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8243 SW Wilsonville Rd, Wilsonville, OR 97070, United States Located in: Wilsonville Town Center

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REVIEWS OF Kiss Car Wash IN Oregon

Bob Vanhalder

They do reasonably well and take precautions not to have your vehicle damaged. Most of the time they do get your car clean but it doesn't hurt to check when you are done.

Grandt Samuel Photography

Helpful taking my truck antenna off and assisted in putting it back on when they didn't have to. I appreciated that.

Corey Ormandy

Fast, affordable and did a great job!

Doug Heller

The machine here damaged my vehicle, and the kid working had a poor attitude about the damage it caused. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere!

Amy Contreras

The staff was very friendly and helpful..

Martha Muro

It is a very convenient place to have your car clean.

James Meservey

Cheap Service

Zach Snethen

Traci Hall

Car is sparkly!!! Well at least for a day or Staff very friendly and the vacuums were free after car wash! Score, as most you have to pay! Great added feature!

Lisa S

Michelle Iozzia

They didnt wash the back very well but good pricez

Julie Howard

Big thanks to Enrique! As the system pulled my car in for a wash, he noticed that bird droppings were still firmly attached to my driver-side window. After a quick system pause and some vigorous scrubbing, he sent me through with a clean window, to finish the job. In general, nice people at this car wash who work quickly and take care to prevent damage. Still, Enrique's work made my day.

Sydney Bolinger

Hard working staff and a shiny clean car!

Bill Sturtevant

Always a good experience.

Kayla Ziolkowski

Chuck McClaugherty

Don't waste your time or money.... Unless you don't want your rig cleaned all the way. Took my truck thru this morning and paid for the WORKS ($10) and the pre-wash crew did a very fast pre-scrub and sent me thru. After pulling around got out to check to see if everything was clean and there was still lots of dirt and bugs on the grill, bumpers, mirrors, windows.... Went back to get a re-wash and the did another fast pre-wash not really hitting any of the spots I told them where still dirty nad sent my truck thru again. Still came out dirty..... Went back around for a 3rd time and the pre-wash crew said it looks clean.... I got out and showed them all the bugs, dirt, and spots that are missed and they said I would need to pay again to get the truck cleaned again.... I guess that paying for the WORKS means we will clean some areas of your rig and not all of it???


richard brown

My wife took her car here and the machine ripped her cars bumper back pretty severe and they agreed to take care of it she filled out the claims said that they have been having problems and had to fix another ladies car but 2 days later call us and say they won't be fixing it this business is a scam and a half over priced and shady and because my wife gave them her email she cant give them a bad review.

Ashley Burbage

I came here with my friend! I use Tiger Auto Detail but my friend did and now she will be using Tiger Auto Detail! I just don't feel like her car was very clean at all when we left! I could have done a better job with some dawn soap at home! Anyways! Lookup Tiger Auto Detail and give Thomas a call if you want your car washed by a professional!

Eric Nelson

Chris Owen

The staff is typically friendly and if your car doesn't get all the way clean they are very accommodating.

Ashlie Thomas

The staff seemed to know what they're doing but did not speak very good English. This is a deal breaker for me. If you work with the public you have to speak clear English.

Andrea Gurkin

Roger Fleshman

Jaime Aylsworth

DON'T GO HERE!! Their machine just broke off a huge piece of my car and I couldn't even get my $8 back. Had to file an insurance claim.


Good quick car wash they place tape to hold the rear wiper blade down, the spot where it was placed did not get washed. Now part of the window is still dirty. Also the car is still wet after the air blower. The staff was friendly and hand scrubbed the car quickly.

Deborah Potash


It's a car wash that is meant for constant use. Can't wrag on having your car get beat up when you have very heavy whipping cleaning attachments hitting your car. if you want it done right, do it yourself. friendly staff, fair prices and conveniently placed.

Joseph Tucker

Lisa Mesescar

Very efficient, does a very good job of cleaning/drying.

Angie Ford

Caden Collins

Apparently there vacuums don't work /:

Mitul Zatakiya

Jerimy Reis

Basic car wash; does the job. But don't expect anything special.

Harvey Cassidy

Al Stclair

A clean & conveniently located place to clean your car. All the equipment was working good when I was there anyway.

Mohamed Nasr

Ed Jorgensen

nice clean carwash. employees friendly and efficient

Chris Carter


Alethea Hall

They are consistent, quick and friendly. It would be five stars if they could get my wheels a bit cleaner.

Ethan Kyllo

I spent 10 dollars on a wax and clear coat for my car... i got neither and they didn’t even get all the dirt off of my car. I would not recommend this place to anyone that wants even a decent car wash.

Ramshi Hamza

Joshua Leon

Enrique Munoz

Killian Snow

Samuel Arbonne

Not the best choice for what it costs. Car doesn't get very clean.

Dasha Samsonova

Great fast car wash.

Shawnee Caldwell


Love the place

Alan Gunderson

Super good wash and service

Kris g

Tyler Bender

DONT EVER USE THIS CAR WASH! Terrible service, horrible customer service and it damages your vehicle. They failed to properly tape down my back window wiper and it broke! Brand new wiper blade, but because it’s not covered under the manufacturer warranty they claim it’s not their fault. I asked the manager Philippe (could be wrong spelling) and he just said “read sign”. If he was apologetic or anything it would of made this so much better but I will never go back again! Drive 5 miles south or 7 miles north to wash your car. Anywhere else!

Kelly O'Keefe

Julie Kahle

Horrible experience. I will not return.

Judy Greco

It's convenient for me , and I wasn't happy with the way my car came out so they were happy to allow me to run my car through again!! They seem to do whatever to make sure you are satisfied.

bruce weintraub

good basic car wash, but must know to stop and wipe down your vehicle before leaving the wash. Also caution on your antenna...if broken they do not pay for it's replacement! Also know that your wheels need wiping when you are thru the wash!

Ken Chamberlain

Angel Tejerano

Mary Karr

Terrible, most of the rollers weren't working and they didn't spray off the vehicle ahead of time. In fact so bad going to rewash at carwash in Tualatin that you can count on.

Shell will


Lonnie Schwab

Kelsey Munyon

Employees are RUDE, and the carwash itself can't even get bird poop off of vehicles. It takes 3 rounds to get it done. GO TO KAADY!

Jeff Spaght

Great place and friendly service.

Joe AndyFish

Jada Hicklin


Jon Dempster

Nice staff, got my car clean

Sherman Bogard Jr.

They try to shove to many cars through at a time. Makes me feel rushed and very uncomfortable.

ryan pappas

Teresa hasting

Mo O

John 3:16

If I can only give it zero star. I took my Lexus GX470 there yesterday to have a wash. The workers started to clean my wheels and front and back bumpers. Everything seems nice so far right? Wrong. Worker did not disable the top roller and it ended up ripped/pulled my roof basket and damaged roof paint and broke two rear rail caps and busted one end of cross bar. I turned my vehicle around and asked what the hell just happened and of course they did not speak much English and gave me the manager card. I left the message for Trevor Janssen . He called me back today (i appreciated that) and asked about the time of event so he could review the video. Then then called me back and said due to aftermarket part they are not responsible. Wow, I did not expect that. I never had issue at Kaddy Car wash as they never failed to disable the top roller with vehicles that has basket. This place took my money, gave me no warning and failed to disable the top roller machine, damaged my vehicle then blamed on the aftermarket for their scapegoat. What a creditable business that they are running? Do not go there or your vehicle will get damaged and it is your fault per their perspective. Never do business with company that only interest in your money but take no responsibility at all. They could have told me and turn me away when they saw the roof basket but no, they could not refuse to take money. Stay away from this place. They are disgusted me now.

James Houdyshell

They did a really good job and we're processing people through quickly. I like this place

Diamond Top

Hilda Diaz

Jamie House

Very poor customer service they yell at customers

tory snow

This place is nice but it could be better if they incorperated free vacumn with a wash

Hadley Chang McManus

Great and prompt service

david shortt

The machine damaged my vehicle, they will NOT compensate for damages and the ((fine print)) on their sign reads they will not so beware. CROOKS ! If you love your vehicle.. do NOT pull in.

Tami McKenzie

Ryan Welsh

This car wash has to be the worst. It’s the only on close. They blame everything on the way your vehicle is. But if you watch them scrub the vehicles while your in line. You’ll see! When you question them. The staff gets angry. I was afraid for my vehicle. They claimed my trailer hitch was the reason for the FRONT HALF of the vehicle to be dirty. Hmmmm. And why didn’t they ask me to remove the hitch before washing? Horrible. This is not my first bad experience with this place. People that are working there could give sh— if you car is clean or damaged. OWNERS!!!!!! Please do something!

Anar R

After $10 car wash my car is all wet plus I need to pay $1 for vacuum? are you guys serious? Not recommended!

Anaheed Hill

Not worth the $9 for a wash and wax. There was a shower of dirt on the hood of my car and my husband's car as well. When I pointed it out to the manager he offered nothing to fix it. I even said I would clean it if he could give me some spray and a rag. Nope, just a sorry and advice, go get it detailed. Silly me, I thought a car wash means your car gets washed not sprayed in black specks of dirt, check out my pics. You can see the black specks on the hood of both cars. Not going back.

Melissa Hastings


Doesn't get everywhere clean

Keith Cook

Jaime Clark

Clean n your the one who decides how clean u get since you wash it yourself


Apryl Bogue

Fast friendly service!!

Greg Seikaly

If I could give them a Zero I would. I just got the car last Saturday and there machine destroyed my window trim. You can clearly see the swirls. I had to file a claim with my insurance and all they gave me was there buisness card.

Merrily Haas

The attendants are nice. The carwash gets most of the grime off. The vacuums cost just $1 and last long enough to do your vehicle. Bring your own towel or buy one if you want to finish drying it off after.

Sherrie Baldwin

Just wish theyd scub numbers like they use too.

Nancy Thomas

Okay car wash

Dan B

Fast and convenient. They will do a little extra for you if you have a very dirty vehicle. Keep in mind that this place is inexpensive. They are not gonna detail your car. If you frequent this wash I recommend to buy a book of washes. If you want flawless washes, hire a detailer. You get what you pay for.

Linda Suire

good place to get your car washed but doesn't get into the grooves very well

Mike Hardwick

Great value carwash always small queue if any.

Heather Hosking

Closed, stole my money, had a hard time getting a refund

Ricardo Sanchez

Jason Herron

John Hughes

Tammi Smith

Very rough on the car, did not come out clean no towels to dry off the car.

John Walters

They make my car clean. I like that. Also, their prices are compelling.

Guy Cherry

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