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2080 Ashley Phosphate Rd, North Charleston, SC 29406

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REVIEWS OF Cactus Car Wash IN South Carolina

Ashley Welsh

I don’t like giving bad reviews but this one is well deserved. I sat patiently in line. Watched the gentleman in the car unload his life before he handed his car over. Next it was my turn to hand over my car. The driver started yelling at to get out I have to keep the line moving. Not understanding why I’m suddenly am being berated. I said huh? He again yelled at me. I then said you know what nope you aren’t getting my car. He said good and I left. I will happily drive to west ashley to In and out. Where the owner would have sent that man walking.

glenn johnson

Ask the guy that about love bugs if they could get them off reply was yes but will need to get the express wax ask about windows his reply you need to get the supper clean interior clean so l agread to the 110.00 cost 3 hours later i get my truck back love bud still on it was told there in the paint windows still not clean many places wax not buffed off very disapointed by the way used a bounce dryer sheet cleaned love bugs off no problem

Nikolay Kochkin

It is truly a gamble what you get when having a car washed at Cactus. Quality of work depends on worker's understanding of good quality. Some times I'd get a perfectly shiny clean car as if it came from a dealership, and sometimes it looks like a blind cow did the work. Once I had a lady detailing one side of the car and a guy detailing another ( yes, I do watch!) Lady's side which was a drivers side was immaculate and I decided not to check the passenger side of the car, and I was wrong. Little did I know, I am to find streaks, smears and dust. I recommend to really check the quality of the job done when at Cactus. But I like the building and ambiance it is quite cozy in there when not crowded with people.

Richard Gigliotti

They do a great job of cleaning your car inside and out!

Brandon Chafin

I don't write reviews often but with the experience I had, I wanted to warn others who decide to have their car washed here. I went with the full bundle for 200$ waited about 3-4 hours. Went out to my car to be notified that during the detailing the worker took a huge chunk of paint out of my bumper. The sticker residue he was trying to get off my car was still there and wasn't cleaned till I brought it back up. They told me that the damage would be covered and that if I was to take it to the shop that it would be paid by them. Looked in my back window and saw that there was a bug that had not been cleaned up. Started opening my doors and looking around and saw that there was still quite a bit of pollen and crumbs. My console and dashboard had yet to even be cleaned up. At that point I was fed up with the job that they did and started cleaning my car myself. It had honestly looked like the whoever cleaned it was in a rush and did not care very much for their job. As I was cleaning my car I saw that they had also caused damage to the rubber lining on my window during the wax. Glad I found it before I left there or else it would have been out of my own pocket to repair. They had also assured me that, that would covered as well. I also had to ask for my floor mats since they didn't return them to my vehicle after they had cleaned it. When I was done cleaning and inspecting my car they gave me a receipt and cut 50$ off the price. I'll leave customer service out of my review since I only heard excuses from them and seemed untrustworthy but the job that was done was piss poor and in no way was worth the cost. If you want to have a thorough clean I'd recommend just do it yourself and save yourself up to 200$. Now I have to hitch a ride from my coworker since my car will be in the shop waiting for repairs. Hope this review helps others in their decision.

Dean Toombs

I've been going to this place for years lately the service has been poor. Today was it for me. Purchase the deluxe wash and the job they did was terrible. My 80 year old grandmother can clean cars better than this. congratulations Cactus you just lost a loyal customer.

Jennifer Leigh

When I lived in Charleston, I used to bring my car here all the time. They do a nice job and are decently priced. I've only done the external car wash, I've never had them clean my interior because the wait is always so long. The external wash is great. I go on many road trip so there is always bug juice all over the front of my car and they get it all right off. If they don't get it off in the wash, I just ask them to do some touch ups and they are happy to help. The staff has always been friendly and helpful to me. This place is busy! There is always a line every time I've gone. Even when they open on a weekday, it's busy. The location is not convenient at all because it's at an entrance of a Wal-Mart... there's already congestion because of that. So if you go here, you're going to have to wait; you'll wait longer for an interior and exterior than just the exterior. Bring a book to read!

Stephanie Martin

My vehicle is cleaned properly always. This is the only place I take my truck

Damon Pendergrass

Worse experience ever at cactus, first they broke the ends off of my RCA cables then tried to hide them underneath my seat. Yeah they paid for it to be fixed, but this was a wasted 40 bucks my windows look like they were wiped with the same rag as the tires my whole vehicle felt like it was wiped down with grease inside and outside. Needless to say that was my last time dealing with cactus.

Anassa Singer

Did a good job.

Calvin Myers

Brought in a brand new car that I was given to drive for the weekend before purchasing or not purchasing the vehicle.I informed the attendant that I gave my choice of car wash that I don't want any armor all in the inside. When the car was finished they armor all the inside. I explained to the manager he was very rude. I had to leave for an appointment I called back to speak to the manager he was not available so I left a message for him to call me back he never did. He said what's the big deal it was a mistake.

Beautifully Flawed Learner

I am so disappointed with the detail service I received here at the cactus car wash.I waited from 12:13 p.m. to 3:34 p.m. just to get into a car the same way it was when I took it there to get detailed. Paid for a wash and carpet shampoo detail. To my surprise, absolutely nothing was touched at all in my car. The outside appeared to be shiny but there were still crud on the rims, and bugs on the front of the car. The inside WAS NOT TOUCHED AT ALL! Trash still in the cup holder and doors. Smears all over the windows, I guess from using dirty rags. Sticky residue on the seats and center console that I got off using my fingernail. The floors was just as sandy as they were when I got out of car to start with. THIS WAS FAR BY THE WORST CAR DETAILING EXPERIENCE I'D EVER HAD! I asked the manager to come take a look at my car himself so that he could see what I was talking about and he acted as if I wasn't speaking English and tried to offer me a FREE carpet shampoo with the purchase of a car wash. SMH so I would have to pay another $20 for a car wash just to get my carpets shampooed for free when I was supposed to get them shampooed in the first place. I am so mad and disappointed with this place. They've lost a customer in me and I am telling everyone I know not to waste their money at this place. JUST TERRIBLE!

Jojan Paul

Have got good infrastructure and a enough human power for the service. Can be improved by being professional.

Jason Brown

Took my car here after driving about 2000 miles in the vehicle for vacation. I ordered their "deluxe wax". After they had the car for four hours I called and asked about the status, come to find out the car had been done for awhile they just never bothered to call. Upon picking up the car I noticed a wax build-up on the driver door handle that hadn't been wiped off after application. I didn't think much of it because I was tired and late for dinner. While driving home the sun hit the windshield just right and the smears on the inside lit up, it looked like someone took a halfway damp rag and smeared it across my windshield. I got home grabbed some items to fix the defects I had found only to find more. There were areas that weren't even cleaned let alone waxed down, evidenced by the fact there were still bug remains that were easy to remove with some water and a microfiber towel. at this point I just keep asking myself why did I spend $60 on a job that was half assed and I could have done myself in less time?

Elizabeth Stephenson

These guys did an amazing job! My car was a bit of a wreck and they really cleaned it up a ton! Excellent job really. I will be using them as often as I can! Great value for the price.

Joey S

Best Car Wash I have found in the US. Sara and Josh are great!! Price is cheap for how much they clean!

Melissa Crisp

Less than pleased. Photos are from a post supreme ($26) wash. I called back requested to speak with a manager. Was never contacted back. Poor quality of work. Not to mention only three of the four tires were tire shined. Had to have my car redone after this elsewhere. Buyer beware. Also, the workers stole the change out of my child’s cup holder. It wasn’t much but it’s the principle.

Jerry Brenn

Nothing like paying a crazy price and having to come home and fix everything yourself. I asked for a simple wash, vacuum, and tire shine. "Oh $40 package will cover you." I was told. I thought the price was ridiculous but I had just had …

Edward Brown III

Decent deal

Brenda McDowell

Did a great job cleaning and vacuum the dog hair out of my car

Betsy Blackwell

Terrible service. Went on a day during the week. It wasn’t busy at all. However it took 2 hours to detail our car. When asked how much longer and if someone was working on our car the manager was very rude and gave every excuse in the book. Manager also took no responsibility nor was there any leadership with directing the staff or motivating staff. In fact both manager said, “I don’t care if you come back or not.” Finally when the car was completed- they never cleaned out or detailed the back of the van. There was still needles all over from our Christmas tree. Needless to say- we will find another business to give our money too.

Renee Beauford

Good place to get you car wash.

Marcia Nolen

Ok depends on who does your car

Julie Williams

They spent a long time on vehicles that were luxury vehicles but our Infiniti seemed to be just pushed thru. We wont be back. I give 3 stars for Price only not service

Kaitlyn Amerman

Got my car cleaned and carpets and seats shampooed, everything looked great! They didn’t give any directions on what to do when I you got home but I left the mats outside to dry and left windows open to dry out the car....and two days later my car smells like straight mildew....I took it back and the manager fixed everything wrong with it! Great customer service thank you!

Lester Scher

This car wash always does a very nice job. The people there are accommodating and pleasant.

Amanda Roberts

July 6 I went to get my car detailed I spend $100 expecting my car to look brand new. There where still dirty spots all on the interior. Dog hair and sand was still on the carpet and seats. I expected a lot more when paying $100.

Hristu Chepa

Great service, great price. They always do a great job and the staff is friendly. 1 star off for wait time. It usually takes about 40-45 min even when I go at 0730. For $15.95, you can't beat it!

Somsee Rasamee

Go if you like idiots not detailing your car!


Always polite, efficient, and value for work done. Highly recommended!

ivy buseck

Hands down the best service and car wash in Charleston! The North Charleston staff are always friendly, and my car is always sparkly! I don’t have to fuss with anything, just drop off and pick up.

Ginger Wernicke

Get and out always a great job

Cake Baker

Thorough. Have always had a good experience.

Audrey Vennings

Went today because it was cloudy and there was no line. My. Service was less than...lots of staff standing around watching and not helping.

Noel Ramos

Stay away over priced

Ashley Medlin

This was my first time visiting, but I heard a lot of great things from other people so I decided to give it a try. They were packed!!! I can see why. They did an extremely great job on detailing my car. I honestly think it was cleaner than when I bought my car!!!! The wait time wasn’t great and could use some work communicating on, but honestly still worth the wait. It’s hot outside and there is no way I would have gotten it nearly as clean on the inside as they did! I have all black interior so for them to get it looking perfect is saying something. It’s worth the money because you know it’s too hot to do it yourself. Bring something to occupy your time if you are getting a detailing service. This place is busy because they do a good job and people go to them for a reason!

Cade Brunner

A very nice establishment right next to the mall, so you can go to the mall while you are getting your car washed

jonathan cobin

Great service for your money.

Kendra Abbott

I told the manager that the last time I was here that his employee dropped my keys in the Armoral liquid. He didn't care at all. He acted as if I hadn't even mentioned it. Even though I paid for a more expensive wash, my car still wasn't very clean inside. I will drive further next time to get a better wash at In and Out in Charleston.

Linda Wright

They do good detailed work

Brittany McKnight

Not a bad place to go. Longest I've waited was 2 hours, though I was getting the car completely detailed. Depending on the time of day will determine your wait (and what service you get done). My only complaint is that I wish they also had another way to let you know your car was ready. Sometimes (whether I am inside or outside) I have a hard time hearing/understanding what the guys are saying on the loudspeaker. I also often notice that the small black specks of grim/dirt/whatever are often still there, particularly in the front (where you may put a fake plate). I will also add, make sure you double check your vehicle prior to leaving, particularly the inside. When I got my car detailed, there was a rather large smudge on my drivers-side sun visor.

andrew deleon

Good wash

Nickki Pinckney

I wish I could give them zero stars! Just left there and noticed my blinged out air freshener was stolen. It was plugged in when I got there missing when I left. Called just now and woman claims she's gonna ask if they saw it ..of course the did.. THEY STOLE IT!!!

Winter Santos

I love this place they made my car absolutely beautiful !

chiquittia mahaley

First there! Got the Super Detail package on my car. Overall I was please! I will say I was most pleased with the inside. There were still some dirty spots on the front bumper area of my car. But other than that I am pleased with the job they done!

Kathryn Langlois

Never had a bad experience here! Everyone is nice and they always do a FANTASTIC job on my car. The dash is so shiny I can see my face in it! Definitely recommend

Anthony Ray

Car looks and smells GREAT

Rob Cas

I never leave this place disappointed. The employees work hard, the waiting atmosphere is awesome and the prices are more than reasonable. Detailers take pride and what they're doing and treat you like a valued customer. I'm sure they dont hear it enough but they are appreciated. What could be better are the folks who take your order at the beginning are not happy and treat you like you're ruining their day by being there and the fact that they have coffee pots that are always empty. Hey, if you're going to offer the service keep up with it. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone needing their vehicles taken care of.

Tom Martin

They did a great job on my car. Worth the wait.

Corey Aiken

Everyone is always nice but double check your car before you leave. I paid $50 for a detail and when I lifted up the back carpet it was full of trash and garbage ..

Kelsey Tucker

My husband had a terrible experience here. He needed glass cleaned out of his car, which we paid an extra fee for. I understand, that's fine. Well he sat there for over 2 hours. Repeatedly asked about his car, they kept saying it would be 10 more minutes. Well after awhile he stepped outside and come to find out they didn't even know they were suppose to clean his car. So it had just been sitting there this entire time. Obviously he was upset, so they did a rushed job cleaning it. They weren't thorough and for the wait/price, it was a total waste of time. Never going back here again. (He paid $43).

Brenda Scott

The service there is always great

Tyler Carlson

Low quality service and scam artists. The machine car wash causes damage, and when confronted by it, management immediately pulls out a auto service card and offers to fix it for prices. Seems like a routine they have. Do not recommend at all.

Pat Samuelson

Always busy with a good reason. They are reasonably priced and do a great job.

Kayla N

Awful job didn't even vacuum whole car and only wiped my dashboard. Center console and doors were never touched. Spent $30. Maybe they expected me to do it thats why they left a bottle of cleaner in my car. When I pointed it out to manager he stated sorry my employees are mad because they are HOT. are you kidding me yeah it's hot its July in south Carolina maybe find a different job. Super slack.

Rachel Neal

Not worth the money for the full detail. I would possibly return for a quick wash and vacuum but not a detail. Had the car washed, waxed, carpets and seats shampooed, but quality was not there. Car was finished in an average amount of time for a full detail (~2hrs.) but when the car was 'finished' there was a lot wrong. Rims not scrubbed, trash can not emptied, food residue not removed (I specifically asked about this when I pulled in), car mats still dirty, etc. The staff was nice and gave me a quick update when I inquired about the car.


The Express Wax Detail service wasn't bad, although there were a few missed spots in the inside. Three of the employees did however steal from my vehicle. I went back less than 30 mins after I discovered the theft to speak to the manager. He apologized and gave me a complimentary $25 wash promissory note. I will be following up to make sure that the culprits have been held accountable. Future customers beware


Did a good job washing the car and the process didn't take too long, But the greater was less than friendly after I declined upgrading the wash.

s dudley

they did a good job washing & shampooing my carpets but they took OVER 4 HOURS to complete it . not to mention i paid $99 for the service

D. Washington

Clean fast got me in and out on Christmas weekend

Noah Pascuzzi

I had their "Super Detail" done to my Ford focus and overall the service you get for the price isn't terrible. The car looks great and for the most part is very clean however their cleaning lacked some attention to detail. A few minor trash particles could still be found between the driver seat and center console and the space between the rear seats around where the seatbelts clip in was not cleaned at all. The main reason I got the service was to clean the rear seats after food was spilt on them and finding out they only cleaned the main cushion and not the smaller less visible areas was not a good sign. Who knows what other nooks and crannies were left unserviced.

vicdamond jr

Favorite place to get my car washed

Brianna Webb

The cleaned my car, but not very well

Pocher Kitt

Go somewhere else

Julie Myers

First time going to cactus car wash. Friendly people got the 69.95 package. Took awhile but was worth it considering we had gone camping and got rained out and the inside of my car was unbearable. I'm very happy with the service here...

Kyle Fagan

Took our car there for the first time, wait time wasn’t terrible. But quality of work was garbage. Trunk was not cleaned at all, cup holder and surrounding areas were still dirty, leather seats had dirt marks that weren’t there when we came in. Do yourself a favor and find somewhere else. Wouldn’t waste my money here.

Bernd Brandstaetter

Pretty okay. Don't go for the expensive things... 25-30 is the best deal. BR

Carmen Watson

Car was cleaned well and quickly. It's a pity something isn't done about the strong sewage smell inside the building. Super friendly and helpful staff.

Nicole Balicki

Despite having to go back a second time to get rid of the smell of vomit in my back seat at NO ADDITIONAL COST I received nothing but above average customer service, especially from the detailing department’s manager, Edward. For the volume of cars I saw they take care of on a Saturday, it is impressive that they can provide individualized attention to each customer who goes here. Well done!

Essence Goodmon

These guys are always professional. I took my car to get washed two days ago and i felt sorry for the poor soul that had to clean it because my car was a mess! But they got my car together in no time. Car feels brand new again! Looking good and smells terrific. I would recommend anyone to bring there vehicle here. They also have christmas prepaid specials going on now.

Nicholas Stuckey

Good service

Condi Atlan

The best car wash in Charleston in my experience for at least 10 years. Go in the morning between 8-10 am to get the $2.00 off early bird special. I can't get my vehicles looking as good at any other car wash in the greater Charleston area, and they offer all the extra cleaning services in a timely manner for fair prices - extra carpet cleaning, leather upholstery care, etc. Now I live almost 20 miles away but make the drive whenever its needed, and I can afford the time.

Whitley Mood

Waited over 2 hours

Clifton Ivey

If you don't have time to wash your vehicle then pay these guys a visit. They do a great job at a fair price.

Rebecca Hernandez

The service here is awesome, and these guys do great work. However, why they get 2 stars is while waiting one of their female employees with red hair and glasses walked up and grabbed a male employees behind in front of my small children. Very inappropriate behavior for the work place. Very disappointed in that, and now my daughter thinks it's ok to run up behind someone and smack their behinds. Which is not ok.

Alphonso Patterson

Slow service, my car went halfway thru wash then for 5 min before it moved again then sat outside for almost 30 min before my car was touched. 4 cars that came out after me got dried and detailed before mine. So after waiting almost an hour my car still hadn't been touched. So I told them nevermind I will come back to get the inside done. The car I pulled in after was washed, dried, detailed, and headed out while mine was parked. Pulled up at 2:43 and at 3:30 left with half my service done.

Leah Masterson

My favorite car wash spot! Inside and outside detail! I've used their services for everything, from carpet cleaning, to leather seat detailing, and custom outside waxing. Highly recommended! Professional detailing at a great cost!

Cameron Flewellen

A little pricey. One time I got my car washed they called me out saying it was finished. I got in and noticed they didn't even do the inside at all. They were pretty nice about it, however, and finished the inside. Nice staff. Decent quality. Get the cherry spray at the end, it smells great!

Valynda Neal

Love the great work everyone does...I drive across town to get my truck clean & done right

Magnolia Flower

Gets car pretty clean, but interrior cleaning isn't as proficient as it could be.

Erin Harrison

They did a horrible job! Windows still dirty. The car wash at Spinx does a better job for only 12.00. Save your money.

Austin Tompkins

A good company that seems too over-filled with customers. Because of what seemed to have been a miscommunication, they had my wife wait 3 hours, even though her car had been done for a while. I'm not going to hold that against them - mistakes happen. But from everyone I've talked to, wait times are high, so be prepared. They did a pretty good job, the car definitely looked great. For the price we paid, which is less than half we have paid for similar detailing services elsewhere, I was pleased with the result. Price to quality seemed on par, but my expectations weren't exceeded. I'm sure with so many different employees as well, results will vary. We will probably go back.

Ray Rice

Clean car.. feel good

calannah christmas

Over an hour to clean my car. They had not even touched parts of the car. Needless to say, I asked for my keys and left. I have been going here for years and have sent many people. Not anymore.

Ron Willis

Outstanding service great staff.

DM Voss

Other than never leaving with the inside of my windshield completely clean, they do a good job.

Amels Phone

Great location and the price is right. Plan on being there for a while. It is always packed but we'll worth the wait.

Todd Hibbard

If you want a job done right, do it yourself. I just paid $80 for the interior package. I waited for 2.5 hours. Tomorrow I’ll address all the missed areas, and finish the vacuuming. Never again.

Kyra Regan

Been here for over 2 hours and didn't even get a huge detail service done.... There are over 6 employees just sitting around ..why aren't they helping in the detail room ? Probably won't come here again. :/

Darling Hudson

Sooo... inside smells like sewer just to start the cashier was polite and helpful that's the only good thing about this experience. Originally went in for seat cleaning and carpets to be cleaned plus floor mats. After waiting over 2 hours seats were soaking wet they lost the floor mats and after.. called and they advised me to bring car back in so we took the car back in they found the floor mats and re cleaned the seats second time. now we are here for a third time because of a horrible foul oder and seats and carpets are still dirty... hopefully this time is the last time I would not recommend for anyone.

Larry Rice

Did a very nice wash. Reasonable. Would go again.

Priscilla Hyde

Amazing place to have your baby smelling and looking like new

Johan Alexander Murcia

Good attention and quick service.

Lucy Stinson

The worse place to get car washed, The first time they didn't do a very good job. The second time they charged me $224.00 to detail and the bottom of my car was still dirty, I will never go back there again. too high and sorry work!


Fast, friendly and good prices

Dennis Fuller

Best ever

Betty Mangum

When super cleaning do not leave unwiped areas on the console, shows the job was not complete, reasonable prices but very long wait time

fabian lopez

nicely done

Cassie Horne

They didnt clean the inside of my car at all. Very poor job on the outside. Will not go back again.

Philjcksn jcksn

Good service, great shine

The Bigdog

Absolutely the best car wash in town. I tried the one in Summerville, and an idiot took two pairs of pliers and tried to unscrew my antenna. Wouldn't go back there again. Never had to take any parts off of my truck to get it washed at Cactus. The cactus people are friendly, they do a very good job, and they're courteous. The people out front with the towels and vacuums do a good job finishing, and if you check behind them and find a spot they missed, they're happy to go back and catch it for you.

william christmas

Wow what a busy place. Lots of workers doing a great job. We needed to have our college daughter's car completely cleaned inside and out. Took some time because we paid for a Managers special but worth the wait. Go there and let them work miracles on your car.

Alyssa Colbry

After they crashed my car yesterday, I was instructed to call today to schedule a rental car while mine is being fixed. I’ve called 7 times today (during business hours)and since there’s no voicemail option, I can’t leave a message. I’m already taking time out of my day to have my car repaired from damage they caused (the car was left in drive and crashed into someone else’s as it left the car wash portion). I don’t have time to be calling them all day hoping they’ll pick up. I was really hoping for better customer service.

Narda Young

So let's start with the pros! They try their best to get you in and out as quickly as possible which I appreciate because it's a very busy place on a Saturday. The staff I interacted with on entry were pleasant and helpful. Cons. My car was not properly cleaned. I requested that the interior be cleaned and vacuumed in addition to the wash. The floor was vacuumed but the dust on the seat was still there saying hello! Was not satisfied with the exterior either. They make me feel like investing in a bucket and a car cleaning starter kit.

Kathy Andria

If you tip, they remember you and will go above and beyond!

Sabrina Paczynski

I used to deliver sandwiches there. The place is really gross and theres roaches everywhere. Tried to be in and out as fast as possible. Always tried to pass off orders to that place.

Kirsten Pasiecznik

Do not go here if you want the money in your car stolen. We had at least $3 worth of quarters in our car's change holder before we got our car wash, and upon leaving Cactus, EVERY SINGLE QUARTER WAS GONE!!! Also, a few hours after the car wash, our metal logo piece that said "civic" was completely hanging off...coincidence?

Melissa Sadler

I paid for the best package and still found a huge spot on the back of my car that wasn't touched

Rebecca Clark

They always do a fantastic job detailing my car. It takes a while, but that is to be expected with a minivan. I don't mind waiting but they could do better with the time estimates. It almost always takes about twice as long as they say it will. It would also be great if they had a way to be open on rainy days. As an Uber driver, I sometimes need detailing for my interior, even when it is rainy out.


They do a great job every time and if it doesn't look good they'll send it through again

Renee Brown

Did the best job ever on my dirty car. I only use cactus, in Georgia and South Carolina

Anthony Oliver

Not the best car wash they put way to much tire shine by the time I got home it was all over the side of my van.

Sharonn Williams

Unless you want to spend your ENTIRE DAY HERE, don’t come! They are the slowest car wash I’ve ever been to and they do a terrible job!!!!!!!! I only went here a second time bc it’s the only one around!

Mila Rad

If you ever want to see out of your windows at night again, don't go here. If you like strange, greasy cleaners used in all the wrong places — even if you provide your own cleaner for them to use — give it a whirl.

M Tate

They do rush jobs on cars, I had to get them to vacuum the obvious dirt in my car after I was told they were done. This is the second time this has happened.

Debra Thomas

Waited 2.5 hours and my car was not properly clean. Interior was not clean nor the tires. I had the person clean my tires before leaving. Did not realize the interior was not touched until I arrived home. Called to speak with a manager and phone just rings.

Miltiades Stylianos

Expensive.Too many cars there. I have to wait there until my car is done. They did very good job on my car. I just don't care going over there. I rather do myself.

Jennifer Dusenberry

Great for a mostly clean job. Worth the $25 wash or the Full Service $150 - anything in between is just not worth it.

Emily Ridgley

Don’t listen to the estimated time. I was quoted 1-1 1/2 hours...2 1/2 hours later, still waiting.

austin cumbee

$80+ car wash and interior detail with seat shampoo. Took 2 hours and still had to point out a bunch of stuff they missed.

Tom Evans

High quality.

Curtis Johnson

Ok they don't hand wash anymore machine wash only

Marty Bost

Good place to get personalize carwash at a reasonable price.

Paul F

If you're in North Charleston and need a quick car cleaning for a reasonable price this place is a good choice. My only gripe is that the inside of the windshield is rarely cleaned well. I've probably patroned the business a couple dozen times over the years and the staff has always been friendly, bathrooms are always clean, there's free WiFi and coffee. The ambiance is very southwestern and relaxing; the building incorporates large amounts of exposed hand hewn log and faux adobe, peublo revival style. It's a one stop shop for some car care items as well since they stock odor absorbers, and rubber and plastic conditioner by the bottle; the kind that dries and doesn't attract dust.

Victor Liao

I was pleasantly surprised today at how well my interior was cleaned. I got the Express Carpets service which costs $40, and I waited there from 4pm to 5:30pm on a Monday (I was quoted about an hour). I really liked that they were able to clean out even the tight, hard-to-reach places like between the seats and underneath too. A big thank you to the hard-working people putting forth their elbow grease to do this on a hot summer day. A note to management is to make it more straightforward on how we can properly tip the right people for a job well done since there are multiple workers cleaning each car. Also the waiting area had an unpleasant odor and the seat cushions were stained and dirty. Looks like the inside of the building could use some detailing. Otherwise my car was cleaned very well and I felt like my car was almost new again!

Randy Willians

I work there.

John Ramey

I always have to wait at least 30 minutes to get my car done. I usually have to show them things they have missed when they say they are done.

Vincent Darby

First time there, real good place, my Titan looks great. They even asked what kind of air freshener I wanted.

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