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857 Bald Hill Rd, Warwick, RI 02886

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REVIEWS OF Bald Hill Car Wash LLC IN Rhode Island

Louisette Battey

Washes my truck fantastic nice and clean, if not clean they will put it through for free !!

Cam T

Absolutely terrible. They take your money and don’t bother to have something that actually cleans your car. I came through and purchased the 2nd to the highest wash and the jets to shoot water on the top of my car just shot out a mist. Left all sorts of dirt and grime left on my car. I can’t believe I wasted $12 on this. Fresh out of the wash and it left all this. Smh. Never again.

Richard Caruolo

Best car wash around

Debra Johnson

It is okay for what you get. Vacuum works excellent. DOES NOT TAKE COINS. Suction is awesome. Quick note if you see the baby wipes on the seat they are a great way to clean interior. Less than car wipes and work just as well.

Ken Lowell

Under carriage doesn't work

Nick Brennan

The foam cannon is not working properly and stained my hand and sneakers blue green. I haven't been able to get the stains off with natural cleaners or the orange stuff. I've tried calling multiple times and the phone turns to a fax machine dial after a couple rings.

Steve P

Just had my truck washed and it’s still dirty, brand new truck and has streaks and soap spots all over didn’t even get the windshield clean a waste of money stay away !!!!!

Nick Calderone

Yes great idea, let the car behind start their wash at the same time the car in front in drying . That way the car in front has to come back through !

River and Peak Outfitter

Clean car

Michael DeMaio

They need to fix the machines that take money for the self wash areas. This place needs basic upkeep and maintenance because it's falling apart.

Jan Goguen

Don't wash your car here! Paid $12 for spot free, and still car is covered in spots. Side blasters go so fast it misses the the bottom of your car totally! Crappy business!

David Guo

robert Nunez

went in to the first bay and it smelled really bad, put my 5 bucks in to spray the car down and everything was well until, i used the brush it seemed like someone cut the hose on it. so i was sprayed with foamy water all over my clothes, it was going everywhere except the brush where it needed to go i spent most of my time trying to not get wet by the time i almost finished the time stopped and i had a soapy car, what was i to do except put in another 5 to finish my wash. i used the triple foam and it stained my hands and got all over my clothes because it shoots automatically for some reason, so i used the remainder of my time to try and rinse the foam off and guess what, the time ends and i'm left with a dirty car still. so i basically paid 10 bucks to dirty my car and my self. it was my first and last time going there hope it gets remodeled or just completely shut down.

Rob Mills

In my experience, it's a pretty good car wash. No hassle to wash a car yourself. It explains, in detail, how to use all the different settings on the machine, and in what order to use them in. In my opinion, it's a high quality car wash.

Dylan Prentice

kevin mowrey

Nick L

Place has gone downhill in recent times. The most expensive wash doesn't get anything off of your car and one of the owners is always outside yelling at people.

Nate T

The Typhoon Touch-less Automatic does a very poor job, even on the most expensive package. Save your money on this place. There are much better automatic car washes elsewhere. Plus the prices are ridiculous too! $15 Dollars gets you Triple Foam (Which Makes the car look no different), no Rain-X or any rain shield at all like other places! Plus the undercarriage wash does nothing, it barely sprays your under-body, gets nothing off.

Bryan Pacheco

This place is great they have brushless truck washes you can fit a large trucks through an automatic car wash probably the only one in Rhode island one !


I was there on Thursday and paid for The Works, the $15 car wash, and I only received the cheap basic car wash. Needless to say I will not be going back and I used to really like this car wash. I couldn't find anyone there the day of to discuss this and I can't even find a way to contact them via their website or Facebook.

Steven Criscione

I am never coming back here again, I took my antique through here with great confidence and I had no choice because it was freezing cold outside and I went through the touch free car wash and later on after my car dried, I saw nothing but what looked like recycled water streaks running down my car after I took it out of wraps... I can't wait for spring and to be able to hand wash my beauty myself, damn the east coast and it's ice and snow and constant sanding and salting of the roads, I am lucky to take my car out maybe 120 miles per month and it just so happened that I got caught in a snowstorm last time I went to this place and I detested it, I should have just waited until the next day when it was 38 degrees outside and hosed my beauty off myself. Burrrr!!!

teague joseph

Manny Calzada

Complete waste of 15 bucks my car looks the same way it as it went in. Never going there again.

Nicholas Iemma


This place scratched up my truck!!! I got white marks and scratches on the back finders all it did was get it wet!! My truck still has dirt on the bumper and the sides and in the bed!!! Do NOT go to this place

Daniel Cote

Jeff Shaw

I went through one of the touchless was booths after paying $12. I pulled into the notch where I was supposed to put my front wheel. The "Pull forward" light turned off and I sat for 10 minutes. Nothing happened. May be because my Smart Car was too short that it thought I pulled through or something. No way to contact them to get my $12 back. Phone rings and goes to fax machine sounds. It's absurd that a business can accept money with no accountability for it. Edit: I called again and spoke with somebody there. Apparently my car being so light was the problem They offered to refund my money and give me a free wash in one of the DIY booths. I'm not looking for a hand out, but getting my money back would be nice. I appreciate that they were willing to do that.

matt ferrara

David Swain

Ahmed Bader

charles san luis

Nice car wash

R Wheeler

Good do it yourself $4 wash and $2 vacuum place.

Staci Spicuzza

The 8$ is useless because my car still would have dirt on it. The 12$ is a decent, nothing special wash.

Steven Emond

Leslie Spellman

I like the automatic wash but for a spot free rinse. I always have spots after my car dries. Always clean and open when I need it.

Gregory Dizoglio

Glenn McCartney

Justina Nashed


What a waste of $15 bucks for a crappy car wash! My car is still dirty, it legit does nothing, I don't even think it cleaned the under carriage. There is way better places than this place. A waste of money and time. My car looks the same as it did going in. Do not recommend to anyone!!!

Mike Normandin

Does not clean your car

Josh R

This car wash never does a great job for the 15 dollars it costs but it's near my office so I stop by from time to time. Today half the sprayers were not working and there was no one around to get a refund from or to speak with.

Anthony DeFusco

I was better off giving the $10.00 to charity. The re-circulated rinsing water must come from the West Warwick Sewerage Treatment Plant. Jeep came out dirtier than when it when in. Stay far away and save your money!!!

Jamey Barry

Horrible service ,change machine only takes 5's and ate my quarters ✌️✌️

Jake Tillman

too expensive, nice wash

James Atchison

Phillip Rivera

Robert Botts

Paid 15 for "good" wash lol what a joke i didnt check it because i was in a rush when i got home you could see streaks of clean going tgrough the dirt had to was myself after spendin 15 bucks to not have too. SAVE YOUR MONEY

Robert Rebello

Brian Cardoza

Best mechanical carwash around!

Antonio Barros

Max mackinnon

Car is still dirty

Kevin Oakley

Lynn Caruolo

Cheap and quick !

Brad Lambert

Dianna Imondi

I went to this car wash last week. Left soap all over my car. Tried to call and rings then goes to fax.

William Byrnes

It's OK but you use to get a better wash job a few years ago.

Rhonda Ricci

Price went up $1 to $9 and gift cards never work in machines but if there is an attendant they fix the problem.

Paul Chacon


Dangelo Hunt

Steve Cipolla

Like many others... all I can say is HORRIBLE. Between permanent water spots left in the paint and mechanisms scratching my paint job, I’ve had enough! The self service is not even safe! As everything is a disgusting mess of grease and sand, paint scratches are inevitable. To top this all off customer service is rude and most of the time nonexistent. This place deserves more than a bad review on google reviews, it needs an examination by the BBB. The pictures I added are just from ONE vehicle which has been damaged. There are more of mine and many of friends vehicles as well. Save yourself $$$ in repairs and please avoid this place!!

Donnie Smith

Expensive for self wash

Dawn Trimble

Quick and easy

Aughtum Slavin

Spent $15 on the highest level car wash- lasted about 2 minutes and didn’t even clean my car. Go down to Scrub a dub if you want a clean car.


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