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470 Coburg Rd, Eugene, OR 97401, United States

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Here we offer you all the information of people who consumed the services of Coburg Road Car Wash (Car Wash) in Oregon.

At the present this business receives a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 and that rating is based on 143 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Coburg Road Car Wash IN Oregon

Jennifer Johnson

Daniel James

Fantastic job and helpful staff

Kay Loe

Gets the top dirt off. Hope the price doesn't get higher than $8.00.

Shayne Square

Great place


Anna .Bjorklund-Ramirez

Kris Carter

Patricia Warner

I paid for the premium car wash. The wash was probably OK but the dryer did not even begin to dry the car. No cleaning/drying towels are provided and you have to pay a dollar for the vacuum which last about three minutes. What a rip!

lisa hutson-jimenez

Super team players, awesome customer service.... Stay safe and blessed....

Babette Stone

I love going here much easier on my back.

Michael Bratland

Quick and does the job. Better than most car washes. Customer Service: 9/10 Quality: 8/10

Mary Stroud

Sequoia Jackson

Lani Ruggiero

Just the bedt start to finish

Brett Yater

I want to thank Jon Strain for being such a stand up individual and for having excellent customer service... You just don't see this anymore. I will forever be grateful for the way he treated my wife and I!!

John Howard

$8.00 or $10.00

Lisa Crossley

Adrienne Ormsbee

Jean McKenzie

Great $7 car wash. Lasts nicely. Wax included. Will add 4 quarters to your debit card so you can vacuum!

Elizabeth Crandall

Nice staff

linda phillips

Alain Aubard

Caleb Johnson

Larunda Scott

Love this place

Ryan Sokolowski

Dustin Erdman

This car wash has been voted Best Car Wash by the Register Guard three years in a row and is just a few blocks from my place, so I decided to give it a try, despite less-than-stellar Yep reviews. I chose the $10 wash thinking it might yield better results than the other reviews who went with $7. Unfortunately not. The wash is very speedy, which is great if you're in a rush, but most certainly a contributing factor in why the wash is a bit hit and miss and why the car doesn't dry. The employees are very professionally dressed and courteous, just wish the quality of the wash was better.

Edward M

Robert Raught

I always get quick and friendly service here. The staff come out to your car to take payment before you get up to the way which saves time for both of us. My car always comes out squeaky clean and looking great. I haven't used the vacuums, but they seem to be always busy which is a good sign.

Sterling Clements

Always a good wash

Shana Marie S.

Good wash. Ok prices

Kevin Bispham

Brett Lemas

John Flournoy

More like car rinse. Really fast machine, not thorough at all, even for the premium level. Need to get another wash after this one.

penguin rick

Nice service, good wash.

Robert Keys

Mon - Fri 7 am to 7 pm. Is what the sighn says. Actually it closes at 650 pm real world time.. make sure you come 15 min early waving a tip ; )

Susan Beals

Their soft cloth, automatic, drive through, wash and polish service is excellent, and they have coin operated vacuum cleaners outside. You can purchase 6 washes/polishes in advance at a discount, or pay one wash at a time for full price. They make an effort to give extra attention to hard-to-reach areas that other drive-through car washes miss, at the beginning of your wash. I do wish they stayed open until 6:30 pm.

Jeanne Fields

Gala Q

Melody Anne Murphy Kirk

Good car wash. Lowest I saw was $8. I got a $10 wash. Only thing I disliked was the strange plastic bag they put over my rear window wiper and never removed.

Fredrick Valentine

They even can get my dirty work truck clean. Busy during rush hour still very efficient.

Shelley Bezona

Alysa Polvay

they put a weird condom thing on my back window wildshield wiper. AND they didn’t take it off for me when the car wash was over so i had to get out of my car and take it off and another car was coming out of the car wash! i could have been hit! ALSO when i left the car wash there was still soap on my car.

Jerold Henderson

We've been long-time, loyal customers of Coburg Road Car Wash. Recently we had an unfortunate confrontation with an individual employee. We contacted management and received a compelling letter of apology and a full refund for our car-wash ticket card. We are impressed with the quality of Coburg Road Car Wash management just have we always have been with the quality of the car wash

Michael Holt

Great auto wash!

Deanna Rivera


Best Car Wash in Eugene! Attendants on duty .

Dave Driskill

You get what you pay for. It's NOT a full service carwash.

Marilyn Lipman

This car wash ripped the sideview mirror off of my car. When I asked for them to help remedy the situation, not only did the guy believe his car wash did it, it's done it to people before and he refused to repair it! Also, I'm not sure if he's required to have insurance for any potential problems his car wash can cause to anothers property, but he said he doesn't have insurance there. I would be very reluctant using this place. Car washes can and will cause damage to your property and this guy will not help you when that happens! He said it took the mirror off of an S10 one time too, the guy tried to sue and didn't win. It would seem to me, this guy should be carrying some sort of insurance for these situations.

Max Heegard

The staff is friendly but DO NOT use the vacuums you'll be wasting your time and money. They have absolutely ZERO suction, I tried three different stalls and they are all useless!

tereasa walters

Decent wash

Dylan Wirkkala

Great service!

Alex Christensen

Mike Williams

Never gets the wheels enough, depending on pre-brush people they miss spots on front, rear & sides which show up when dry. I have Tundra and always misses something. Wish it was better for the premium price.

Ken Carson

Pam Heward

Amber Stark

Christine Hawke


Rik Rentrop

Nice people who really take care of getting your vehicle properly cleaned.

Jerry Nordahl

Rachel Jones

Wonderful service and great prices. Plus, the kids love it!

Matt Kendall Real Estate

Love the wash when I'm in a hurry to meet a client. I really appreciate the great service and attentiveness to the details in making sure my truck is clean

Jessica Fields

I was a bit worried getting in line barely making it off the street, but it went fast. The colors and lights were entertaining. I'm pretty sure the owner was there pre washing cars too.

deb robertson

Love this car wash it does it under your truck over your truck spotless clean nice easy in and out

Lorenna Street

Tarek Nashawi

Good wash. Nice staff.

Amanda Adams

This is the only car wash that I'll go to in the area. They are by far the best I've found for the drive through options.

Tegan Easter

Ben Reichert

My car was so shiny after the basic $8!

Rosie Dillon

G. Damewood

B Lynn

Tina Lesher

I loved the landscape here. What a beautiful job. Took a couple of pics while waiting.

Jeff Higgins

Good wash & wax.

Jax Helm

Thomas Gautney

good car wash if you're in a hurry, be a little careful if you're in a fullsized truck, making the turn from the vacuum area into the actual car wash is a little tight but very doable.

Patrick Pillow

Michael Rose

Good service

Barry Schweigert

Best carwash in Eugene

Jeremy Mabe

Great car wash!

Mark Beach

Car is washed... Not a touchless system... Kids love going through!

kevin castaneda

A Kirb

James Ragsdale in front of me was being scrubbed (here and there) with filthy brown water..I got an equally lousy wash and witnessed a 'high five' in the rear view mirror, as having been the final customer before closing.... GREAT wash if the owner is there though!

Deanna Kundert

Needs more attention to wheels

Jeffrey Sprague

Never a line. Good car wash. Get the 10 wash card for a discount.

Alex Christianson

Jessica Litsis

Nice vacuum stations & pretty good for a quick wash.

Jannice Cox

Very convenient for me, tho I wish they had a Sr citizens discount. I'd go more often.

syble cline

Fast and easy

Tracey Janzen

$8 car wash woohoo! Quick & easy & a quality car wash for the price. However, if you are going to vacuum your car make sure there is an attendant there, we had an issue with the machine eating all of our quarters & there was nobody around to help us.

Ernie Sanchez

Jenna Miller

Brian Schmidt

Kristina Raaf Lumsden

ciara riedel

Patti Cole

Service with a smile! You hardly ever find the cheerful helpfulness that is standard here. It's a small thing, but it matters, and it's why I keep going back! Buy the multi-wash card and keep your car pretty!

Charley Davidson

Fast ,does good job

Andrew Espenshade

Affordable, quick.

Randy King

Douge Bell

Kwang Park

Richard Smith

They do a good job

Dilan Zumach

Not a bad car wash. The cheap version is $8 and the premium is $10 I believe. Also they have vacuums that start at $1 to clean out the inside of your car, which is convenient. The wash was quick and all automated. Overall satisfied with the service and will be returning if I ever need a car wash in the Eugene area.

Maritza Landeros

Stephers Tune

I recommend this car wash. My car has never been damaged, I cannot say that is always the case. You can buy a card for 6 washes and save $6. They have two options for car washes: regular wash and "polish," which is the regular wash and a special wax. The wash does include brushes and a dry at the end. The line does get long on summer days, but it moves fast.

Dustin Gross

Great little car wash! I stopped here and did a quick wash and vac before lending my car to some friends out of town for the weekend. Less than $15 for a great wash and quick clean. My car looked great and it hadn't been washed in over a year!

Bo Holmes

Yvette Garcia

Jeff Everest

Carla Gary

Never quite clean bottom panels, and it leaves drying phase way too wet.

Jordan Lewis

Great service, and quick too. Won’t get everything completely off your car, but it does the trick. Leaves your car smelling like cherries too.

Bonnie Brand

I can't give them 5 stars because their air drier doesn't work well.

Reilly Newman

They scrub your tires and bumpers before heading through the car wash. $8 for basic, $10 for the deluxe. Avoid the 5 o'clock rush hour, the car wash gets busy and Coburg Rd is a pain to drive on during rush hour.

Joe Norton

It wash the car

Omar Velez

raiann covert


Belinda Wickwire

Samurai R31

I stop by regularly every couple months. Not had a bad experience yet with my white colored, 2008, 4-door, Japanese compact. Have used both deluxe and primo washes before. Not a huge difference between the two, but always comes out much cleaner! *Note: not a deep enough wash to get rid of body seam moss/ algae.


Vacuum is a dollar.wash and wax $10 great deal.

Stephen Flanagan

Great premium wash with wax for $10

Christiana Dancer

uriel grossel

We need more self serve car washes. These auto washes always scratch paint

dave collingwood

Tryxi Douglas

Hank Lepley

Been there several times. It a great place to get a quick wash.

Jorge Briceño

Kelly Mack

Okay for 10 bucks. Have to dry you car yourself after the wash. Blow dry is too fast and doesn't completely dry your car.

Lex Luther

John Dzeima

Aleksei Gonzalez-Arguinzoni

They got my Cadillac clean, but they caused over $200.00 worth of damage. They returned the parts they broke off my car and did not even say they were sorry. Don't go here, unless you have $0 deductable insurance and need some new parts!

Shelley Macbeth

Andrew Bailey

Britain The Tea Lover

Danny Kelsay


Kyle Pearse

Self-vacuums were not that powerful

Gordon O

Exnor Cox

They do the best car wash in Eugene, Oregon.

Julie Oberfoell

Led lights in the carwash tunnel were blinding.nice carwash tho.

Yvonne Gahley

Krystal Abrams

The prices can’t be beat and the folks that work here seem very efficient. Took 1 minute and 30 seconds to get my car squeaky clean and sparkly after not washing it all summer.

Stacey Stewart

Malinda Erickson

It's the best car wash around

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