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REVIEWS OF Park 'N Fly Philadelphia IN Pennsylvania

Jose Ortiz

If you are looking for the convenience of parking your own vehicle in a secure parking lot and quick service to and from the airport then Park 'N Fly is the way to go. Using the App on my phone made the booking reservation so easy. Once arriving all I had to do was scan my bar code and easy access to a parking spot. Shuttle was right there once we parked. The quick ride to the Airport was great. Returning from vacation was also a quick pick up, there happen to be a shuttle already picking up passengers. We were dropped off at our car. We went to checkout and since it was already paid for on the app the only thing the teller did was scan the bar code and we were on our way home. Park 'N Fly is the way to go for us in the future and recommend it to anyone else.

Jim K

They made it very easy to pick up and drop off my car. All of their staff was very friendly. It did not take too long to get a shuttle to or from the airport nor too long for the shuttle to come and pick me up. The text service did not work though so I would suggest calling.

Alexis Keller, MBA, AJP

The facility was clean and secure. I felt safe with my vehicle staying long-term. From the moment we pulled up, the staff was friendly and helpful. There were customer bathrooms and even complimentary water bottles for customers in this air conditioned building. The shuttles were abundant and always available. Highly recommend.

Marnie A.

Nice facilities. Pleasant staff and reasonable rates. The bottle of water is nice at checkout. My only complaint is your vans are not circling the airport at pickup from baggage claim as often as the other companies and I have to call to request a pickup.

Jay Zee

Ashley Thompson

Excellent customer service, the gentleman who shuttled us to the airport was very accommodating and polite. We didnt have to wait long at all to be picked back up from the airport either.

Courtney Corkery

First time using this place for a 3 day trip to Florida. It was easy and affordable to book online and the location was great and appeared well maintained. Shuttle drivers picked me up from my car right away and it was a quick trip over to my terminal. When I arrived back in PHL didn’t wait any longer than 10 minutes at the pick up area and was dropped off right back at my car. 10/10 would use again, took the headache out of my airport experience!

Charles McKenzie

Hardik Multani

Had a good experience. First time parking here.

Lisa Baker

Rodmon Garcia

I am not a frequent traveler and this is the first time that me and my family availed of services like this. Park 'N Fly employees are very helpful and approachable. Shuttle was already waiting for us during departure and not a long wait on arrival. Drivers are friendly and professional. I will use them again in the future. I will avail of their frequent parker program if I was a frequent traveler.

Tom Vetterani

Good service - prompt, convenient and cost-effective

Anca MB

Stephen & Heather Duseau

Very easy, great price and the shuttle drivers were great. We really appreciated the extra help from our shuttle driver when we returned to PHL.

Jorge Nieves

Excellent service. Manager went above and beyond to help me with a flat tire situation amd flyingh delays

benny Montanez

Awesome and very easy great service very kind workers will park here every time I fly.

Donna M Strothers

Phyllis Smith

Fantastic airport parking in Philadelphia. Large clean lot. Great prices along with fast drop off and pick-up

Ebony Brown

Wayne Wright

Good rates, easy in and out. Employees very pleasant and efficient.

J Dobine

Nice people, convenient , and reasonable.

john Ertl

Park and fly was great no problems whatsoever pick this up right away and dropped us off on time to the airport on our way back park and fly was there immediately what is right-to-work are no problems whatsoever I will always use park and fly for now on

Peter Feldman

Carla Shefton

Great service. Used the valet. Did not have to wait for shuttle. Awesome attentiveness!


My shuttle was right behind me when I parked my car...very fast service!!!

Vincent Francescangeli

jeff rasel

Very covienient and inexpensive.

Charlie Costello

Clean. Just like the last place, easy in and out. Price point may be a bit higher.

Arsala Ali

So easy! Shuttle doesn't waste time at alllll, highly recommend. And very close to airport.

Fraser Correale

Julie Ehrgood

Driver was very efficient and friendly. This is the first time we used them and were very pleased. Would definitely recommend.

George Lewis

Francis Kabinoff

Great prices and shuttle service was fast and courteous

Darlene Ellison

Jorge P

Very convenient and great service. Beats the frustration of fighting for parking spaces at the airport's lot. Make a reservation before you head out, quick and simple using the app...or just show up. Can't say enough about these guys.

Jozsef Sotko

Corry McClees

Robert Howling

It was easy in and out. They offered a bottle of water as I left. The drivers were courteous

B Jake

Great location, easy self park, great prices and rewards. Free nights perks are great for frequent flyers. Fast and frequent shuttle services

Ron White

Great location for people who live North of the airport. Great price and great shuttle service.

Carmine N.

Very detailed in their website to understand without customer service. Very comprehensive car location system and shuttle over to AND from the airport. Will definitely use again!

Ajit Patel

John Chemello

Super service every aspect!

rachel destefanis

So easy. I pulled into the lot around 3:30am & the shuttle pulled right up to the car & unloaded the luggage. Super convenient. Upon return you call ( if it's between 11pm-7am) & the shuttle comes to pick you up.

Elizabeth Boutcher

Eric Boyle

Smooth experience quick trip to the airport and unbeatable price.

Zaly Klein

Cheap and amazing!!!!!got there to park and a minute later the shuttle was allready there to take me!!!! I got back 7 day later when I get there I see that I have a flat tire so I went inside and someone with the name Marcos was about 3:00 am and he helped me out so I could drive home and I really really appreciate that!!!!you guys are amazing

Ed Read

Easy to use, great location, friendly staff.

Ann Rivera

The Philly location of Park "N Fly is THE BEST parking experience we've ever had! We used it for the first time (after using others over the years) this past month for an almost 3 weeks while on an extended trip to Puerto Rico.We reserved the valet service because we had so much luggage this time and really needed to make things easy on ourselves. EVERYTHING...and I mean everything...was professional, organized, efficient, and FRIENDLY! Highly recommend this location for parking while flying out of PHL. Before we could even de-embark the return shuttle, our car was waiting for us to jump into, with pleasant and helpful attendants who loaded out luggage into it. I just had to give this place a shout out! We'll use it every time we fly in the future.

Doc Holme

Dave Wynne

Used, very secure, reasonable price

Joe D

We parked mid morning on a Saturday and waited 10 minutes for a shuttle by our car. We then had to walk the parking lot to find a shuttle and it turned out the A/C wasn't working on an 86 degree day. Upon return the following Saturday at 5pm we had to wait 22 minutes for the shuttle. We won't be using Park n Fly again

Peter Bondarenko

Great service and easy way to park

Rick Segaline

Daniel Castiglia

So easy to find off of 95 South. Valet is the best value and so reliable and fast. Professional service and friendly staff, why go anywhere else. Text your arrival and pick up is quick and your car is waiting for you.

Charles Hampton

Do you enjoy being left at your vehicle while multiple shuttles drive by you? Then this is the place for you!

alejandro roman

Rose Grant

Quick and easy. Drivers very friendly and helpful. Priced reasonably.

brunella di meglio

Terrible service!!! I will not use them again!! The shuttle just drove off as I was walking up to It. After traveling all day I just want to get to my car and go home not be left the airport

Musallam Alsughair

Aaron Dandrea II

I had a great first experience. I was a little nervous leaving my car but the lady in the booth made me feel real comfortable. She knows her job. Long as they have employees like her I'll continue to do my business there.i believe her name was thyonnah very professional lady.

Morey Smith

Bud E

The staff was really friendly. Using the mobile app makes things 10x easier, and the kiosks are so fast!

Frane ae

The location is close, the drivers were friendly and the price is great. Will def. park there again!

John Clayton

I have flown out of Philadelphia airport dozens of times and never had a better parking valet experience. The young man who took my luggage into the shuttle talked to me while others were boarding the shuttle. Upon return my car was waiting literally feet from the shuttle bus and I was out of there in less than three minutes. I will never use another Philadelphia parking lot beside park and fly. They were incredible

Valerie Carlson

Shadiyah McCutchen

I like that the shuttle was waiting for me as soon as I parked my car. They even offered a card to remind me where I parked, I always take pictures but i thought that was great to offer that to those who do not. Leaving was seamless as well as I prepaid so i showed them the receipt and was on my way back home with no issues. Would definitely use them again when I fly out of Philadelphia

Ken Schirrmacher

Great place to park, cheap, and quick!

Don Davis Jr

Easy in and out process. Online app makes everything.more efficient. Receipt printer was not working when I left. Fast pick up from baggage claim even in the early morning hours (12:30 am) we will definitely use this site again. Prices are better then most other parking locations in the area.

Rochelle Redding

I highly recommend Park and fly the drivers are very professional and do all the heavy lifting of your luggage. Cost is affordable and service is supreme!

Kashif Khan

Very nice service. I did self park and there was a shuttle van waiting in the lot to pick me up. Dropped all 5 of us to the terminal with our luggage. Upon return I called and shuttle picked us up within 5 minutes. Brought us back to the lot and we were on our way out... all in all GREAT service and value to $$$.

Joseph Kraher

Took over lot from The Parking Spot. New parking spot location doesn,t have restrooms. seems like price may be same as parking spot , maybe a few bucks later. only 4 stars because they stopped giving out water?

Cade Critchlow

Greg Bradley

Arrived Saturday morning around 5:30am. Parked our vehicle and watched as 1st shuttle took off. Walked a little closer to main building and got 2nd shuttle. They made up for it upon return. Shuttles at airport appeared to be running 5 minutes apart.

Geoff Glover

Daryl Klopp

Convenient to airport, bus drivers were courteous and helpful, price lower than other competitors, great overall experience.

Jacqueline Zakaras

Tushar Solanki

Excellent Service and Pricing (4.99 $ per day). Will recommend to Friends for sure. Staff is very courteous and friendly. Hope the standard of service and Price is maintained in coming days ....

Colleen Dougherty

This is my second time using park and fly. I must say that there is no wait time from arrivals to departures. Such a great service. The drivers are great. Would highly recommend

R Salazar


(Translated by Google) Excellent service and very nice I recommend it. (Original) Excelente servicio y muy agradable lo recomiendo.

Mike Starr

I have tried a lot of places, Park N Fly is clean, on time and friendly people

Brian Overcash

John Tackeff

I truly enjoyed my experience with you. I loved that the shuttle picked me up right at my car, and then dropped me off right at my car as well. Only had to wait a couple minutes when my flight came. Truly enjoyed my experience.

Rob Knight

Great place to park. Mobile app is great! Highly recommend!

Trisha Kling

Very simple to park here and get to the airport. They have several shuttles so there is always one hanging around that is ready to go, and the drivers are nice. Rates aren't bad compared to other parking sites.

Orlando Torres

Christina Workman

The price is reasonable, the vans are clean, the service is prompt, & the drivers and fee takers are courteous.

Alex Stanziani

Best rate and excellent service. The shuttle was there when we arrived to park, and we didn’t wait when we came back. Will definitely recommend and use again.

Bill Smith

Great place to park! I prepaid for my parking, so I simply scanned my receipt and entered the lot. There were clearly posted signs on where to go. I found an open spot and as soon as I got out of my car a shuttle pulled up behind me. The driver said he followed me to the parking spot so that I did not have to walk. The gentleman loaded my bag and after helping another person a few spots away he immediately took us to the airport. From the time I entered the lot to the time I was at my terminal was a total of about 15 minutes. All staff I dealt with we're very courtious and professional. I will definitely be using them again and highly recommend them.

carol sloss

Dee B

Chad Muckenfuss

The ability to use the app and prepay my parking so I can just scan to enter and exit has been great! The staff is very accommodating and the drivers are always courteous and helpful!

Marisol Lavayen

this is the most horrible service I've ever had not only did we wait 47 mins for a shuttle when the man came to us he didn't even get out his seat and help us then i had to continue talking to him to make sure he is awake i will never ever park here again i rather park back at the parking spot shame on me thinking you was part of the parking spot smh

John Height

Definitely the best Airport parking I've used the shuttle drivers are friendly and helpful picked me up at my car I waited less than 5 minutes for the shuttle to pick me up at the airport 2nd time parking there both times were the same I would recommend it

Daniel Lee

Reasonable cost and convenient shuttle to/from airport

John Crowley

Very courteous service, Douglas from our car straight to the terminal and helped us with our bags

Louann Dimmick


Well lit lot, pick-up and drop-off at car, courteous driver with quick response time to pick-up at airport.

Leo L

Darrell Bryer

From the bus drivers to the parking lot attendants to the lady at the exit gate everyone was friendly and courteous and just over the top appreciate the service

Ty Hagy

Good price and good service.

Jim Feeley

Fair price, convenient, quality service

Guillermo Estrada

Excellent services.

Brenda Vazquez

Heba Abourahma

Johany Olmeda

Edward Kucharski

Amanda Lopez

Mayur Patel

Ronald Burgis

Good prices.

Michelle Mielke

Kimberly Findlay

Shannon Paris

Super friendly and helpful staff. Makes the parking aspect of air travel worry free.

Mike Povich

Conveniently located near Philadelphia International Airport. Excellent Service. Competitive Pricing.

Fawn Connolly

Everything went smoothly - from making the reservation online to when I exited the parking lot at the end of my trip. The most impressive part to me was when I pulled into the parking lot, the shuttle bus followed me right to my car so I didn't have to walk anywhere to grab the shuttle. Since I have a nerve issue down my left leg, making it difficult to walk far lately, this was super convenient and impressive to me!

Tanya Wright

I found Park N Fly ...on the fly...I was on my way to another airport parking facility when I saw the sign. I backed up and thought this would be a better location for me. And it was. I parked my vehicle and the shuttle picked me up from my vehicle opposed to walking to a shuttle stop. this was great due to the heaviness of my luggage. The driver was nice clean in his appearance and very helpful. I felt safe with him and his driving. My return shuttle trip was just as comfortable. No complaints at all. Upon parking my vehicle I was given a 1 day free parking coupon. This was a nice treat after splurging on my trip. I travel frequently and will absolutely use Park and Fly again.

sarah l

So easy and close! Easy to find, easy to park, the shuttle meets you at your car with no wait. They pick up frequently at the airport, so we only waited a few minutes. Highly recommend. Only about 10 minutes from airport.

Robert Bruschini

Kevin Koehler

Excellent place to park. Very courteous valets. I love the fresh new look since the construction. They told me about the app. Love it. easy to setup a reservation and scan it on the app when I get to the lot. Definitely will be back.

Sam Rue

It was nice clean and friendly however coming back from the airport I had to physically call for them to come while I watched a number of other parking groups come about 5 times before this one showed up. Took about 15 minutes to get a ride.

Yoli Copra

(Translated by Google) The best (Original) Los.mejores

Jaures Johnston

Mark Capobianco

Dad of3Boys

Best customer service: great valet, excellent customer service and tons of parking. We will definitely be back.

Mary Thomas

Professional & courteous staff. Very easy to find location and I had zero trouble getting dropped off or picked up. I will be using PnF again. Sidenote, I hope the parking prices stay inexpensive - $5.99 was amazing but now it's gone up to $7.99...

Lisa Luciotti

Friendly, quick, and efficient!

Tracie Kilpatrick

Kathy King

It was super fast and easy, and I had a 6 am flight, so I didn't want to ask my family for a ride.

Roberto Vazquez

Ruby Lighthouse

Tamiesha Taylor Stevens

Leonard Corris

The price is right. The service is fantastic and the employees are really nice!

Joseph Hess II

Quick pickup and dropoff service, price is good and drivers are helpful.

nick anderson

Cheapest price for a reason, waited 25 minutes for a shuttle, while all the other lots shuttles past us multiple times.


We had a great parking space. It was super close to the entrance

Bianca Wilkes

I would like to highlight the wonderful experience I had while parking with Park N Fly. The shuttle drive was timely and pleasant. I misplaced my reservation and the manager Maurice was nice enough to print it for me. I am a frequent traveler and I always take note of great service so THANK YOU to the team in Philly for being so kind and accommodating.

Michael Barnshaw

Not bad. Not enough buses to pick up and return customers. Waited 45 minutes for a bus to show up

Tara Lynn O'Dwyer

Driver was very helpful in assisting us with the luggages. Didn't wait too long for the shuttle to and from the airport. The parking lot was litter-free; very clean lot. Giving a bottle of water at leaving the parking lot adds a touch. I think your company is better than The Spot Company, whom we used to use before. This was our first (great) experience with your company. Your cheaper price was what made us switch. We're glad we did because it was a smooth transaction. Thank you for that!

Molly Shaw

Friendly & professional drivers & attendants... well lit & easy to find facilities... water bottles provided ... would definitely use again

Gerald Furey

Shuttle both ways was great. And helpful with bags.

Holli McClees

Michael Popowicz

Affordable, quick, and courteous. Very helpful at the booth

Francine McGrath

Great experience. Everyone was great!

Chuck Cooper

Everyone has been very nice and the service has been very quick and efficient.

Allison Hodge

Christian Grillo

Great service. Cheap parking. No hassle. Free shuttle.

Bill Flanagan

I parked here for the first time on a trip to the Galapagos. Left my phone in my car and didn’t realize it until we were being dropped off by the shuttle at the terminal. The driver offered to wait while I checked in or he gave me his personal cents number if I needed him to come back. I checked in my bags then came outside the departures area and flagged down the next van. When I explained he took me right back to the lot and my car. Got my phone and he returned me to the terminal. Both drivers extremely friendly and courteous and helpful. I will definitely park here again. Upon returning from the trip we didn’t have to wait more than a couple of minutes for a shuttle.

Miranda White

I love the ability to book online ahead of time and then arrive at the location and park with ease. Very friendly drivers! Prompt pick up and drop off. Highly recommended.

Vegan Trucker Su Schindler

Found PARK 'N FLY by chance just when I needed it! Shuttle was FAST! Stupid economy parking was full and I was running late. STRESS! Thank you!

Mark Kline

Convenient and friendly!!

Elizabeth Bergman

Easy to reserve online with the lowest rate. We had made a reservation for self park but the lot was full so they had to valet the car at no extra charge, which we do not like valet parking. Everyone was very nice, I even forgot my ID in the car and someone picked my husband very quick and they had the car waiting for him to open and then the same driver took him back without making any stops. The problem was when we got to the car the passenger seat was reclined all the ay back as if someone was laying down in it. My husband asked for a manager to figure out why would anyone be in the passenger seat and reclined, the manager Mariusz Kuzian was rude and said he would investigate but did not apologize and had a very rude tone. I’m sure they will not tell us what really happened. My husband asked if the Keyes were looked and he said no so anyone can grab your key and go into your car. We will not recommend this place to anyone or park there again. If the manager had taken a different approach or different tone I would consider using it. We paid and trusted this company but the managers actions was as if they don’t care. The only reason I’m not going them a lower rating is bc of the driver that made it so we didn’t loose our flight.

Sherice Price

Kenneth Fink

Fast pick up both parking and upon return at airport. Friendly shuttle drivers.

Curt Kimmel

This was a convenient place to park when you are flying from the airport. They have good deals.

Erika Spadafora

Parked here. The guys were great and I will def be using this service again.

Sajith Kumar

Very convenient and helpful staff. The shuttles were right there and no delays.

Melvin Esser

Easy self parking, fast shuttle bus service and great price

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