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20425 Empire Ave, Bend, OR 97701, United States

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REVIEWS OF Empire CarWash IN Oregon

Bailey Morgan

Dan Rogers

David Tappert

Matt Davio

Nick Vaca

Just don't do it ...

Pretty Bad

Marie Herrera


Did the monthly membership, canceled later by going inside, giving copies of receipt, talking with owner, leaving phone message... 3 months later had to have credit card company settle things since they continue charging monthly. Scammers. Maybe they should sell mattresses too. Hopefully I won’t be harmed next month or will have to change my credit card. There wash is older and the new Surfside wash off 27th much better

Tawnya Knight

My go-to spot for car washes! Very affordable washes! They give you a complimentary towel to wipe down the inside of your vehicle, and the vacuums are free to use when you purchase a wash. Plus, they can fill your growler while you wait!

scot swanson

Great quick wash

Tony Gonzalez

Great team

Kim Cross

Bfbubba John A

Not RECOMMENDED, My ladies truck looked awful after the spendy option, saddens me.

little Madd

Best car wash

Ross Hart

I have a 2007 Rava4 that looked it`s age and more. I had the entire exterior cleaned and waxed, and engine cleaned. Wow!! it it beautiful! Great job and a great price, thank you

Monica Stewart

Fast in and out

francis sweeney

Will be going back

Danny Schumacher

They do a good job and car wash seems to have new washing fabric frequently.

sheryl keyes

They have good service and free vacuums for customers.

Adamjam 78

Friendly staff. Car Wash does a good job. The detail shop is great and reasonably priced. And there is beer!

s bule

Increased monthly prices of wash club without notifying customer of said increase. ??? So we have been charged more than was agreed to at time of purchase. NOT GOOD business practice. Actually pretty shady. Good car wash tho

Caroline Harris-kelly

Jeff D

Fast and new clean options. $8, $10, and $14 options to choose from. Vacuum use after the wash included if you want it. They give you a towel too.

Mike Linehan

Pamela Widmer

Tammy Ulam Rystedt

Loved the free vacuum's but a complete pain in the butt to have to climb out of the SUV every 3 to 5 min to hit the button to turn it on. Makes for a very time consuming process.

Wet Stone

Such a waste of $10. Didn't even come close to cleaning my truck. The back end of the truck still had dirt on it that looked like water never touched it. Never going back here.

Adrian Valdez

Pam Powell

Had my car detailed and it looks amazing

robert mckheen

Lot's of vacumms. And a place to clean your car.

Johnna Daniel

Everything is new inside love a really clean car

Chris Tipton

Ed Ochs

They have towles and free vacuums, a must for me anymore. I also like the monthly club deal even though I'm only in town on weekends.

Drew Barab

Good wash, free vacuum, reasonable prices

Taylor Rembowski

The food at the southern accent food card was phenomenal!

Christopher Larsen

Despite people supposedly pre-washing, the front, back and wheels on my car were just as dirty after the wash as they were before. I could touch the dirt with finger after the wash and leave a clean spot on the car, but they can't get it clean? I absolutely do not recommend getting your car washed here.

Charlene Eusted

Love it

Sky Sky Frumunda

Derek & Sarah Gill

They do a good job... BUT... they’re super greedy and even just a little bit of mud on the car is a “required” extra $5. Not talk caked on crazy off-roading mud, just a little bit. So if you don’t mind paying a stupid fee then go for it, but otherwise, you’d do better driving to a different place around town. We recommend Sud-N-Shine - it would be worth going out if your way for.

Waldo Fignash

BEST car wash for the money! The crew does a good job of prepping/scrubbing the hard to reach spots and the FREE VACUUM makes it the Best value around! Staff are professional and courteous.

Ryan Ball

Lee Ransdall

Judy McCaul

Used to love this place, but the prewash is almost non-existent now. No clean towels to use. The free vacuum is not enough incentive any longer. The last 3 visits disappointing.

Alexander Manresa

Beer and hands free car washing. Makes this chore something to lookforward too.

Jesse Kennedy

Good place to get your car washed! The added $2 off a growler fill is a nice touch.

Bobby Bob

Adam Poindexter

You dry you vacuum

Hank Loible

Clean lot and wash with free vacuums. Friendly service.

George Brown

They do a great job and they are Priced Right

Michael Shondel

Good wash... tire cleaners don't always work properly.

Bertie White

Great deal right now

Kevin Downey

Kristy Starr

Johnny Cheshire

Great vaccums, reasonable prices

Reid Isbell

Terry Whisenhunt

Truck was absolutely filthy from winter roads, they did a great job getting it clean the first time thru.

Dustin Harris

Affordable car wash nothing special

Darrel Abbott

best vacuum cleaners around

Phillip Wilson

Best car wash in Bend! Where else can you get a beer and a car wash at the same time! Great selection of draft beets and friendly staff. Also some great deals if you buy the monthly wash deals. Thank you Empire Car Wash!

Cassy Sandwich

Tracey Heimbuck

Great service


Bar wash

S Lin

Julie Moore

What a great place! There are lots of places to get growlers filled these days, but this is my favorite. I went in today and was treated so well; the server was friendly and efficient. As I was leaving I saw a cardboard growler holder and asked how much it was. He said: "Right now we are just offering one to people so they can get their growler home easily." What great customer service. I also like their beer selections. And what a nice bonus for making the time to go through the car wash. I will definitely be back.

Geeni Derrey

James Mills

Nathan Dunn

Rick H

Actually got my truck clean, clean

Wilson bidwell

Where's the car there all the time very nice

Calvin P

Great prices

Ryan Brownson

It all depends on the day and who's working on the type of wash job that you're going to get. The monthly pass is well worth the money, if you have it and go every day then your car will start looking good. Just not the best place in Bend for a drop in wash.

Ryan M

Do not do the subscription, in my experience it is not possible to cancel. Started well before the 7 days they required. Stopped by 2 times and was told a manager needed to do it but was not there. They recommended I call. Called and left a voicemail, no reply. Emailed, no reply. Taking it to the Credit Card company now. Overall the carwash is not the best, it left lots of tiny scratches on a new vehicle. Update: They did contact me after the Credit Card dispute and apologized.

Shelby Brownson

Teddy Hussey

Rick Graham

Good wash @ fair price.

Peter Brown

Fair price,good thorough wash job, nice staff and free vacuums.

Rose G.

Did a good job getting all the mud off after off-roading.

margo JONES

Roy Doc Hill

They did what what others won't do? Make good on a car wash, once more around, no problem, thanks it's just service like to me school.

Tina Shorts

Washed the Winter off my dad's truck.

Anthony Mametieff Johanek

Alwsys friendly and you can dry your car after going thru the wash. Appreciate.

Ashlee Lindor

Erik's Urban Farming

Never mind how clean your ride gets, which is top notch, but the 30# or so beer on tap & 2 large flat screens w/what ever game needs to be showing. The place is like a pub that everyone knows everyone. Out door seating w/small view of the mts helps set the stage to rewind & relax to a great beer while your rig gets a"proper" detailing.....

Dick Baird

Great refurbished car wash.

Rebekah Farrstrom

Bought the "better" car wash, the dude literally "scrubbed" my car for about 1 second per side then sent me through. Car was pretty filthy still afterwards.. What a bummer, should have just done it myself.

Todd Kirkendol

Thomas Keene

Great car wash

Mary Gemba

Pleasant, helpful, great job.

Elvin Spurling

Carson Perl

A+ 10/10

Rebecca Williams

The customer service in the CAR WASH is terrible! One of the men was using abusive language and used his hose like a weapon. Thank goodness the windows were rolled up. I would not give them any stars except the review software is making me put in a star to post.

Gabriel Quinn

These people are very quick and efficient. Free self vacums.

Shane LoGreco

John McFarland

Randy Hunt

Great guys, car gets clean fast. Just wish gas was better priced, 27¢ a gallon more the FM I can't justify that.

Dhanasekar Sugunan

Nancy Lochmann

Best car was in Bend

Wendy White

Mixed feelings here. They are affordable and convient but when my driver's side mirror was broken off by new equipment it took over a month and my persistence to get it fixed. Liked it better before they up graded.

Jesse Blythe

Guy there named caden Cromwell. Place would not run without him. He is the only reason I go there. Always polite and exemplifies the true american spirit and work ethic

OG nike

Good to average wash with free vacuum

Greg Porter

Free vacuum

Corey X

Need to tighten up or do something different. There machines do an OK job... its nice to have free vacuums though

Beverly Halvorson

What's with one small cloth to dry my car with

sebastian servantes

The Blonde lady in the growler station is extremely rude and unprofessional!

Mark Thoreson

Funky Bend biz. Excellent car wash, fun people. Will fill your growler w great local brews, including kombucha!

joe adams

Beer at the car wash? Yes please. The friendly staff is always helpful washing my car and pouring a sample, pint, or growler from a rotating cast of delicious local and regional beers (and cider and kombucha).

Ryan Hixson

Todd Dow

Kyle McCollough

This is the car wash you would expect to find in a town like Bend. Guys will prewash your car before you get through the machine. Free towels and vacuums waiting for you out front. Oh yeah, and brewery attached

Connor Edwards

eillyn vazquez

Go somewhere else because they are not great at responding or being responsible for any damages your car gets while in the car wash. My truck is new and my roof rack broke and to this day, no response from them they only give you their business card and they're nice but once you leave they will never reply back and ignore your emails. My incident was almost a month ago.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Loved the free vacuum! Had 2 run the car through twice, it was dirty but the crew should have scrubbed it better with the brush before they hit the go button. Non the less it was an ok job.

Antonio Defoe

Great wash with a free vacuum.

Marie Timm

This place is either all on or off. Last Sat the guys spent good time on the car and was good. Today, the following Fri I go in and am greeted without a smile, the guy is by himself because his partner is eating a donut and he acts like he wishes I hadn't shown up. Didn't do any prewash except a lightweight rinse, no soap. Didn't touch the front of car, soap brushes streaming with dirty water. Sent me through extra fast so my car was still dirty. Paid for the deluxe wash and a tip. Didn't have time to go back through. Called later and they told me they had no idea who the owners were or how to reach them. No manager on sight to discuss this with. Only could talk to the guy who did the lousy wash and he was defensive and argumentative. Won't go there again. You would think the owner would want to be contacted.

Jen Michelson


Free vaccume

Gretchen Rayburn

They were fast, maybe too fast?? I needed to get the mountain dirt off so I didn’t have to have a dirty car for my vacation. The brushes weren’t that thorough and it looked like one of my kids washed it!! But it got most of the big chunks of mud off. I won’t bother for the deluxe next time... just the regular please.

Sean Burright

There was an issue with the machine when I was trying to go through so they upgraded my wash to premium and gave me a free second premium wash.

Xkite Theo

Many people go there but not everyone and me either. Their washing machine fine but Employees don't care about hurt cars with their dirty and old mops! Found many scratches from my car. Tried here 3 times snd scratches were all on 3 times. They usually hit the side mirrors with their end of mop. They don't know what they're doing and customer's feels. It's not cool or nice. Also employees bored for work, not friendly no talk just work like a washing robot machine. And when I use cash they don't change. Do they think dollar for tip without asking? Look at your car after here's wash. You'll find new fresh scratches.

Greg Cannell

I really like this place, good value and free vacuums. It always bends my front license plate. If it didn't it would be 5 stars.

Krisenda M

Lynne Hart

With winter weather making home-washing my truck nearly impossible, I use Empire Car Wash. It’s imperative to periodically wash and remove highway chemicals and clean the undercarriage to preserve the paint and prevent corrosion. I got the $10 wash, wax, dry, with free vacuum and towel to wipe droplets and clean door seals , I was in and out in 20 minutes. Friendly staff and no waiting. It is well worth the money.

Kyle Hoak

Car Wash does a nice job for the time and money...

Blaise ricca

i get the monthly wash plan for $20 car always comes out clean free vaccums are convenient

Josh Harvey

Erin Bennett

Jeep owners not welcome. I've been a customer for years and washed my jeep there regularly for four years without incident; recently a friend told me I couldn't go there anymore. I called and confirmed - if you have a jeep wrangler/Rubicon they won't do business with you - claiming vehicle is too wide. Although they still do vehicles much larger. Very poor customer service. I have three other Ford's I won't be taking there anymore.

adam cody

Mark Hamilton

Good $10 car wash. You can be in and out in five minutes.

Dave Smith

Drew Child

Fast, efficient and have never had anything torn off my vehicles here. They do a quick scrub to get large chunks and problem areas cleaned before you head into the automated washer. Expect some spot touch up , they give you a rag for this and pull over to use the free vacuum cleaner to finish off the job of keep your rig looking sweet.

Danielle & Rodney Hines

Decent car wash, kinda pricy but the growler fill station rocks!

Daniel DeSoto


Those guys were great.

Kate Miller

We purchased the monthly package for the last 6 months. They have closed early twice in the last month. We drove up at both 5 and 10 minutes to closing and have been told that they are already closed. The lights are still on, there was another car in the wash and the back open sign was still on. Very poor representation! We will be changing to the new car wash on the east side.

Leeman Ingham

Loginn Johnson

Great automatic car wash, simple pricing, and a quick way to get your car clean. There is also free vacuuming after you wash your car.

Flavio Magana

Eric Hielema

Best car wash ever. The free use of towels and vacuums helps too.

DeeJay Nativeyoung

Shelby Irey

The Empire staff always makes sure you're taken care of. Everyone here works quickly to make sure your car comes out nice and clean. The staff always has a smile on their face and the price for the monthly membership is great!

Mike Parker-Kwok


Well Rounded

For someone like me from a small town this place was state-of-the-art. Friendly staff, too.

Warren Blake

Darren Smith

Convenient but it didn't get my car very clean

Teresa Nichols

This car wash put a scratch all the way down one side is out Exoedition and the car was still quite dirty after washing it.

Ben Graham

The growler fill was awesome and a clean car to boot

A Oram

Detail Center: Professional, detail oriented, customer focused. Went out of their way to squeeze me in but cut no corners with high quality service. Had need for quick detail; they were booked into September. Eli rearranged schedule. Nicely done detail job!

kathryn morris

Fast friendly, good job

Jesse Draper

Kevin Mcphetridge

Matthew J. Reid

Great place to grab a pint and/or fill a growler. They now have dart boards and the car wash isn't all that bad, either.

Mark Smith

Gorilla growler's is a good spot to get beer.

h a l e y m a r i e

Free vacuum!

Kelly Paxton

I believe it's the best place to get a car wash in Central Oregon

The Red Fox

Free Vacuums are great! My favorite carwash.

Joe Kirk

Best car wash ever

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