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2000 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045, United States

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REVIEWS OF Oregon City Car Wash IN Oregon


Tracy Thornton

Quick and a good wash but kind of expensive.

Anne Miller

Kinda spend but worth it


It's good for a quick wash but nothing beats a good hand washing for your car

Garrett Smith

Good wash for cars and most importantly trucks

Jered Dederer

Linda Seiders

Great car wash. Even better service with a tip.

Katie Martini

Jimmie Cook

David Gibbons

I will never use the coin up car wash down the road again. I will just come straight to Oregon City car wash.


Car had hard water spots all over it, and wash residue on the back hatch. Not worth the 12 bucks, washman on McLaughlin much better deal and results.

Becky Morreira

Dyann Blackburn

Rock Lively

They honor our veterans! A rare acknowledgement in Oregon! We appreciate you!

Anne Marie Powers


Joyce Poole

craig burt

Cammie Walton

Greg Perdue

Truck & car get cleaned here.

Katrina Canon

Dave Burkhart

Fast and they do a great job.

Valerie Long

Jeff Uhlman

Barbara Amaral

it's ok

Doug S.

Wasted money. My hood was still dirty when I got home. The hood! And of course so was the rest of the car. Go to the one at the bottom of the hill. Way better.

james k

Awesome place friendly prompt and good service too


Just went through the car wash, and when I got home there was still dried on mud on my truck on the wheel well. I went back to have them do it over and the guy that took my money for the car wash was high! I asked him if he could use the brush to scrub it off and he told me he could and if that didn't work he could pressure wash that area. He brushed it and it didn't come off so he pressure washed it and it came off. He said it came off easy and he couldn't let me go through the car wash again, trying to say that since it came off easy that I went through the mud and put it on there after I went through the first time! I said are you calling me a liar! He argued with me that it was I that put the mud on the truck after I went through the first time. I told him I had been looking at that mud for a week! That's the whole reason that I went through the car wash. There had been road construction there the last week so it was dried on! Ya it came off easy the second time, cause I had already been through the wash and it softened up! duh! He finally let me go through again. After going through the second time my antenna bent! Smoke another joint dude! GRRRRRR........ I'm never coming back again!

Scott and Jennifer Bethke

Good place for a wash

M Family

Very bad!!! After second wash my car is still dirty....

angela goodell

Didn't clean my car

Michael Tulipat

Great place to come if you don’t feel like washing your own car.

Emily Nelson

John Coffield

The car wash is good staff is good

Jake Fee

Normally I would always give this car wash a 5/5 or 10/10 rating. My family and I have been coming here for many many years and between all of us, we go through it at least 2 or 3 times a week. We ALWAYS leave a tip and are normally always very pleased. However, this morning around 9:00-9:45AM when I took my truck through they were way too eager to push the button and shoot me on the way through. They completely missed the back 2 windows and hardly went over the rest of the truck. There were only 2 vehicles behind me so it's not like there was 5 or 6 people waiting on me, I was almost tempted to go back through a second time to get rid of all the dirt streaks. Today I have to say I am very disappointed and I will not be tipping anymore until I can see a change. It's not just today that they've been too eager to be short with the pre-wash. I've noticed a decline in service over the past few months. I hope that this review is read and noticed. I hate to be "that one person"... Again, I am not bashing anyone nor this business, it's still always been one of the best car/truck wash's in Clackamas County I just think I have noticed a decline in good service.

Dr Kristi

I love to tip the guys. They work SO hard and are always pleasant. Turnover of employees pretty noticeable, as a testament of the tough, exhausting work.


Probably the best car wash I've gotten

Linda Tilburne

Great bunch of guys!

Jeff Pearson

stanley wilde

I got it done.

Mike Smith

Steve O'Quinn

Ok for a quick rinse off. Don't expect a clean car.

Jeff Fitzsimmons

Jonathan Graham

They always do a good job and friendly service!

Shelly Ritchey

Always love the guys at the OC carwash!! They're always able to guide me in properly without grinding up my wheels!!

Valeriy Tsinovkin

Horrible left soap on my car got home hub cap was gone and i paid for the most expensive wash option never go here

Janeen Johnson

Jim Owens

Amy Oberholtzer

wade goddard

Evan Vasilchenko

Erin yasin

They do a great job

Amber Fifield

I went through the car wash, and the car wash literally took no dirt, or bird poop off of my car. I paid for the ultimate car wash ($12.00) and my car doesn’t even look like it was washed. Beyond disappointed. I will be washing my own car from now on.

Jenna Simmons

Stevon Hess

Eric Stern

My favorite car wash. Very speedy and super friendly.

jason hohman

This car wash does a pretty good job.

Daniel Avallone

Great service, got my rims clean!

Jolene Norgren

Sandra Kelly

Hit or miss.



Raylene Peraza

Landon Puffer

Brenda LaVigne

Fast and efficient

Jessica Davenport

Lots of homeless. A man came and ate garbage right next to me and my van when I was vacuuming it out. He might as well been sitting on my hood!

John Paul Register

Our home town car wash!

Alpha Larsen

Darrell Zoesch

Catherine Manning

Krista Demacon

Thomas Ward

Love this place! They are always professional. They clean my car inside and out, always do a great job. Its my favorite car wash!

dina cole

Pretty good service this time depends on who's working.

J Patrick Moore

I ride through while the machine washes the outside of the car. What else can I say?

Mr.Clouds 420

Ross MacKae

Quick, effortless, decent prices and job .

Diana Ferguson

Tim Chambers

Jason Brackett

Kaylee Marie

James Lynch

Terrible waste of $10 I will drive 20 miles for a self service carwash next time.

will kunz

The pricing is competative, the staff washes everything pre wash, and the line moves quickly; nothing to complain about at this car wash except that their vending machines are out of order sometimes, and the trash cans are full sometimes. I saw them give a refund to someone who lost their quarters in a vending machine one time and also give the person the product they were trying to get.

Ken Calkins

Does a good job on the car.

Andrew Young

Great and affordable car wash! $8 dollars for a basic wash is pretty good, and they do scrub your car down by hand in some spots which is great so that the machines can't miss anything, although the basic wash doesn't clean the nooks and cranny's on the rim, I think the wheel wash and shine package would do the job best!

Tracy Limbeck

Mike Hernandez

Great car wash, dosent beat your ride up when rolling through it like some carwashes do, the guys are ambitious and hit your ride with some elbow power before you enter the roll over.

Jessica Warner

Doesn't matter what "package" you get.. they wash every car with the same button.. when you car comes out the other side STILL dirty, they will not let you go back through to make sure your car is washed all the way.. poor customer service!!!

Kyver Raasch

chris black

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