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REVIEWS OF Magic Touch Carwash Chalfont IN Pennsylvania

Ghandric K

The carwash has recently been renovated for the touchless wash and it does quite a good job overall of cleaning the vehicle. The water doesn't smell like some other washes in the area so that's a definite plus. The Ultimate wash is worth the price for what you get. The exit brings you right back out to the street where you can safety turn out with the aid of having a dedicated traffic light at the intersection.

Justin F.

Great price for what is offered-self serve car wash works effectively to get the grime off

Peter Schultz

The prices are fair and they have nice unlimited wash deals. I would endorse this place for anyone who enjoys getting their car washed regularly!!

Merillee Collins

Thomas Roberts

Great new car wash in Chalfont.

Krisztina Szabóné Katona

Worst carwash ever!!!!!! Avoid it if you don’t want to get charged for hundreds of dollars. Swiped my card to use the service and after I was following the instructions on the machine and I ended up being charged for $500. They were making nearly 50 transactions overnight $10 for each. I was on the phone with my bank to shut the down my card and report them with fraud!!!

Life of A Cat Mom

need better options for the self wash like maybe a hand held dryer option

Alex D

Cory Frantz

Glad this place is up and running!


Does not clean car in auto wash


Best car wash in the world my dad works there came with my uncle Pete

Jeremy Biediger

Robert Depman

Got the ultimate wash. All self wash systems I have used in the past have scrubbers on the side. No scrubbers? So the the whole side of my car was still dirty. Soap and water without scrubbing still leaves a dirty car. Not worth the 13.00 I paid.

elise pear

Good experience

Sheryl Karczewski

Joseph Beck

Everything needed for hand washing your car including air dryers

Tom Lawrence

typical no attendant car wash. Does it as well as any but nothing beats someone actually drying your car off.


Easy to use and conveniently located


Lu Reed

Rude and unhelpful customer service Sunday morning

Robert Mekel

scott cappuccio

Just terrible no touch. Have to pay $9 to get a way to quick blower.undercarrage wash starts too late and no receipt to boot.

Samuel Bowyer

I love this car wash its the best around n I have tried them all in this area. Have 2 cars I wash here n the price is Competitive. Giving this car was 2 thumbs up. Thanks Magic Touch. And by the way I have been in this area over 45 years and have tried lots of different car washes. None comes close.

Don Charlton

Automated wash did a decent job plus its available 24 hours.

Brian Dudley

Corry Fish

Nice place but owner approached me when I arrived and was very unwelcoming and rude because I brought a bottle of my own wheel cleaner in a bucket

Gordon P

Great for a quick inexpensive wash.

Laurie Torres

Matthew Lancaster


Mike Godown

I live taking my car here knowing it won't get scratched and it comes out perfectly clean Everytime..

Chris Havers

Used a credit card at vacuum for 7 minutes. It charged me $10. Go somewhere else! I just added a star because I received $2.50 back. Lol

Chris Kelly

Basic car wash but I would expect the dryer to work. Now my car is just as dirty as after it rains. Hopefully they fix this soon.


Been waiting for years for this car wash to reopen. That being said I thought technology would have advanced by this point. Unfortunately after paying $13 for a car wash my car was still dirty. I guess the only way to go is to wash it myself

Denise Bailey

Dayna Williams

Sadly I just left this car wash after having spoke with the owner who refused to give me $1.50 refund in my original form of payment (quarters) and instead insisted on giving me tokens that I didn’t want. I had been there earlier in the day to use the vacuums. The vacuum took $1.50 worth of coins, but rejected the rest and wouldn’t provide a refund so I was stuck. I drove to Warrington to Pete’s car wash for my wash and their free vacuums. There was no one at the office in Chalfont so I left my phone number on voicemail to ask for my refund. I said I lived locally and would drive back for it. When the owner called me back he himmed and hawed about only being there for a few minutes because it was slow. It’s probably slow dude because word is getting out. Nonetheless I drove back and he gives me all these special rules on how the vacuums behave...none of which are posted and frankly I don’t care about why they are temperamental. He told me that someone instructed him one time in business to not give cash refunds because people are dishonest. I politely asked him to make an exception because I said it wasn’t fair that I didn’t get a product that I paid for, that I had to drive back to accommodate his narrow window of availability on a slow day and now I would be stuck with tokens. He looked me in the eye and chose not to give my quarters. Like this actually happened for real. Quarters! So now my husband (who washes his car weekly) and I will take our cars to Warrington. If you plan your day that way, it works out - because as an alternative, if you are looking for convenience and to get what you pay for, you won’t find it at this Chalfont place.

Debra Praul

Michael Ulmer

In the Auto wash you need to pay for the highest option in order to get the dryer turned on come on, that is just ridicules

Sam Rhoads

Nancy Kline

Matt Grogan

Leigh Anne Rhoades

I have been to this car wash multiple times. Love it. Earlier today I was waiting for the car I. The wash to be done ( I had already paid for mine) the wash stopped. I called the owner to explain what happened, he saw everything on the camera. The car that was in the wash was too far to one side. The wash reset I let the guy go through on my wash it worked. The owner gave me a code to get my wash without paying again, very friendly.

Omar Haroon

Dot Allport

David Hartman

Great self service Car wash.

Karl Warfel


C Herstine

Ross Johnson

Took my big old 1998 GMC Suburban in the automatic touch-less they have here and it did a surprisingly good job, I can hardly believe how clean it got without ever touching the truck with any scrubbers. The undercar sprayer seemed to work great. (pro tip: go slow in and slow out to make the best use of the undercar sprayer and the blowers). I don't understand all the negative reviews, this place is my favorite carwash now. All 4 of my family vehicles will be coming here for sure. Any chance of a monthly pass or a value pack of washes being available in the future?

Dennis Michener

Does a great job at a good price

Pamela Lynn Howell

Good value, 24hour automated tunnel wash, good job

Nicholas Matt

Evan Krout

Disregard the review by tea jay frank . He is not able to read a sign that is clearly posted. If you do not get the ultimate wash, the blowers do not come on. If you want to be cheap, bring your own towel to dry your car This car wash is great. Everything is in order and well cared for. The owner Pete is very nice and will do whatever it takes to make his customers happy. We are happy to have a touch free car wash in our area. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Pete for all your hard work. The car wash is no longer an eye sore.

Heather Butler

Nice car wash


Their facilities and machines are clean and well maintained. It's definitely one of the nicer self-serve car washes I've used . I'm quite happy to come here and use their equipment.

Joseph Fabiano


I went ahead and came to this newly freshly reopened car wash. It was really really good before. But now, since it opened yesterday, on Saturday, the dryer mechanism did not work. But now, since it opened yesterday, on Saturday, the dryer mechanism did not work and I tried to go to an attendant and there is absolutely positively 100% nobody in there. So I went ahead and called them and I had to leave a voicemail. I understand they just opened but they could have at least gone ahead and left a note saying it doesn't go ahead and work. I'm a little bit nice and disappointed. Not satisfied.

John Estes

Nice do it yourself car wash,Beware if you use a credit card,They charge double what the car wash meter says!!!

Robert Walter

Did a piss poor job of washing my car. Paid 13 dollars for the beat wash they offer. Car came out still dirty and dirt still on my car. Will never go to again. And Will be calling to get a refund

Kyle Pecuch

Newly redone, quality car wash bays

Chris Brown

Great place to get a quick car wash.

Jabari Syfadin

Car came out still dirty and for 7 dollars it left my car still completely wet. No air dry

Jim McAnally

The owner made changes and now the blowers are included in every wash except the basic wash. Also installed water conditioning equipment to help with the water spots. Thanks for listening to your customers. You can count on our business when they drop the salt this winter!

Gabrielle DeNardo

I was so excited to see a car wash open closer than warrington, however I was extremely disappointed. I got the $11 car wash, the one down from their top option. My car was not even blown dry at the end of it. However, I was going to be okay with that until I got out of my car and it is still extremely dirty. It looks like it as never touched. The tires are still as dirty as they were when we entered the wash. I thought maybe the top half would at least be clean, that's not true either. Save your money and head to warrington, much better wash, around the same price.


lacks power to clean well... use the self wash bays

Roy Anderson

So I went to this carwash (being as how I live in the area) and I pull into a bay to wash my car. Let me preface by saying I drive a sports car/preformance vehicle. Well after finding out they do not offer a change machine I reluctantly started my car again and pulled out of the bay.....which is so damn high it scraped the undercarriage of my car. Not really thinking too much of it and chalking it up to my car being lower than your standard mom and pop car I drove around to wait in the line of people to get the touchless wash instead.....well the owner comes out yelling and cursing at me to not rev my engine in his bay. I told him in a very polite manner I did not, that I started my car and simply drove around. Apparently that was not good enough to him because he then began cursing and yelling again telling me I have it on camera. I told him show it to me. He said and I quote: "don't F-ing come here anymore." I straight up told him he was extremely unprofessional for coming to me in the disrespectful manner he did, and that honestly his business doesn't deserve my money or nanyones money if he treats potential customers with blatant disrespect and ignorance. So I wrote this to say....DO NOT GO THERE .DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON SOMEONE'S BUSINESS WHO IS RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL TO THEIR PATRONS. I live within 5mi. Of other car washes that know how to treat their patrons with respect and dignity. And those other businesses will be getting my money. Maybe he thought because I was young that maybe I would not say anything to him or put this experience on social media and any other outlet. I blog and review businesses for a living and this place is one that I will surely let everyone I know of in the car community to avoid.

Deron Ruby

The $11 auto car wash that blows dry the car is fairly useless. I still had to dry the entire car

kelly moritz

Worse car wash ever!!! A total waste of $13. My car is filthy still and the car wash was q total waste of time.

Griffin Rosenthal

hannah rush

I go out of my way to use this car wash!


We ended up doing the auto wash and then following with the self serve because our car was still covered in bird droppings. The self serve doesn't tell you how much anything costs, even after you finish. Just spent $17 to get my car kinda clean.

A Roller


Nancy Rosen

Does the job any time of day.

Brian L

Be warned, the foam brush soap stains your hands and clothes!

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