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3015 N Delta Hwy, Eugene, OR 97408, United States

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REVIEWS OF Wonder Wash IN Oregon

Brad Hicks

Anthony P

A little steep in price but a great family run business.

Stephen Vogel

Touch-less wash and courteous service.

Salema Palomino

MR. Smith

Went through the soft touch wash and was very disappointed.

John Graber

Usually this wash does ok. My car hadn't been washed in about a month. I decided to take go and select touchless wash. I also use this as I prefer this over the brush one. My car was very dusty but no road grim or mud. When I was done, the dust film was still present. The wash was the $11 wash not the cheapest. There was no attendant present (second time now.). Very dissatisfied. I had to rewash use my quick detailer before waxing.

Kwang Kim

This is the only car wash I use because it's close to my home. I like the place, but I don't really know how it is compared with others

Elaine Pandolfi

Gina Bull

Hillary Gammon

Chris Wilson

Thomas Lo Sciuto

The touch less wash doesn't work very well, but the regular automatic wash with cloth rollers works as well as any others in town. The ability to pay with card in the wash-it-yourself bays is nice and vacuums work well.

Juan Camaney

Kayla Lamb

Robert Mason

sa jo

Fast wash

Zachary Parker

Karen Harrison

Employees are always friendly and helpful. Vacuum lasts a long time, I think it's 6 minutes for $1.50.

jack sheil

Self served. Machines worked

James Luddington

Does a good job, always someone there ,

Julie Sullivan

There's always a line and the wash tub is not so great

pamela Sheffield

N/M/G Al2

Great for sport cars plus Trucks hauling Quads or just a trailer that needs washing. Prices went up a $1 for the same duration and wash cycle yet well worth it.

M Hohenlohe

Great place especially if you like a brushless wash

Chad Lybarger

This car wash is mostly good. There is a do it yourself wash, standard drive thru and the touchless. The touchless does a decent job.

Virgil Bowman

I don't think it even moved the dirt around, virtually no difference from entry to exit. Come on.

Darrel Clark

David Nettles

Nice people

Shawn Schneider

I appreciate the card readers installed on the self serve bays. It was a hassle to put in so many quarters to wash the cars. Thanks for that guys.

Edward M

They do a decent job of washing my car but there is usually a line and the washing equipment breaks down kinda often.

Ron Pollick

Still had more then a few dirty areas, but overall it wasn't that bad.

Joseph Vasquez

Actually the best car wash ive taken a bath at

Chuck Cooper

Shana Marie S.

Good place

tina stanfa

Very clean

Shu watkins

Dawn Gibbs

Tony H

Great place to wash a car

David Holt

Used the no touch, will not be going back. Payed $13 and my car was still dirty when I left.

Kathleen Fink

Great concept - nice size bay for a trailer but they don’t say that you can’t maneuver into the bay to wash a trailer.

mike slaughter

Jen Woodring

It works to knock off dirt, but dont expect great coverage from the automated system. The woman attendant on Sunday is a lovely boost, she is a doll, looks after all customers and all wash bays, is very helpful and has great customer service.


Emily Mercer

Waste of time and money

Barry Phillips

john Madrid

Michael Holt

Linda O

I like taking my car there. It gets a good cleaning. Employees there are always really helpful and nice.

Deanna Rivera

The Dutchman

Best place in town for self serve wash. I bring my tow trucks in multiple times a week and love the fact they have engine degreaser for tough to wash spots. They also take credit cards and debit cards for everything and that makes everything easier.

Gabriel Aguirre

Karla Vogt

Sherrie Moschkau

Juicin with Jenn

Expensive but worth it

Paige Proctor

David Hayes

kyle olson

John Soliz

This is the cleanest and well managed vehicle wash around.

Ken W

Tobin Fetters

Tabatha MacDonald

Nick Shafer

Yuen Lee


Darran Shelton

This location is convenient and efficient. The cat wash has several option with the multiple price points. The least expensive costing around $8.00 and the most expensive costing around $15.00. The car wash itself is very intuitions be and user friendly. You pull in, it does its thing, you pull forward, its done. They also have a manual wash where you can opt to use a power washer to clean your car a little more thoroughly. There are vacuums that are extremely powerful and get a lot of the dirt and grime out of the floorboards of your vehicle. They also have air compressors for your tires. I highly recommend this location due to its efficiency and low cost.

Tracy Olsen

Great place, my car looks so good after I leave & the help is very friendly.

Lacey Winter


Touchless car wash

Shawna Griffin

Aileen Johnson

Michelle Daugherty

Love doing my car myself so perfect for me

Jonathan Mast

I went there to use the automatic wash and it took my $12 and then the door wouldn't open.! So I went over to the hand wash bay and the foam brush didn't work! Management must be horrible...!

Donald V Brown

Open 24 hours clean and quiet at night...

Spencer Lancaster

Did an amazing job just a little expensive.

mary J

Mary Kathryn Henderson-Dube

Jeffery Bridgens

Awful the place is soooooo slow if you have an hour kill and think that's acceptable for a three car line up knock yourself out. This place is a joke

Tom Illingworth

Pretty good, just a little spendy.

Dave Moreno

Like most automatic car washes it does a mediocre job but for a fast fix it's ok. The self service is the more effective option and fairly priced. The ability to use a debit/credit card is nice.

Nick W

Judy Polkes

The staff is helpful. Price is reasonable.

Sr. Kobe

Good place

Karen Bodner

Love the no touch

Suzanne Satterthwaite

Went through the full service car wash paid for the basic, but my car I my opinion did not get washed properly. There were streeks of unwashed area all over my car. Not worth the time or money.

Conqueror's Haki

Love this place

Tammi Miller

Love this car wash! Various choices for wash and such nice employees! I love that I get a warm towel to wipe down the inside of my car.

James Ragsdale

Used to be the best wash in town. Now there's no tire cleaning available and side 'blasters' are just a thin flow of water.... still $12 for premium wash? way. I was told today the the system cannot ever be repaired because it's too outdated and there are no parts available.

John B

Nic Smith

Best quick car wash in Eugene. The prices are OK, just make sure to wash around all your bumpers really well before entering as the machines do not do a good job...

Chris Rhoads

My car loves this place

Jared Smith

Good wash and service but with the few vacuum stations available and when it's busy, that's all you'll be getting. Also, on my visit, someone doubled parked two of the vacuum stations.

Shannon Smyth

Jennifer C

Irene Marcus

Brushless option with high pressure water. I had trouble and was given quick attention. 24 hr. bays. Vac.s and DIY wash available.

Crystal Randle

Amy Smith

David Compton

I use the touchless carwash for my vehicles just pay attention to the screen to see that your credit card was excepted. I'm sure I've paid for someone else's car wash. Does a pretty good job if your in a hurry. Hand wash is still the best.

Adam Rea

Great service, moves fast, Pretty decent cleaning

Randy Leininger

dylan lydon

Michie Adams

Easy. I feel the price is high but sometimes I'm kind of cheap and I haven't really shopped around. $13 for the top price.

andrew fink

Juliet Stark

I like this place a lot. There is a friendly attendant to explain the wash choices and set it up, and they give you a clean damp cloth to wipe the interior while the car is washing. Have inexpensive vacuums available for self-service. Can use card or cash. Washes are $7-$13 and touchless. Always does a good job.

Tasha Green

Jai Krishnan

Mariah McRussell

Allan Armstrong

Quick and easy, with a slightly awkward setup at the vacuums.

JenniferJohnson #EWL5

Like the staff, when they are there. But inconsistent results with the wash and when I need someone they are not on site.

Scott Nicholson

The brushless carwash is often not working.

Heather Scherffius

M Garrett

Sonya Howlett

Barry Lewis

Mom Haga

multiple options to clean your car!

Jen Haynes

Ian Whiddett

Katherine Gholar

Bruce Miller

Rhone Lee

killerkron 420

Liz Goucher

Decent wash and wash products; car stayed pretty clean for a few weeks.

dave collingwood

Nayef Al-Thani

Great place to wash your car especially if it's low since you drive in and stop then the machine does the rest. Plus 2 booths for do it yourself which is great for cleaning the car or trailer and bikes etc.

Gabriel Harrison

I always wash my car at wonderwash

Shawna Gillespie

Nice car wash place. Did know it there until I made a wrong turn. Thank you stars.

Bryan Galloway

Joe Jacobs

Great owners and service

Mike Odum

Good deal

William Ivanoff

Great place to get your car washed, and you can use a credit card instead of feeding quarters. Plus they have two automatic wash bays, touchless, and the type with spinning mops.

Brittany White

Susan Stinson

Blandon Ray

Tiffany Kintzley

Rebekah Barrett

Never going to this car wash again. The guy was so rude. A van pulled up along side of us and filled the trash can with trash and we put one little bag of garbage in the trash can and he walks up to us and tells us it’s not the Springfield dump! Not only was he rude but he kept walking around us smoking so my toddler and myself being pregnant had to breathe it.

The Undead Curse

This is my go to car wash

Lane Hampton

Sonja Crawford

Best at wash around. Vacuums not so great.

Jeff Keating

Touch less car wash works great.

Gary Walter

Remember when one used to need a stack of quarters to wash their car? Remember how we had to monitor the time, and plug in more quarters? No more! This place takes your plastic, monitors your time, and won't let you go over a certain dollar amount. AND, there are plenty of options on the dial!!

Vega Meadow

Scratched up my car! ... on the rear driver's side. This is an automated car wash. Don't bring your car here. I regret it.

Dan Gonzalez

I like taking my vehicles here but my only issue is that when I google “RV” car wash it provides this location and I’m sorry but no way can I fit my truck & RV in this wash space and get out. Maybe it’s just me. If they had an actual “RV” drive through wash room I would give this a 10 star rating.

George T.

kelli thomas

Was in there on Wednesday 3/30/16 , there was a car inside the wash I pay for my wash . The car leave and the car wash arrow didn't come on for me to go. I waited for 10 minutes and leave. Come back the next day for a refund and there was on one there at 4pm. Come back today 4/3/16 to the employee saying she is not aloud to give a refund, she takes my info and said the manager with be here at noon. It is 5 pm and no call . I would like a refund that doesn't take 4 times going over to the place

Shawn Carl

Julie Oberfoell

My car was filthy and took it through the touchless wash, took off a lot of the dirt, but there was still a fine layer of it.

Doc Turner

Worst job I've ever seen. I got the $11 wash. Did not even get the back of the car wet, let alone clean. For a dollar less I could have driven a couple of miles further up the road and gotten a MUCH better wash. Even the parking lot leaves a lot to be desired. I watched the car in front of me hit the curb trying to leave. I will definitely not go there again.

Trish Devall

Blayne Umberger


Found out later that my credit card was charged twice for a wash. When I called to get credit or have it removed, no one answered, and they ignored my messages and never called back. Sine no one has been on duty the three times I visited since, I can only think that this place is headed downhill and is ripping people off. Buyers beware, your money may be better spent elsewhere!

Sarah Cate

The car wash missed spots and the vacuum was over priced and barley Sucked. I had to drive over to river road and used a vacuum that actually sucked and went through the car wash over there. Won’t be going back

Michael Sanchez-Scholes

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