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1530 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232, United States

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REVIEWS OF Washman Car Wash & Auto Spa IN Oregon

Susie Kathleen

Fast, efficient service

Shaneeka Mckinney

The car wash still had bird doo on it after a 12 wash and i didnt know until i got home when i asked the staff they told me its all gone just liars thats what i get for not checking myself

Heather Hamilton

My car is sparkly. What else is there to say?

Andy Gerstlauer

Been going here for awhile to do a quarterly inside and out cleaning, but it seems like the quality of work has gone down. They missed the same bug splat on my windshield the last 2 times and there were several spots that they clearly did not go over. $26 (plus tip) to spend 30 minutes cleaning up the missed spots seems like a bad deal. Normally I would chalk it up to the location being slammed, but I was one of 3 cars getting cleaned.

Elena Beeck

Cleanest I think my car has ever been! Fast and reliable service.

Emily Kral

BEST car wash ever! Super nice inside, w/ lounge area w/ iPads for cruising the internet while you wait, the classic window to watch your car, and free popcorn/coffee! One word: Dope

Deneen Dismore

Everyone here is super nice and accommodating, but we haven’t gotten our car back within 15 mins for 2 years. It’s in a convenient location though, and there is a small waiting area with air conditioning during summer months.

Susan Strayer Curtis

Had a great wash today getting rental van ready for return after a month living with us, including a week camping, and transporting our dog regularly. Got standard interior /exterior wash plus carpet shampoo. Guy at rental company said van was spotless, he didn't think they needed to do anything. He said they've charged from $50-250 to clean a car, so car wash may have been a "wash", but I was happy to return it as clean as we'd gotten it. Staff was interesting mix of native/non-native English speakers, black/Latino/white kids, dreadlocks/piercings. All were friendly and attentive to somewhat elder white female - a nice bunch of folks to do business with. Washman MLK has always done decent car washes for decent prices. Today's wash was most excellent.

Sallie F.

I always go to Washman car ride thru, does a very good job for a hands free wash!

Red Dolan

It's one of the better car washes here in Portland, but that isn't saying much. A lot of the staff seems like they hate their jobs and would rather not be cleaning cars. Occasionally, a staff will be really nice and helpful. Half the time the car isn't washed well. Check your windows, check the car, and definitely check your wheels. Those are usually the areas that are problematic. When it's busy, it can be a nightmare to get in and out of the lot. They need to figure out a better way to manage the site of traffic.

Yvette Roberts

Great 4 quick wash on an old car but puts tiny scratches all over your car. Better 2 h as nd wash new cars


Inside and outside cleaning: they did an okay job. I spent about 20 minutes touching up both the inside and outside for glaring errors after the car was home and dried off. In many ways the wash here is like the episode of any sitcom in which a group of kids throw a car wash to raise money for whatever and wash cars that look clean till they dry. A particularly bad job was done with regard to the front grill, and inside surfaces.

Kassaundra Willis

Highly recommended! These individuals are true professionals! My sister suggested coming here, but I was skeptical. When I returned for the vehicle, to say I was impressed is an understatement! The car smells and looks different. I'm amazed!!! Please keep up the great work.

Hilary Rickher

Got a detail service and was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out for the price. Beat my expectations!

Daniel Astin

Hey !! It's absolutely the BEST place for you to get fast,friendly, efficient service to get your car slick and span cleaned inside and outside,... so worth the money!!Thank you !!!

Keith Lilletun

Not near as good as they used to be their customer service has went downhill also

Tamara Mitchell

Good car wash very convenient

Marc Delpech

I went for the full hand detail at full price... definitively NOT worth it. Car was no cleaner that at a regular car wash at 1/5 the cost.

Bret Pinyerd

Very quick and thorough, I've been going here for many years

Bri Chavez

Want a super cheap, quick, efficient car wash? Go to this place. They do such a good job washing your car and the attendants are so friendly. Also an appropriate place to tip. These kids have to be out in the elements to make sure you get your car cleaned. A dollar or two is nothing for you, is meaningfully for the and shows your appreciation. It's cheap either way.

A S111111

For $26 I’m not expecting perfection but the trunk was clearly ignored by both people vacuuming and washers. The roof wasn’t clean and I thought maybe it was tough to get off plant residue. It took two minutes to wipe off at home. Probably won’t use again other than if my car is very dirty.

Mr. Wallace

It nice. Not to pricy. Quick even when busy. A little crowded especially for bigger vehicles. Hard to get out because of the one way streets.

Gre'gTrice Brown

They do great detail to your car and wash also

gr hafford

Easy in. Easy pay. Fast exterior wash. Got what I paid for.


I love this place. You can get it all done. Great staffing and environment.

Sean Gentry

Very busy. They did a pretty good job. Pay attention for your car to come out because they might not let you know it's done.

Holly Howard

This is my local car wash. They usually have a special, so many washes for X amount of$$ to save a bit. The staff is friendly and hard working. I always leave a tip.

Vladimir I

Really nice service just make sure you check before you leave because some spots were not cleaned, but after I addressed it it did.

Taibum Song

Newly ooened! Clean and advanced facilities! Kind and quick!

Christopher Dupre

They scratched my 2017 Nissan Pathfinder in at least two spots.. they didn’t vacuum very well, they left loose debris in the back.. Honestly it didn’t look like they vacuumed in the back at all.. and when I brought the vacuuming up with the manager she told me that they would have to charge me for a full detail if I wanted it to be thorough. Additionally, they quoted me a thorough dash cleaning but left several large spots undusted.. didn’t touch vents either. VERY unhappy with the service.

Deborah Penny

They always smear my windshield . For the money you pay my windows should not be smeared

Sirene Raven

They did a good job, not great, and complained about my car being dirty, and ask for a tip. I expected better customer service for paying $175 for a car detailing. I won't go back.

Dennis Petross

The quality of service at this facility has been on the decline over the past year. I imagine I’ll be at a 1 Star by 2020. The care and attention to detail has been lost. I paid for the works today. It took the attendants about 5 minutes to get clean the inside of my truck. The rubber floor mats were dirty and literally thrown loosely back into the truck. The leather seats were still dirty. The doors were still dirty. The windows were smudged. And there was oil on the door, which was obvious and took a wipe of the rag to get off. I had to get a rag from the attendant, which has become customary, and wipe the inside of the truck down myself. I’ve stopped bringing cash for tips because they do such a bad job of cleaning the car, which I understand is a chicken and egg problem. Maybe Washman needs to pay those guys more money so they encourage them to do a better job?

Rebecca Mischel

Google, unfortunately, doesn't allow 0 stars reviews, which is what I really think of Washman's quality, attention to detail, integrity and customer service. I brought my vehicle in for an Express wash, as I had done several times over the past few years. My preschooler finds the drive through wash exciting. The actual cleaning results have always been mediocre at best. At the pay booth, I asked the attendant to borrow her tool to remove my antenna myself to which she emphatically said she would take care of instead. The employee tried several times without success before asking a coworker for help. Said coworker comes over and says, "Wow, look at that scratch!" I assumed the 1st employee scratched the base of the antenna itself, which I wasn't too concerned about. However, when I got home and actually looked, I realized the employee had placed several deep, 2 inch long scratches into the paint alongside the antenna. I immediately called Washman and was asked to come by to file a claim and so they could take photos. To make a long story a little shorter, I did. The "higher ups" - aka, Dan - are nearly impossible to reach on the phone. I had to play phone tag for about 2 weeks before he informed me that they would not be covering my claim "because [they] didn't scratch it." Excuse me? Dan was rude, unsympathetic and simply said his employees said the scratch was already there. Buddy, you could also deny global warming or that the world isn't flat but the facts are the facts. If this is how Washman treats its customers, I am horrified to think of how they treat their employees: if employees clearly feel compelled to lie about a workplace incident I think it is very telling. Please save yourself the trouble of shady employees, shoddy cleaning, and seriously substandard customer service. Find a more zen and trustworthy local business to take care of your car washing needs.


Five star car wash


The guys cleaning after the wash are not doing a very good job. Make sure to inspect your vehicle for missed spots before leaving.

June Albertson

Okay I washed and vacuumed and it rained go figure

Greg Martin

Washman carwash is great,very clean,all the workers are super nice.

Paul Kolba

It's well priced for a wash and detail. Most of my visits take no longer than 20 minutes.

Armon Revisiarac

Good wash and good price. Friendly/attentive staff. Worth a stop if your car is a mess.

Zakary Johnson

Incredibly rude, and a wash that left soap all over. When I got out of the end of the tunnel, I pulled as far forward as I could as the attendants had a bunch of cars blocking any path other than the street. I jumped out for less than 30 seconds to reinstall my antenna, and as I was walking to get back in (after it was install), several attendants started yelling quite rudely that I can't park there. Their interaction was so aggressive, I couldn't even open my mouth to tell them I was getting back in my vehicle. The car behind me had plenty of room to move out of the wash and around me. After leaving, I found that there was soapy water all over my mirrors, doors, and there was sand all over my bumper. Such a waste of money.

Evan Elmore

Quality service, worry the money.

Larissa Lorton

Don't recommend this Washman at all, I paid extra for all four of the mats to be cleaned in the back of my car and one was missing, I came back and to only get laughed at because they thought I was lying about the missing mat. Talked to the manager and I left with one less mat, no help at all. Will not go to this Washman on MLK and Weidler again.

Reuben Gilmore

Their machines don't wash generation 5 Camaros that well. And I keep finding scratches afterward.


Best auto wash in Portland. Can get add-ons like window interiors or vac-out

Gavin Clement

Amazing work, amazing staff, affordable pricing and easy for customers. They made my truck look brand new. Best car wash in Portland.

Amber Strickler

For a little over $20 you get an entire in/out cleaning. Its pretty fast so you can expect them to detail your car or anyting, but they do a really good job at vacuuming and cleaning and wiping things down. I take the cars in here every month. It's a fantastic service!

Joel Corcoran

Always a great deal, no matter what service package you pick.

Tanya March

I think they do an amazing job. I would give it five stars but the traffic dangers created as people enter and exit on to the a joining streets troubles me.

Dustin Wright

Dimitri is a stand-up guy and he runs a good operation.

Kristine Turner

I'm used to Washman Car Washes having self serve vacuums. Not this one! And my car seemed almost as dirty after the wash.


I have gone here for years and every single time I have to point out all the places missed wiping out the inside and sometimes I even have to drive it back over to the vacuum. Their prices are waaaaaay too high for the sub par work they do. They seem more concerned with speed than actually providing a good service.

Nebulous Mango

They put the wet dirty rubber floor mats on my seats when they were first vacuuming the car. I asked them if there wasn't a better place for them while they were still dirty. Can't you place them on a rack off to the side or something I asked. Said they didn't have enough room and it wasn't a viable option. That's like putting your dirty front door mat on your couch while you sweep your porch.

William Simmons

They did an efficient job of detailing my 2015 Honda Fit for around $60.00. The whole process took a little over an hour, which means I was able to walk to and wait from home while they did their work. If you don't live in the area, expect to wait in a tiny waiting area or outside in the elements. They do a decent job, but it's to the point that, if my son was doing the work, I'd make him do it again (if that makes sense).

Danny Lo

So I paid $26 and I expected to see my car clean in and out just like their sign says, and I get my car returned with some parts dirty. Whoever cleaned my car was definitely lazy and did it quick. I am NOT coming back EVER again. Not paying that amount of cash for such low quality service. This is bad, you guys, the place is not cheap either and you don't get what you ask for.

Robert Wetherington

Got the full service wash and it was done poorly by the person doing the finishing touches. They cleaned my front floor matts but not the rear. Windshield was half cleaned from the inside and the center console still had dust all over it. I also didn't receive air freshener when it is supposed to be a part of the package. They where very busy when I went but and extra 5 minutes would have made all the difference. The staff seemed friendly. Some of the other people working on detailing seemed to do a better job. Must have been the person working on my vehicle. I'll try again and change my rating if the quality of service increases.

Local Guide of Portland

The car wash is not good for dark colored cars, the fabric is not soft enough and causes scratches to the clear coat of the car if you have a brand new car I recommend touchless car washes. Do not cheapen out about your wash, these guys don't change their fabric a lot. Also, the attendants are not doing a great job. Rosy at the customer service never answers her phone when I called to cancel my monthly membership, I called yesterday and left a voicemail, she calls me today and tells me that my membership will go on for another month. They are scammers, do not use them. There are other better options.

Michael Kelsaw

Well done

Carolyn Mitchell

This time my car look better than before. Paid 12.00.

Sophie Bakall

Took my daughter's disgusting car here for a detailing. Paid $59 for the detailing treatment plus 1 which I was told would be the only way they would be able to scrub off some of the dirt built up on the window bottoms. The process took about 1.5 hours and the car was maybe 80% cleaned. They scrubbed the windows at the bottom, but never lowered the windows to scrub the tops of the windows; the doors were not wiped entirely either.

Rich Cox

Very friendly and even took the time to remind me I get a free wash on veterans day since they saw my veteran plates.

timothy oberlander

I eat here a few times a week. The Tuna and the clams are my favorite.. also you can get your car washed.

Kelly Macomb

They do a good job. Make sure you check the work and don't be afraid to ask them to go over a spot, or even have them run it through again.


Paid $26 (plus tip) to have my car washed inside and out. They did a surprisingly thorough job for the price. It wasn't perfect, but it was good enough. It was pretty busy but only took around 30 minutes.

Charlie Levenson

These guys are the busiest car wash in the known universe (or, at least, Portland, Oregon, USA, Earth). They do every type of wash from a simple, drive-through exterior to a full-on inside-and-out. They are professional and fast. They work hard and don't mess around with your stuff. Once you go, you'll be back. The line LOOKS long, but there are three lanes and it moves swiftly. OH, and there's POPCORN while you wait (indoors if it's yucky outside, or on nice chairs and tables with umbrellas if it's nice out) and they have very good WiFi.

Alec Finnell

It took 30 minutes just to drop off my car (I got there when they opened) and it took 5 hours, but my car was almost like new when they were finished, which was no easy feat considering all the fur my dog coated the car with!

Blonde Diva

If you pay the $26 for the works you get, their version of the works. The first day the weather started to change, the windows fogged up as I was driving, defrost didn't work with whatever they put on the windows. I could not see anything, I was blind because they didn't do a proper job and had to pull over it became so dangerous. So I had to go buy RainX and use that to fix all my windows. Thanks a lot for the extra trouble and $12.00 for the RainX.

Candice Neumann

Good service. They only had one guy drying ALL the cars and they were super busy. Poor guy!

David Morgan

Automatic wash didn't clean my hood, bumpers, or roof. It only cleaned the sides of my vehicle. I went through the wash twice, but they don't seem to have a top down roller or other hanging cleaning flaps to get the top of the car.

Nelson King Sr

Never a bad performance

Huseyin Guler

Great full service. And fast!

Max Greenblatt

They did a really nice job at a pretty reasonable price

MaryEllen Stesney

Did a pretty good job, but for a full detail service, not quite there. Several areas not as clean as they should have been and a part was removed but not reinstalled.

Sam Alison

This place and these workers are amazing. I work for Portland Closets, and I took my work can in for them to clean the driver's cab. 2 hours later, my work can looked brand new inside. I am very happy and pleased with their work.

Ellie Voelker

Great car wash! We ran our Turo rental through here before returning it and it was sparking clean when it came out. Highly recommend!

Todd Ritter

Not thorough work. Exterior seemed ok. Cup holders throughout my minivan were not even wiped. Had to go back and ask to use vacuum myself to finish the work and also get a towel to finish the interior. Might have done it if I asked them, but why would I waste more time. Asked them to clean under car seats, did they? No. Bundle o goldfish n crumbs waiting for me. Will decline next time my car service gives a coupon for them.

Nick Hernandez

This location wouldn’t allow us to wash our car, even though it was during operating hours and we have the unlimited car wash pass. It was super frustrating. They even whistled at us, which was even more unprofessional. This occurred Tuesday 9/24/19 at 725pm

George Herbert

Quick cheap and easy. Free self vacuum with service. Smiling attendants. What more can you ask for from a car wash? Fully automated, btw. Just pull your car up to the entrance, hand the attendant your credit card and $8-$10 later, your car is squeaky clean.

Rocky Gregory

The "mini detail" is just awful. I've tried a couple of times, thinking it must have been an anomaly how bad it was the first time. I opted for the "super interior". They missed a bunch vacuuming and when I pointed it out they said that it was just quickly done because I didn't pay for the shampoo and got argumentative. If they are going to vacuum as part of the service, one would think they would do it well. One would also think an interior detail, specifically a "super interior" would be a decent vacuum job. They also did not call when it was finished after saying they would, which they've done twice. It's really unfortunate that they are the only full service place in Portland. I'm driving out to Beaverton Car Wash next time I need the interior done. The drive through wash is fine, I do the subscription service, but only because it's conveniently located.

Lance Orton

Quick and thurough

Christopher Holloway

Bad experience. I paid for interior and exterior plus a tire shine. I got streaks, soup scum stains, they didn't vacuum inside or wipe anything down and my tires were dry as a bone...this washman sucks.

Danielle Forsyth

These guys do an incredible job of cleaning the inside and outside of the car and they do it quickly. It feels almost as clean as a full car detailing.

Emma Lawson

Don’t waste your money. After he said he was “done” I still had to throw away half the garbage in my car, he left old cups in the cup holders and didn’t wipe them out at all. Waste of money, I’m not even sure he vacuumed like he was supposed to. Lame.

Kelly Lane

Outstanding and quick detail service. Will absolutely use them again.

Robert McDonald

Great experience and fantastic job

Rohan Grace

Not sure I've ever had a carwash do such a bad job at washing a car. Pointless waste of $12.

Julie Bonaduce

Decent job, usually pretty fast. It's just a little sketchy getting back into traffic if you're headed east. Especially anywhere near rush hour.

Paul Holmes

One of the best car wash spots in town. Their other location off of 82nd - NE Glisan has a longer wash tunnel and free vacuums to self clean your interior and floor mats, but the NE MLK - Weidler spot is quick and efficient.

D Vincent Black

Always the best in PDX.

Laurie Shentalevenn

Like any car wash, they do the job efficiently and well. I don't expect more than that. No problems.

Rob Stoltz

This is certainly the best car wash in town. It gets really busy sometimes, so expect to spend half an hour to 45 minutes. It is totally worth it. it is such a pleasure to deal with a retail establishment where every person knows their job and is courteous and polite.

Jim Driscoll

Good car wash....

Christian Suplicki

Outside ok, inside very sloppy job! Not even wiped dash, inside of doors, vacuuming was pretty much not done at all. Even though I paid extra for mats to be cleaned, no vacuuming was done. For $30 I expect more!


Service is just ok. Still had some dirt on my car after I went through the wash. I’m not sure what I expect from these places. I think I’ll just stick to hand washing my car. Convenient? I guess. Thorough? Not really. Save your money and do it yourself.

Latrice Taylor- Brown

Some of them do a great job on ur car but not all of em

Andrew Holland

I have never been here. I have veiwed it via,, walk by. What l did see was people washing and detailing automobiles. Three stars equal a neutral rating or never been there myself. Tally ho.

Alexander Kienle

Ordered "The Works." ($26 ) The wheels were not wiped, Armor-all was not applied, and no air freshener was offered. Easily-removed dirt still covered the car. When I asked about it, I was told that I would have to pay for detailing if I wanted better. Zero attention to detail or pride in the work. I would have had better results at a $6 drive-through and a self-vacuum.

Barbara Perez

So easy, convenient and reasonably priced.

Hamad Almansoori

I went to washman to wash my car and they was revving the engine and playing with car. Im not going there anymore


I have one word for the employees that work at this place. . . Lackluster. I bought a monthly pass because it was a great deal and the location was perfect for me, then the price went up and the service went down, consistently, lackluster. Not good, especially for a car wash.

nicole watson

Everyone was really nice, but after getting 'the works' im pretty sure the inside of my car got completely skipped. Would recommend just doing it yourself for the pricr.

scott walker

I would never go there bunch of wanted criminals and all categories working and getting their cars washed and detailed there

James Price

I worked at once used car lot as I attended Benson High School is probably my sophomore year which I graduated in 68. It taught me that I wanted more out of life and was a very good starter job. You do really good work there as for cleaning the undercarriage when you get the $13 special I keep my car clean on the inside myself I let them basically take care of the outside about once a month.

Janardan Mainali

Didn't have very pleasant experience. I went for deep cleaning but they blew my license plate and didn't bother to put that back. I asked them to open my trunk and clean but didn't do that as well. It was weekend and very busy.

Joni Renee Whitworth

The person who helped us was so friendly! I would absolutely recommend this place based on her amazing service!

Emiliano Mendoza - McCrory

I always use the Express lane. Yes using a car wash will leave scratches on your car but its convenience is worth it I think.

Anastasia Moreno

Almost took my back bumper off of my 2019 just of the truck bran new car n try to say it was probably already wrecked. Mind u it had no other damage.... They were trippin. Anyhow we used to like this place but not no more.

Wiley Tillman

I paid to get my car detailed in and out, the guy didn't even pull the arm rest down... They did an amazing job on my carpets though. This is the second time I have been there and I always leave feeling like I could have done it better myself.

D Barfield

Don't disappoint for what it's worth

Alexandria Doing

$24 (crazy overpriced) gets you a sub-par wash through a drive thru wash, a wipe down and a 40 minute wait. I'm new to the city and I could get a full hand wash for less than half the price in 15 mins Chicago. Why is it so different out here?

Kalon Wiggins

Their unlimited car wash deal used to be good, but has doubled in price in a year and a half. I'd be ok getting a seldom wash instead a couple washes a week, but they miss so many spots that you have to run through a couple times just to get your car reasonably clean. Better options exist for the price now.

Peter Miller

Fast, easy, fair price but not a perfect wash.

Karissa Rosales

Place is busy but they work fast and my car looks absolutely amazing :)

sojo hendrix

When I want my car to sparkle, this is where I go.

Liv Allen

They yelled at me for not taking my car. Though i was informed that i was to take my car after there was a red cloth in my car. It was blue! No one informed me my car was done. The interior has streaks all over it as well. It was a waste of time and money. I would have been better off doing this myself. Also beimg mean to me isn't quite right. I'm upset and will not be coming back to this establishment.

Michael DeGraw

This is a popular and convenient spot to get your car washed in NE. It’s a bit of a tricky set up but it moves quickly and no complaints from the detail service. Lounge is well stocked and comfortable.

Trisha Plew

After spending $10 on a wash, I think I have to rewash my car again. I will not be back

LaRaina Sanchez

Extrramly rude as traveling wanted to vacuum got accused of ILLEGAL DUMP! THREW A FAST FOOD BAG !

Jeff Brock

Seems like a good deal, but they miss cleaning all sorts of nooks and crannies. Do the quick wash then vacuum and wax yourself.

John H. Robinson II

They do great work

Mike Hardwick

Great wash and caddy services, high prices.

Dustin Thompson

Honestly your not going to find a better full service wash in town. Reasonable prices especially if you already have wash tickets. Also a good company for the community.

Sherry Cabrera

Happy kind people...keeps me returning..

Duane Burton

Good price and paid attention to the details

Michael Roloff

Always lot of friendly hard working staff available.

Jacquelyn Jones

Asked attendant to open truck to dry off lid deck. Was told we don't do that but I will do it. If I am willing to pay 36.00 for wash. The least you can do is dry the entire body of the vehicle.

julie Cary

Pd $36.00 for above average cleaning, can get just as good if not better at 10 dollar car wash. 2nd time trying.

Owens Yahtin

Our car was spotless coming out of the car wash and why we keep going back.


Rude! I agree with the other local guides. I had my phone out and was taking a picture and whom I suspect was a manager came running. Oregon Law! Private Property! No pictures! Um, ok. I was taking a picture of a product inside the store for a friend at the time of his exasperated speech. I explained what I was doing and he went on and on. Unfortunately, my car was in the cue. Hours and hours waiting (you will as well!). Really unfriendly. I won’t be back and cannot recommend this place.

Joseph Hall

There was a young lady there that vacuum out my car. But the most important thing she vacuumed out my trunk and took her time. And wanted to make sure that I was okay with the work she was doing. Also when I went inside there was a young lady at the cash register who shared with me with me asking her how her day was going. About her mother and how she had went through some surgery. And I was able to encourage her. Getting your car wash is more than just getting your car wash some days you can get your own self washed on the inside and outside. Thank you Washman car wash

Asteria Baguio

excellent job cleaning my car inside now

Francis Ryan

Martha was very pleasant. Fast and friendly service is always appreciated.

Leggs Walking

Friendly service with hand toweled attendants ready to dry your car. Savings when you buy a package, but never cheep on there supplies.


Fast and friendly service!

gualbeto uicab

Good service and the vacuum it's free with the wash


Very disgusting and disgrace customer service. The attendant never showed me the summer special deals and i had to ask her to show me that and when i choose the $86 summer special of seat shampoo & superior the attendant gave me a payment receipt to go & pay to the cashier! I went to the cashier and she told me that its $26! I said i requested $86 summer special! I had to go back and start everything from start! Never come here

Hannah Marrs

Exterior wash only at 7am. Made it a point to be there first to arrive so I could do the interior exterior before work, and only the exterior was open :( Normally I’m pleased with this place, but that wasn’t helpful


Great staff, clean waiting area and fast service.

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