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942 Mineral Spring Ave, North Providence, RI 02904

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REVIEWS OF So Fresh & So Clean Hand Car Wash IN Rhode Island

Michelle MacIntosh

They did a great job detailing my car.


Bought a Groupon to be used at east providence or north providence location. Went to east providence and there is no such location. I went to north providence and sat in line while I watched them wash a car and wasn’t acknowledged, they just stared at me. I left because no one helped me.

michael squillace

Do not go to this car wash they broke my fill door on my brand new Benz. Said it was not their fault, then offered to pay for repairs. When I got the estimate stated it was too much!! Refused to pay after I got another estimate!! Shay is a loser. Will now bring them to small claims court.

Allan Grocott

They did a good job, but did not clean seats and interior completely. I had a coupon from Groupon and glad I did not pay full price.

Haddy Coker

The team did a great job cleaning my car...very clean. However, customer service could be better especially from the manager/supervisor...he needs to learn how to talk to his customers with respect.

Claudia Lopez

Pathetic people. Not trustworthy and a bunch of cowards! You don’t need to look at any other reviews but this one. SIMPLY DONT GO TO THIS LOCATION!!!

Sean McCarty1375

Nice easy going car wash...always looking new when I leave...always leave a tip....great service.


The inside of the car wasn’t vacuumed or cleaned properly. For $25 should have been spotless.

david alves

They didn’t do a great job wen I went they rushed it & wasnt tto nice

Will Gagne

Website says open until 8pm. Called at 6:15 to ask.. no one answered so thought maybe they were really busy. Made the drive there just to find out they were closed, and they website was wrong. Other location is permanently closed.


Stay away from these crooked people who run it and they do a horrible job . So stay away .


The only thing done inside - rugs were washed. That's it, nothing more. If there was some vacuuming, it was almost not seen. I carry my dog in the trunk (have a wagon), there were hairs, obviously. Even not touched. Had a small crack on the front shield, practically not seen, could drive with it. Looks like they pushed the glass somewhere, and it became huge. Opposed to everything else, this was not their fault, but made me disappointed even more. Left tips prior to checking. Big mistake. Do not expect great results, and check what you get.

Nelisa Peralta

The owner is extremely rude to the customer. I would not suggest anyone to go there. He treat people miserable. I needed to reschedule an appointment, and he kept me waiting for an hour, just because he wanted to, the most sad thing is they weren't busy. After I waited for 1 hour I left the place without any appointment, because I couldn't wait no more. It is very sad, that people like him owns a franchise, he is a poor representation for the so fresh so clean industry, with poor knowledge on how to treat people. Just don't go there, don't waste your time.

Ismael Garcia

Owner is very rude with customers, I would never go to this place again


They really do a nice job!!!!

Jose Rivera

Although that did a good job on my daughter's car, the attitude from the staff is horrible and it's not explained why they required an additional $25 with the Groupon.

Duane Murphy

A hand car wash is always better than going through a machine operated one.

Anup Tripathi

They will not pick up your phone since they work in the back and will call you a liar if you said you had called. They missed many calls as I waited near there front desk. Did a good job on the car though. Wheels were not cleaned well but promptly done when I pointed out.

Karthik Sugumar Sethupathi

Good for a hand wash. They don't do a perfect job. But a decent job.

christine mencarini

My car was still dirty when I got it back. Will never go back, and would not recommend to anyone

Santana Roberts

I purchased a Total Clean inside & out hand shampoo the works, for my recently bought used car. Okay so the fine print says that black cars and charged an extra fee of $25. I had an appt scheduled for Monday at 10:00am, they said it would take 4-5 hours. After I asked them about their waiting area, which was locked, and he replied, “we don’t have one” so I went to restaurants near by. I walked back to the car wash around 1:30, they just said not yet and walked away from me. Then I called about 3:30, they said it would be another hour or more! I again walked back to the car wash around 5:30, where I waited outside & watched as they finished up my car (which was last in line). Finally got my car back at 6:00pm on the dot. They did not touch the truck. Still dirty. They did not clean the inside... pictures will show all. Complete waste of my only day off& money. Not sure what was done in those 8 hours...... Can’t believe this is a $150 value (I paid $65 plus the $25 fee plus tip.) I want a refund.

M Fofana

I love the service and friendly atmosphere. They are always pleasant and kind. I love handwashes because i dont have to worry about nicks and scratches in my paint.

John Martinez

Worst place I ever used my 2012 car went in 12 noon didn't get it back for 24 hours when I went back the car was dirty as before then the owners son gave me a oh here we go?!! I told him Im paying you to do a job not rip me off 2nd time back after a second detail the seating was still slightly stained Im doing them over myself I just left tired of looking at the hack shop. Bad service ignorant staff Don't go there ever!

Imaelito AC

Cheap and effective for the price.

louis medeiros

Workers are very hardworking but did a good job hand waxing, interior I do better waste of my money. When your getting a full detail, For quick wash fine.

Nonea McFarlane

Waste of money!!! Paid for in and out and extra to do the back of the SUV... They didn't wipe anything down. They did the bare minimum for vacuuming. The rubber floor mats still have dirt caked in them. And they didn't even open the back hatch area and clean. Looks like my car didn't even get cleaned!! If I could leave zero stars I would!!!

Tom M

Focused on detail. Payment can be confusing.

tolulope ademoye

The staffs are not friendly and charges more for coupon customers.

Joel Wescott


Thomas Dupre

excellent value great service

Kimberly Badia

The workers are so nice . I just wish they did a more detailed wash.

Gregg Salomon

Bad experience from the start. The guy was too high and couldn’t even read his own writing when he wrote down my phone number. I waited all day for them to finish the detail I got from Groupon and when I finally got through to them a few hours before they closed they said they had called and left a message. BS. So the car had a basic wash and vacuum. They left the mats soaked but didn’t wash the rug in the trunk. Spots all over the car and they missed the trim. Few dirty areas not even touched. This on top of the extra $25 for a black car. I regret even leaving a tip. I can’t imagine the poor suckers who paid full price. Skip this place. It’s not worth the money or headache.

Justin Eastado

I purchased the Groupon for the full detail and it was well worth it. It is $25 more dollars for the black finish according to the Groupon deal, but looks amazing. The only inconvenience I had was that I could not reach the company through telephone and had to go there to book an appointment. Also the East Providence location no longer exists. However, I could understand why when I saw everyone continuously working hard and they have a lot of business. Though I would make a recommendation that they get a receptionist for better customer service. Other than that, the detail work was very well done, they did interior vacuuming, interior cleaning, cleaned the engine compartment, got in between hard to reach areas like cup holders, between seats, floor crevices and did an amazing job on exterior work. My car looks like it drove off the lot at a car dealership. Will definitely return for a full detail in the future.

Jay Riley

I will not even go to this place because the guy who answers the phone is a super rude douche, I have called twice and both times he was rude... can only imagine how it is when you get there...

Shannon S

Guys were polite and did a good job. I’d definitely go back.

Erwing Castillo

Good services

Sheerie H

The inside of my car is still dirty after the cleaning and the outside was still wet when I left so it dried looking horrible. I'll end up cleaning it all myself now

David Sarro

They did a great job on my car, getting out scratches other places failed to. I recommend giving them a shot!


Inconsistent in the cleanings

Emily L

Reasonable prices.

Mai Garcia

I just purchased a Groupon deal for them and I hope I don’t regret it seeming that they have not picked up their phone ALL day, which is required an appointment and looking at these review it seem I might have wasted my money already.

Joshua Antaya

Doesn't answer or follow up for scheduled appointment even though we prepaid through Groupon and all. Called other site in Cranston they had no answers for the behaviour. Will not even attempt to do business with again, wasted 2 and a half hours of my time waiting around and calling so just get a forwarded voicemail which the inbox is always full.

Steven Tsimtsos

Busy place, they did a great job detailing my camry though !

kelby inoa

One rim was clean the rest were dirty. Regret tipping them

Toni Cooper

Very bad service


Fast -speedy

Robin Paola

Friendly st as fr great job on the cars

Erika Munoz

Very cool hipster spot. Get your complete details done with character! Good ol' hosing down your interior without vacuuming to save energy. Save more energy by letting your soaked car air dry! It's like I got my car back just how I left it. I missed my car so much :( but the six hours it took to get it to this pristine condition was worth being dependent on Ubers!

steve L

Place sucks just got my truck washed for 35 bucks inside is still dirty and wet not happy. Didnt see the windows get washed either just wiped down, waste of money do not go here

Christina Morrigan

Beware!!! Staff at this location were extremely rude and condescending and refused to honor their groupon deal and when you show up for the appointment. They demanded an additional charge that is double their groupon rate. They then made derogatory comments when it was pointed out what their groupon offer was. Seriously avoid unless your looking to be scammed.

Mary Bouley

Great deal on Groupon. Fast efficient service.

Lauren Birrell-Graham

I have called 4 times to make an appointment and I have left messages yet no one has returned my calls. Now I am waiting to use an expired groupon!

Ray Craine

Really good job. Hand wash and vacuum.

Jenn Demers

Walked in some guy was very rude off the bat. They did an okay job except I can still see wax spots and I'm missing a cup holder and my seat guard.

Pastor Evangelista Leonel Velez

Very good job!

pic mate

Worst service. I went to this place to get my car cleaned, but ended up where I started. They do not do a good job. The manager is super rude too. Avoid. Groupon ratings are false.

Ray Kearns

Got there at 800 am time they say they open. Avery rude guy comes up to car says come back in twenty minutes says he has to move cars out. You open at. Eight not twenty part I will never go back. I went to Cranston location service is great will tell everyone I know to go there

Lindsay G

I always have a great experience when I visit! Hard working guys that pay attention to detail..I won’t go anywhere else!

Chuck Staton

First off - I REALLY don't like leaving negative reviews. Feel free to look through my review history. So for me to leave a negative review, I have to have a pretty bad experience. I bought the "Express Detail" on Groupon for $75. When I reached out to So Fresh So Clean to make plans for them to detail my car, they told me I'd need to pay an extra $25 in person because I have an SUV. Fine. They came to my house, I paid them the extra $25. Part 1: They got there, everything seemed fine. I left, and when I came back they were gone. I opened my car door and they did the seats and rugs fine. However, they didn't do the "trunk area" (behind the third row) of my SUV at all! Even though they charged me an extra $25! On top of that, my cupholders were still dirty, the pockets and areas in the front of the car were absolutely disgusting still (they even left a soda can that had been turned upside down on the door cupholder, in there, and didn't clean it). It was insanely bad job. Part 2: I took pictures and called the company immediately. The person who answered did not want to deal with the situation at all. I asked him if they had an email where I could send the pictures. He said "I don't know, I just work here." I asked to talk to a manager, he said there wasn't one around. I asked when the manager would be back, and the man said "I don't know." I asked him how I would get in touch with the manager, and he said "I don't know, I guess just call back." Finally, I said "Please have the manager call me back ASAP," and I gave them my number. Haven't heard back yet. Honestly, I don't want to deal with them again. Not interested in scheduling again, I just want a refund. I will update this review with that info when and if I get it, but this company has been terrible so far.

Manish Jain

Worst worst service ever Will never go back again. I should not even give one star. Took inside and outside cleaning. Charged $5 extra for SUV which is fine but they didn’t even clean third row. Asked another $5 for cleaning boot space. Papers/Trash is still lying there under the seat and side pockets after they completed the work. When they called me after cleaning, I was looking at the car how they cleaned and they said first I have to pay $5 and than look at the car.. Tyres were not cleaned properly

Jeanne Wordell

Didn't finish my roof, rude, forgot my mats, made an appointment but still had to wait not without them complaining there was 3 cars that just were dropped off! So why did I make an appointment?

Janet Houle

They work hard, a good job!!

Adeline Staulo

My second try... I waited 5 hours for an in and out detail which wouldn't have been bad if my car was clean. Windows were a mess, cleaning was poor, attitudes were bad and a very uncomfortable waiting area. I'd never recommend this place, nor would I ever go back!!!

Laure Gustafson

Hard to find, new to area. Was closed when I went.

Aaron Crum

Great employees, suggested a great package for my needs & did a even better job cleaning inside & out of my car.


Left water spots all over the car

Norma Orzel

I had the complete detail service and they did a great job. My car looked great both inside and outside. And it was done in the time they estimated. So no problem there. Only criticism I have is reaching them. There was no answer at the phone # to make an appointment. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars. I would definitely use them again.

Luis Marco Tiny world

Horrible experience! Do NOT take your Car there I wish I read the reviews before taking mine in. They ruined my paint and covered it with marker. They didn’t admit fault instead the owner was very disrespectful and ignorant.

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