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Alex Gavriilidis

An utter waste of money. If you intend on getting your car washed because of a lack of time, go elsewhere; or, perhaps wait for the next rain or go to a gas station drive-thru wash. I purchased a $21 "Ultimate" wash and ultimately want my money back. Spoiler, side windows, front and rear fenders were dirty after my vehicle dried. In theory, if one purchases a more expensive wash, it should take longer than those purchasing the most basic wash. Yet, for some reason, my vehicle received no more than basic treatment at the "Ultimate" price...

Brett Jacobs

Great job. Took the time to clean the tough spots before.the car went through. Terrorized the three year old, but we all have to go through our first car wash.

Rosa Mujica-Silva

Emit Braeutigan

I paid for the silver wash and detail the best part was the car wash they seemed to rush my car out of there fast and they didn't do my dash or console I had to go back out of my way so they could finish and not only did they not apologize for any inconvenience and still rush me out of there when I got home had to wipe all the soap they left in cup holder and get the last of the dust off my dash would not recommend paying any of them to detail your car cuss it won't get dont to the best of there abilities

Natalie Walker

They were incredibly slow even though there was only one car in front of me. It took them 45 minutes to wash and vacuum my car (not very thoroughly may I add). I could have done what they did in 30 minutes and save the $20

Chris Bryant

$8.00 is cheapest but my rig looks great!

Maureen Robeson

Excellent service, friendly staff, reasonable prices

Nikki Lane

Tammi Gary

William Marsh

No two washes are the same. Some good some meh.

Erik Nels Johnson

They do a good job, but you have to keep on them. Especially if they’re busy.

Resha Oylear

jordan brilhante

Kyle Rollins

Good but could be better. Overpriced as well. Good people's working there though, they work pretty hard. Felt kinda old almost, not as modern as the Google pics make it look. But still a good service overall.

Dana Richcreek

World Wide Granite Jessica

Unfortunately this car wash was poorly ran. Understaffed and not likely to get my business again!

Cindy Peterson

Not enough staff. Dislike the changes - now you have to sit in your car and ride through the car wash. If you’re lucky someone will dry it off when you come out (I wasn’t, as no one was around). Then you pull up and wait for a long time - my wait has been 10 min. already and they just started vacuuming my car... you then go inside to pay, again, if there is someone to take your money... apparently the manager is the only one who can do that took awhile but no matter as my car was still sitting there waiting when I finally paid. I guess then they come in to say your car is done. It worked so much h better when they vacuumed first and then sent it they the wash. You could see your car coming and they would dry it and you were off. No more. The new system is tedious and frustrating. I’m still waiting as I write this. They are now cleaning the inside. Hope it looks good! At least the staff was friendly. I don’t know if I’ll be back...

Poe Ghost

Rochelle Cross

This is a case of I should have read the reviews first. If I could have given a 0 star review I would have. I sould have ran my car through the was then spent 10 mins running a dusty rag on the inside. It would have still looked better. The car wash put swirls in my clearcoat. The outside was not dried. The staff were extremely rude. The guys were throwing bottles of cleaner around. They almost ripped my dash cam from my windshield. Seriously save your money and do not chance them ruining your car. Biggest waste of $30.

Alisha Greenlee

Perpetua Technologies

These folks are generally very nice, efficient, the place is clean and they work quickly. If you do the "silver" ($20) your car will be clean and wiped down (not detailed), and they are willing to take input on things they missed and make it right. Buy the 5 washes and get the 6th free if you want to knock the price down a few bucks!

rockin glock

The staff was nice and they cleaned and vacuumed my car quickly and well. It was worth the money. I will be back! I highly recommend. One of the best full service car washes in Eugene!!!

Russell Philbrick

Great place to get a quick detail for a low cost.

Chris Passafiume

Kenneth Hansen

There great and do a quality wash

Dave Bonds

Boris Wiedenfeld

They do quality work.

Angie T


Connie Morris

They do a great job getting the dog hair out of the van.

Adam Colbert

I was told that the new ownership was going to bring this place to a premium car wash, but I was sadly disappointed. The interior was barely wiped down. There was dirt left on the glove box and we had to ask the gentleman to clean the interior windows. I had no problem with pricing for the top service, but the work was not done at all well.

Antonio Moore

Absolutely awful experience. Never even got my car wash though I stood in there for over 30 minutes. Employees couldn’t answer questions and just overall should’ve been a -2 stars

Byron Ramirez

Regretful. My first time in there to check them out and was the last time I will ever be in there. Manager washed my Cadillac CTS-V with a brush instead of a cloth mitt and worst, the water where he dipped the brush was overly dirty with little rocks. Car came out of the wash with scratches everywhere and he said the scratches must have already been there. Paint wasn't even a year old and these idiots tore it up. Their "General Manager" by the name of "Reed" or "Eric" in Springfield claimed his manager in Eugene (the one who washed my car) couldn't of done that and said he'd take a look at it but was nothing much he could do but wash it again. Stay away from here!!! Had to file a claim with my insurance to get it repaired. I have pictures of before and after the wash for evidence.

Megan Haug

I used to think this place was the best in town and would recommend it to people. I loved the fact that they would dry the car at the end. They really don’t do that anymore and when I had the deluxe service it was very poorly done. They cleaned one side and not the other and they skipped some areas all together. This last time I waited about 10 minutes to even get the wash started while people were lining up behind me, and then they rushed through it. I used to drive across town to give them my business, but I won’t be anymore.

lynn stevens

see. jay

Ignore the pennies but i thought this included an interior wipe down as well and the gearshift and foot areas by the door were ignored. When trying to get change for a tip i was ignored completely and when the other customer pointed me out the guy just said "oh yeah, but he has already paid. But YOU (talking to the lady) are ALLLLLLLL set." Now with that said, literally everything else is awesome. The attendant guiding me in was very vocal and helpful getting my car aligned for the wash. The drying guy did a killer job as soon as my car started rolling out of the wash! 10/10 for all but the cashier (manager?) for assuming. Would still go back

Clinton Steinmetz

Patty Edwards

What a very professional staff! My car was really clean and it smelled great. It was worth the money. I will be back.

Daniel Koplin

Joe Wood

I took my old filthy pickup truck there thinking I would just get it partially clean with one trip through. The workers there gave it a very good scrubbing before it went through. Came out looking much better than I ever hoped for.

Alexandria Stevens

great job cleaning the inside of my car

Rick Warden

The folks here did a great job cleaning our vehicles. The went the extra mile with our old Honda which they spent a lot of extra time. Prices were reasonable.

D Feher

Kate Ballew

We get all of our company cars washed here. Overall it is a good experience. Most of the staff are very friendly and they get you in and out pretty quick.

Colleen Albrecht

Quick and easy.

Dustin Hinton

It's a great place to get a car wash

Dave Driskill

Great people

Kirsten Narzisi

Railing ripped out bottom cover of my car and owner denied it and was rude. Will NEVER GO THERE AGAIN even if it were the only car wash in town!

Travis Bell

Quality of service has gone down hill.

Ken Carson

Zaal Almansoori

It's a good car wash but if they wine the car with towel it will be the best car wash.

Tay Traveler

They do a great job. Car comes like it was detailed.

larry hagar

val roerick

Only spot i get my car cleaned. Wish the staff was a little friendlier but good prices

Richard Coryell

Fast like goat

Katie Patton

Erik Anderson

Horrible service and poor form. I took my car in for a wash and vac and was greeted with comments on having a nice car. It went through the cleaning area and then through the wash. The car looked good but the person pulling it around was hesitant to have me hop right in. I didn't understand at first. I then got into my car and left a nice tip, drove to work and when I parked, I pulled my ebrake (which was new from the dealer 2 months ago) and the cable was broken. I called and asked what happened and if they could help me out and was told "theres a sign saying we arent responsible. Once you drive away its not our problem" I explained that I would have just liked to know who broke it and how it broke and that any help would be greatly appreciated. He said "no, Im busy, it's not our problem." I didn't get an apology, nobody bothered to tell me they broke something, They just hid it and waited for me to leave so they wouldnt have to deal with it. Poor form for sure. If they had came in and said hey I think your ebrake cable broke. Sorry about that. I wouldnt have been bothered one bit. And to top it off the very first comment I got upon returning to work was "hey you should clean your car, it looks like crap" I'd sooner let my 3 year old wash my car with rocks than take it back to a place like elite car bath in Eugene.


I went in after it is was dark n they still did a decently good job.

nick hernandez

Basic car wash needs covered. Exactly what you'd expect from a drive through car wash. Be prepared to wash the water drops off your windows.

Jana Alvarez


Latisha Malone


Richard Baker

Great experience. Great prices and people. Some of the best work I've seen in several years. Extremely recommend both eugene and springfield locations to anyone


Paid for the $30 platinum package. Not professional at all. Not worth it.

Scott Randall

John Dawson


Susan Whitaker

Guys did a good job.

Traci Knights

Not a great wash... Certainly not worth the price...

Christopher Johnson

Dunn Wrongg

Its the worst place to go for a car wash. The owner is so disrespectful to her employees and her husband is a drunk who drinks at work and hits employees cars cuz hes drunk then leaves the crime scene... I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CAR WASH. im surprised its still open

Greg Siu

Jeff White

Very good service. My car always looks great after I have been there it's like your vehicle has had a mini detail. One thing I am really big on is they finish the dry off on my car that dryers didn't get they don't just offer it or look like they might do it they do and actually get it all. I always think of the movie "Car Wash" 1976 when I am there. "Sing it with me" ***Please Support Your Local Businesses***

Kattrell Lamb

They did a pretty good job cleaning my van and when I showed them where they didn't do they were nice and took care of it right away.

Eric Hamilton

Peer Support Counselor

They do I Great job and I only use this place, it's full service...

Linda Rowe

Connor Summey

Super good deals and the job was unmatched. Will return soon for sure. If you need the interior of your car done, this IS the place

Alex Brown

gabriel angelo

Miss alot of dirt scraped bottom of Mercedes going into carwash don't go there if your car is low to the ground

Todd Tucholke

Radley Crook

Under staffed and wildly disorganized, employees did a very good job in cleaning my truck, but it took almost 45 min for gold package and I'd planned on it taking closer to 15 min.☹️

Evan Perry

Stebe Smout

Paid for ultimate bath. Was very disappointed. The interior was still dirty after wash. Dust was still on the dash and console. If you go just get the 16.99 package it's the same as the 24.99 package

Treva Moss

Good price but windows were poorly cleaned and front seat was not vaccuumed

Dale Brightman

Very attentive pricey but best car wash in town!

Alicia Lopez

T'was good.

Kevin Kelsey

Great hand wash service.. I will continue to go here for my Black Truck cleaning... Great job they Do !!!!

Marcy Baskett

Great job! Our van had not been washed for ages and was really filthy from kids, dogs, etc. I just wanted it vacuumed and the basic (least expensive) wash. They didn't try to sell me up to something I didn't want and overall did a very nice job. I don't know about the more expensive services, but the basic wash (no polish, air freshener, etc.) was just fine. They were extremely nice and friendly and their bathroom was clean as well. I'll definitely be back!

Sandy VanLuven

They did a great job! New favorite car wash.

Christopher Rodello

Karl Pursch

Went once since new was the WORST car wash I've ever encountered for a full a full service car wash...paid $25.00 for deluxe wash...they didn't vacuum the cargo area and wouldn't armour all tires...which it states is part of deluxe car wash....staff was awful.. This WAS my go to full service car I go to West 11th..

Adrian Crooks

Serge S

Evil Temper

Sure do wish they were better! Somehow, some way they always manage to mess up something. This time it was my passenger windows. Full of water drop marks and streaks. This time I left without tipping them. At least they're consistent. The one in Springfield is the same way.

Harman Singh

Deb Dew

Slow, inefficient and missing items after.


Still a great pace, fair prices/discounts and terrific customer service


Glad I found this place! Its hard to find a full service car wash in the Eugene/ Springfield area so I'm glad I stumbled onto this place. Went in on 7/11/18. They did a great job. the staff is diligent and courteous. Well done! I'll be back.

Rebecca Hartman

These guys did a great job! Twenty bucks for 'gold' wash. The inside looked better than when I had it "detailed" at another place. Quick service, worth every penny.

Rash Khaldi

Great place ———————————————————————————————————/////———————————-———————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————/////———————————-————————————————————————————————————————————————

Gregory McGlaughlin

Pattie Roberts

Lindsey Hanf

did the 24.99 package and was incredibly impressed with how clean and fast it was done!

Rey Rudek-larson


Scratched the Hell out of my car.

Debbie Henderson

Penny O

They made my filthy car look great again!

Jake Baskett

Car always comes out great, guys are friendly, they put in lights in the car wash pretty cool looking when you go threw.

Robert Caruso

Great carwash!

Fatoumata Traore

I am giving one star because I can't give 0. Worst car cleaning ever and the worst costumer service ever

Cathy Veikins

Expensive but Lady's Day is Tuesday and Gentlemen's Wednesday.

Nate Townley

Great place to have your car cleaned and washed

Dennis McMann

If i could put 0 stars i would have.. my wheels are not clean nothing is wiped down or clean. Shi*ty job. I will not be coming back. I could have had a better chance of letting The rain wash my car.

tana tanner

Jeremy Weldon

Hui Zi

Friendly faces, BUT, soap spots were not cleaned up carefully. We paid more than $40 for a "super", and we got super lousy work. I myself could do the work better in 30 minutes given the a vacuum and a bucket of clean water. And their lounge is NOT air conditioned, so do NOT visit during a hot day.

Rae Blechinger

Don't waste your time or money at this place. They raised there prices again and my car, windows are still dirty. I will be taking it back again. UGH!!!!

Diane Lacey

Did what I needed most, vacuumed. Got a g'zillion bugs off entire front, too! Wasn't "perfect", but if I wanted that I'd take the time to do it mySelf... such as a few low-star givers ought to consider. :/

Billy Joel

Great service got my car very clean

adam bratland

Best place in Eugene for wash and vac. They spray the tires with tire shine and they vacuum out the inside of ur car. It costs about $30 for the ultimate, but it's worth it.

Joseph Vicari

The girl who is no longer working was fast friendly and efficient

Dennis Wiederhold

My seat was broke by an employee and during the process of trying to get them to fix it I learned the employee was the manager and refused to give me any contact information for the owner and refused to do anything to remedy the situation. Do not go to this car wash they are very shady and the manager marty is a crook.

Trish Devall

Tisha Lemon

The staff was rude, short with me when I asked questions (I've never been there before so I had questions...) and just seemed like they wanted to be anywhere else but there. The Platinum package I believe it was called, the highest on their board that they had to offer, was a complete waste of my money!!! My dash wasn't wiped down at all, their vacuum job was half a**ed and I didn't even receieve my "complimentary air freshener". I will never go back!!! Horrible service!!!

FluffyNinjaUnicorn3 Gaming

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