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11965 SE 82nd Ave, Happy Valley, OR 97086, United States

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REVIEWS OF Pinky's Car Wash IN Oregon

J Hanson

I went in for an undercarriage wash, which although advertised, was not available. I wish I could tell you why, but I was apparently the only one there who spoke English.

Grandt Samuel Photography

These guys are great. Speedy car wash with reasonable pricing. I've been to several car washes where I've driven off and had surface scratches. I've never had this issue with them.

Ja Jeffers

It's the third time I have gone before 9 and still been charged the full price. Why have a early bird special if you dont use it. Car is clean this time.

jason whitten

Great carwash, super friendly staff

Kathy Liskey

Donnie Rife

Neil McKinney

Alyssa Houston

Absolutely terrible! So many spots on my car missed! Car now has scratches that weren't there before and no answer when I called multiple times after the wash. Very disappointed!!!!

Tabby Talley

n.d Nesta

Tessa Reuven

DO NOT USE THIS CAR WASH!! I recently ran my new car through the wash and the conveyor belt SLICED MY NEW TIRE! The owner TOM B is an arrogant man who is denying any responsibility for his destructive machine, I have never been treated so badly by any business in my life. I noticed once i got home that my tire was sliced and instantly called the company multiple times but no answer. We then drove to the location 2 hours after washing my car and the worker called the owner. He then said to come back in a few hours to meet him. Once we arrived back he had his maintenance fixing the machine and said I must of ran over metal in the hour I was gone. The video he showed us clearly proves that the machine slammed my tire into the side where there are damages and sharp edges that cut my tire. He then went on and on boasting on how he is such a good business man and makes so much money but no matter what he wouldn't cover the damages on my car caused from his machine because I drove off the lot before noticing the flat. This company does not deserve to be in business with how they treat their customers. Pinkys car wash is a complete sham on America!!!

Jesús Murrieta

Bill Lindquist

Love it, your car gets super clean.

Steven Barre

Isai Mtz

Fast, easy, close to home, affordable price, good customer service

Vincent Aguilar


E.Dupree Lewis

Serge Roman

The guy washed my car very well before sending the car to the machine. Worth the $10

David Berliner

Basic car wash. There is adjacent lube oil business.

Salaina Hays

Best car wash in Portland

Larry McVicker

Does a great job, and friendly staff.

Crissy Allen

They sure do get my car clean ;-)

A Kropf

Location is very good love the pink.

janice young

Nina Nititadakul

Pretty good service after I got bombed by some pigeons. No one likes that. And rain can't get out an aerial assault. But their vacuum was only taking dollars and I didn't have change. Nor could I find anywhere to get change. Backing out of it is somewhat difficult. And I still had some streaks in my car. But the guys made an effort to get the worst parts cleaned. Not bad for the money I paid.

Stephanie Alves-Amaral

Ive been here a bunch of times and this is my last visit because it sucks my car never gets completely clean and I'm not sure the hot wax is even really hot wax.

John Frederick

Nick Meli

Gets the car clean.

Anna V

Shawn Loe

Juston Santee

They hand brush your car before it goes through. Hardly no place does that. Gave him a few extra dollars describe the rims more than normal


It got the car clean

Truth Told

Great place to get your car wash! My kids love coming here because they get lollipops from the staff!

Valorie Dale

You wipe down the inside of the car yourself, and vaccuum it yourself afterward if you like. Going through the car wash and them wiping it down gets it pretty clean.

Christy Meyers

Great job!

Amber Rose

Check your car to make sure its clean after the wash

Caley Steyaert

They did a pretty good job washing it still have some bug guts probably could have gone through again but didn't try


Cadel Davidson

Super fast. Hand scrubbed the car! Gave my kid a lollipop and me a wet cloth to clean inside.

shannon munguia

Wow decided to take my car today. I just received a oil change next door. Got the Supreme package. Car not only still dirty. Back wasn't even wet. Rims wasn't even clean. They spent time to gawk at them though...never again !

Susana Betancourt

Anna St. Clair

Best car wash on 82nd! Love the ease n the workers r awesome!

Keith Guinn

Thomas Salisbury

98 Tacoma was dirty everywhere. Glass, doors ...

Melissa D

Best car wash around!!! I visit at least twice a month and they are always great with my jeep

Wick Wicked

Russell Gagliano

Johnnie Renfroe

Gets your car clean and on the plus side it has colorful soap and lights. Kids would enjoy it and adults as well because I'm a kid at heart and loved it.

James Corthell

Nick McComb

James Stogden

Samuel K.

Great car wash!!

Baltasar Jimenez

Brian Esters

Thay did a good job on my car. I would go there again.

Joker Jack

Great service. Good prices.

John Miles

Very good automatic carwash. Rather expensive but thorough wash.

Susy's hernandez

My husband washed his car here, it's a lot better than other car washes and same price.

Naz Sen

Always need a second pass

Rachel Spaid

Michael Rowland

Great location, good service, excellent wash.

Sandie Koehler

I've allways have had a good experience here...and my last visit was just awesome as I have a hairline crack going across my windshield and felt a bit worried about going thru so I asked for the mgr and he said he would shut off the pounding air at the end before you come out as i was worried the pressure would do it in and after doing the sign of the cross and going thru anxiety ridden...the mgr stood there with a smile and it all turned out well!

Charlie Shaw

I wish i could post before and after pics. Great crew

Jason Waldenburg

Good place to go for a quick scrub

Patricia Franco

(Translated by Google) Good deal (Original) Buen trato

Steven Telezhkin

Not the best overall. I've been going there for quite sometime now and each time I had to finish washing the car myself.

Jesus the Destroyer

In and out. I like the pre wash before going thru. The dudes that work there are pretty cool too. Fair price.

Jessica Potter

Just went through and got the supreme package and the car, although more clean than before was not clean enough to warrant paying $10 for it. Spots that should be easily hit with the scrubbers and brushes were noticably still dingy looking. Not impressed. Will not be going back there again.


Easy fast affordable car wash on the go

MarknLian Wall

Didn't get my car clean

dustin wilson

jay miller

That's where I go to wash my car

Matthew Fritsch

You get a good car wash, at a decent price, and the guys give the vehicle a good brush scrubbing before you enter.

MBNB Barahona

In and out no problems with machines , clean

Zachary Bannister

Decent place to clean your cars

Robert Allen

Long waits, car wash does poor on cleaning tires and wheels.

Teddi Payme

Very efficient

Randy Matheny

Gary Wasserman

Clean car at a reasonable price.

Jay Huitt

Scott Pray

Nathan Schuster

They're crooks. They actually did a decent job washing my car for 10 bucks, but here's the thing. I handed the guy a 20 and when I asked for my change he insisted that I handed him a 10. I know I handed him a 20, but I figured screw it; 10 bucks isn't worth me getting into a fight over it.

Shane Corrigan

Tracy Finck

I like going here but always curious as to how they never are able to get the very back of my SUV clean. Every single time I pull out of the wash and it looks like the equipment doesn't even slightly graze the back of the truck.

Alex Lockwood

Broken car wash :( ...several scrubbers & jets are not working. The hood and passenger side do not get cleaned at all :( I called and they told me to come back now or not at all. I explained that I did not have any more time today so I would have to come back tomorrow. He said "No" and hung up on me... #Frustrating

Asha Johnston

I love this car wash! Super fast and easy. They usually give you a wet wipe to wipe down your dash before you enter the car wash. Also they have awesome prices!

ethan blaser

Evelyn Gehrke

Kirstin Seitz

Brad Lucas

Best prices and great staff, it's the only place I'll take my car.

Niki Murray

The employees were very professional and polite. The area around the car wash was clean.

Regina P

Ronald O'Riley

Nice car wash

jan d


Nice. Did a good job.

Elaine Young

I go to this car wash once a week and have been since I bought my new car a year ago. Very nice, polite employees. My car always comes out looking great. No complaints at all.

Kevin Villa

sylvia swafford_brown

Had to wash all the bird doo off my car paid 10.00 for the supreme wash . Of course I was on my way to work when I got there I looked at the wash job and they totally missed my wheels . So it looks like my 10 yr old grandaughter washed it. Normally they do good but today they didn't.

Jordan Davis

Best in town! As someone who washes my car on the regular I've tried plenty of car washes over the years. These guys are my favorite. Fair prices and great service. One of the things I like most about them is the pre-wash. While most car washes spray a quick stream of soap on your hood, these guys take a moment with brushes and really scrub the windows, wheels, and sides. They take a hand cloth to a couple hard to reach areas as well. To top it off they give you some wet whipes for your interior. Highly recommend these guys!

Don Murray

sabrina ephrem

Kenny Lowe

Shelley Sprague

Great car wash

Monty Milano

Amy Schotch

Love this place! Always does a great job!

D Bee

The best car wash ! I drive from Oregon City to go here!

S Cearley

Anne Ashby

Aram Mahmood

Good place


Michelle Petr

Mary Noble

Reta Wilson

Employees went out of their way to try to find a license tag which was missing from my car. Outstanding employees.

Shani Starr Center

Kale Becker

Ryan Schneider

Always spends a little extra time before the car goes in. You can tell they care about their work

Amos Hartley

Martin Shine

A bit expensive, but then again...we are very demanding these days and expect a lot

Rick Arden

Great value at 10 bucks or less

Tristin Prow


Charles James

Cody G

Lowell Sochia

Great car wash. People are always friendly.

Brian Meehan

Gloria Alleman

I love this place. The guys working are always friendly. I always do the 10.00 wash and they give you a cleaning towelette.

Tyler Bronson

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