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15450 SW 116th Ave, King City, OR 97224, United States

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REVIEWS OF Kaady Car Washes IN Oregon

Charles Wilkinson

Typical drive thru car wash

Olivia Reyes

The stuff always seems friendly and they are reasonably priced.

Pamela Garcia

Jeffrey Balogh

They do a pretty good job for a quick car wash.

Danny R

Would not let me go through the car wash because the canopy to my truck did have a back window.

Dugan Kniesteadt

Yohanna Ruger

Svetlana Mann

Desiree Engel

Fast and friendly

Brian Eggiman

Brian Shoop

Miles MacElman

I was called a n****r by the manager...



Kerry Grimes

Excellent car wash

Chris Raybourn

Nick Minkler

Gene Nuss

Michelle Rocheld

Mike Dinkel

bonziamaster Bruesch

Great Carwash

Jeanette Hicks

Well they had new equipment for the carwash, vaccums not finished yet. My car was still a bit dirty, but passable. Great price.

Heather Kartchner

Brianne Le Brun

I love this place. The people are always professional and polite and my car always looks great afterwards. I love that they have multiple outdoor vacuums that can be used. I always pop by and give my car a freshen up every few weeks. Occasionally it gets super busy but for the most part there is always quick service.

Rob Lucke

Good wash, great service, totally amazing and friendly people

Rick Edwards

Good car wash, free vacuums, does quality work. Sometimes the people can be pushy.

Austin Wandy

Great place to get your car/truck clean for the right price and a fast trip

Adventure Mckinley

You have to love the free vacuums it's like the Chick-fil-A of car washes.

Bill Koppel

The best car washes around. I only take my xar to Kaady.


Free vacuum with car wash purchase! VERY AWESOME!

Carole Moore


Christine Wachlin

Kristi Lua


Update June 20, 2017: they raised the price, And reduced the service quality.

Carrie WG

Kellen B

Eric Palacios

Always great for a quick wash.

Sonn F

Quick car wash

Jeremy Botsch

They broke my wiper.

Eric Bell

Great place to get a quick wash. They have vacuums thay are available too. 5 mins for free. Pay for additional time, but I always get it done in five.

Dutramatic Industries

The wash was terrible. Other places have two employees prewashing. There is a reason for the prewashing. Not going back.

Andy Peterson

Pretty standard car wash, the thing that really makes this stand out is that you get free vacuum time after you get a car wash. Really makes it worth the 7 dollars.

R.P. R.P.


Always makes my cars shiny

raven Chanay

Not all kaddy car washes are treated the same. This one is definitely old. My car was washed fine but their vacuums were terrible. Very under powered and as mom with a toddler I need a working vacuum. I had to move to multiple vacuums to find one that worked decent. To make it more annoying I had to keep pushing a button to turn vacuum on as it would turn off every 2 minutes. I wouldn't have minded it but because their vacuums are so under powered it took me 3 times longer to vacuum my car. I wont be going back.

inger stippich

Brianna Nix

I purchased an advanced car wash, and they did the same as a regular wash, and my car is still really dirty. I'm very disappointed.

Tammy Hall

Daniel Wayne

Pretty impressed with this car wash, it did a really good job!

claire hiveley

Nacho Popoka

Jesus Vargas

Really friendly and quick

Scott Winslow

Sheldon Hatcher

Great place

Kasi Woidyla

Brian Cromie

go there a fair amount. prices are comparable and i feel there machine provides one of the best washes. plus free vacuum use to finish out detail vechile

DeeDee Ford

Nice clean facility.

James Haberski

It's getting very expensive to wash your car there but it's worth it

Lowell Alik

Reliable and cleans your car well.

Lorrie Devlin

So nice to have a clean car. Good service even though they were very busy.

Joe Bencharsky

Basic exterior machine wash. Limited resources for interior cleaning.

Caroline Gibson

Faye Comer

Always a professional experience at Kaady Car Wash.


Great service

Tech Bytes With Kiran

Quick car wash. Not the absolute best but it works. Some vacuums don’t work.

John Carter

Guadalupe Barreras

Virgil Hretcanu

Red Krause

It's good

Jason Doane

Killian Snow

He was pleased with the car wash.

Kyler Stevens-Pfau


Fast, friendly, quick car wash.

Jeff Bradley

garry johnson

Karen May

Nice clean facility, great employees

Brianattack21 Gaming

Pamala Williams

Price goi g up for basic wash. You now get free vacume with car wash

Timothy Shaw

Professional attitude.

peter elliott


Great little car wash.

Mark Luu

23rd Psalm

They do a good job and always friendly.

russell landor

New reconstruction completed to this kandy carwash that stays busy. I would have never gotten rid of the pre spray on solution before going through the washing especially when you pay for Premium wash. I found my results slightly different.

Kayse Fletcher

Quick, thorough with friendly service.

Peter Carlesimo

Great Car Wash: easy to see from 99W. It’s right next to the Arco and right across the street from the Safeway. If you’re coming from Durham Road, go straight across Highway 99W and then head up that side road. Otherwise it will take a lot longer turning right on 99W and then a left onto Royalty Parkway (which is a LONG light). The line always seems to move fast. And the staff is ALWAYS very professional, friendly, and helpful. I’ve always upgraded to the Premium wash and it does a great job getting my truck clean. And you can buy multiples and get one free. Also, it’s great because you can pull in any time and use the vacuum service.

Dusty Pellersels

Awesome job

Linda Owen

One of the few car washes that will actually get your car and wheels cleaned with one pass. The free vacuum option is a good touch. I usually use the touch less car wash, but that's been down for the winter. I see no reason to go back since kaady gets it clean.

Ryan Stroh

Most professional car wash I have ever been to. They let me go through twice because of excessive bugs on the front of my car.

Trish Hamilton

Sean G

It's ok you definitely get what you pay for


Nice place with easy mode car washing. Free vacuuming.

Tim Grove

Brandon Arellano

great for a quick wash. 10$ for premium wash. does a really great job too. vacuums free with a wash

Nev Freeman

nariish shariff

Alex Wadell

Quick and attendant were professional

Kelly Jungers-Clark

Scott Peavy

Fast and efficient, cleans thoroughly and gentle on my car's finish. I've used Kaady for years and love it.

Kevin McClinton

Great wash, free vacuuming

Richard Concepcion

It's a good place BUT, the vacuum system doesn't work to good. Also, need to add more vacuum systems. They have the room.

alberto nicolas

Jeremy Phipps

solis tran

$5 to use the vacuum.

Andrew Jackson

Got my car washed and always being stared at like I did something wrong terrible service

Gary Guyton


Charles Unger

Great car wash

Mike Empey

Good car wash at a fair price. Wipe it yourself.

Nicole Sundberg

Worst customer service! I purchase the multi car wash discount card each month and wash my car every weekend. My car is never even real dirty and doesn’t take much to get her clean, however, my car almost always looks the same after going thru the wash. How is this possible? I feel that since the remodel, they have started using lower quality products to make up for the cost. And don’t even get me started on the vacuums that don’t suck. I thought for sure that after the remodel that the vacuums would be new and improved so I gave them another chance. Nope, still the same pieces of out dated garbage. There is a sign on the vacuum that states it runs for 10 minutes, perfect! Nope, they literally run for 2 minutes before shutting off and having to push the button to start all over again. So annoying. Who the heck can vacuum their entire car in 2 minutes. My time is valuable and I would much rather go up the street and pay more money for a better wash and pay to use vacuums that actually suck! Very disappointed King City Kaady!


Axel Popoka

Great service

Ellisia Cone

Free Vacumm with Wash...

A Microtyger

They get your car clean and vacuuming machines are free. I personally dislike the waving in of each car as if you're an airplane... it's a bit much and makes me feel like they think I can't drive my car.

Dusty Sandhagen

Daniel Jesse Brophy

x5i9 x6i0

Not a bad car wash. I have been to competitors that do a better job for about the same price as kaady's premium.

Laurie Dolen

I like to get my car clean


The best car wash in town! The system is gentle to the paint and thorough.

Ivan Kruchok

Pamela Williams

Stephen "AKA Manager" really would benefit in a course of Customer Service. I will never use that Kaddy Car wash again.

Benjamin Bakaitis

Very good service, great vacuums-they really suck

Brian Kindle

Ashley Britton


Good car wash, quick, free vacuum, does a good job

Libra Hoppa

Never so busy that I have to wait in a long line. Friendly staff and free vacuum afterwards. Good price too.

Jenny Bowns-Fears

Car got really clean, but the staff definitely isn't friendly. It's ok, just not great.

Nikola Tcherven

Benjamin Jones

Wicked cool folks

Dakota Mark

I recently checked this location out. Unfortunatley, I had to get my car re-washed. Sometimes robots dont always do things right. I can understand that. What really strikes me is the poor customer service here. The manager, Steve or Steven, was very rude to me. He also didnt seem very nice to his employees. Not to mention he smelt of stale cigarettes. I thought this was suppose to be a fine establishment. I guess not...

W Gail Manchur

Good, affordable drive through car wash


Arvy Modou

My best place for car wash... Every day they got package deal.

Kerry Ann

The people were nice, and the service was quick, but the car wash wasn't very good.

Clinton Coble

Priscilla Komlofske

Cost effective, quickly, and has all the amenities I'm looking for. Due to the friendly staff, and free vacuuming, I will keep coming back to this specific location!

Dillon Carbajal

Went through the car wash and then noticed these scratches on the roof of my car.... Let them know and a week later met with the guy who deals with damages and he asked me if I had put something on top of my car.... Long story short he said it wasn't their fault. If you decide to risk it make sure you take a picture of your car first for proof.

Giorgio Daveed

Pretty good wash but 2 rotating brushes didn't work.

Stephanie Nolan

Love washing my truck there

Katie Varenne

Lucas McDermott

Love these guys and the extra tall US flag!

Gina Cheselka

Nothing special bout this place. 10 bucks for a car wash. Good deal, no not really!!! They push peeps thru one rite after the other and THE place scratched THE WHOLE TOP of my CAR so I put it thru my insurance company, my insurance comp. found them at fault and i got my car fixed. The manager dude there who drives a bmw was trying to convince me the round consistant scratches are something there car wash doesnt do like I'm the idiot prob cuz I'm a woman and look who won with the insurance company. So he a douche, BEWARE!

Amber Lynott

Very clean and the staff was super friendly.

Matt S

Great wash, great price, all good.

Darrin Lilly

Best Car Wash in Tigard!!!! Helps Keep my Car Looking Good and Clean for a Fair Price!!!!!

Vernold H Stevahn Jr

Nice car wash thank you


Dallas Ruehlen

This is the best drive through car wash i have found. Its the only place we use now, and drive about 40miles round trip to use it. Clean brunches!

Greg Council

Great car wash but the wash broke my taillight and I haven't heard from them since ☹️

Greg C

Sage Roth

Awesome, fast service and I loved free vacuum day! My car loved it too!

Don Rainey

Handy and quick

Hassan Shariff

Rachael Garrison

I really appreciated the very clear signage and professionalism of everyone working there. Even the signs everywhere that tell you the package options, where to go, to put the car in neutral, etc. All very clean and neat. The wash seemed to get the job done, so I'm happy there. After the wash, I drove into a vacuum spot and this is where they lose one star. The suction isn't great. I mean, I've seen worse, but I've also gone to washes with much better suction. I have two messy kids and dogs, so I need suction!! There were only a couple other people vacuuming their cars, so it wasn't due to all the vacuums being used. I'm going to check out the other nearby washes to see if the suction is better. But if they're all like that, then I'll be back to Kaady since it's the closest to my house.

My VZW Schockelt

Justin Jackson

I went in to get my car washed and i got all lined up to begin and tried having a conversation with the worker that was helping me and i made a joke and he laughed then when my wash was done he said i got banned from there for telling a joke nothing offensive

Julie Colling

Took moms car in on coupon received from dealership after oil change. Apparently this is the new trend instead of dealership doing it. The lack of person with broom at beginning of entry to get plate area nonexistent, leaving entire front and back plate and surrounding area filthy. Crummy tape job slapped on to hold back wiper safely down ...DIDNT. AND the crowning glory was lovely scratch on front quarter panel. When I called to alert them, I was told I was "breaking up." NEVER AGAIN. unfortunately had to give 1 star to leave review

Nick Walton

I don't know. It seems silly to really like a particular car washing place..but my pickup just seems cleaner here. The staff is always really "on it". I just love the Kaady.

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