5.00 I don't see how that is possible if the car was not washed completely? Spoke Shine 4.00 The stock rims were clean I will admit that. Tire Gloss 4.00 Didn't see any gloss, but I will give it the benefit of the doubt. Rain X Windshield 4.00 Nothing is beading up on the windshield like Rain X promised. Also how can this be applied if the windshield is still dirty? Dash Treatment 4.00 None Exterior Vinyl Treatment 8.00 None Air Freshener 2.00 gave me a nice air freshener smell that stank. Poor choice on my part? Undercarriage Spray 2.00 I will give the benefit of the doubt.

Stephen Mullis

Always a good job. Remember to tip. Those guys work hard and do a jam up job.

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