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3550 W 6th St, The Dalles, OR 97058, United States

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Here you will see the feddbacks of people who purchased the products and services of Metro Car Wash (Car Wash) in the area close to Oregon.

Currently the firm receives a score of 4.0 stars out of 5 and that rating has been based on 78 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Metro Car Wash IN Oregon

Jayne Guidinger

Justin Moore

Williamson Trobbie

Chris Brennan

Good prices

Susan Pontow-Lopez

John Long

Sandra Willems

Fast, friendly service. Pretty good wash. The car was really muddy going in. We took the $10 wash. Perhaps being so bad to start with we should have gone all in for a really great wash.

Sheri Ogden

Jay Chrisman

It's always busy which kind of makes it a long wait, but it gets your car clean, it employees responsible young people, and every once in a while you drive by and see it without a line and zip in and out.

Dr. Rob Schwartz, ND, LAc

Myra DePalma

It's really easy just to ride in your car through the carwash very

dimitrios liberidhs

Carwash ripped off my bumper. I went to the car was just getting back from the beach. About 1/4 of the way through my car stopped. I was told my rear bumper had fallen of and if I would like to they would be happy to take it all off.. this place is horrible

Meghan Phillips

Great car wash

Mike Barham

It's a carwash. You almost can't fudge it up.

Benjamin Birman

Tracey Carlson

Great customer service

Dan Boone

C. Scott

Looked up online hours, saw it was open until 8:00... drove over at 6:00. Getting in line behind 4 other cars at 6:15 (the 15 minutes it took me to drive there from my house) and was told they were closed. Worker said he believed me that online hours said open until 8:00, but insisted they were supposed to already be closed and wouldn’t let me stay in line (i begged him telling him how inconvenient it had already been to get there and he still said “no”... very frustrating!!

Dan Hoffman

It's an automatic car wash, so one assumes some risks when taking their car through it. If you care deeply for your vehicles, this is probably not the best option long term. However, in terms of the effectiveness of the actual (automatic) car wash it is one of the better ones I've used. Both of my vehicles have come out quite clean. In The Dalles the value in this is that the water is likely filtered--which is a big deal in this city of "hard water" as hand washing often leaves water spots that are exceedingly difficult to remove. So, in my opinion, this is a decent spot to wash the car quickly if you plan on subsequently waxing it.

Dale Klindt

Cleans your vehicle without damage. Fast and efficient.

John Kauffman

Best car wash for the price. Pre-scrub and hi-pressure wash down before entering The Machine! ... A+

Cher Morlock

My car comes out so beautiful after going to Metro Car Wash great prices friendly people

Janine Connors



Ryan Rooper

Get your car or truck washed here. Fast and well done mechanical wash while you stay in your car.

mark locicero

Troy M

Clean cars are good.

Brett Hunt

Ander's Jorgensen

Ezekiel Eubanks

Good quality car wash for a decent price. Very fast

David Polehn

The drive thru is 4 stars. I had a bad experience with the diy bay. I won't use them again. The machine was difficult to control.

Paige A

Erin Stewart

Sam Rungy


Michael Packer

Lisa Christopherson

Shannon Sobaski

Dena Harr

Always the bomb.

Damion Morris

Galin McMahon

Vacuums are ridiculously weak. Paid extra for wheel cleaning of dirt that has built up over just the last week...see the pictured result and decide for yourself. Nice basic wash though.

Robert Friel

Still have bugs after car wash

Tiffany Schuler

Horrible vacuums! It wouldn't even pick up so much as a piece of lint off my car seat. In fact, the vacuum was so bad that I couldn't tell if it was sucking or blowing. Never again will I go there!


Candy Wilson

Always does a great job getting my car clean. So glad they're here!

Shane Salmons

Willis Davidson

The Best DIY car wash I've ever been to lately, cleaned my truck very very good for the money

steve jenkins

Good car wash

Sidney Cullison

Clean,clean an clean

aiden star

Ron Margheim

Robb barnett

Decent place, not complaining

Adam S.

Denice Efterfield

Long long line. Had to wait over an hour

Cecilia Guzman

The car wash ripped the antenna off my car and then they told me my car had gone in without it they were so rude and so unprofessional no communication between coworkers I had to keep going back and wasting gas just to get an answer and speak with the manager and they still didn't fixed it I can just say I will never go back to this car wash

C Parker

Good pre soak and wash prep, with folding in mirrors if applicable and removing antenna as well, se real levels of wash to choose at a value that protects and is reasonably priced.

Karen Bell

Keith Oakland

Bad Duck

Great when everything works

Tammy Goss

Scott Jackson

Great service

Cliff Emberg

Ronald Meyers

Little high, but otherwise fine

Muriel Cloud

Thanks you guys!!!

Philip Royd

I come here quite often and I love the thoroughness that the workers put into getting the car clean. For some reason I feel that the car is cleaner after coming here than any other place.

Annie Chung

Did a standard wash on my truck. Dirt remained on the windows and there was no drying process.

Gloria Bueno

Needs improvements.

Gaberielle Gonzalez

Dave Brotherton

They were pretty good when they first opened. In the last year or so my SUV didn't come out near as clean as it used to. In particular, the tail gate is never cleaned, even though they clean the back window. I used to see what I assume was the owner working hard to get cars clean. Lately it's been someone else who doesn't get the job done. Sparkle does a much better job.

Meagan Johnson

Fast and friendly

Kyle Moksvold

car wash ripped my mirror off and was told it was already broken

Alexander Batishchev

Messed up order, provided cheaper service than I asked for, didn't clean the rear window

Efrain Rodriguez


Matt Kirkpatrick

Gr8 staff, clean car!

Kella Bariletti

Took my mirror off and gave me a check for repairs, with a fake address on it. Their business phone is disconnected and its been a nightmare trying to get in touch with anyone. I go down there every day off i have and no one is ever there who can help, they just call the owner who never answers.

nadyne juhnke

Diego Rodriguez

Steve King

Best Car Wash in The Dalles, maybe in all of Eastern Oregon.

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