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REVIEWS OF Eco Car Wash IN Oregon

Pete Alban

Tried scamming my checking account by charging me for services I didn’t receive. I would check your account after using this business!


Great price.

Erin Jackson

Nice place but have to run my car 2 times and hand wash my rims

Debbie Lestenkof

Great place and super affordable. Great vacuum offer!!

Derek Thornton

Get my car washed here regularly, always super shiny! And the unlimited vacuum access is invaluable

Aldrin Techur

Debbie Potter

free vacuum with car wash

John Seaman

Pleasant employees, no delays.

PhD College Grad

Ronald Forsht

Rafael Gomez

Good service

Matt Koller

Judy Montgomery

Always gets my car so clean

Shawn Deaton

You get a dash wipe with a wash as well as free vacuum access.

Zoe Xava

After switching to competitors for a couple of years, I’m back at Eco Wash. I didn’t actually know they recycled the water until reading other reviews. My car gets visibly cleaner here than at other car washes in Portland and the vacuums are better and always available.

Connie Kuhn

I've had my car damaged a couple times here now, which is always a risk, but I feel like they've adjusted the mechanics and it's rougher on the vehicle than it used to be. This used to be a go to place but can't risk it any more. Also the kids that have been attending the last several time haven't done any prespraying or brushing in areas not easily reaches by the brushes in the car wash, so there are still dirty areas after going through.

Tony Johnston

These guys Eco Car Wash 12118 N Jantzen Dr, Portland, OR 97217 Damaged my car and then told me they weren't responsible with a short letter saying " Not Responsible, but here is a fee car wash? Are you kidding ME??? I called Team member and owner ( Joey Hanna ) who after over a dozen forms of contact has never called me back. I went to the head quarters noted on the envelope Eco Car Wash 4550 SW Kruse Way Lake Oswego and they don't exist there? I Own American Plumbing Services L.P. here in Portland and can't believe what I'm hearing! BEWARE OF REALLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Adriana Drennan

Great car wash

Karen Graham

It's a month after Sunday hours comment and not change to website.

Michael Shotwell

Very happy with this car wash, and the free vacuum service!

Larry S.

Best spot.

Robert Coleman, Jr

Jeff Wood

No one to help with the "Unlimited Wash Club". I think it's just a scam to get you to go there, but no one in office to help customers.

Chase H

Jordon Leblanc

Stef-Anie Wells

Decent wash but vacuume could have better suction.

Benji Jones

Great place very clean car

Stephen Southerlin

It's a car wash

Joseph Johnson

Bryan Gugelman

2 stars simply because the attendant was nice. The car wash itself sucks to say the least. Loads of sand still in my wheel wells. Will be trying a different place next time.

ozan avci

Jennifer Quaglietta-Tomolillo

When everything is working it is a great car wash, but if something is broke or you need help with anything you are probably not going to like the service.

Julie Adrianna Olsen

I hope no one gets the woman that I got that loads the cars into the carwash. I would have confronted her for her attitude but there was no way to drive back to tell her without going through the car wash again. Plus, I am quite sure it would fall on hateful ears . She's short, thin, long hair, kinda biker cool looking. She doesn't look at you and she shouts commands quick and mottled. So it's hard to know that she's talking to you. It seems more like she's talking to the other employees at first. Then if you don't respond immediately she rolls her eyes. She just perpetuates the rumor that Portland service has the worst customer service (service industry). She was pretty bad.... exuding HARD an energy that she hated her life and her job and you for existing. AND SHES IN THE SERVICE INDUSTRY. But I have a hearing impairment and when someone isn't looking me in the eyes I figure that they are not talking to me. Rolling one's eyes at a customer is about as immature as you can get. It surprises me how many jack asess get a job. Maybe next time I or anyone else that drives through can throw her a smile or a tell her I can't tell you're talking to me.attitude needs adjusting

Quan Howard

jim cole

Very good

Len Anderson

Kimmie Kay

These folks are the best, and free vacuums. Go. Go. Go.

Perry Alberti

Always has been my favorite carwash because it does a better job than any of the others I've went through.

Lindsey Lockwood

I tried the $12 deluxe car wash, probably just stick with the basic $6 one. They have free vacuums which is nice. Car comes out clean, and as long as my wheels aren't exceptionally filthy they also come out pretty clean.

Matt Edmondson

Faith Wheeler

Owner sucks

John Engdahl

The wash broke the driver side mirror off my vehicle on March 31, 2016. I have contacted them by phone and email and no resolution. BAD customer service. Would not use this car wash again. Giving one star only so my comment will be posted!

Dawn Michel

Just pulled in to get my car "washed" (and I use that term lightly!) and they were closed already! Says 6pm on site!

Kevin Canoy

It worked

Kandie Meow

Decent car wash and really good free vacuums


I got the most expensive wash you can get. It didn't fully clean the bugs off the front of my car, but the vacuum area has been greatly updated, so maybe I broke even?

Jaclynn Fox

Cheap and good and you get to vacuum for free

Andy M.

It's an okay car Wash. Had to go around twice to get the car cleaned. The second time that you gave me a bit of a hard time but I reminded them that the car supposed to be clean when I'm done

Lisa Hamilton

Love this carwash, great employees and free vacuuming

Kamilla Post

I have been going to this carwash for the last 3 years. The staff has always been professional and hardworking. A couple of days ago, I went through as usual and the gal working didn't secure the rear wiper blade and in the middle of the wash it came loose and flipped backward and was banging around on my back window. I got out to inspect the car as I always do, and much to my chagrin I noticed that the wash had scratched up my hood. I talked with the girl, and she professionally helped me fill out a report and we both took pictures. I was saddened today to receive a very impersonal letter in the mail stating that the report had been reviewed and they came to the conclusion that this was not their fault, and that the matter was closed. All of this was determined by a couple of pictures and was not inspected by them in person. I was not even called by a manager or anyone. To add insult to injury, they added a survey that if completed and brought back to the establishment I could receive a free wash. Also they were thoughtful enough to add a free wash coupon in with my unprofessional letter. I am very disappointed in the way things were handled and will never refer this place to anyone nor will I ever return. I am shocked at the level of disinterest that the management has shown to a regular custom and the manner in which all was handled was tantamount to a slap in the face. Be careful with this company. I feel that the state of your car is not of the utmost importance and the way they handle situations is beyond unprofessional. Very disappointing.

Stephen Arling

Latest of four trips through this wash over the last few years was a mistake. The recycled washwater was visibly filthy yellow. The added wax finish cemented the added grunge to recesses on the car. What is the point of recycling and reusing the wash water if you don't adequately filter out the accumulated filth or regularly purge the system? The cuteness of the two young girls attending this carwash does not make up for the deluge of adhesive crap dispensed by the system. It would have been worth the $10 just to avoid it.

Elouise MacKay

Nice staff and great car washing machines

aundrie porter

vicki Cordier

Hey for $10 you get a wash,wax and the vacuums are free with any wash.cant beat that

Deanna Spangler

Great service but SHAME ON THE OWNERS for not allowing tips!!! You're the worst!!!

Holly brecht

Love it


Love how they tape down the rear windshield wiper

D Tefft

I reviewed previously because I thought the carwash was fantastic. The last time my car was washed there it was damaged by the machine. A 500 dollar fix is needed. The claims guy was supposed to process our claim and is very difficult to catch up with. I'm not sure what the deal is, but apparently friendly inquiries isn't the way to handle this kind of matter. I'll update again once I get this resolved.

Jasmine Mundo

Tammie Foster a

The car wash that I like to go too My favorite thing is the Vacuum cleaner no charge.

Samuel Garcia

I went early around 7:30am. I was probably one of the first ones there. This wash is better than half the washes in CA. I was satisfied with their $12 gold wash and I finished drying off my vette next to their many self service vacuums. The attendant was friendly. ** be weary of the air dry portion of the wash. The wind tunnel is very powerful. It broke off th front number cover from me vette. However this was my fault because I have known for some time that it was loose and of course didn't do anything about it till it was too late. -_-


Very cool car wash. They give you wipes to clean off the dash & steering wheel. TONS of vacuum cleaners too!

Racheal Wood

Been calling for days and leaving messages and no one calls back want to cancel unlimited car wash

Michael Fair

Under construction, no vacuums available

Joe Moore

Stumptown DJs

I go here every couple weeks to get a car wash. It's a nice place, convenient, and reasonably priced. I love that they have these nice vacuum cleaners to clean out the inside of my car afterwards. It's a great system. Only wish is that they could get the back of my car cleaner. For some reason or another on my Grand Cherokee, there is always a few missed spots that I have to clean with a towel afterwards.

davis davis davis

Didn't wash my car, left LOTS of soap suds on my car after numerous passes through then told because I paid on my card I could not get a refund. I've never like this wash because I dont think it does a very good job in getting my car actually clean (it leaves a lot of areas untouched). The wash should have a sign stating "enter at your own risk, further washes may be required".

Anthony Siccardi

Josiah Poling

Trish Huddleston

Awesome new vacuums! The only reason I left 1 star off, is the water is always dirty. I get recycling, but how clean does my car really get, when literally brown water is washing it?? Pay attention next time you go thru, and you will see the brown dirty water washing your car...

May Bennett

Make Name Acceptable Go

Good, if not stunning, carwash. The free vacuums at the end are great.

Kalob Drollette

3 attempts to sign my wife and I both up for the unlimited wash club, that’s $60/month total, and there has yet to be anyone working who knows how to do it. What a waste of time. Terrible customer service. Edit: Made a fourth attempt on Monday, once again, couldn't sign up. Left messages on answering machine, no answer.

Adrian Eggen

Should have gone to one of my usual car washes. This one didn't take the bird feces off and I just had the vehicle washed the week prior.

jeff riedel

Clean car, good prices and free vacuums.

James Knight

Best car wash ever free vacuums Great place

William Petro

Overpriced, workers are miserable with attitudes and the was wasnt all that impressive.

Angie B.

Love this carwash! Great wash, friendly employees with lots of hussle when it's busy and double vacuums with good suction on each side of the vacuum stations. Buy 4 get one free. Best!

Tracy Power

Bonnie Hall

Great job for the$$!

Alan Francisco-Tipgos

Shasta Frier

Quick. Standard prices. They give you a wipe for the inside of your car. Typical staff that dont care and go through the motions

Jeffrey Keddie

I particularly like the vacuums.

Charlie Levenson

Free unlimited vacuum


Came in the evening before they closed and I was turned away because the person working there said they are not washing anymore and I think this total nonsense. I had to tell two people behind me the same thing. If you’re going to close this early on a nice day, indicate this on your website.

Nick Mcfallo

Brian Thorp

Convenient location. Decent price. Vacuums are complimentary with a wash. I go here often as it's convenient to where I live.

Melissa Kiser

I brought my brand new 2018 Black Mercedes with under 2500 miles on it to this location today to have it washed and came out with my hood all scratched up. My car is black and you can clearly see where their machine not only scratched my hood all over but took a chunk of paint out of it. I have filed a complaint with the owner and am still waiting for the owner to call back. STAY CLEAR FROM THIS LOCATION if you don't want your car tore up

David boiling

Shannon Wright

Love this location. The machines here are always clean and working well. I have never actually seen downtime and all of the times that I have gone there. I am a Lyft driver and it is very cost-effective for me to come here and clean my own car rather than take it to a detail shop. The vacuum cleaners are a great strength and I never seem to have any issues with the staff. Will definitely be coming back.

cj johnson

So went to get my small SUV washed. I asked for an interior wipe and was told that the company who makes them with their logo no longer does that. Ok fine.. It would have been nice to at least offer a plain non branded wipe but not critical to my happiness. Or suggest an alternative if they had a machine on site to buy your own interior wipe- but no solution was offered and I was in a hurry. So after the car wash while vacuuming the rear of the SUV I notice that the rear back did not really get washed and had large dust areas where it never even got wet. I ask the attendant if I can have rain check to come back since I am late for an appointment. He says he has to ask the owner who happens to be on site. So I walk over and wait about six feet from the owner. The owner tells the attendant " tell her to file a complaint"!!! He can't even walk six feet across the aisle to have a conversation much less look at me directly. It was humiliating and it felt like he was dismissing me because I am female. I was also planning on letting the owner know I thought there might be an issue with the brushes. I was not initially upset-but wanted to be a helpful customer and let the owner know of a potential issue and wanted a rain check to make things right. I can't remember the last time I was treated so rudely by a business. Go find a car wash where the owner wants your business.

Stephanie Dunning

Convenient location.

Nicholas Foster

One of the best car wash experiences I’ve ever had! Awesome employees, and my car came out looking amazing. 10/10 would recommend to all of my friends and family

richard walker

Best car wash in the area. Have the unlimited carwash package which I love. Never any issues.

Trent K

This car wash appears to be run by a bunch of young millennial jokesters that value their own pleasure over providing their customers with a decent product. If you desire to receive a car wash after work hours, forget it.... you’ll wait longer than you want..... when you finally get cued in, the young men will pretend they cant handle their pressure washer, much like they probably can’t handle their own wand when it comes to their desired partners..... If you are unfortunate enough to buy into a monthly wash program, the only way to unenroll will be to contact your card provider and stop payment.... this being due to the inability of accociats to answers phones or return calls. ECO wash appears to have become too big for their britches..... Good Luck!

Jessica Gainer

I have been using this car wash for almost 16 years. Many changes have occurred over that time. When there are glitches, as with any change, it takes time to work them out. Overall employees are helpful and timely with responding to any issues. Highly recommend this wash!!

Mathew Cobb

Good clean car. Wheel and tire shine and free vacuums that work well.

Dan Bain

Have called Eco Car Wash 9 (YES NINE) times and left a message for someone to call me back to cancel a monthly car wash subscription. They never returned a single call. Made one phone call to American Express and blocked them from charging anything to my card. Looks like we will be finding another carwash.

Michelle Warren

Nice place. I really like that the have vacuum's their. Easy enough to pop In & do a quick wash

Ronald Dees

Super cheap, job done reasonably well - and free vacuums. I can’t complain!

Kevin Straub

Love the free vacuums, my car colors comes out nice and shiny and clean really is it is there a wait to get in and the employees are knowledgeable and always very courteous I’ll be back

Joseph Calkins

Best car wash in town. The only drawback is a long line from time to time.

Lisa Schuff

Just came from this car wash, some of the brushes were not working. Told the person in the office, he said he would check on it but he did not offer any compensation. Poor quality for the $10 paid, car is still dirty. Won’t be going back there.

Katie Stephens

I’ve been using this car wash for years and have always been happy with their service, especially the free unlimited vacuuming with car wash. They’re only missing one star because they’ve recently been completely out of the dash wipes every time I’ve gone, please bring back the wipes!

Arturo Morales

Evan h

Automated car wash performed as expected. Free vacuums

Grace Meredith

K.H. McClure

Great wash of the front and sides but beware if you have a back window with an overhang. Big soap splotches remained on the back and I had to rinse it off at home. Which sorta defeats the point... Also while there is a free post-wash self service vacuum it's busted and the hose flies off the machine. This place could definitely use some TLC.

Jodi Vaughn

Staff is always great here :)

Amir Talakoub

Casey Hogan

Nice and clean place thanks

David Goldman

I like the free vacuums, but they are always out of dash wipes when I go in

Yank and Bang

Love it favorite spot to wash car

John Jurgens

There was no line. In and out. $10 wash job. What I really like is the free vacuum instead of coins. You can take your time to get a good job done

Giselle Hutchinson

Rachel H

First visit back since the remodel. Enjoyed vacuum service, but saw after I got home: the car wash had ripped off one of my front wipers and bent the other. There was a bright yellow disclaimer sign right at the pull up area so I wonder if this is a recurring issue. (I've driven my Kia Soul through there plenty of other times without incident.)

Kathy Thielen

My favorite drive-thru car wash! I love their free (with car wash) and well-laid-out vacuuming stations. Makes it super easy to do a thorough job on your vehicle.

Austin Pachano

Good shampoo machine but having only one sucks.

Thomas Brandt

It is a great car wash and you get a free vacuum at the end!

AJ Simmons

Clean facility. Equipment works. Sometimes offer dash wipes.

Weezy's Adventures

MarkB Smith

Quick Wash ... Good Price ...

Alecia Jackson

Great service and free vacuum cleaner with wash

Joseph Barcomb

It says open at 8. It’s 8:30 and nobody is here yet. I think they should change their open hours.

C Parker

This is best automated wash because it actually scrubs into the roof and hood body grooves that other washes do not penetrate.

Octavio Romero

Good service.


Free vacuums after the car wash! The vaccum hoses are long and on both sides of the car. It makes cleaning your car out so easy!

paul owen

Roden Prasad

Easy fast service

Nathan Barrington

Liz L

Greg Landweber

Faulty equipment, and an incompetent attendant who threatened to call the police on me after he caused an accident.

Benjamin Jones

Awesome place to get your car washed.

Joe Higd

Best car wash around, free vacuum after wash.

Brigid Freeman

Car gets cleaned, good variety of car wash choices, self-vacuum Free with car wash (and they have LOTS of spaces to vacuum). They also run good coupons every once in awhile. Affordable.

searher max

Christina Lapham

As a customer with a monthly car wash plan I had the worst experience by a rude employee ever tonight. I will unfortunately be taking business elsewhere. I just wanted to vacuum my car and planned to use 5 bucks which the machine showed it accepted. I would not take it so I went to the door and there was a note that said to see attendant if door was locked. No one was available so I went in to the salon which my mom and sister use and asked if she had change. The talk stalky man wearing an eco car wash jacket got up out of the chair he was sitting in to tell me to go out back. I let him no on one was available so I thought I’d ask her. His response. This is the salon it has nothing to do with the car wash. The machines take ones, and quarters. Next time come prepared with that. I informed him the machine said it takes fives and I had planned on using five dollars. His response.... o well it’s that time of year. Gee,.... your sitting in a chair on your butt in the salon wearing a car wash logo jacket when the car wash is locked your your going to be rude to a customer? I think not! I’m happily taking my family cars elsewhere.

Lynne Pohrman

Free vacuums!

Timothy Lehto

Bob Verrier

Been using the monthly plan. Plan is fine but the car wash does a bad job. Usually have to go several days in a row before they actually wash the front and back of the car. Wouldn’t recommend this place at all. Will be canceling my plan. Tired of paying in excess of $35 per month per vehicle when all they seem to do is move the dirt around on the car.

Debbe painting

As a business women I know it can be hard to find good workers. I can not excuse NO SOAP in the car wash it is after all a car wash!!!! Then you don't have a location where you can talk to anyone. Where is the manager/ owner, someone needs to go there once a day. Make sure they are filling all necessary cleaning supplies.

Shelley Dixon

Inexpensive car wash. Free vacuum time.

Nathan Rebman

Best car wash outside of Battle Ground.

N Philippi

Tyler Branch

Stacey Richey

The one girl working on the nicest day of the year so far...was put out that I interrupted her smoke break...I understand that no one was working with her but that isn’t my issue. It’s 12pm on Friday when everyone is at lunch and getting cat washes on their lunch breaks. Then...I had to go to 4 diff vacuums to find one that we working. There isn’t a single sign saying they are out of order or not working. I’ve come here before with no issue but I guess there is a lack of management and motivation on the employees part. Maybe she had been alone for many days I don’t know but definately not pleased

Samantha Jo Mattson

Got my car super clean and was at a great price. Cant get much better than that!

Michele McDermid

Basic car wash

Cynthia Zemaitis

Free vacuum

Elijah Gainer

Great carwash, with amazing workers!

Brian Hildebrant

Everything works and looks great since the major remodel

Honest Gaming

Lackluster service using dirty towels to dry cars???

Criss Diz

Avoid this company at all cost. Avoid this company at all cost. The owner called me on my first day screaming and yelling about how I'm supposed to give a former coworker money from the till which I had no idea how to. Heard from all the other employees that's his MO to scream and yell and belittle employees (one girl told me he called her retarded for not understanding something)Worked for a week straight before falling behind in school so called it quits. Got underpaid and had a hold on my check. So haven't even got paid.

SFC Ledbetter

Eric Waters

Mike Roake

Alexander Hipple

Jace Jones

Robert Hill

Robin Dunlap

total troll

Long lines too expensive and poor customer service

Tina Callaham

Friendly staff and free vacuums.

Scott Birrer

Great car wash company and free vacuums.

Anna Martinez

I love this place. They just installed tons of vacuum stations that have really good suction. The carwash used recycled water and is very reasonably priced. Free use of vacuum with car wash


They close early

Daren Dixon

The employees and the supervisor very lazy wash my car 3 times refuse to use a rag or brush to get some dirt where the brushes wouldn't reach, not very impressed I will not go back there

Amber Rose

Ian Sergeant

Kevin Davidson

Packed too many cars in to speed up a long line. Ended up with hundreds in bumper damage. Not careful enough.

Harold Buschke

Works very good some small car lose body molding my sister went back 3 time to get all parts had to buy new clips

Scott Mckay

Nice car wash!

Zachary Silvey

Twice now I’ve attempted to come here during listed hours and they’ve been closed.

Sherry Cabrera

Fast & the free vacuums.

Dan W.

Rae Jonesin

Joshua Ferguson

Convenient, moderately priced

Andrew Dhulst

Self service, only one around, popular.

Tamara Cissna

Great wash with free vacuums. Line is never long

R Schneider

Owner Mr Hannah has refused to give an employee her last check after that and so many other bad things iv witnessed with this company I no longer support it.

Jennifer Shaheen

I like how their car wash cleans my car plus free vacuuming! That's a plus, most places do not have that and you end up paying a fortune to clean your car. Just 10 bucks for this car wash!

Marcus Bowens

Never have dash towles and every time I go through the wash i have to get a second wash.... not good two thumbs down

Tanya Howell

Extremely horrible scratched the side of my husband's truck said they would fix it a month-and-a-half later we get a voucher in the mail for a free car wash if we do a survey we had to pay over $150 to have the truck buffed and waxed because of the dirty brushes in the machines of the carwash

Sierra Marquez

Super easy to get in and get the car washed. 4 stars because I had to unclog a vacuum hose for it to work, after the hose on the other side wasn’t working at all. Otherwise nice and simple with little human interaction.

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