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528 Harlow Rd, Springfield, OR 97477, United States

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REVIEWS OF New Image Car Wash IN Oregon

Whitney Schmidbauer

Always great service, drive through or do it ur self!

Heather P

Best car wash in town

julie collins

i gave this car wash a 2nd chance after i felt the first wash was poor. I even scrubbed all the cracks and crevices they missed last time before I went back. Nope. Worst car wash ever!!

Michael Bartlett

Eric Rosenburg

Seems to be a good place. Self serve is kinda spendy though.

Brandon Hemphill

Sue Coleman-Fraser

Inliked New Image Car Wash. It is a drive through car wash. You get to stay in your car. Their is an attendant on duty to assist. I found this helpful. Prices were competitive.

J Downey

joe smith

Quick and easy and not a bad price either.

Jeff & Amanda Koohl

Very friendly thorough professional service every time. I live in southwest Eugene and this is the only place I'll go for an exterior wash. It's the first place I ever got my first new car washed a couple years ago and they set the bar high. I have tried many places close to home that can't compare to the extra detail and friendliness of the real life people here and the great, obviously well-maintained automatic wash that follows. The gentleman there at 3:15p April 3 was incredibly impressive with his customer service and work. Thank you!

chet Chance

Ease of use, good value

Brenda Miller

Ray Freeamam

You pay for what you get.

April Chevrier

Fast, easy, have both self serve and automatic car wash. Have change machine. And can buy various towlettes to spruce up your vehicle with.

Jim Cole

rob sims

These guys are great. Fast and friendly service. I go thru here every week, and I am never disappointed!

William Roberts

Lisa Douglass

Great place to go when you vehicle needs a giant hug!

Jacob Mcdonald

Mary Frazer

I've been here several times; it's a fast, no nonsense, reliable car wash, and the attendants were pleasant enough. I like that its a little off the street so it's a bit quieter than some places, although you still get people who think it's ok to blast their music on maximum while vacuuming. I wish the drive-through was touchless but it did an alright job on my moderately dirty Subaru :)

Robert Mason

Joseph Ycaza

allyson P

Sue Raube

robert jenks

Tim Hamar

Jay M

Jeff Springer

Great place to get quarters for laundry machines that take quarters. Or whatever you need quarters for. I fought with the guy next to me for the vacuum. It snowed in my car while I was trying to vacuum it. AND they have a cutie out front freezing her tail off while she scrubs the side of your car as you drive by.

Charley Snellings

I've been here numerous times and have received great service every time. Even better, my car has come out undamaged and clean.

Marc Lanman

Ace & Sunny Tech & Gaming

Gets the job done

Russell Philbrick

Crystal Poling

Larunda Scott

Ill go again, but i pay $10. On Coburg rd. For what i pay $ 13. For here sometimes the ride is good

Gretchen Lintner

Shelie Stolsig

jennifer coffel

Quick and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. But my dirty car should have gone thru twice.

Tawnya Cook

Stephen Ritz

David Bone

Quick, professional, very happy with the service

Wyatt Winn

I'd have been better off spitting on my car then kicking it dry. Bought the $13 package and had to go rewash my car at home. The machine left water spots all over from poor drying and all it did was rub the dirt around. Horrible job on scrubbing the wheels. Don't waste your time or money.

Karen Atkison

The UPS Store -Delta Oaks Shopping Center

We don't live as close as we used to, but we will Always take our vehicles to New Image Car Wash. This is the best car wash in Eugene/Springfield by far! Convenient, spacious, and multiple options for your car wash preferences. Worth the price of admission every time! And, you drive away with a shiny new vehicle every visit. Thank You Dave, James, and the amazing staff at New Image Car Wash! +

Brett Lemas

Everything looked good there. The price was a little high so I went to a different place.

Ona Matlock

The guys do a very thorough job. The prices are good. They even have unlimited monthly rates for the locals.

Karen Mallinger

David Tift

Great service.

Gustavo Ruiz

Wendy Colvin

Jenn Caswell

According to Google and the company website the car wash is open until 7pm. When I arrived at 6:45pm they were closed, no workers in sight. It’s disappointing to take time out of my day and drive here (after researching operating hours to make sure my drive wasn’t pointless) only to be met with a closed up business. It’s not good business practice to be closed during stated business hours.

John Rawlings


Chuck Donley


Great service

Loraine Summers

Friendly staff & convenient.

Terry Bean

Clean and great service

Danny Young

Todd Brickey

jose pepe

It's nice when u need a quick wash fast and reliable

Chris Noble

Quick. Easy drive through location.

john Madrid

Quick and decent priced. Ok wash.


Kerrie L Crompton

They do a great job.

Chris Beland

Best carwash in Springfield!

edgar Castro

Lynette Felix

Super clean!

Bruce Kelly

Shelley Bill

Lonnie Hutchens Jr

Always great customer service

Gloria Guzman

Joel Veach

I didn't realize that the $13 wash was ONLY for the outside of the car. Freaking RIP off!

Travis Bell

Great car wash

Brian Warnicke

Andrea Stolzer

Jim Evans

Went for the top tier wash and the car looked beautiful. Will definitely bring our other vehicles and we live about 25 miles away. When you go through the automated wash it is obvious that the system is really scrubbing the car.

Michael Gesick

they do a great job!!!!!!!

Teri C

This is the best place that I've found for a car wash! The staff are awesome!! I always get the $13 package with a $7 tip for the employees! Its nice that they always remember me too!! "Workin at the car wash" !!

Joe Wisecaver

This car wash is the only one that I can leave my radio antenna in place.

Brittany B

They need to update their vacuums. The end pieces fall off, there isn't enough suction. The drive through care wash doesn't clean your vehicle like at all. The self car wash is ok but be sure to bring your own rags to wash with. The brush that's provided will scratch your vehicle up and if you do use the brush be sure to wash that first.

Roger Oberg

I've tried other car washes. This place is the same $ but they're really better than the others.

Dave Jensen

Peggy Ashford

Laura Sullivan

billy ????

They do alright for a quick in and out place.

Joshua Johnson

Leaves your cars nice & clean!

Master _Fryguy

One of the last attendant ran carwash.

Tina Lesher

Came here with my cilent, he really loved the place. Made his old car look new again. Thanku!

Shawn McCauley

The vacuums have great suction.

Nick W


Awesome! They are very thorough on the pre wash!

Kathleen Berry

GREAT Service

Kamara Houston

Lisa Soldano

Jeremy Mabe

Wayne Barnes

They did a good job of cleaning the car.

Eileen b

Kat O'Brien

I used the shampooer/vacuum combination first. It slowly released some suds into the car, they didn't seem to have any cleaning power and the vacuum didn't work at all. I tried a vacuum only station next to get rid of the suds. It also didn't work. Super frustrating to waste my money and still need to go to another car wash to get rid of the suds and vacuum my car. I contacted the company and requested a refund. I got a prompt, polite response saying they'd send a refund. At that point, I never expected to go back to the car wash but respected the company taking responsibility. However, the check never arrived. After a few weeks I reached out again for my refund. I was told it had been sent but as it never arrived, I request he verify I'd never cashed a check and send/resend the refund. He then said he'd sent cash (people still do that? businesses do that??) and that someone took the money. I let him know it was highly unlikely the receptionist risked her job for a few dollars and noted that all my other mail arrives just fine. I again requested he send the refund, this time by check. He refused. He did say I could come into the shop, which would be a decent option if I wanted to go out of my way to hunt down the refund. Certainly not good customer service, though. I would've given this a low rating anyway, because even a polite response doesn't negate that the equipment doesn't work (again, I tried two stations), but loss of star for lack of accountable follow through. For me, this place was a complete waste of money and seeking a refund was a complete waste of time.

Jerald Kennard

Nice place to clean your car

Kobra Rhose

Don Strouf

Gives cleanest car wash

Crystal Randle

Little pricey

Kristina Ceja

Jules Lawler

Only car wash in town I will take my car to if I don't have the time to wash it myself. They do a great prewash to make sure you car comes out looking its best.

Shenanigans Holliday

Quick service, friendly. It pulls your vehicle through - good to know, as some don't like that kind. There's self service too. And it's priced right- highest car wash price is $13.00!

Google Member


Wish I lived closer to this car wash. The spinning washer thingys don't seem to scratch my car as much as other car washes.

Topher C

The two gentlemen that were working treated me like I didn't matter when they missed spots on my car. Had a passive aggressive attitude towards me. I wont be coming back. There is a better car wash in front of safeway.

carly young

This is my go to car wash place. It's fast, friendly, And affordable.

Todd G. Wylie

The nicest automated wash in the market. Well worth $10. Terrific service.

Elizabeth B.

Good car wash & wax for reasonable price

Jeremy Lakies

K Bloom

Luis Alvarez

Price is to high for an alright job for a quick in and out place.

Barbara Ingram

Gets my car clean.... busy little place.. but they get you thru in a jiffy

Ian E

Pamela Owen

Janel Bailey

Great customer service.

Michelle Powell

Monty Keller

Jason Beagle

Fred Watkins

Truck was very dusty, covered in suicidal insect carcasses, as far as the price, the rinse and dry necessitated drying the car after it was washed. The vacuums are not free.

Josh Hamilton

Good wash for the price. I also enjoy having the option for coin-op self wash at the same facility


Melanie Morelli Hendricks

Steven Reaves

Good car wash friendly service

Brenda S . N

Is been 4 times I use this location to get my Car spoiled . The first thing I love is if you don’t have enough money to get into the Fancy automatic car wash you can do it yourself for less on the Manual wash rooms on the side. Vacuums are always efficient, run smoothly and dirt free. You also have the option to use the scrubber at the vacuum Pilars which I’m my opinion is convenient for Parents or Pet lovers lol it comes in handy for our little ones messy areas. The coin dispenser machine has never fail me (tel mee! , I’ve had have problems fighting with the coin change machine in several other places) They also provide a vending machine that not only have the necessary items to get your car detailed but they also provide you with snacks and few drinks which is amazing. All at this makes you cleaning your car not as stressful as it is sometimes :) I’ve been into several different Car Wash places around Eugene/Springfield area but this one is in my opinion the best. When I get paid and I am able to spend 13$ for the best package they have and seeing the results after the wash makes it all worth it :) My car looks clean and shiny Definitely making this my car wash of preference .


Came here because it seemed to be the only place I could shampoo my car locally by myself. The vacuums and shampooer are kind of weak and dont do an amazing job.

Shirley Pollick

Karin Mitchell

Great place! Car is always beautiful after a fresh wash from New Image. Staff is nice and very helpful.

Penelope McKibben

Car was clean after being washed.

Bryce Parkllan

Ma Fernandez

Linda Harris

Best car wash for my new black car

Andrew Aguilar

Chris Ward

Sabrina Acosta Obeso

Samantha Williams

Used Self car wash. It cost $2 minimum, no staff was spotted, vacuums were all taken at the time, seems like it's always busy there.


Don't buy the monthly package, they do a better job if you don't have it. But still a decent car wash.

Harmony Cannon

Quick car washing, I did not give 5 stars because they do not do well on the wheel scrubbing.

Cassandra Anderson

They do a fantastic job. I've been going there for years and have never had a bad experience. Plus Tuesday is ladies day and you get $1 off.

Joyce Babcock

High prices. It left my car dirty and left my tire with a nice cut in it. Went to Schwab's and was in informed it happens all the time. They could careless when I told them.

Jesse Bromley

Beto romero

Andy Wilker

Jill Clark

Ok for the money.

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