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10115 SE Hwy 212, Clackamas, OR 97015, United States

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REVIEWS OF Red Barn Car Wash IN Oregon


You’re closed at 4:45 on a Friday. Really?! Your sign says you’re open. And you don’t answer your phone.

Nick Fertitta

Jovanny was the car wash clerk at the RedBarn. He was on on a smoke break with another person when I pulled up. He proceeded to finish his cigarette. Jovanny did not say a word to me and seemed very upset.

Lisa Sleeper

Not good, not bad, standard carwash and gets the job done. One vacuum doesn't work and the other is missing a hose so only two of four work

Ryan Blackmer

Zach Snethen

Did a really good job cleaning up my dirty jeep

Elisha Quant

Shane Day

Dina Cuevas

It's a basic carwash, you go through the machines. No hand drying and you gotta pay to use the vacuums.

James Washburn

Decently priced and rain X.

Julia ***

Horrible , scratches all over my new car!

Steven Spurring

L. A.

They had smiles on their faces and scrubbed my whole car before it went in. Thanks guys! Good job today!!

Kathryn Campbell

Justin Brodowsky

Tanis Justice

It’s pretty good. The staff is nice, but it missed a few spots.


Typically recieve friendly service and a clean car. Couple times have had issues and it gets ran back through with ease and no complaints from people who work here

cindy bruchez

Quick service and always sparking clean!

Tim Falgout

Brian Carey

No one answers the phones now, was not open On Saturday!!!! Who the heckn is running this place???? How do you make money washing cars if your closed on the weekends when all the Workin' people who have money can't spend it at your business??? Look guys if you have an oversized vehicle and need a safe, large 4x4 or RV washed quick and done right, take it to Washman's at MLK ( 99N ) and Clay St. There bays are huge and it only takes 3 minutes for a full wash and Oh yeah they are OPEN on the weekends and during the week till at least 6pm! ( No I am not affiliated with Washmans guys,) Im just tired of wasting my gas to drive out to Red Barn on hwy 212, to wash my lifted 4x4 with a light bar, only to find them closed! Multiple times!!! Maybe they have an employee issue or a management issue but for now, save your gas guys and check out Washmans they hooked me up!!!

Michelle Jarvis

Poorly staffed! One person working? Need at least 3 to run efficiently. Ridiculous.

Brandi Collum

THE ONLY CAR WASH THAT GETS MY CAR CLEAN!!!!! These guys rock it! They actually wash your car before it goes into the car wash. They look at what they are doing and they get it done right. I get so annoyed when I get home from a car wash and see that my car is still dirty, but this car wash has not let me down yet! They even wash around my back wiper before taping it down so there isn't dirt all over my back window when I take off the tape. It costs LESS than most car washes and they do it right!

Kayla Van Riper

Candice Oldfield


Jim Strawn

Popular place! We were 7th in line and watched the other six get attention-to-detail service. The guys just finished the prewash and we're going through the brushes now. Just did a quick check afterwards. Left a few suds on the back (otherwise I'd give it a 5) and it looks like one of the kids left a window cracked last time they were in! (Word to the wise: check your windows first! 8-O )

Wade Norton

Convenient. Very slow when it's busy. They don't appear to add staff for the nice weather.

jon victor

Jennifer Fisher

Line was 12 cars ahead of me. I purchased the $10 wash.

jeremy adams

Good prices... Has vacuum station easy to get in and out.

Brenda Stretch

best car wash in my neighborhood

Thomas Boyd

After waiting in line for 10 minutes in clear view of the workers. Then one of them comes up and tells me car was too dirty. Yes, it was dirty. That's why I was waiting in line to have it washed at a CAR WASH. He told me to rinse it off first and then come back. Yeah right. I took it to the car wash on Sunnyside and told them the story and they laughed and sent me through. So, if your car is dirty. Don't have it washed at this CAR WASH. It's a CAR WASH for clean cars. I'm sure they do a great job with cars that aren't dirty.

Judy B

Great Car Wash!

Ryan Reeder

Descent job on your car. Bring a towel to dry the back of your car. After you go through does not dry or get soap off.

Amelia Lutsenko

Very slow service and car was not very clean after wash.

Allen Johns

Kari Phillips


Probably the best car wash in town. The price is fair and usually there are two guys pressure washing the car before it goes in to the wash. We always go here.

Elizabeth S

Didn't get the back of my car very well.

Bryan Woolcott

Holly Denman

Efficient, reasonable and easy to get my tires in the tracks. Can't ask for much more from a car wash in Oregon. My dirty car thanks you!

Sarah Rascon

New Employees need to work together to keep the line moving not take a break or go do garbage during a busy hour.

eric hazel

Great job guys! Friendly service and the pre-machine, human-scrub down is exactly what my car needs! All of these type of places are getting a little bit more spend he but $10 for their deluxe wash when I can actually tell a difference is well worth it if I don't have time to do things myself.

Jasmine Fleming

Attention to detail at prewash is worth the little extra wait time for my car to be cleaned. Friendly staff.

Nick Tracy

Gets your car clean.

Clay Bispham

They were kind and washed my truck nicely

Faith Colish

Car wash is fine. Most of vacuums I've used have been broken.

Laura Dalton

Okay, not great. Car did not come out that clean & my licence plate was partially ripped off by drive thru. I recomend washman.

Michael Enevoldsen

This is the car wash we use if we don't wash it our selfs, pays to get the Rain X for the extra $2.00, keeps the car cleaner in the rain, never had any problem with the people working but some could be a little friendlier

Pj Martin

Nope. Not one smile, very off putting. I realize it was cold out, but I would think customer service would still come into play. Also, the back of my car was still filthy when I got out!! I got out of my car to check around to make sure everything was ok, and the back was still about as dirty as it was when I went through!!! I had to find a rag and wipe it all off before it dried.. Not Impressed. I think the fake cows and sheep had more personality than the people working there did.

Patrick Semmes

Depending on if they have two people working or three, sometimes there can be a long wait.

Deidre Avery

Never a problem and the guys are nice

Robin McKinney

Eric Tourbin

Had to go through three times and it still missed some spots

Victor Shulga

Bad wash

Ghassan Majied

Ghassan Aljuboori

Jessica Nicole Freeman

Nova Nukem - Gaming

Jonica Enderson

Best place to get your car washed

Tamara Eason

Super slow, takes forever

Teale Taylor

Derek Owen

The car was sparkling upon leaving the car wash. It would be 5 stars if you got a token for a vacuum.

Randall Sealy

David H Steinbrugge

Slow. Twice the amount of time to go through Washman car wash.

Brandon Downs

Michael Whittington

Daniel Kountz Sr

Could have paid a ten year old $2.00 and got a better wash and saved $8.00

Corinne B

Every time I come here something is broken.

Jay Huitt

Taylor Jinings

Does the same job that every other carwash does. I gave it 3 stars because it's 9:08 on February 7th 2018 and they still haven't opened the door. It's supposed to be open at 9.

Olga Makarenko

If sign says closing at 6pm you should be open until 6pm and not closing the door on customers at 530pm.

Mark Wonser

Car wash ripped the antennae from my car but they refuse to be responsible. Horrible customer service.

Brianna Gordon

They washed my Jeep very nicely and we’re super kind

Joanna Allison

Broke my friends windshield and the owner was less than empathetic. My friend was unable to drive her vehicle after the experience. I will not be recommending this place to anyone.

Alana Wight

I got my car washed almost exclusively to use the vacuum, which is a separate charge and takes only coins. It's not posted anywhere by the car wash itself and when I asked the guy if he could run my card for coins he said he couldn't and mention that people get crappy surprised by this a lot. Maybe they should put up a sign then.

Justin Naww

paul weber

Tim Swearingen


Nice and clean!

Leonard Bowles

The system works well as automatic car washes go but no hand drying after.

Austin Crutches

If you say you're open until 6:00pm, stay open until said time. Just drove 30min both ways, arrive at 5:45pm and you're closed?

Lynette Anderson

Excellent car wash

Kathryn Fields

The wash it’s self is what you’d expect but the employees are extremely unprofessional & incredibly rude, will not be back.

Kristy Bishop

Friendly fuss car wash the most expensive being $12.. Totally worth it. There is also vacuums on site and its a big space.

Daniel Cunningham

Your car will be clean, the only downside is it might take two passes.

Joseph Ray

I drove 20 minutes, in traffic, because they were supposed to be open until 6:00pm. I arrived at 5:30 with the overhead door halfway closed. I didn’t see anyone at first, but the lights were on. Next thing I know I saw the guy turn out the lights in the bay while I’m sitting in front of the door with my headlights on (he knew I was there). He then goes into the office and refuses to look my direction. Seriously? If you are open until 6, what is that?

Monty Milano


Rian Humphreys

This place kicks but little slow but they work as fast as they can

linda ducret

This is fast and they do a great job!

Mark Jackson

Clean your car.

JK McEvers

Amazing customer service! Awesome clean too!

Billy Spencer


Chanel Shavers Realtor

Not my favorite place, the guys working there were very unhappy to be there from when I visited.

Marie Dietrich

Bill Baxter

No vacuum service with the car wash like most places, and they only take cash for the vacuum.

Roni Moffitt

Friendly workers. Quick wash.

J Harris

John Pernula

Can’t get thru on the phone

Tyler Eveson

Do you have an unlimited wash club?

KillerGB 420

Derek R

Great car wash. The Line moves slow because they do a good job.

Angela Merritt

Andrew Curtis

Painfully slow when busy. A 5 car line took over 30 minutes to process.

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