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10189 SE Sunnyside Rd, Clackamas, OR 97015, United States Located in: Sunnyside Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Classic Car Wash IN Oregon

Terry/alexia Harris/glasco

For the price you can't beat it. An if you want a quicky or a great detailed job.

Irina Spiridonova

We used $33 deal on interior and exterior, they cleaned the car well, and it had been covered in dust and tree sap. However, the employee at the entrance was trying to get us purchase $199 detailed cleaning and emphasized the sap wouldn't come off otherwise. So, it felt like they were trying to get us pay 6 times more than was necessary.

Norman Jutras

Just upgraded this place, micro fiber wash brushes,prevents scratches, free vacuum and you can't beat the price for a wash. Owners are very friendly and helpful. Thanks I will be back.

ashley assibey

Good and cheap

Mario Nuñez

Quick, easy and cheap.

Melanie McDonald

Most amazing day and experience with the team at Classic Car Wash. It's not just a car wash, that doesn't do the place or the people justice. It's a group of dedicated individuals ensuring such an attentive service to you and your car. May I mention also, shopping and a place to have lunch. I was able to buy gifts, relax, eat, conduct business and drive away in an immaculate vehicle. They could not have been more accommodating, kind or customer focused. Hats off to Ryan, Adrian, Debbie, the team and cafe

Stef 2

They did a good job cleaning the car and I was asked if I was happy with he job a couple of times. Unfortunately the one time I needed some gas and the price was good, the pumps were not working due to a power cut the night before. But overall it went well.

Naresh Moorthy

Nice experience washing the car, spotless clean


Value for money with the wash options.

guadalupe cress

I always feel welcomed!

Shoham Rockenstein

Great service. great place to do it if you have your kid with you - you don't even have to leave the premises - entertainment is included with the fountain ducks and fish feeding. also a small coffee place I did not get the chance to try yet

Craig Robertson

If you want you car somewhat clean, but secretly just want a hard pitch for an overpriced wax treatment, go to this overblown and under service car wash. You will not be very happy with the job they do despite the excessive and gaudy surroundings. There are MANY good quality, cheaper, high service car washes in San Jose. Dont get lured here.

Christine Zarry

Great job on my car.

Bill Robertson

Spent $110 to have new 4Runner waxed, cleaned after a shake down road trip to Del Mar. When they were "finished", I inspected the vehicle and found dirt still clinging to the outer step, door jams filthy, rear bumper cover water spotted and dirty and the rear seats, rear cargo areas unvacuumed. For that kind of money, the vehicle should have been ready the first time. The kid who detailed it corrected everything I asked, but the rest of his team let me down. Will not use this car wash location again as I did not feel valued as a customer.

Mel White

Professional car cleaning

Bruce Barnes

They did a great job on my dirty car, and 2.00 off for early bird.

Dustin Smith

Great place.nice people


I paid for the 10.99 wash, and the wash didn't even get the bugs off the front of my car and the brushes seemed to be really harsh on the paint.

charleen Alves

My car loves this place

Lisa Bennick

They did an ok job being there was a line of line I am sure the were rushing. But got it done on lunch break. Self serve vacuum area.

Michael Fields

High price mediocre car wash

Dylan Rich

They do a quality job, but the prices are high. On the plus side, they are quick. They will also fix problems if any arise. One time I didn't get the wash I paid for so they gave me a coupon for another wash, it wasn't much of a hassle and they didn't doubt me. Good customer service.

Hayden Shieh

Best car wash around, prices are a bit high and the names of the washes keep changing but they do a good job and pay their employees fairly

KTP Ktphotography

I love this place, been going there since I was in high school... Now finally bought in their car wash program.... New update n remodel everything

Darci Hall

Best car wash in town!!

Tre Retter

Very disappointing experience. Sloppy, quick, light cleaning of the inside and outside for $30+tip. Lots of rough scrapes and scratches. Many dirty areas untouched. You may have a better experience if your car is already clean, but then what would be the point!? I would gladly pay more to have my car properly cleaned.

Joan Valine

$40 Ultimate car wash today was a huge disappointment! Windshield still dirty. Back cargo area of my SUV was not vacuumed - door not even lifted. Water spots and dirt remained on exterior of car. I will never return.

Enrique Cendejas

I have been a customer for many years. Attention to detail has definitely been going down over the years. And it’s definitely a premium charged wash. It’s location makes it convenient for me though.

Rita Martinez

The service here has gone down and prices have gone up. I wish there were more convenient options.

Tye Tighe

Kind of an upsell job in line, but the basic exterior / interior was good...EXCEPT they did not vacuum the rear area of my SUV. Admittedly, I assumed it would be part of the package, but came away somewhat disappointed... I will probably go again, but will be certain to request the rear vacuum.

Mike Judas

Best car wash shaped like a riverboat

Javier Garcia

Took my car to wash here since I’ve always wash my car at this place for the price can’t beat it but today is my second time that my van comes out with scratches in the front of my van. Not happy about it. Not going there anymore. And I’ll make sure to let my family and friends because who wants their car to get scratched. I’m sure no one

Linda F

Just went and they did a poor #$$ job, paid for "Total Wash" the $19.95, I could have sworn the inside was suppose to be included. My console where cups go, dirt, and crumb still there, doors same dirt & dusty (mostly dust) there. The only thing they did inside was a once over with before going thru the wash! Very disatiffied. I will say though when I called they said I could bring it back the next day....but I CAN'T I am leaving clearly didn't get what I paid for!!! I didn't see them do the inside at all, was thinking ok maybe they did it before going thru the wash, but I think all they did was wipe it down quickly! I will not be going back! OHHHH also I pointed out there was a grease mark below door, and the worker says it doesn't come off, I wiped it with my finger it came off, all they had to do was use a little elbow grease, which the other worker did!

Alfred Smith

The do an ok job cleaning my car.

Manisha Deepchandani

Love this place.. they take the time to work on your car and get it done good. Have tried other places but keep going back to these guys.

Daniel Strenfel

Been coming here for years and never had a bad experience. Staff is always super friendly and do a great job.

Lisa Kennedy

Great place to get a car wash. Good service and attention to the car. They have a number of different options and can gas up your car, if you wish (though pump prices are higher than regular gas stations). They vacuum the inside of your car and will do your trunk, if you open it when you exit your car. They do a nice job cleaning windows and towel dry after. They also have an "exterior only" option if you're there for a quick wash, but there is no towel dry service if you only wash the outside of your car. They do have a place to buy food and drink if you're hungry and a shop with various items (though it's a bit "old" or "kitchy" for my taste, there is an opportunity to shop while you wait). Getting car cleaned (without any extra services) takes about 20-30 minutes when there's no wait - not the fastest, but reasonable for the quality of work.

bonziamaster Bruesch

They do excelled work


Were not thorough on the interior wash. Must be watchful and tell them where to clean.

Antonio Gonzalez

My family and I have been coming here for years. I've always enjoyed the value of their $17-$20 starting price of interior/exterior car washes. Recently prices have changed and the starting price for the same wash is now $35. Why the price change? The salesman couldn't recall any price changes but I would expect that they would like more customers to commit to their monthly unlimited car wash plan. Customer service has always been good but due to the price change i'll be going to different car wash down the block for $50.

David Zamora

I come here about once a month after the rainy season. Never disappointed in the quality of work the employees of Classic Car Wash provide. Wether it's a quick exterior wash or a full service with interior detailing it's always quality work at what I think is a reasonable cost. My biggest praise is they will remove your cars antenna prior to the wash so it doesn't get all mangled up and damaged. That little step is the only reason I need to keep coming back. It's a silly thing yes, but it's little details like that, that carry on with the rest of the wash.

Veronica Maldonado

They did a great job on my car inside and out and Beautiful gift shop and got a Bagel and carrot cake from there lil food store

Mike 1941

Great place.. always do a great job..

Udayan Mittal

Excellent car wash - extremely thorough and the car was very clean. Not one detail was missed on both the exterior and the interior

James Antonacci

It was closed at 2pm on a sunny saturday, why?

Rose Brown

love you can use the vac after for free

Connor McGill

It isn't amazing but it usually isn't the worse. Half the time it is a waste of money since they dont do a great job with random parts of your car. I have come back with dirt still on certain parts. The positive of this place is the fast and easy and wet drive thru option. Put that in neutral!!!!! But it is the only positive. Don't buy their other packages those suck

Linda Newton

My favorite place to get my car washed!

Taufiq Habib

Car was sparkling clean. Really good service when I love that I can see my car along every stage

Dr. Charles Ramskov

Great service did a great job on the car inside and out

Olga Tapia

I had a bad experience here and the guy who talk to me was so racist...... shame on them!

Doreen Torres

Good price. Good clean. Dont scratch

Derick Connor

Nails all over the place and half the spray guns don't work.

Justin Hayes

Nice clean car. They did not vacuum my trunk of my car and there was some dust in one area they missed. For the massive amount of cars coming in, they got my car out relatively quickly. The have a shop that sells good sandwiches at a reasonable price.

Dave Kazim

Great place, no water marks and they work there butt off to make sure you shine.. what more can you ask for? Keep up the great service!

Kali Kauffman

This place is shut down and the building looks abandoned

Brian Puente

Great friendly fast service! Would be 5 stars but this place has 2 small drawbacks 1.) fairly pricey (I spent $44 but had waxing and other treatments could send the price well over $100, 2.) they don't use compressed air to help them dry the vehicles ) but everything else is top notch! Great gift shop, and coffee shop as well. You can even feed the fish in the lake, and take beautiful pictures!

Richard Leonardo

Good prices good service

Brian Hugger

This is convenient, fast, affordable, and they are always friendly. And my kids LOVE IT! Interior services would be awesome too...

Susana Paulino

(Translated by Google) Washing.good and economical (Original) Lavado.bueno y economico

Jeff Price

Great service. They bust you in and out.

Enrique Espinoza

Best car wash ever, very polite staff and efficient installations. I recommend for anyone who it's for a quick and first class car wash

Brianna Driggs

Fast for an outside wash. Typically takes 5-10 minutes if it's not at a peak time.

April Ambard

Quick, efficient and they do a great job. Monthly plans are the most cost effective.

Daniel Cartagena

Good service, good job and great price

Roguish Paladin

I had a really messy car, both inside and out, so I was prepared to accept whatever I got under the theory of "I should've kept better care of my car". The fellow at the end wouldn't accept it in less than stellar condition, though, so after verifying that I had time he sent it through again with some pretreatment for no extra fee. They worked hard to get the car looking good and earned a very positive review.

Kevin Henriksen

They do a great job.

Ririe Fikriani

Honest, nice, and they are aligned with you as the customer -- they WANT your car to look as clean as it can and reasonably within the scope you paid for. They will still go the extra mile on lower-priced packages but will be up front with the limitations. They suggested to run my car through the machine the second time (without my saying anything) because of the bee pollen (which usually requires claying). They are just nice people. Agree with others that it may be better to go when not as busy.

luis blin

Bueno con precios baratos y sucesivamente

hector velez

This is one of the best Car Wash, if not the best one in this área, good service, free vacuum, Very nice Location.

Mat Arruda

Excellent car wash! Tried this place out a few times and had great experiences so I decided to sign up for their unlimited car wash package. What better way to keep your car clean all year round.. especially in the winter! Plus it's an amazing value! The facility is clean, well kept, and the customer service is excellent! They also offer free vacuums with use of their car wash services!


Okay service.,

deb m

For about $35 you get a thorough car wash. Gift shop inside makes it more worthwhile, pick up a little something for a birthday or holiday while you are there. Overall good job cleaning the car, but expensive!

Michelle Alves

Reasonable prices and did a great job!

Elvy Peralta

So so

j L

Expensive and Poor Service, asked for manager to make a complaint and he's never to be located, left contact for call back and never returned the call. What ever happened to hand car wash? When I googled hand car wash this business came up??? I only rated it one star because i couldn't proceed it really doesn't deserve any stars.

Gail Garner

Great place to get your car watch. I had a Bad experience this morning when I ask how much for car wash as I hadn't been there in a while he told me 31.99. I told him I had been there in a while. it seems high is this the best price he said yes. After checking online I found he'd lied to me... I'm very disappointed... Be ware of the service writers when quoting prices... 3 other levels.. $17.99 & up.. Gail Glenn G. Apears to be a young man trying to make a name for himself at the expense of an old man. I'll have to be more aware of these kinds of people in the future.

Ed C

The vacuum and washer machines are set up to steal your money. If you don't believe me, go and try yourself. Otherwise, don't even bother going to this place.! Terrible!

Ryan Granchalek

I have been a member of there program for about 3 months right now and I have been pleasantly surprised. They always do a good job and get me in and out quickly.

Stephanie Negron

Excellent express wash but two vacuums broken. Waited it too long

Charleen Alves

Classic car wash always has good deals good service

jose ramos

they cheat scam steal.they ran my credit card twice.

Kimberly Stein

Great detailing but expensive and they took my driver door handle insert cover, I'm assuming to clean it, and never put it back. Tried calling the next day when I noticed it but no answer and no return call on my message.

Rosalia Carpio

Employees always helpful and personable

Daniel Nunez

Honestly not a BAD car wash however, I feel its overpriced for what it is. 40$ for inside and outside. Inside vaccum some things were missed. Not a lot but like but 90% was gotten. Outside wash, handprints and smears were left on EVERY window. While it's a decent wash it is most definitely not worth 40. This would be a 4 star if it was half the price. The wash itself was really quick though. Only like 20 mins so cant complain about speed. If I'm paying 40 dollars I expect a little bit more. Shouldn't have to re-clean my windows at a gas station after a car wash.

Catherine Holder

Fav car wash lil pricey but fav car wash

Cassandra Dixon

Paid $30 for a car wash. My rims are still dirty and there’s still grass on my front bumper! Never coming back.

Tony D

They are so good and cool to hang out with!

Norberto Hernandez

Love it

Celina Ryan

They aren't cheap, but the personnel is thoughtful & professional which I appreciate. The detailers always do a great job on my gross car which I am forever greatful for!

Rose Re

They are a great small business!

john gouin

Typical diy car wash. Brush part was broken on the foam brush. Timer seemed to go to fast. (I can typically get my car finished on $4 worth of quarters, had to add $1 more this time.) Not to mention when i initially inserted my $3 in quarters it only registered $2.25, so i had to add 75 cents more to get it to start.

Irma Ortiz

Good price


Had my car washed here and when it was done had a lot of missed spots.

Garland Head

A clean car is the result

Norma Pacheco

Now who can complain about $3 car washes and free vacuum! I have their $10 unlimited monthly car wash for the summer and I love it. My family and I live at the beach during the summer month's so this monthly plan is right up my alley.

Prateek Parekh

Very quick and convenient if you do the exterior wash only. Also, if got come here regularly, they have a rewards program. Afternoons on weekdays does a full wash can easily take half an hour. So plan accordingly.

Renee G

These guys are killing it in the car washing business. They are getting more efficient every year. Their detail department is awesome. They also do professional windshield crack repair.

Wilma Wilhoid

Love the the gift shop and cafe. It's always busy better go early also services is awsome.

Michael Paliotti

Outstanding service

Barney Freedline

How can beat a car wash 3 dollars and free vacuum

Ozgun Oncel

Apparently they don't cover if your windshield wiper breaks thru the car wash. Weak service. Beware

leslie feliz

Best deals, and staff

Nick Dutton

This car wash is very popular but they have a number of tactics in play that i find quite off putting. They seem to continually increase prices and as such they are quite expensive at this point. Unfortunately, its not until you have driven in and really cant get out that you find todays price. They also continually do the power push to have you sign up to a monthly subscription that you can only use on a single car. Due to all this i don't go to them nearly as often as I used to and now due to the prices, I don't find myself tipping anymore. To help qualify this review. It is current as of December 2018. As always, if you found this review useful please remember to like it. If people like the review (whether you agree or not), it encourages me to write more ;)

Manuel Maceia

They have the best car wash service and deals around 3$ for wash and Vacuum.

Adam Alvarez

Fast! And friendly customer service for the most part. For being mostly automatic with a rolling hand dry at the end, it was alright. Doesn't beat the attendants to take their time with washing. For the price, I don't think its worth it. I'm interested in trying the one just south, which I heard was cheaper. To each their own.

Vaping MetalHead

Great place for a wash. Never had any issues

Celia Girard

$3 wash and free vacuums? Yes, please.

Joseph Danti

Worst place to clean car terrible service

David J Hernandez

They are just a normal car washing place. I did get duped out of getting my scratches buffed out of my back bumper and side for 80 bucks. I rejected their work twice and by the 3rd time I got so frustrated I left.

VnexMusik Flow

Bad Experience! Worst Costumer Services!! Bald guys is Racist! They should fire him

Deysi Barbour

They could do a lit better

Virendra Singh

They are good and rates are great...!

Wendy Marcello

Quick service

Francy Herrera

Excellent service. Friendly people!

Ryan Reeder

Excellent. These guys do an incredible job. My Mazda and BMW are always clean and shiny.


This is awesome place to get your car washed!

jason demers

Best in RI

Christine Lopez

I paid for the ultimate. Thought I would of got a better job done. The car mats weren't removed so under didn't get vaccumed . Some spots didnt get vaccumed. Outside window still had marks. I will return agian but will ask to have the mats removed as well.

Cayla Collins

They barely vacuumed my car, and I dont think they even wiped down the inside. I had to say something for another person to come over and wipe the inside. All my floor mats are still dirty. I had to finish wiping the inside myself.

Jim Shank

Wish they would just let you use the machine. I don't need a pitch every time I get a car wash. Almost always need to go through twice and they aren't nice about it.

Esther Gomez

(Translated by Google) Fast and good (Original) Rápido y bueno

Gavin J

Such a neat little icon.

Charles Parisi

Gray car wash


Good service. good prices. This place has been around for ever.

Gail Kaplan

It's newly remodeled and great

Cesar Pereyra

I like this place, i go there everyday cheap and good monthly plans i would give it 5 stars but vacuums are either never working or people take way too much time on the spot cleaning their cars when they not even using the vaccums and they don't try fix those bad vacuums or enforce a time limit.

Gabby Gonzalez

The monthly wash package is so worth it !!

Robin Rosenberg

An hour and a half and counting. I needed a car wash and interior Vaccuum which would have been 34.95. The order writer noticed some stains on my upholstery and offered an upsell to interior detailing for an additional 89.99. I asked how long it would take and he told me "they're not working on anything back there right now so you'll have 3 or 4 guys working on your car and it'll be really fast". There were several cars (6-8) in the detail area by the time my car was driven over there. I was talking to another customer waiting with me and she said she was told the same thing. She got an exterior hand wax so she is already gone. I hope they are doing a good job. I can't rate the quality of the work yet... But if they try and tell you they aren't busy so you will be done quickly, take it with a grain of salt. Seriously. No Really.

NJ Spiritsho

3 buck car wash at 7pm Friday! Whaaaat?! Thats what I'm talkin ' about!

Nikki Schoene

Priscilla Limcaco

I came here with a free coupon from my manager for an Exterior Express wash, which is just a drive-thru wash. Their service is fast and attentive! They also offer full services for vacuuming and gas fill-up. It's definitely pricey though so I'm not sure if I would have come here without the coupon.

Daniel Paolini

Went there for first time car was disgusting. They put it through a second time to make sure it was nice and clean

Jessica Bagley

Fast & cheap

Lavincia Harper

One ofvthe best

Ryan Getitdone

Worth it for a 3 dollar car wash

SasiKumar Arumugam

Automatic car wash is very good and they have monthly membership

Jesse Contreras

Miss this car wash. No one cleans cars and trucks like this place. We have moved away.

Robert Brian

They do a good job, at least when it's not busy. The best way to get a good job is to always go mid day on a week day. If you plan on going on a weekend, don't have high hopes.

Hesham Allam

After i washed my car i still can see a dirt on my wheels and water stain on the window i will not go there again!!

Angie Tjaden

Not open 24 hours like advertised.

hector costa-cortes

Always good service

Sylvia Walker

I do the drive through car wash and it keeps the deep dirt off my car by driving through weekly. Good deal, if you pay the auto pay monthly of $25.00. I usually pull over somewhere afterwards and finish the drying, as well as the few specs that weren't removed.

Doreen Gorans

A little awkward to drive in & out but well worth a good wash and free do it yourself vacuuming!!! Friendly attendants are a bonus.

Michael Harris II

This place is awesome!!! staff and management are very professional

Donna Casillas

There was alittle issue but brian resolved the problem RIGHT on the spot thanks.

Joany Kawasaki

Guy giving instructions said to park. I thought this was strange but there was someone right in front of me so thought they'd tell me to change to neutral when it was time. Nope. Instead my car wouldn't move so I hurriedly changed it to neutral. The same guy who shouted Park pointed at the sign where it says no braking and put car in neutral. He basically acted like I was a complete idiot. Came home and my car still wasn't totally clean. I will NOT be going back even if the location is convenient.

Adam Racobs

Got the 34.95 package they originally cleaned it said good to go and then a lead came over and said no not good enough so they redid the windows. Truly appreciate it when people take pride in there job

Manny Medeiros

It's ok

Yohansy Brito

Excelente lavado y bien barato muy bueno

James Young

Love the monthly option!

Geoff Stirling

Classic Car Wash offers terrific service and a range of wash/wax options. They can get quite busy (particularly mid-morning through mid-afternoon), but things move pretty quickly. The staff does a very thorough job and my car is always spotless when we drive off. Pricing is a bit high, but they do a very solid job at keeping your car looking great.

Winter W

I always choose “the deal” for my car. Service is really good. I walked around in the store when waiting for my car ready. People are careful and friendly there.

rob sealy

Assembly line feel - sloppy I guess business is good because they have long lines queueing to get car washed. They jam each car very close together I remember when the equipment was spaced farther apart and the cars weren't placed bumper to bumper. The cars seemed to be cleaner back then and the staff had more time to hand dry the vehicles. Regrettably, I will probably continue to use the monthly exterior wash plan since I'm not aware of a better deal elsewhere.

Carlos Bolanos

There okay.. I have the express wash membership with them. But they’re drying system needs to improve every time you pull out of the driveway all the water that’s trapped in your rearview mirrors splashes your doors and you get water marks when you get to your house

Alex Primo

Idiots scratched up my new BMW with they're brooms.

Clinton Dyer

Good job on washing cars. Relatively expensive, though.

Karey McMahon-Stoltz

This place was outstanding. The service was polite, friendly, and efficient. Maybe that's because the emoyees get decent benefits (posted above the cash register). They have a real espresso bar, a huge duck pond, and a little shop to keep you entertained. But let's talk about the clean - the reason you're there. I can't lie. My van was special-dirty when I pulled in. Dried up coffee spills in the cup holders, and god-only-knows-what gross kid gunk in the back. Sidebar: I regularly take my van to another hand wash place that's prevalent in the Bay Area, and they're never cleaned out the cup holders thouroughly. Well, my car is so shiny it almost looks like I had it detailed! I only wish I lived closer so I could come here more often.

Joel Gonzalez

Voi por el presión y por lo bien q lo lavan

chante price

Service is on point

carl dye

Good place to wash your car with powerful free vacuuming afterwards. Cheap too

Deyvi JDC


Robin McMullen

I've been getting cars washed at Classic Car Wash for 3 decades at least. They do a great job at a reasonable price. They're fast, thorough, and courteous. It's unusual for any business to sustain high quality service over such a long time, but CCW does it.

petra gonzalez

Good car wash. For $3 you clean the exterior of your car and come out shinny and beautiful. The vacuum is free and you can take your time because the vacuums don't shut off.

Lee Timmothy

they did a decent job, not too bad. its alright

Kayla S

Fav place for a car wash $5 with wax free vacs and always a great wash the first time through also has a vacuum and windows for $10 more right on the side so pretty much $15 full service and $5 with free self vacuum depending on you limitations either is a great price for quality wash.

Victor Sandoval

Great car wash. Fast service considering they are always busy. Prices can be high but great quality

Linda Silva

Have not used this car wash for 30 years still a great place to get a full service car wash. Excellent work, friendly happy knowledge employees. The boutique and beverage areas are well stocked good pricing. Can't say enough good about this place.

Farrah Medrano

Amazing packages for drive-thru washes. I always love using this company. The only negative is the exit route for this location. Plops you right at a light that always takes forever and has long lines.

William Pence

Fast, efficient and right priced. $6 for a basic tunnel wash. Too bad they don't have interior services, but kudos for what they offer.

geovanny veras


De spiegeleer Michel

My favorite , by far

Tricia Dion

Awful have been trying to get in touch with someone for a month now about a gift card I ordered and still haven't received!! No one returns calls will never do business with these people and will tell my friends to go elsewhere !! Awful customer service should be a negative star.

Jorge Perez

Good clean wash the best

Paul Gleason

Great job cleaning my car!

Santisima Abu-Mathanah

Prices are great!

Joe Pelletier

Great prices, cleans my car great, open early stays open late too.

Regina Paulsen

I always tip them....i can actually "read" his hand signals on how to get on tracks!

Jessica Nicole Freeman

Very friendly people

Eevee's Mom

Shady business practices. Prices not posted on their website. Prices not posted anywhere visible from the street. Prices are quoted by the employee who greets you, once you’re stuck in a long line, unable to back out. Big emphasis on the upsell. So confusing. ——— Dear Classic Car Wash, Why not just do the right thing and be transparent, consistent and most of all, be sure we drive away with sparklingly clean cars? Then we happy customers will tell our friends and spread the good word on social media. Why not just build a business on honest and sound business practices? For $40, you really should wipe down my car interiors. That’s kind of a big deal. You should be sending us on our way with the feeling that we’re driving a very clean car! I drove away with a car that looked almost the same as it did when I arrived: dirty. Wipe down the interiors, Classic Car Wash! No, it shouldn’t be something that only the detailing service can do! It used to be standard with all but the basic car wash. What a horrible $40 car wash I received. I feel so cheated. And I waited in a really long line of cars, only to get a dirty car back. In summary: - Read your Yelp and Google reviews and respond - Clearly list your prices on well-placed signage and on your website. Keep it simple! - Back off on the pushy upselling. We don’t like it! - Wipe down our car interiors! Make them shine! Include this service with all but the basic car wash. For forty dollars, you need to including wiping of the interiors! Don’t make it a detailing service Oh and clean your duck pond. It looks like it’s full of car wash chemicals. The only way to go at Classic Car Wash is to get their $24.99 (or whatever random price they quote you) monthly unlimited exterior wash pass and go frequently. Wipe down and vacuum on your own. Sincerely, A highly unsatisfied customer

colored bullet 21

Gets your card clean

Mike Normandin

Can't beat a $3 car wash, your car still needs to be wiped down the blowers not as effective as some other places

KJ Ugrin

Great service & value every time.

Abimael Cirilo

The best in Town.

Craig Messa

Great wash. Long line, went fast. Super efficient. Would recommend.

Boarder Piet

Fast, friendly, affordable

James Stewart

Gets your car clean

Joey Addessi

Great cleaning for the price! I have been to classic many times and will gladly continue to use them!

Ramie Mount

Girlfriend and I are pretty particular about our cars and the condition that we keep them in - unfortunately, when my girlfriend had her car washed here she left with some 20-30 nicks / small etches in her windshield. Our guess is the pre-wash with the handheld brush had a bunch of sand or rocks in it OR the car wash brushes themselves weren't clean. Regardless, when she tried to approach them about it the staff members talked down to her, the manager (Kevin Lynde) laughed in her face. He eventually told her that if she could get an estimate from a windshield repair company that included a statement that the car wash could at all be responsible, then he would pay in full for the replacement. He would not put this in writing, but gave his verbal word and shook on it. The next day, my girlfriend did get an estimate from a reputable Portland-area windshield repair company. That company stated that they have seen this happen with car washes before and it is entirely feasible for the car wash itself to be responsible. When Kevin was made aware of this, he got angry and shouted. He went back on his word and did not cover the full cost of replacement. Will not be returning to this car wash again.

Mr. Zachary Goyette

As an car detailer myself, I Must say they did excellent job, I brought my pollen covered car there and they made it shine. Keep up the good work!!!!

Henry fuller

Great business for any car,the only draw back is this place is very busy at all time but it worth the wait,the service is great.

lisa fogarty

Employee broke my antenna trying to remove then taped it back onto car as if to "fix it so I could continue" but then fell off inside the car wash and no one would stop (even after hours as promised) to see if it could be found. Was also promised that someone would call me with search update and never happened. I tried calling their office number and all I get is a busy signal. Guess who'll be there at 730am tomorrow morning in the front of the line waiting until someone checks for my antenna.

Jovanna Negron

Really rough on paint, excuses made for terrible wash experience

Tipiloma Talia

I am always fascinated by the shop inside, I love this car wash, my car was not only shinny, but I get to admire the good things inside... I purchased a pair of sunglasses and I love it.. recommend you try it.

Gail Gross

Left water stains. Did not do a great job drying.

Zsoka Scurtescu

Usually efficient and fast. I used to cone here often, but haven't been in a couple of years. I noticed that they must have changed management, at least at the shop... Although the inventory is similar, customer service wasn't great.

Enrique Arana


MarknLian Wall

Ebenezer Dalzell

Great job washing my car

Nicholas Keliipuleole

I’ve had really good experiences here. The crew has always been respectful with me and they do a very good job. The vacuum is free and good. They do a good job keeping the area clean given the volume and I’ve even seen the car wash crew repairing broken vacuums themselves. I trust them completely with all my cars and I’m incredibly particular about my cars.

Adam Cole

The only place I get my car washed. It always looks great and they don't charge extra when I come back from Tahoe covered in salt. When they wash the interior they also use products that aren't greasy and prone to dust accumulation. My picture is my truck just washed using there cheapest "Exterior" wash. Looking great!

Steven Osorio

Asked for the wash with detail, guy at the counter said he miss understood, owner of the place comes out saying he missed understood you because your heavy accent. Racism as its best

Megan Finaly

Great services at a reasonable price. They are very fast and do a thorough job. The team is very orderly in processing all the cars that come through.

Darby Mowell

A trip to the Delta Queen is absolutely a delight each and every time


Bought the royal wash, they did nothing except the water wash and can cleaning out the water. The guys messed with my seat adjustment and radio. Will never go back again. Regret that I left a tip for them. Also, the stain on the hood is there as well, some cleaning, maybe it's my mistake to go there on Saturday

Anthony Del Rosario

Good service

Nimil Parikh

Price is a bit high and wait is above normal but wash is good... I recommend washing with them when car is dirty enough that a normal wash can't work and it doesn't require a hand wash.

Jesus Najera

Great and convenient car wash. I recommend going first thing in the morning(7am) to best the crowds. I would say that around that time I'm out in 20-25min.

eric devine

Not a bad wash for only 3.00

Gloria Tolentino

My car at the end was completed cover in soap

Terry Jenkins

Always friendly!

Claudia Threats

They are fast and do a great Job. Inexpensive too

Gonzalo I Ortega

Nice place to get your car washed. It's a quaint and cheerful business with an exciting business model. The service is great and the car wash is good too. I wish the Koi in the pond didn't have to swim in such polluted water, though.

Jay Harnden

Always great service

Dorlene Russell

Great service!

Kaizer Sogiawala

Classic Car Wash has convenient locations at Lark, Hamilton and Saratoga in South Bay and do a decent job at washing and cleaning outside and inside. It's sad that they have stepped away from ~$20 cleaning services for adhoc wash and pushing towards monthly cleaning. The wait time has grown and now takes close to 30 mins for washes. One that does inside and outside is about the same time even though they are on fast track. It's better to go on weekdays. Service is very good. I would have given it 5* if they were not pushing everyone towards monthly subscription. The difference between monthly subscription and single wash is $5 and it makes no sense to spend 35 on adhoc cleaning.

ahmad moosavi

So bad job. They changed me a lot for interior service, but they didn’t do anything.

Alegriareyesmario129@gmail. Com Alegría

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Angel Arca

Machine wash but hand detailing and vacuuming. The staff does a really great job of cleaning and detailing the inside of the car. They hand dry and make sure to get all the crevices etc.

Yohann M

Cheap and vacuum cleaner available

Shannon Rhodes

They used to do a great job. They’re quality has seriously gone down the last few times I’ve been there. They are fast and efficient, but at what cost.


Great car wash! All new system and free vacuum!

Julie Mathers



They have fixed the traffic problem for the most part. Still they need consistency with spraying the car before entering the carwash. I would also like them to space the cars out more. It's unnerving having a car right on your bumper the whole time

Elizabeth Xie

A part of my car broke while I was in the car wash and I think it was the manager who agreed to pay for our car part. All of the employees are wonderful and kind. I highly recommend this car wash!

Jose A Gonzalez

Very good service good prices

amado camilo

ver y good !!!

Aleksei Potov

Express line is quick. In and out under 15 minutes usually.

lasun barada

Cheap. Can wash your car for as little as $3. Good customer service.

Jesica Gonzalez

Love the price and the vacs are awesome

Kathleen Naughton

The staff here is very efficient and professional! I purchased "the deal" and was not disappointed. They did such a great job!


$3 car wash

Deen Bandhu

Quick and good

Rob Willis

They gotta stop waving you in.... they just do it without paying attention and its anoying... The was is ok to good, there is definitely more equipment to dry your car than to wash it. And if it stops while your car is in the washing area you need to go thru again.

Jorge Gomez

Very very bad


Very nice and fast

Elizabeth Sanchez

Very nice place to take ur cartoons wash.

Dan Marshall

Great car wash

Philip Remes

I got the 35$ ultimate wash and was seriously underwhelmed. There’s all sorts of spots and flecks of dirt on every surface. It’s not just a spot here and there, but every surface I inspect, windows, windshield, top of car, side of car has flecks of dirt on it still. I was watching as they did the windows and saw their technique and was amazed how economical it was: 3-4 sprays, and then the minimum number of wipes to cover the surface and get the spray off. I thought, “dang these guys are good”. In fact it wasn’t good. The place I used to go to on Autumn and San Carlos was better but they’re closed for remodeling. I’ll either go somewhere else or do it myself next time.

nilesh shinde

Very detailed car wash. Highly recommended

Jeff Underwood

Back end of my car was still dirty after the wash.

Jc23xo wonderland

Quick $3 car wash with free vacuum best bet for a good wash is $10+ with free vacuum

Charu Madan

Always a great experience with classic car wash. The only problem is for me to get my lazy butt over there, but once I do that service is great. I will say though they keep increasing prices so the basic is not really basic. But oh well

Dan B.

Always super crowded, prices are super high, ($35 for full service wash), they don't even do a very good job! Takes about 45mins to get your vehicle thru on average. On a busy day easily over an hour!

Brian Bingham

Best deal in town!

Sharon Elle

Attendants are always friendly & professional. Drive thru is convenient & does a good job. Very reasonable prices w/easy access.

Rhossamon Fernandez

Very good customer service!!!

Victor Vargas

What i like is you pay once a month go as many times u want. In and out the very reasonable time. Workers there are very polite good job satisfied customer I will recommend them to my friends and family

Alina Kieu

Fast service with tons of employees and people cleaning your car. I got the ultimate wash and they overall did a great job cleaning my car. My car looked clean and dry, but it was left with one of the pockets on my cup holder wet and some wet spots on my window.

gareth holden

You can't beat the $3 drive thru car wash with free vacuums

anndrea shaw

david king

Good price for a carwash... They have a $3 wash also


For a $35 car wash... absolutely horrible job. I get a better wash going through the drive thru wash for a mere $12. They did an ok job on the inside (which is important to me as I have back issues and can’t get down and vacuum). Didn’t realize the awful job until I got home. Don’t ever want to go back. EVER. Not for a 45 minute wait for them to do the same with their dirty-ass rags. There’s literally grease streaks all over both sides. I used to use Country Club car wash but unfortunately the new owners did such a crappy job on every car that they closed down. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY AT THIS PLACE!

Cristian S.

Free vacuum


Good clean car wash

Brother howard washington

Good price for services

Char Baker

Quick carwash w/free vacuuming

mika thinks

My car is never dried enough. Or clean enough the first time. Vacuums almost always never work so waiting for one is so inconvenient.

Robin Y C

Not as good as used to be years ago I have monthly membership and I noticed a lot of water spots after I left etc so not one of my favorite locations

Tra LaMont

Express wash quick and thorough.

Eric Folsom

Free Vacuum and good car wash.

Franchesca a.k. Pedras

Besides the guys at the vacuum station. The rest of the staff was warn and welcoming and very sweet. They did an amazing job and deserve 5 stars, but please fix your newbies attitudes. I didn't like how when I said excuse me a million times to grab the rest of my things from my car, they ignored me like I wasn't there and how they laughed in my face when I told them I would like to get inside my car to grab my things when they finally heard me


This place is overall ok. I had an unlimited car wash for a while there. They staff are ok and the pricing is average. The only thing is there isn’t enough vacuums when it gets very busy and their drying process isn’t that good.


Today is 06/07/2019 got my car drive-through wash unfortunately had a horrible experience with one of the car wash’s employee (fat guy) he was so rude. I just mentioned him that I’d like a $7 wash then he replied back “don’t yell at me today I got the felling”. I said I’m sorry I’m not yelling at you then he gave an attitude and yell at me for move my car forward while I was waiting for his instruction. The price is good but I can’t stand with the rude people. I’m not going back I’ll tell all my family and fiends.

Justin Vargas

Cheap prices , has free self service vacuums.

DreadNaught 503

Phone number doesn't work, doesn't have business hours posted

Jacob Colon

Decent wash but Bring your own drying towel so you can dry your own vehicle to avoid hard water spots.

Jaime Cherry

A 1 job and free vac!

Luis R Fuentes

Lo recomiendo los precios son baratos.

jason glasco

It kind of sucks to be honest

Cheryl Andrade

Free vacuuming

Christy Baker

Average car wash with hand dry. Slightly more interesting waiting area in gift shop and with delta boat themed exterior to wash.

D Valdez

Good cheap car wash

Steve Bowman

expensive for a 2 minute wash. They never dry the mirror gap even upon request and when you drive away it drains out and leaves water streaks down the door

Casey Claborn

Did not get my car clean. I came in for the first time, asked what service they recommended, and they sold me the wash + wax + hand detail. $70 seemed lika a good price, so far so good. But when they give me my car back, they've just waxed dirt into it... so now there is swirly dirt instead of regular dirt. Seems like the initial machine wash didn't clean the car.

nancy maynard

Good job..

Kirk Rose

Great place to get car washed. With a really nice gift skip & coffee shop also.

Richard Duffy

Great deal on the monthly exterior package.

Conny Oliveira

Worst place, its overpriced for the service. Applied so much tire dressing that it sprayed of and ruined the 40dollars i just spend.

chicuco n

3 bucks wash great

Danny Kibel

Speedy and curious service but the actual cleaning was mediocre at best. Car left with many spots which I needed to point out to the cleaner.

Raymond Schneider

Very good people, great services and fair prices.

Travis Phillips

Quick and easy for car wash...but for detailing, the work needs to be checked. You can't assume they did it correctly. They are quick to fix anything... But for the amount of money you spend, I shouldn't have to

Vikas Sharma

They are good


Cause sumtimes there business is packed nd sumday wen there slow

Jeanne Elliott

Terrific people! Always fast, friendly and just a. fun group of people. My car comes out shiny and like new every time.

Habuko Hieimeshi

Make sure you double check your windows, they failed to close my sun roof. They also left bird droppings in more then one spot on my car, even after the drying process. Over all, not impressed with this place, especially after hearing all the undeserved hype behind this place. Disappointing.

David Barbin

Delta Queen does a beautiful job compared to your other Car wash

Deepak Anand

I went there a couple of times for car wash. I got their top tier package for wash but both times car was not that clean. There were a lots of spot left on car. Plus their location is in such a place that you won't even get a chance to stop, get out of the car and check if you got what you paid for. Their is no way from r you to verify if they actually did the wash which you paid for. They also keep pushing you to buy their monthly subscription package.

Josefina Pereyra

It goog

Colleen Anne

Nice car wash for only 5 bucks with free vaccuums. The line is long sometimes.

chris COQUAT

The subscription seems like a great value. I made several attempts at finding working carwashes near downtown San Jose: I failed several times. I drive 6 miles to use this one 1-2 times a week depending on bird poop from parallel parking under trees.

Kevin Bufford

Worst car wash I've ever seen. The surrounding ground is poorly kept and dirty. Change machine is always broken. And bay spray guns are sad in performance. If you have pride in your car this is not the stop for you.

Stanley Hopper

Very good

Big Joe

Didn't like this car wash at all the brushes were to harsh u can hear them slamming my cars roof and hood its definitely not touch less smh and the dryer at the end flexed everything i was scared it was gonna damage my car lesson learned stay away from this car wash if u care about your car even if it was free i wouldn't go back

Ryan Cardente


Michael Pezzullo

Great service. Great prices.


try to come on a weekday between 11am - 2pm for less crowds

Jonathan Perez

I’ve had good service here

alex iraola

The brushes and metal inside of them messed up my paint job terribly all around my car, big chunks gone and huge rips everywhere. Horrible service. Save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere

Isai Solorio

Is a good place

Raymond Luna

not bad I think they accidentally left a rag in my car but other than that a+

Avery Nelson

Expensive, but amazing aesthetic and gift shop.

Rosie Kirk

This place is pretty awesome. Family owned. Nice little store, cafe and chickens!!! They even offer a monthly plan for around $40 a month. You get one ultimate interior and exterior wash a month and unlimited exterior washes. Just note that if you come during traffic hour, it is a hassle to exit the parking lot.

Daniel Hanasaki

Expansion of the exterior-only carwash lane has increased my trips to Delta Queen.

esther haeuser

I had one of the twins detailed my car he does a excellent job. I requested him for the reason he has worked on my car before he's great.

steven delibero

Thanks , The best for

Leeza Ronci

$3 basic wash n free vacuums

Mason Mitchell

Your car will sparkle and the staff is great. Always crowded, which says something

John Michael Kennedy II

Great place to get your car washed and detailed.

Em Hooper

Very friendly staff. My grandson love the window on before the car wash.

Theresa Chavez

Use to like to come here, however after today I will not again! The person who greeted for a full wash was not professional and completely lazy. I ordered my wash I asked not to have the tire dressing, as it makes a complete greasy mess on a white car. I couldn't see my car being cleaned (other cars where blocking). As I got I to my car my windows were full of streaked and some were not even cleaned! I returned home only to then notice the greasy mess all along my car from the tire dressing! A complete disappointment!

Erick Mac

Time of waiting not bad. (30 mins.) They charge $30 They don't clean really clean your car, they just put your can in the car wash machine and clean the inside of the car fast and then next car is ready to clean fast again. I wish i was rich enough to not care.

carlos diaz


Karen Jimenez

Love it love their monthly pass it's worth it

Eric Ruybal

Pretty good service, sometimes they get sloppy and could take a little more time at the vacuum station however. It is far better than the others I have tried in San Jose though.

Joe K

Full interior/exterior detail with a full body wax is $99 and they did great work on my blacked out Infiniti. Full interior/exterior without a wax is around $35, and they have a nice little store as well as a sandwich/coffee shop that you can be in while you wait. Gas is available while you are in line to get detailed, which is a nice convenience.

Nelson Eguizabal

Great work. Excellent customer service and reasonable wait times.

Charles James

Robin Blake

I have been going to this car wash for a very long time. They usually did a good job. I went on 12/05/18 and I noticed the back windshield was still dirty with bird stuff and also the top of the car wasn’t clean . It still had bird stuff on it. I drive for Uber and Lyft and have to have my car clean. I don’t think I will be back. I was very disappointed.

Julissa Alcala

They did an amazing job on my boyfriend's car. great detail and completely worth the $100.

Meli Tucker

I take my work vwhicles here all the time. Great job!

Jacqueline Pyle

Super fast and friendly service. They even buffed out some scratches on my car!

Wouter Debis

james diaz

Fast, a bit pricey but well worth it


A great reasonable prices

Christian Morales

Excellent Price with Free Vacuuming...... How can you Beat It........!!!

Suz yQ

They do a good job! Love the amazing gift shop.

Amer Alsamman

Great for prices Have free vacuum self service

Ray Osofsky

A great car wash and a unique experience.

George Guerrero

Fast, Quality sevice! Highly recommended!

Tim Gadus

Tried this car wash out and they did a great job. Nice waiting area inside and outside with neat items for sale. Car was vacuumed, windows clean and exterior sparkling. It’s in a convenient location and I’d suggest you give them a try

Linda Altemus

Always friendly, always fabulous. Nothing better than a clean car.

Don Hoagland

I am very disappointed in the quality after paying $ 33 dollars for your very basic car wash. Very over priced for what you get! I worked for classic car wash over 41 years ago when I was a kid. There is no quality control anymore. They seam try to push out as many vehicles as possible for profits sacrificing quality. We never did this when I worked there over 41 years ago. You would be fired if you constantly missed areas of the vehicles you cleaned! But I guess that has all changed. I think it's not being properly trained. Shame on management. I'm writing this review because every time the vehicle is half done. I dont use them very much do to their high pricing but the last 3 times that I did the quality is very poor to say the least. Common problems are 2 out of 4 tires not completed ,windows half done and the windows that were done are streaked,dust still on my dash and seats, and last but not least the carpets were not completed! It's a shame to pay $33 dollars and then have to go home and finish cleaning your vehicle! Hope people read this first before being taken avantage of!

Alfred Issaco

One enhancement I recommend is extending the drying time &/or staff so as to minimize water spots on a car's finish after a nice wash.

Rhys Davis

I am visiting from out of state, and came here on the suggestion of a friend. Incredible experience! The staff was so helpful and extremely detailed. What made it best for me though, was I had made an error and didn't realize I needed to leave my hatchback open if I wanted the back of my SUV vacuumed out. When I asked one of the technicians about this, they happily put my car in line to get serviced again, even though it was my error. Extremely accommodating, great team, and the best detail I've ever had.

Andrew Ronquillo

They did a great job detailing my car

Donna Nasteka

Aniano calderon

Faster and vaccun free.

James Diaz

I always go there or the other locations. I have the unlimited ultimate wash for 45 bucks a month. Love it. I go almost every day... Nothing like "hot boxing" the car wash...

Pingping Weng

Amazing experience at the classic car wash for full service on interior and exterior for 40$+tips. I would fully recommend as the folks are really working on details and waiting area is kinda fun to hang out with kinda little park environment feel! Five stars experience for the full service and they also offer the fast track for exterior only.

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