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REVIEWS OF Choice Car Wash IN Oregon

Lisa Fast

Car wash malfunctioned part way through the wash. Money automatically refunded. Wilk try it again.

nick fish

Absolutely horrible, no one here to trouble shoot, been here about 45 min!! Never again! And my car isn't even clean! Waste of time and money.

Melanie Kincaid

Did the $9 wash. The spot free and rinse cycles seemed to be broken/not working properly. The blow cycle was over super quick. However, the car looks pretty darn clean considering my previous comments... but we will have spotting on the car because nothing was blown off.

Luka Cempre

Myra Rosas

jaime aguilar

Stacey Irvin

I'll never go back to that carwash. The brushes missed so much. I go to the outlaw carwash in Sisters and my car looks awesome. Not all soft touch car washes are the same.

Andre Pinette


Horrible service. Payed for a wash and the machine stoped working. Called both their numbers and never got a call back.

Sharon Cratty

Ward Huff

My Jeep was pretty dirty. Used the brushless side and $12 choice. Jeep looked pretty good when it was done. Will use again in the future for sure.

Mike Linehan

Tim McFarland

Ron L

Katie Harris

Noelle Foy

I paid for my car wash pulled in and it started but I thought I was a little to forward so I backed up a little and oops! Duh, I know. Anyway I messed up the car wash and it stopped. I had to drive around pay again and go through a second time. I called the number on the building for assistance and the owner got back to me and credited the first wash back to my card. He was so polite and helpful. The car wash job was pretty darn good too! Yes I recommend it.

Kyle Carlsen

Tina Palmer

ProudMama OfFour

Nice to have a touch less car wash option. However, coin machines are a hit or miss at working properly.

Michael Guth

Terrible wash from the light touch device. Both the front and rear ends were UNtouched as well as the hood and roof were still streaked with dirt. Tires were still dirty. Paid $9 for the “super” wash. Better to have paid a small child. Very dissatisfied.

Lorenzo J.

Too tight of an entrance and not a good clean wash.


Good and Fair Car wash. But I would like to say I expect much better for the price. The car wash is safe and doesn't do damage to your vehicle. No-Touch is the best way there is to protect your vehicle from dings, scratches. However, the same spots on vehicles are always missed. So since that is the case, it should be cheeper. Plus, Damn Dutch Bros is next door. On a normal day you can not get to the car wash because all those obsessed caffeine snobs are rude as hell and block you from the car wash. Dutch Bros needs to MOVE their Location!!

Jasmine Harding

The car wash has been good. The reason why I put 4 stars was they didn't have a sign posted the vaccum didn't work after I inserted money(no returns) then we made sure the other one was good so moved our car over then the repair guy came and said it's been out for awhile. Well that's nice to know. I was in a hurry to get my car appraised.

Melinda Proffitt

Sorta clean car but misses spots

James Keech

Paid $12 for the premium wash, more like subpar wash. I’d give less than one star if I could.

Chelsea Fipps

Horrible horrible car wash. The wash left a film on my car that is not coming off. I'm beyond livid, especially because I cannot get a hole of anyone. This is my second time here and the first time it wasn't great either, left my car dirty but I thought I'd give the no-touch side a chance. Horrible decision. Don't go here!! I made sure to take pictures too

Sonia schley

Dan Hulbert

The value was not good. Marginal car was for the price. Receipt machine didnt work. One of the bays didnt work and when myself and another customer called the phone number for help no one responded.

Tonnja Braden

Nice clean and fast

Harry Morrison

Glenna is

Charlotte Mae

Actually cleans your car!

Paul KD7HB

I stopped in this morning to get a no-brush car wash while the weather was cool. The bay door was closed, but had a big sign saying it would open when payment was made. I used a credit card and when the payment was made, the horn honked and the light turned green, but the door didn't open. As in the other review, no phone number to call, no attendant, no help. I banged the door, but it didn't move. I will have to dispute the credit card charge and I will not go back to that car wash. I will now ONLY go to attended car washes.


Sue Whitacre

Great quick way to give your car a decent wash. I went for the $9 middle cost for my Nissan Rogue. It's pearl color so shows all the dirt and bugs and road yuckies. This automatic wash did a fine job. Much better than me with a hose and soap. So worth the cost and time saving--about 10 minutes and done!

Kerry Holloway

Denise Revard

dragonborn gamming

If I would've known 9 bucks only got it kinda clean i wouldve washed it my self

Guinevere Kutella

Tight clearance, our Suburban barely fit. Completely missed several sections of the car (under the side mirrors, all along the rear fender, the top of the front and rear bumpers). The jet dry does a lousy job of drying. We won't be coming back here again.

Gary Cecil

Good place for a $9.00 car wash

Ryan Thornton

Paid $12 to have my car come out dirty. Go to the Polar Bear Shell station. I've always had a good experience there.

Lynn King

John Hodgson

Good fast wash


Basic wash at best.

Rio M

I was really excited when I saw a fully automated car wash in Redmond. There aren't many to choose from, so this was the first place I tried. My car was really dirty. Like - drive over the pass while the snow was really muddy twice - kind of dirty. The car wash did a great job of cleaning all the points it cleaned. The problem was that it didn't clean everything. I paid for the most basic wash - $6. I expected just a basic wash of every inch of my car. Unfortunately, it missed an entire section of the back of my car and didn't touch my tires. I guess you get what you pay for? Sorry to say that I'll be going to a manned car wash next time.

Russell Graham

My car had no problems going though. I’ve used both the brushless and brush wash and the results were good.

Michael Sweeney

Good touchless wash long lines on occasion

Tom Terwilliger

John Wiles

james brewer

Sabrina Nardone

David Rice

Tight fit for my pickup. And it left streaks similar to stripes going up and down. I will not waste my cash again

Jennifer Kimble


Didn't a good on my truck. I expect more $9.00.

Shanen Pendleton

Kole Whalen

Does a decent job if you're just looking for a surface wash.

bobby luke

Sierra Kauzlarich

I got the touchless and my car doesn't even look like it went through a wash. I want my $9 back immediately!!!!!!

Donald Blasch

Not the best wish it could have enough time to actually dry...but definitely made my car clean

Lynn Jorgenson

went into the touchless wash and it didn't clean the van very well. It was very dirty and basically got an over priced rinse job. Vacuums weren't included with the wash.

Whalley Stephens

Carrie Loewen

The brush car wash malfunctioned so I called the number displayed in the car wash stall. I left a voice mail with my name and cell number. The next day, I called again requesting a courtesy phone call with no response. Poor customer service—will not use again.

Michael Paxton

Have not been in a while but love th out come

Don't Hate. CREATE

Great drive through wash!

D Matney

Ruth Harris

Chuck J.

It didn't clean the wheels tailgate or bumper very well and left dust that was on the bottom of the window sill

Ray Smith

I had junk ALL OVER my car after going 9 the whole thing . Very disappointed especially for $14.00

Joe Kincaid

Got the $12 wash, it looked better than when I went in but left spots even before i dried off the car or the water drops dried


They need a wash bucket and brush before the car wash. And free vacuums.

Kris Herold

Hands down best carwash in town. I get the top touchless, absolutely fantastic job. My car thanks you! A thanks from me as well. Washing my own car in 20-30 degree weather, that's a hard pass.

pamela cooley

Warning do not pay when there is another vehicle in the bay. The car in the bay was having trouble getting there car wash done and took mine. I did not have time to wait and pay for another one. And no telephone number posted to call.

Billy Williams

Grate place because they don't use the brushes so it doesn't scratch up the paint on your car

Juan Correa


I stopped going there because it always seems like some part of my car was not getting clean

Garbage Studios Gaming

Get premium it's worth 12 dollars

Emily Colstrich

Sheena Stevens

Very good touchless option or soft touch efficient

Alicia Berry

Hands free car wash. Waited in line for 30 minutes, paid $9.00 and it didn't clean very well. I will go elsewhere from now on. The reason for 2 stars is it is open 24 hrs a day and my regular place was closed.

Carlos Hoyer

Aj Robinson


Steven Oakeson

Good enough for a quick wash. Brushes missed a couple square feet on my backside, but otherwise did fine.

Kelly Paxton

Boris Fett

If you refuse to take your nice vehicle through a brushing machine wash place this is a great setup to get a majority of road grime off your vehicle when traveling. I only used the touchless side but they have a more traditional brush style wash next door. The wash did an alright job of getting all the surface dirt off my SUV. This is basically all I was expecting and all you should expect from a brush less wash. I have been through allot of touchless systems and this one wasn't that bad. Yes you have to wait in a line but its worth it to have a slightly cleaner vehicle that isn't getting scratched by dirty brushes. It looks like they take care of the place and i am glad they exist.

Christopher Smart

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