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REVIEWS OF Red Carpet Car Wash South IN Oregon

Cheyenne Thomas

Daniel McGovern

This business is so well run and such a pleasure to patronize. I've been coming here for 20 years or more and have never been disappointed. Special shout out to a young lady named Jersey; an amazingly impressive and effective professional. Amazing!

Matt Davio

Kathy Jones

I wish I could give this a zero. I have been coming here for years because they have always done a great job but the last couple of times have been awful. Windows are smeared. Streak marks on the outside. Did not vacuum very well. I also found a deep scratch in the door of my car that was not there before I left it in their hands. Will not be going back. Pretty pissed off.

Teirra Bilbruck

This car wash is wonderful. My car came out so shiny and clean. They also give you a free air freshener!

Jose Rubalcaba

I paid for what I thought was going to be their best work and ended up getting the worst. My wheels where supper dirty and Armor All stains all on the inside which they did not wipe. Never again will I throw my money away like I did today.

Jennie Thompson

Corinna Chandler

Ali Schmitz

Consistent work. Not 100% clean but you get walhst you pay for. Will recommend and return

Kalven Bangsund

Jill Peterson

Seriously how they take our gross kid car that smells like death and make it look brand new and smell great I will never know. But I'm so grateful. Just be sure to go when you have the 30-40 minutes to wait.

Jeremiah Peil

It's average for a cheap wash. Pre spray some super purple at a coin wash then use them for best results.

Stephen Way

Great car wash, thorough

s fisher


Kathy Kirkpatrick

Bailey Cecil

Great car wash.. Interior clean wasn't amazing. Very streaky windshield on the inside

Becky Waibel

Love this place. They do a great job. I have been coming here for years and have never been disappointed

Maria Leckenby

It's a good place to get a detail. just got to watch him and make sure they get everything sometimes they leave a lot of stuff on the cars other than that very good

Nancy Prudhomme

Fast, friendly service. Car wash exterior only $15.00.

edward berryjr

Jason Hamlin

Can't beat the $35 Ultimate wash! Inside and out service.

Timothy Kasner

Joel Stutzman

They do a great job cleaning your vehicle and paying attention to detail

E'Angela Shea


Great customer service and always a good cleaning and oil change!

anthony woodall

Best in town local friendly service!!!

Joshua Prentice

Best car wash in town.

Scott Mansfield


Paid for the most expensive In and out wash. When I got my car back it was a joke like you had to be on drugs to miss that much. When I asked the manager to come over and I showed him what was missed he rudely said what do you expect most my workers are 16. I said if this is what I need to expect I won't be back and that's fine. Age doesn't matter 16 is more trainable then most 25 year olds. I was never offered for it to get fixed or a refund back! Not like the red carpets in other cities.

Elisa Price

Love the food. Keep it up Ang!

Aaryn Scott

Never been there

daniel anderson

Ugh, I feel bad, but I will never take my car there again. I paid for the $30 ultimate. so let's see... cons: 1. I paid for an air freshener no one gave me. Apparently they don't put it in the car after cleaning, but I was supposed to pick it up while paying. Of course I pay first then get into the car and leave and then think about it. Not cool. 2. They only cleaned under one seat in the back that's lift-up. So half the car is dirty in the back. 3. they didn't get the placement mats back the right way so I had to go swap them around. (they really aren't paying attention). 4. The frames of the doors were still dirty (I didn't go looking for this stuff. It's obvious). 5. Inside of the window at the bottom is still very dirty. 6. My wipers have a stop missing. This is the least cool thing. I can fix the rest, but this is a piece of my new car that's missing. F- that. 7. I also noticed a scratch for the first time on one of the car doors, and I wasn't even looking for that either. I was just getting something from the back. Unlike the wipers, I don't know for sure if it was there or not before, but the car's just one year old, and I've never seen it before. pros: 1. staff were friendly (but judging by the cons, not competent). I'm not taking any more chances on this place, and nor should you

Brett Miller

The only place I get my car washed

Ben Enyart

The young girl and guy who helped me went above and beyond my expectations. Five stars. Wish they had name tags so I could recommend them personally. Be sure to tip people if they do a great job!

Frank Stoltz

Wendell Crim

Got all the bugs off as I requested even though it took a while.

sean barnes

Awsome service, hard workers, good prices, I have no complaints.

Tony Gambino

Neva Bentley

fast, friendly. They give you a car wash coupon. So far no issues.


Really great service

Alana Rathburn

Good prices for car wash

Cooper Drinkward

Friendly service and a great car wash. Prices are good too.

Stephani Cornelius

I regularly have my cars oil changed here.... They are AMAZING!!!! They are always quick, very friendly staff, ask all the right questions and they check everything when doing my oil change. I will always come back to them as long as they keep their same fantastic staff.

Shirley Calvomasis

Excellent place...nice people!

Ray Henderson

Best car wash in Oregon by far

Breathe with Kamala

I’ve been coming here since 2004!!! It’s amazing and super affordable. Thanks Red Carpet Carwash for always taking such good care of me.

Dick Chocolate

Authenticity is my kind of job

Tony L'Argent

Amazing service, very nice staff. Will definitely be back

Greg Hisel


Ian McCoy

Sometimes I go there here with my dad and I like how they hire teenagers so they can have a good first job to work at the only thing keeping it from a 5 star review was sometimes they leave a smear the the front windshield.

Kelvin Dam

This place has horrible customer service for billing. Customers should beware. I was double charged by Lightning Lube for transmission flush. Initially, I was contacted by Debbie notifying me of the charge. I then verified with my credit card company that I was double-charged. I called back for a refund, but was told to drive back 500 miles and show a receipt (which they have). With no resolution, I filed a dispute with the credit card company and Lightning Lube furnished a copy of my signature for the second charge. Waste of time dealing with this billing issue. I would not recommend due to my bad experience.

Tj Moschetti

Great car wash great prices great customer service!

Ryan Swift

Great place to get your car washed. Did a great job inside and out.

Chris Vaughn

Car wash was okay. But please don't order coffee from their inside retail area. I ordered a decaf mocha with almond milk. What I got was something that tasted like severly burnt smores and a half bottle of syrup. Worst coffee I have ever tasted. Threw it in the trash.

Shelley Marie

First and LAST time I'll do a full service wash. Terrible vacuum job! Lots of stuff missed on the interior wipe down, too. Oh well, young kids don't know how to clean I guess!

Chris Brinegar

Christy Reynolds

For almost $30 for a premium wash they sure didn't do a good job!

forrrest Tancer

Great wash friendly service very comfortable waiting area. Excellent

Nicole Robbins

Jakeb Klein

Have been coming here for years! Great work done by employees and a nice area inside to grab a snack or work on your computer!

Gary Cecil

Got a good wash 'n clean.

Yuvaraj Gopalakrishnan

Crystal clear car wash service at affordable price!

John Vale

Friendly staff!!! Thx

Raevn One

A bit rushed at first but they did a good job from what I can tell. Will go again.

calvin green

I love this place they do the best detail job on you car/truck in town.

John Bramhall

I specifically asked the guy who signed me in to tell the cleaners to clean my back seat as they had ignored it the last time. It was ignored. I cleaned it when I got home. When I dropped in to complain the jerk in charge said he would have it cleaned. DUH, I just cleaned it. This is no way to treat your customers. I will not go back.

Peter Swindells

Marvin Ankele

I took our 2019 40 ft Allegro Bus in today for a wash, David and Kole. They said it would take two hours went back in two hours and and it was done not to my expectations. You have to understand I’m a very picky man. They took care of the issues and it was perfect. I decided to have our Smart car washed and waxed then and they did a great job, the price was more then fair. Thanks for the great work.

George Frost

The absolute best full service car wash in town and well priced for what you get. I honestly don't know why anyone would go anywhere else. Short of washing your car yourself or going to a professional detailer this is the best option I have found in this area. I'm surprised there are not more like it. Update: While this is still a great friendly car wash it is not touch-less. If this isn’t a problem for you no worries keep going. For me it is, so I regrettably I have to consider other options. Still recommended just be aware that’s all. In fact I’ll still take my economy car here just not my premium ride. She gets the best attention from the best detailer in the Cascades in my opinion. Thank you Red Carpet for all the great service!

Kimly Kittridge

Horrible wash job...don't go here.

Alex C.

David Lockard

I’ve been washing my sprinter van here for the past year. I’ve received good service and have paid $35 for the outside and $45 for the outside and the cab. Today I was charged $55. I mentioned that I’ve always been charged $35. He asked since when and I replied for the last year. It’s their right to raise their prices, I get it. Maybe post your prices so people with vans and trucks don’t feel like you’re making it up as you go. There’s other places that charge less in town that do as good a job if not better. Sad to change my routine, but didn’t like the way they “changed” and insisted that’s what it’s always been. Poor form.

Hunter Seidel

Best place in town. Always get my car cleaned perfectly.


Great job! Fast and very friendly

Becca Cuniff

I got the interior and exterior of my car washed today. At first it looked fine, but once the sun came out I realized they did a terrible job on my windows. They were full of streaks and missed spots. There was also still a decent amount of dust. Had I noticed before I left, I would have had them redo it. Definitely not worth the price.

Bill Ballard

Getting better!

Ray Allen

The best at what they do!

Jess McCleery

JnT Elek

Always excellent service.

Tammy Penington

I love this place!! My car is always washed and detailed perfectly.

Eddie Chance

They do a great job.

Sandra Kerbow

If zero was possible I would give this place a hundred of them . Me and my disabled mother get off the Amtrak in bend and go here to make some purchases and this very man comes out and tells us to move on before I could even put my carry-on bag down to into the store.

Lona Norman

They do such a wonderful job, on cleaning my van inside and out! Love that place.

Jamin Moores

Khittey B.

Great service here!! Sweeeeeeet friendly people. Great place to make a stop. Did an amazing job on my car. Thank you guys!!!

November RainDrop

Great service!

dude little

only one problem, some of the young ladies are dressed inappropriately for a business.very embarrassing

David Jordan

I've been going to Re Carpet car wash for several years, I have always been very satisfied up until my last visit. Thursday March 20th , I had the ultimate package done and it was not up to the usual great job I've had in the past. My windshield was still s.eared on the inside which I didn't see until I turned into the sunlight. The interior of my dash has dust still on it. my door and console have stains and dirt on them.

Bruce Shilander

this is the best place in town for a synthetic oil change | they handle Amsoil at both locations!

no way

Perfect team work they had the job done swiftly . Free car wash with oil change.

Jessica Charity

Kerry Knouse

Very disappointing with the ultimate car wash, I will not be back. That's twice the service was bad. The interior of my truck was dusted but not cleaned. It still had stuff on it. I live in the neighborhood, am a local realtor and will not refer you to anyone. I will however warn them. You may do a lot of cars but that does not mean you clean them well


One bad experience there,won't go back.

Lisa W

Tony Kristiansen

Love the service. Been going here for 20+ years. Won't go anywhere else

Patryk Brown

Scott Lewis


Danny Zylstra

Very good very helpful quick very thorough and inexpensive

Lynn Heffernan

M Carlson

If you expect me to pay $35 for the ultimate car wash package and not clean the inside of my windows, I'll wash the car myself. Honestly can't believe how dirty the inside of my car was left. Certainly not worth $35.00! Sorry to say I'll never go here again.

Zack Fall

Fast and friendly service!!!


I have and always will take my car here. The service is always super fast and always perfect. Every time my car gets washed it looks brand new and puts a smile on my face.

Economical Technology

Ernest Rollag

Kandice P

Favorite place and only place to get a real carwash. They always treat me good there and most of the time really work hard to get all the dog hard out of my car, haha.

Arletta Williams

Good job! Always.

Wjzidn Uxuejw

Tammy McMurphy

A lot of people where there so it took a while but the wash they did was great

Timothy Cottrell

Lube center is quick and efficient

Loren Radzik

Did a great job inside but not good outside at all

Steve Sellers

Benjamin Simpson

jason walence

I have been using them for my amsoil synthetic changes and they are friendly and fast. Free vacuum and wash is a great bonus. Price of the amsoil is very fair.

Amanda Olson

Michael Brown

These guys are awsome. Friendly, the garage lent me a ratchet for a minute and they have free sewage/fresh water for RV's

hugh milburn

These folks did a good job on our car for a decent price along with a full tank of gas. Very nice young folks around the place working hard. They managed to lose our key, but they promptly covered the cost of a new key. Very impressive response and we will certainly go back often when down that way, which we do every year.

Rex Wolf

Best carwash in town. They do a great job and always make sure you are satisfied. Highly recommend.

andrw law

When changing the oil in my Cummins diesel they must have loosened my Transmission drain plug thinking it was the oil pan, and they didn't tighten it back up enough. The next morning my driveway was covered in transmission fluid. This is the second time they have done this. The price for a diesel oil change is cheap, but the having to fix these little issues every time is getting annoying.

patrick Wildon

Car is clean now

Isaac Montoya


Claire Hafer

I got the free wash with oil change next door. Very friendly service and thoroughly washed. The car came in covered with bug guts and left sparkly clean. They allowed me to inspect the car and asked if everything was OK I pointed out that there was a grease smear on the windshield (that wasn’t there when I dropped it off—odd!) which they promptly cleared off with a smile. They even took out the mats washed them (!!!) and vacuumed underneath. I used to go to empire but this place far surpasses them. My new favorite car wash!

Greg Cannell

I brought my car in after trying to genocide the entire insect population of Oregon and camping, dust, sand and filth. It would have taken me days to clean and I wouldnt have done as good of a job. Thanks Red Carpet.

Rachel Lemas

Kyle Hoak

Anthony Brown

The service is stellar, friendly and honest. Nice deli service with great sandwiches. Carwashes are pristine and fair priced. Check it out folks!

Dillon Hunt

Detailed my truck. Looks brand new. Fantastic job

Morgan Hodge

There is absolutely no reason to take your car anywhere else for washes, details, and lube service. Super professional and great service. Worth every penny. Grew up here and have seen a lot of businesses come and go. There's a reason Red Carpet has been around as long as they have.

Tony Sunseri

Justin Polit

Good helpful people

neil berger

Great job clean car but PRICE is to much

Andria Mengucci


Joe May

Good customer service

Cooper Morrow

Decent way, nice people, but the interior could have used much better vacuuming. Lots of food and crumbs remained. And they don't remove garbage it seems.

Nathan Gosselin-Sebens

Arthur Bonneru

It was a very good car wash, all I would expect from paying $28. The reason I am leaving a 3 star review is one of the employees stole a pack of cigarettes from my car. So great place to get your car washed, just do not leave anything in the car.

Cameron Mozzetti

Cynthia Blakefield

This is the worst car wash I've ever gotten. There were a bunch of children cleaning cars. I mean like 10 year olds. They left trash in the car. Nothing looks wiped down. Back seat not vacuumed. Huge waste of money.

Zach Samuel

Great service! My car was spotless and it was ready quick!

rodney latham

Doreen McGregor

Good car wash. Great service when hand drying vehicle. Very busy location.

Steven McDowell

Just had our car detailed there and it turned out great. We liked it so much my truck is there right now getting the same. Great Service!


The kids in the front let mr drive my car into the car wash guides, scratching the s*** out of my driver side rim, and a chunk from the tire. I was from out of town for a concert and after checking out the falls, my car was filthy. Went and googled the "best star" car wash, and this was it. Did more damage to my car with scratches and un-even drying technique. I would have been better off washing it myself with a garden hose.

Richard Gardner

Great job if cleaning car and oil change.

Madeline Montez

Honestly I've been here twice in the last couple months and both times I am extremely dissappointed. I pay 30$ that I could do 100 times better. I realize I should have done it but I have family flying in all week for my wedding and was hoping to get a great clean on my car. Guess not

Macall Kanoff

Dan Cottrell

Great Detail job on Large Vehicle! Reasonable rate, done in an hour!

Kyron Sanford

Ernesto Ramos

Kenn Trowbridge

Although I don't get my car washed here I do come here for my oil changes always good service

megan Straughan

They are very friendly but I just got my car done there with ultimate package and it was not completely vacuumed or wiped down. Waited an hour and no one ever let me know it was done had to finally ask. Not worth extra cost to get ultimate.

Tyler Ceniga

Not a bad job for a bunch of kids

Alyssa Miller

First, let me start by saying I have been going to red carpet for years and have recommended them to everyone I know. Let me also say I do not post reviews either (that’s how peeved I am). I brought my truck in and I have dogs and I don’t expect all the hair to be vacuumed but it looked like they didn’t even vacuum! I would say it wasn’t vacuumed if I didn’t watch the guy from the window and they only wiped off the dash of my car the center console wasn’t even touched! Like I said I don’t post reviews so I called to complain and the manager didn’t even seem to care! So I guess I’m posting this in hopes that someone in charge sees it and does something about it because I love red carpet and I will be very sad if i have to stop bring my car there..

Lee Anderson

Eric Metzger

Customer service is great, my complaint is about a management decision. It's a sunny Sunday and half the town is here to get it cars cleaned - 80 minute wait time. It's 2:30 and my home is 45 minutes away so I guess I'm staying, and I want some lunch. But they close at 3, so they won't make me a burger. Why close at 3 on the first place, but even more important, why turn away customers before you actually close? This would be a five star review if I had some lunch in front of me right now.

Shannon Lippincott

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