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REVIEWS OF John's Car Wash IN Oregon

Joan Freeman

i LOVE johns car wash!

Grandt Samuel Photography

Great place for a quick wash.

Derek Bish

I like that they use brushes to pre clean trouble areas before running you through the wash.

Renée W

James Kemp

For 8 bucks you can't beat it.

John McAnally

Asked for and received a little extra brushing. Appreciate it.

Michiel Spence-Majors

They do a great job and the cost is very reasonable.

Cliff Wilson

Old machinery, dryers inefficient, car left with dry spots all over....nice employees just needs major upgrade....paid 10 bucks worth 3 bucks....will not return

Karl White

josephine pyer

I was a loyal customer until they hired this tool sure rude service served with a frown... gawd damm put a smile on you face and the stick outta ur A**

Dave Salter

Zach Snethen

Nita Wipper

I had a car wash and my car came out dirtier than when I went in. the water they used was not clean

Peter Gendron

joesph Donaldson

Vacuum cleaner didn't get the job done. Had very limited suction.

Robert Watkins

Dee H

Someone from this establishment ordered a car part from me then filed a chargeback/I suspect maybe a worker who damaged someones car idk what happened but very shady practices are taking place here because no one is returning my calls

Kyle Stratman

Samantha Van schoyck

Randol Blair

Lots of soap nice dust rags

gwen smith

Don Phillips

Staff does well preparing your auto...comes out nice....

Ted Gamma

Always great service, decent prices and friendly staff

Deborah Bachand

Scratches your car.

Chester Bilyeu

The only place I have my truck washed

Danielle Roberts

Works. I like that the staff didn't ask me a bunch of questions. I'm not here to hang out.

Theresa Potts

Great customer service!

Wayne Bond

They do a great job on dirty trucks.

Lori Whipple


Pure Mischief

Hugo Sancho

Joshua D

Ineffective... The employees are rude..


Only half the brushes work, my car ended up with more spots on it then when I started. I told the kid that was working and he said he let the gen manager know, an I could run my car back through for free but it didn't really help, I ended up going home and washing it by hand. This was the Keizer location.

jasonk2600 K

charles vickery

I went there on 03-02-2019 and they missed a huge spot of dirt and grime on my truck due to the recent bad weather and they sent me through the wash and the brushes took all the small rocks and put a huge scratch down the side of my truck. We ate at JCs pizza across the street and I noticed after we got done eating and went straight back there. He took a claim form and said someone would contact me. After I called back because i never received a call they said there is no way its them and they will do nothing about it. Worst customer service ever and worst car wash ever. Do not waste your money or support this business.

josh redinger

Stopped to vacuum out my car. Put in the required $1 in quarters and the machine didn't work. No one around for customer service to get my $1 back or make the vacuum work. Won't go here again.

Travis Ricketts

Walter Sacha

My car was very clean when I left.

Brianna Darlene Oglesby

Frank Shrewsbury

Tammy Shaw

This was a crap job horrible customer service wasn't good

MJo Creations & Designs

Good prices! Good costumer service!


Sheila Broumley

Freddy Palacios

Great customer service

Wes S

Excellent and friendly staff. Good wash too. Need to get rid of the water hungry and inefficient watering of turf out front though...

Edward Wagner

Kinda pricey, decent wash

Lucas heineck

Friendly staff. And you end up with a clean car

Mostafa Sobh

It is okay service

Heather Wallace

Cleanest wash in Salem

Nic Woods

Good potential, sadly not very consistent. Most recent visit has been the best wash so far.

levi floyd

Came here hoping for a free vacuum or at least a way to pay for a vacuum with my card and the vacuums only accept quarters. Went through the wash and the only part of the vehicle that was sufficiently cleaned was the windshield everywhere else there were water spots . It was fairly cheap though and I think I got what I paid for.

Dave R

The guy yelled at me when I told him he missed all the spots.

hello boiis

Candiss Monagon

Amazing!! Found my new place to vacuum out my car! Ceapest that i have seen and plus the vacuum work so good and give you a good amt of time for your money!! Plus the Corvettes parked...

Dennis Hall

Don't waste your money here. It's overpriced and your car is still dirty afterwards. Not sure how that works but I've taken both my cars there on 2 different occasions and still dirty. The bumper and license plate were extremely dirty.

Lisa Stonger

Keith Benton

One of the best car wash in town

Michael Maerz

Jim Schroeder

Don't normally use a car wash, but it was a great job.

David Gibson

Great quality, reasonable price.

joey elgin

Nate Is Okay

Pretty good wash.. Just remember it will look and do better if you wash 2x month

Phil Osophy

In. Out. Car clean. What more.


Laura Root

Grace Kennedy

Randy Rodriguez

Michael Hall

gavin christenson

This place is very dirty, which is weird considering that's you know..... Its a car WASH!!!


Only place in Salem that allows 13" wide tires.

D Myhre

Luis Fernando Goicochea


Gentle, quick and a fair price . I usually hand wash, but when I want a quick splash, I choose here.

Wes Roberts

Quick and easy

Royce Alejo

Bruce Cameron

Fast and friendly attendants prewash the higher dirty spots like the nose, windshield and back before going in.

Jesse Walker

Great service

joseph tietz

Dorothy Upton

Tina Humphries

I'm so glad that they still scrub the cars BEFORE going thru the wash!

Jason Dudley

Jim Walsh

We haven't been there

Jeff Lemoine

I jumped the track somehow. I guess I acedently hit my breaks or something. They wouldn't let me go back through. The manger or guy in charge cussed me out call me a idiot and said I did it on purpose. I was so embarrassed that I haven't been back since.

Khodadad Sirossi

Good clean car wash. Mostly they wash the outside and no interior .

Shannon Thompson

Great customer service. But the equipment is old and my car smelled like dirt socks, I had spots all over my windows and mirrors. I had to get a second wash right after at a different shop

Alexandr Somov

The vacuum cleaner works badly even for money!!!

Peter Urben

You don't have to get out of your car pretty good wash. Vacuums don't work that well

Lowell Alik

Good team!

Rachelle Waite

Today was amazing, I was cleaning out my car. I had my car on for the Ac but not actually have the car running. So just my battery. And I was there a lot longer than I thought I was. Well when I was getting ready to go my car wouldn't start. So I waited and still nothing, I went and asked an employee for a jump, my kids were in the car and the sun was beating on us. So it was getting hot quick, he stopped what he was doing and helped my family. I wish I got his name but thank you so much. I always come to you guys to clean my car, so I'm thankful I did. Thank you dear sir, it was a real act of kindness.

Fayellen Schwarzentraub

Melissa Barnes

Chad Matthews

Ian Boggon

Best carwash in town

Jen Southan

They do a great job at the pre-wash if you give a good tip. Makes the effectiveness of the car wash better.

Cindy U

Ricardo Ruiz

Francine Foley

Breault Jaren

Jody Orr

Needed to wash car and they are the only one around.The 3 guys “ working “ there were just standing around and only one of them did a half pre-brush. The machinery left water spots that looked like wax.I wouldn’t recommend it.

Linda Anderson

Good job for car wash.

Devine McFadden

Mike Whiteman

Great job and fast service

William Sandvig

Super quick and easy

lola hickmon

harold crawford

It gave the best wash for my car it had all day


Automated car wash for the most part. Not thorough, but you get what you pay for I suppose.


It's older equipment and they charge a buck more than my usual place. Wash isn't terrible but it's not the best. They're conveniently located though, and the only car wash in the area. So I keep going back.

Jason Haines

Tire shines not so good

natalie ramos

I couldn't get any of the vacuums to work wasted 3$ in quarters before giving up I ask the guy working he gave me a dollar in change but the coins got stuck in the machine no body bothered to ask if I needed any help very disappointed with this place I hadn't been there in a while and they used to be great but don't think I'll go back.


Matthew Brown

Good wash for a good price. This is not a full service place that hand dries your car, but John does hand-mop it off before it goes through. Think of it like a "super" gas-station car wash.

Joe H

Quick and easy. Fair price for what you get.

David Walters

Quick and simple!

Tiffany Gosney

Ben McGowan

Got my hard to clean Jeep very clean!

Trish Beñson

Ryan Kackley

Right on my way home. Convenient.

Mukunda Moss

Awesome car wash.

Star Whitney

Chi Lo

Pretty good service. I just recommend that you stick with the $7.00

Jaine London

Excellent car wash. They do a GREAT job !!!

Lyndi Tipton

Quick, friendly, and decent priced!

Brian Hansen

Finally got all the bugs off. Thanks.

Sara Hoffman

Good wash

Rachelle Franks

Good car wash

Amber Roth

Great services

David L

Micheal Crabtree

Julianna Hales

Never go here! Hard water. Leaves white spots all over your car. The worst customer service! I was yelled at and hung up on

Mark Bernt

Josh Kohler

Don't waste your money! They used to have much better service. They know that their machines will not get all the spots on your vehicle so they scrub the cars with brushes before they start. If the employees don't care (as they obviously do not) you're left with dirty spots all over your car. What is the point of a car wash service that doesn't leave your car clean when its done servicing it?

Jacob Bowling


Daniel Bishop

Worst place ever. The attendants will damage the paint on your because they are not careful with the brushes. They throw them around like they are toys. There are now dents and chips in my door that were not there before. When toy confront them about it they will deny it but luckily surveillance cameras do not lie. The owner is not the greatest either. He will argue that the video footage is incorrect also. It is on their system, how could I have altered the footage? So to boil everything down to one word, it would be AVOID. Both locations are bad, but at least the south location is a small step up. I would suggest going somewhere else to get your vehicle washed.

Amy Hyrne

Good place to go for a quick drive thru car wash. The staff is friendly and the cost is comparable to other local car washes.


It nothing they did wrong, but they passed me off, and wouldn't accept my cash offer for a vehicle. Their loss.


Sophia Garcia

$8 for a super great car wash? Pffft. Duh. Awesome.


Joe Love

Great place

Pamela Bitner

Doris Neitzel

Ramon A

Friendly service but I'm not there for the service.. I'm there for a car wash and when I got home my car was still dirty. you could see where the brushes had missed especially the trunk.

Zachariah hinson

Great wash... seriously great wash... Maybe sell more accessories inside at the pay station ...

Lonnie Schwab

Always friendly and a clean car too!

Phil Hodges

Employee got a little impatient with me trying to pull in. Me: "I'll just be happy if the bird poop comes off." Employee: "Don't worry we'll take care of it." Bird poop remained. And I got some white water spots in the deal.

Byron Names


Kathy Hadley

Rarely a wait, friendly staff

Louise McAuley

The one in Salem, South Commercial, is the one to go to. The guys there give special attention to dirty rigs. They give a quick once over, washing by hand, the extra dirty spots. The one in Kaiser leaves hard water spots on your cars and trucks.

Kristy McLeod

Steven Thomson

Leaves spots on my car


Jory Alvarez

Worst “car wash” I’ve ever had. Paid 10$ to have my car come out with water spots every where and looks like it scratched my hood. The kids who worked there were nice though.

cody dorman

Friendly staff

Michael Jones

Car wash was good, but put money in for the vacuums and it didn't work

Eric Ottoson

Always friendly & the car wash does a great job on all my vehicles

Derek Fleener

Well it was an awesome day for one gentleman lost his treasure guitar and thought it was gone forever I was able to save it and return it to him through the wonderful staff at the carwash I really believe those guys that work for Roberson truly care about each and every customer that comes through their establishment

Dayvid Artman

John's is a standard automated rag/cloth car wash. I use it regularly for my company truck to keep it looking decent. A basic wash is six bucks if you buy a book of five washes for thirty dollars. Pretty good value if you are content with a basic wash. They also have other options for higher prices and specials available on their website.

Julie Domac

I love the wash and hot wax. wish their holiday 3 for 20 ran all year. Nice people work there.

Sonny Lopes

Patrick Meyers

Heather conwell

Love this place! Even when there is a long line of cars, you get through quick!

Vicky Robinett

They need new dryers

David Camaro

Nice indoor wash. But they don’t give you wipes for the car like all other washes. The guys where friendly this morning. Quality of wash is about average. Seen better seen worse !! They don’t have the unlimited option

Freddy Martinez

(Translated by Google) Very good attention (Original) Muy buena atención


Nice guys- clean place:) Hot Wax @ John’s!!! Looks great

Adriana Casillas

They did a terrable job. My 2018 ram truck came out all scrached up and worse then it was already was spots all over. I do not recommened taking your vehicle here.

Daniel Narvaez

Dave S.

Great service. Cat got cleaned nicely

Dustin Myers

This car wash is good. You drive in dirty and come out clean. Just what you'd expect out of a car wash. The price is reasonable.

Connie Wolfe

I've been going here for years to wash my truck, but the last year or so, has been just aweful! Equipment is broke & they don't seem to be in any hurry to fix it! One roller brush on passenger side is not working at all! I literally had to wash the whole side of my truck by hand after going thru the wash. I asked why they haven't fixed it? all the person could say is the owner is aware, & we have had other complaints too! there is no soap smell, or soap at all that I can see, when going thru.. after at least 10 years of regularly doing business here, No longer a customer of John's Car Wash!

Chelsea LaFrance

Bria Dezotell

Sing PaPa

Car wash is ok... but feel getting experience over the years... price is about same as many others... compatible

Len Pat nickels

Been My wash 15 years plus

Melissa Warren



My favorite car wash.

Samantha Gibson

Ken Carlson

Car was does a great job washing our big SUV.

Dan Marugg

Great value.

Jerry Hawley

Good, quick service. Good work. Good price.

becky asher

The took time to clean road bugs off my windshield.

Steve Schubert

Great service

Becky Gilbert

Brian Platt

Good wash at a decent price. Usually not super busy.

Robert Johnson

Car got washed. The guy working there did not seem happy to be there.

Tammee Candelaria

Danielle Johnston

James Reuter

Ok for a atuomatic car wash

Gabrielle Feasel

Staff payed extra attention and time to the bugs and bird droppings on our car before it went through the wash. Greatly appreciated! Most car washes just lightly brush your car and then send you through. Thank you for being detail oriented!

Lorrie Cramer

Anthony Chase

Small car wash, the attendant was nice and helpful answering questions. Price us just right.

melissa vrell

I paid for the $10 wash. not only was this the fastest car wash i have EVER been through, the spots on the car were immediate and horrible. I go to a car was on average once per week and this has never ever happened like it did from here. Waste of $10.


Buy a book, it's cheaper. This is Oregon your car is going to get dirty

Scott Erickson

Fast and easy!

Steven Smith

Friendly staff. Left with dirty windows still and dried on wax

Charles Sekafetz

Car wash with stepped costs for extra"s. Good service, but make sure to get out and check that everything is off. Bring a small towel to get your mirrors dried and leave no spots. Yes excessive, but the air doesn't hit as high on the larger trucks.

Cynthia Dawson

This is the only place I go to get my car washed.

Skiley Ramey

sarai reyes

Nice wash....

Stormy Schmidtke

Always busy and alot of traffic ...doeant matter what time of the day or night you always see this place full. My friends live right behind this place and they are always having break-ins and stuff stolen from their cars during the night from all the shady traffic coming and going thru or to this place during the night hours not to mention its always very loud at all hours.

B Rick

The last times I went here the dryers were broken. Today the dryers were working but barely blew the water off my car after getting the hot wax. My car is covered in water spots. The water spots here are awful and I wouldn't recommend this wash if you want your car to look nice afterwards. I won't be back.

Ricki Labrinth

One of the best agents by far.

Scott Branco

Always has great service

Liz Young

The guy who helped me was super clean cut, really thourough with scrubbing before we went through the building, and made my kids laugh. I don't think I got the was I paid for, though

Dennis Kardokus

Very nice and safe car wash. Always happy with the finished wash job!

Darrin Campbell

David Coker

I'll wash your car/truck as if it were my own.

Jason Steiger

It cleans the alright. Just like what you would expect from a automatic car wash. But best bargain on the west side.

Delfina Saucedo

GREAT service

jennifer kent

Best car wash around! They basically wash your car by hand before you start rolling through the actual carwash.

Drew Johnson

They do a great job!

Apryl Bogue

Always fast friendly service!

Ardel Lewis

A cool place to get ur vehicle clean and shinny!

C.M. Blanksvard

Really appreciate them helping me get my antenna of my car.

Likzy Wtf

Nice job

Marcie Memmott-Charles

The manager, Freddy always makes sure my car looks excellent!!! He needs a raise John!!


I went to John’s Carwash for a basic car wash. When I got home I noticed there were circular scratches on my car. I went back and was told by one of the employees “If you didn’t want your car scratched you should have washed it at home.” The supervisor came out and apologized for this employee and proceeded to tell me that the scratches were caused by the carwash. I filled out a complaint form and was told I’d hear from someone later on to have this resolved. It's been a couple months now, and I still haven’t heard a thing. I do not recommend this car wash if you value your car.

Susanne Lowman

Rebecca Sanchez

Went threw twice because the first time didn't not go its job. second time there still the same this. I even had to turn the windshield wipers to wash off the polish of my window.. every widow has it.

Michelle Black

barbara johnson

Best car wash!! Great manager!!

Jonathan Katze

Often come here for when I want the mud sadly washed from my truck. Fast, easy, and it has the human customer service I enjoy to take my money and not some machine. Like Town and Country Lanes, this business is also a bit of a local treasure.

Ivan de Prume

This was my first time going. I noticed others were left with spots on their cars. Me too. I went around to let them know and the guy was nice enough to run it through a second time. Still got spots left on my car. I think the water is not recycled well enough or something

Randy West

Mike Jasmer

D. Scott Smith

Always do a good job and on the car; and are a friendly group.

Heather Durst

Kinda dumpy looking, but I had good service. The employee scrubbed my SUV better than my usual place in Portland. Absolutely no missed spots. Oh, and no line! But it was 8:30am on a Sunday lol

Curt Wagner

Andy Light

Good service

Maxine Addington

Car was nice and shiny!

Rebbecca Foltz

Danell Wirth

Captain Gray Graham

Mr Clean. Great

Lucy Miller

Always do a good job and you don't come out with dust on your car still like some other car washes.

KeIth Burkhart

Jeff Sygney

JoAnne Beilke

Darcynewtonirving ESCarg0067

Great service and prices!

Mike Aguilera

A really good place to get your car washed and the staff there are some of the best!

Rick Ortiz

Good service. Quick . Easy. Friendly.

hailey doerfler

Johns car wash has the rudest employees ever... I didn’t even get my car washed there, I was trying to enter the establishment next to me and there whole line was blocking the ENTRANCE.. the employee with the bald head turned around and yelled at me saying “go around, the line is just getting bigger and bigger and your in the way!” Umm, alright johns car wash... I’m letting everyone know that they can get a better 7 dollar wash ANYWHERE BUT THERE.

Darla Dunham

Michelle Martin

Good, clean, car wash. Cleaning supplies , and car trees; in vending machine, on site.

JaNet Peterson

Such good service! Thank you so much

John Hawkins

Caleb Johnson

Go here once a week

Nelvis Estevez


Best car wash in Salem

Edward Winslow

I needed to have them run my suburban through twice. It wasn't that dirty.

Ray Clark III

Good car wash

Wayne Miller

These guys are good they haven't missed a spot yet

Colette Adelman

I wasn't very impressed but it was good enough for a quick wash.

Shannon Stevens

Best wash for your buck

Chuck Downing

Often misses the lower portions of car

Michael Sims

Great place to work!!!

Brian Sheller

Plan on running through twice, and still being disappointed. After several different washes on several days, I've concluded this car wash just isn't very effective.

William Wasyluk II

I am not a fan of the tokens!

Allen Miller

Hard to get into with a long vehicle but otherwise perfect!

Suzanne Pryor

I love these guys they always take very good care of you and my car comes out of the other side looking fabulous

Bl Hayes

It's 8.00 charge but the wash is worth less. I had to come home to finish the job.

Kelley Frier

Alice Lasswell

This is the first time I tried the Keizer location. My car is covered with water spots now so I have to go home and finish cleaning it.

Mireya Cruz

The water didn't have any soap it was just dirty water

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