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REVIEWS OF Westerly Car Wash IN Rhode Island

Tamara Brown

Good place to grab a quick car wash. I was in town for 1 month so I bought a month pass. I love a clean car.

Linda Carol

I paid for the most expensive wash, and my car was barely clean when I left. I called and was able to bring the car back for a rewash. Rewash did not do much. The people working there are AWESOME, but unfortunately the car wash is mediocre at best.

Maria Osborn

a very cozy place to wait for a car wash, but whoever does not know how to wash a car, the interior is doing very badly, there is still poor washing of the car outside. never go there again I do not recommend

Rich Champ

Kelly and Zane run the place well

Jacqueline Schachter

earnest staff with nice waiting area and great wash.

Sheree Sarandos

Monthly rate is the best deal around. Un limited washes. And undercarriage too.

Suzanne Maine

Inside windows were not washed,Inside didn't appear to have been dusted, around the mirrors and windows still dirty, Seam above doors still dirty, hinges to trunk still dirty. Out side of car still has dirt spots. Will Not Be Back!

Dawn Bock

Love this carwash! Great job in and out and reasonable prices.

Maria Reakes

Very expensive but good job

randy williams

The unlimited service is great

Jeremy Czerkiewicz

We have a great customer service!Our goal is to make sure our customers leave with a smile on there face with a clean and shiny new looking car. We have a sweet deal for $29.95 you can join our unlimited wash club basically a dollar a day to come as much as you want to if you come to the wash 2-3 a month it is smarter on the pocket to join

john rodenhizer

Really disappointed, seemed to be a race to clean the car and get back inside, took literally minutes I can write my name on the inside windshield streaked awful, back of the car and the rims, cup holders, back totally untouched. Fast you bet, I have a real mess to clean up. Looked better dirty. Wasted $37.00 better job at the high school fundraisers.

Ann Chapman

Me and my husband went there yesterday. The machine missed a bunch of areas on my car.callungcalling tomorrow to get my money back.

steve vales

Love the car was but the wipe down at the end should be a little better. Other then that it great.

Steven Rhoads

What a great place very quick and thorough

Nancy Roth

I don't often write a bad review but the manager(?) Zyr terrible attitude needs a revew. At 12:30PM I paid $45 for highest car treatment. I left the seats down because of the sand on them. Someone put the seats up. When I put seats back up at home, sand was still there. The manager, of course, blamed me for having too many trunk items. Not even near the trunk. What happened to this car wash? Save your money.

Dennis Loudon

Prices are a little high but it's clean & modern with courteous service. Does a good job getting the car clean & shiny.

Kathy S

This place is like your normal car wash until you spring for the vacuuming and inside window cleaning. It is $20 and worth every penny. They even managed to vacuum between the driver's seat and console. I could not reach it when I vacuumed. The waiting room is very accommodating. After the wash, they hand wipe the car until it is dry. Great experience.

Liane Mann

My car didnt come out any cleaner and the wheels were still filthy even though I paid more for them to be clean. Wont go back!

Richard Rylander

Good service and the wash tunnel does an exceptional job.

Suzanne Melanson

Good car wash

J. Lawrence Rustici

Does a great job

Keith Tremblay

You can't beat the "Unlimited" package. I drive a new Superduty and it's black. I go through a few times a week (or more) for only $29.95 / month. It's a great deal. Kellie and the staff are professional and do a great job.

Daniel D.

Great car wash, really nice employees, wish the owner paid his help more than minimum wage. It's a fast paced business and they hustle so tips are really important to these guys and gals especially this time of year.

Colin Sweet

I parked under a tree in May, resulting in my car being covered in tree residue (not sap, just green gunk). I went to Westerly Car Wash today and paid $15 for the "Seaside Shine" (the most expensive option). Right before the machine started, I heard an employee say to another, "Another car looking like this didn't come out too well". Afterwards, the same employee towel-dried my car and told me I was all set. When I got home, my car was still covered in tree residue. I won't be wasting my money at Westerly Car Wash again.


Excellent attention to details while cleaning interior. Standard auto drive through. Best car wash in the area

Malik Roberts

This is by far the best car wash around you have a customer for life ❤️

Alzie p

Twice they have left towels in car. Once they forgot to put mats in back in. Usually a long wait. Easy to get through. Good location.

Shanon Gavozzi

They cleaned the interior of my car and it was immaculate. I use them for all exterior cleaning and I have never had a bad experience. Best car wash around!

Chelsey Russell

Got here at 1:30 on a Thursday didn't leave for over an hour! When I pulled up I was the third car in line (which isn't very busy compared to other places I've been). Staff is very slow and car came out mediocure. Not to mention $20 for vacum and $12 for basic wash on the outside. Rather expensive. Won't be coming back because of long wait and price!

Patrick O'Rourke

Truck look great whenever I bring it there

Mark Tetreault

Hand drying after the automatic car wash should be done with fresh clean towels. Base prices are way off - not a good value.

Ian S

First, you should be aware that the prices posted are for an exterior wash only (this is the opposite of how most washes I have been to do it) and they will charge you an extra $20 to vacuum the interior. This puts you at $37 for the top tier wash ($17 for exterior, $20 for interior). I am used to paying ~$21-$25 for the top-tier, full-service car wash. The cleaning job was less-than-thorough. When I entered the wash, the attendant only bothered to spray the front left quarter panel with soapy water before putting down his hose and waiting for the car to start moving. When I got home and inspected the vehicle, my wheels, running boards, and liftgate were all still noticeably soiled. Finally, after emerging from the wash, one kid gave my car a 15 second walk around with a wet towel, missing 75% of the water before staring at me in anticipation of a tip. Save your money.

Meredith Key

Excellent experience all the way around. Employees were polite and efficient. Prices were fair and detail done on my car was well worth the upgrade. Interior was extra but also worth the price. I could not find any thing overlooked in the cleaning of my car , which was unusually dirty.

Josh Henderson

A great place to get your car washed! It’s very quick and the staff is always excited to see you. They also have an unlimited wash club for $29.95/mo where you can get unlimited car washes, go three times a day if you wanted too.

Lori Redding

Nice company. They do a thorough job.

Ivan Martin

CLEAN place,property,lobby,guys did great job inside and outside of my car,surprised they even towel dry your car,I will be back

Steve Buchele

They did a great job of detailing an old car that was quite dirty. Took less time than anticipated.

Diggin N Detectin

Great staff clean facility KELLY IS THE BEST!

Heather Metzler

Great place. Brought my bil's truck in for a wash. Wish there was a similar place where I live. The guys were are nice and polite. Great job!


Terrible!! Overpriced and lazy worker's. My car looked no better than when I brought it in. For 40 bucks, all set

jenn boss


Lisa Morganweck

Fantastic service! The interior detail job done on my SUV was exceptional. Hands down best I’ve ever experienced. Highly recommend to anyone needing this type of deep cleaning. Very reasonably priced and went above and beyond my expectations. It’s like having a new car again. Thank you Westerly Car Wash!

Brandon Cyr

The place is very friendly, very curtious and very fast wouldn't recommend Any other car wash. Car comes out perfect every time!!!!! And you can't beat the prices!!!!

Terry Hallowell

First of all I want to start out with thanking Kelly for her exceptional customer service. I got my car detailed and I was so impressed by the incredible job that Nick did. I feel like my car is almost brand new again. Thank you and I will definitely be back and recommending your services to friends and family.

Ann Smith

$12 for a basic wash and dry. Around $30/mo for unlimited washes (club membership). They spot clean, hand dry, and have a full range of other services from window washing, vacuuming, and custom detailing.

Mfb Jake

They get all the salt off

Victoria Kingsbury

The staff does a very through job with any interior cleaning, as such it takes a while. Also noticed a lot of streaking left behind by whatever was used to wipe the mirrors and windshield.

Karen Torromeo

Hard working people who do their very best in the scorching heat and bitter cold! They deserve a tip of some kind every time!

Kate Eliza Corbett

Great service, best towel spinning dry guys evah!

Edward Nguyen

$25 for an "interior clean". Yeah right, more like a quick vacuum of the floor mats. My seats, trunk, and dashboard was still dirty. Will not be coming back.

Ryan MacDonald Offical

I'm very picky about washing my car and especially using automatic car washes. Westerly Car Wash is the only one I've ever trusted and love their unlimited plan! The friendly, awesome staff make me feel welcome every time and they even hand dry your car. The management is wicked awesome and really care about their staff and customers. I highly recommend Westerly Car Wash!

King Greatness

Best car wash in town. Prices are reasonable and the employees are always friendly.

Lori-Lee Taylor

Fabulous car wash ,friendly staff,highly recommend westerly car wash!!

Gary Orkney

Arrived at 5:20 PM and was closed out of interior clean line, when advertised 6 PM closing. Last visit left film on windows ,which had to be scrubbed off with window cleaner.

Sam SR

Best car wash in the area

Mark Rafferty

Easy to get to. Cleaned my truck. No dirt spots after !!!!

Steven Morrone

Staff has high expectations. My car looks better each time I go through the car wash. The monthly package is fantastic because I can go as much as I want so if you go at least one time a week and pay for the ten dollar package then you should definitely get the monthly deal because you get way more for your money. Keep up the great work and keep being professional!

William Mis

A little pricey. I thought my car would be much cleaner than it was. Didnt notice that until i got home.

John Burns

Decent car wash, left a few spots that don't look great, but the customer service was great from employees! For $12 on the lowest wash with no under carriage, I would rather go to Ginger's car wash and do it myself for $5, but I wanted to give it a chance to see how it was.


Hamm's is fairly cheap price wise and does a great business love the owners very sweet people takes great care of me when I'm their buying soda cheaper then any other store

Katrina Chapman

The price was ridulous considering it did NOT include interior vacuuming. It ended up costing me $32.00 + tip that would have been $18.00 + tip back where I lived in N.Y. Won't be going back. CT is only a mile from here Maybe CT has less expensive car washes.

Meri Smith

Friendly people - Thorough and quick service!

Katlin Hermann

Love this car wash. The staff is really friendly and do a great job on the cars!! I would recommend anyone who wants their car looking great to go here!!! Great job staff and management at Westerly Car Wash

Christopher Myers

Clean, organized and high tech. This is the nicest car wash around and is very high quality at a great price.

Amanda Palmer

The people who work at Westerly Car Wash are friendly and do nice work. PLEASE hire more staff for the inside/outside wash line. It’s frsutrating having to wait 45 minutes to get vacuumed and washed, so I am usually deterred from visiting because I do not want to wait in line that long. I’ve been going here for a few years now, and the shortest time I’ve waited was 25 minutes.

Rachael Watson

The crew was fast efficient. Very professional. Well organized. Can't Wait to return keep up the great wrk guys. Everyone is always so full of smiles :-)

Timothy Mclaughlin

Great service for the price. Definelty reccomend this place!

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