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250-A NE Garden Valley Blvd, Roseburg, OR 97470, United States

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REVIEWS OF Champion Car Wash IN Oregon

Garry Espinosa

I didn't go there no matter what Google says

Rae Tucker

Poor service and very rude to a paying customer. I'll make sure to tell everyone I know, and I will never be back. The car wash also has damaged vehicles.


OMG!!! Expensive! Would never subject my personal vehicle to the beating and pounding of their system. With that said, it is a quick place to take a muddy work truck through and of course on the company dime. You will still find dirty areas after this champion wash. The extra $2.00 for the super tire wash, another expensive waste of hard earned cash. But hey, the flashing lights are pretty cool, must be the kid in me. LOL

Rex Stevens

Lee Jackson

Joy Nigro


Annamarie Rasmussen

João Carlos

Bad service! Don’t pay more than $7. You won’t get nothing extra .

Javier David Garcia Avila

Carol Most

Cecilia Edrich

Jerry Smart

Shirley Byrd-Solem

They are rushed. Take your own towels so you can dry your door jams places, underHood car wheels Nd etc. Busy place does a great job for the price.

Marcia Stanfield

Incomplete, ill-done job, overcharged. Greatly disappointed and angered.


Very affordable.

PapaJoe DeMeyer

They are the only game in town and it shows.

Nanci Morris

CJ Bryant

It's an ok car wash

Tanya Geisler

Wayne Cram Jr

Amber Mathis

i have never gone to champion car wash, but today i wanted to get my car done, i do have to tell you that after reading the reviews, it was enough to make me go somewhere else. maybe as a company, this place needs to change some things and maybe hire a more profeshional staff. ive never seen so many people as upset with a company.

Joseph Vanek

Their machine broke off a piece of our car. The piece they said was "lose"... But it wasn't. Then he just threw it in our car and said "it came off". The guy was rude and doesn't know what customer service is. Then the machine started to make our car roll back. The guy blamed us for being in reverse, but our car wasn't.... I see why a 40 year old man is working at a car wash... Doesn't have any skills.... Never going here again.

Nerd Miami

Katie Jones

Pay if 150$ for a oil change service and they refuse to do a car wash!! I paid for the ultimate car wash and once I got up there they said they don’t wash Jeeps!! I will never have my vehicles serviced there again!! What car wash doesn’t wash Jeeps!!!

Cheryl Mandera


Katie Pope

Only place in Roseburg that will vacuum your car for a lot of $$$

Paige Penner

Jenny Chism

Doug Hixson

Something has changed here and it's not as good as it used to be. The one on Stevens is better.

Cole Radford

Horrible service. Here was my experience in a nutshell: Drove up to the entrance, guy takes my money, and begins to "wash down" my vehicle. In the process, he broke my side view mirror on the drivers side. Looked dumb-founded, as I looked at him. He called over his manager, and that's where the whole thing went down hill. His manager came over, and looked at what had happened. THE MANAGER NEVER SPOKE TO ME AT ALL. He just told the employee to duck tape it back on. Seriously? That's how you're going to fix the situation? After that all happened, went through the wash, and what not, parked my car outside, and came back to talk to the manager. He was horrible. Wouldn't even look me in the eyes while talking to me, and basically told me that the Car Wash was not liable for my mirror, as they are not liable for any belongings as it is in the wash or washing process. Needless to say, I am frustrated. I had to get my mirror fixed, which costs money, and Champion Car Wash doesn't even care that it was their employee who caused the damage. Never going back, never recommending it. What a joke of a business.

Andrew E

Tammy Taylor

On a friday i made an appointment to get my teenage son's car detailed on the following Monday. My son showed up and was told that no one was there to do it. When I called they were unapologetic and rude. They would not tell me when the manager/owner was usually there nor would they give a number where he could be reached. I now have an app next Monday at Auto Brite, the gentleman I spoke with was knowledgeable, considerate, and professional. He will get my 150$, with more service given to the car as well. Oh, had to give one star because it wouldn't let me give none!

Renee Mccain

Friendly fast service good price's

Isabelle VanGordon

Just went through and my car got tore up bad. Big spot of paint gone and big scratches all over. I have a newer car and I checked my car before going through and I came out with that! Not happy!

Lindsey Henneke

I got majorly overcharged today, by the self service machines. I cant figure out who to talk to to get a full refund.

Beverly Brady

Clean car and friendly people.

Paul Tompkins

Horrible customer service. No tip and won't be back.

Jeri Parret

Friendly staff, I like to take my car here. It can be difficult though if you have powered mirrors. Some staff members try to rip them off the car if they don't move and not realize they are powered.


Drive through soft touch wash sucks. May not even use soap.

Patrick Hazen

Good wash, prewash and towel dry, great price.

Luis Moreno

keith schmidt

Shania Siron

Their machine completely shattered my rear view window and ripped off my rear wind shield wiper. Worker vaccuumed out the glass, but told me that the machine was working fine (implying that it wasnt their fault). I filed an insurance claim to find this car wash company liable for the damage, however the owner has ignored my calls for 2 WEEKS! Employees leave messages for the owner when I call, but I have yet to receive a call back. Employees also cant give me a cell phone number to reach the owner at or tell me when he will be in the office. Horrible horrible local business. If you care about your car at all, just find the time to wash it your self or donate the money you wouldve spent here to a high school student car wash!

Rob Kinney

Richard McDonald

I have been using this car wash for years and have never had a problem. I don't expect a perfect job. I have never used the detail so cannot comment on that.

Davior Stone

They charge a lil too much for what I can do for free ..... And better than

jordan allen

Dan Spencer

Best in town but the towel dry guy didn't really even try

Alexia Lollar

Eddie Langley

Ginny Seely

Love it

William Dains

Very rude and unprofessional staff... You don't have to love your job, but don't project your garbage/bad day on your customers.

n styir


Noah Crawford

Good service

Dallas Ripley

David Cozine

They sprayed degreaser or deicer on our new bumper and bleached it. They say sorry not responsible...

April Deese

patrick rudolf

It's a do it yourself car wash. The vacuums suck, but in a good way. They also take cards for all of it, which means you don't have to hunt for change

Mary McKinney

Good job nice people...

Louise Kimball

Ed Steller

Asthika Welikala

Kara Stern

Briana Hall

Lindsay Jeffers

Shannon Garner

Kable took such good care of my Benz. He is a hard worker who DESERVES A RAISE $$ Thank you Kable!!

Connie Earin Stevens

Kayla Young

Renee Osborne

They always miss spots..even when I buy the deluxe package. I bought a mini detail and had to wait 30 minutes in line. I wish they would have told me I would have to wait, I would have passed on the extra detail they talked me into.

Carol Wyatt

Jackey Walsh

I like taking my car to champion but I'm used to big City where everything is included in one wash for $16 it cost me $40 to do the same type of force that in the city you can get for 16it cost me $40 to do the same type of wash that in a city you can get for 16 I'm ready to go back to the city living in a small town is definitely too expensive it's time for me to go back to the city

Richard Perkins

Over charged the past 2 washes. I had a free wash from jiffy lube and dude threw it away and charged me 10 bucks for tire cleaning that was supposed to be 2 bucks. I went today and asked for basic wash which is 7 bucks and got receipt back charging me 15. Car was still dirty especially the bugs on the front. I will not be going back.

Steven Randleas

Forrest Gluesing

Sydney Jones

G Samuel


Lindsey Twyman

Diane Novotny

Automated wash was fine but didn't hand wash bugs off or clean windshield before running through automated part like in the past.

Larry Pierce

Karlene Dillion

They wash your car CLEAN. Reasonable prices. Will even do the inside.

Uncle Beebs

Jeff Wade

Worst experience with a car wash I have ever had. Paid for a service that was never given. Then when I asked for a towel to complete the tire shine job they would not perform. They answered "We don't loan out towels because they get stolen." BAD BUSINESS!!!!!!!!

Kwang Park

Steve Lanza

Went to this car was and got their "best" package unfortunately their best was the worse car wash I ever got. After getting home I noticed a lot of dirt and streaks along both sides of my vehicle. Service people were ok but the quality I received that day was horrible especially for the price. Went to their mini sister wash on Stephens (honestly didn't know they were the same company) and got an EXCELLENT wash and great service. the two people operating this station should get a raise.

Terry Goldsworthy

Car looks like new after express detail.

Terri Singh

Joseph Kimberling

Michael Gillespie

This is probably the best carwash in Roseburg. I'd prefer touchless, but none of the ones in town get my cars clean. This does. It's a bit overpriced for what you get, though.

Chris Lavington

I wish they knew what a car wash was.

Joseph Clark

Always great service.

Lisa Becker

Janie Brock

Jim Kush

Gets her nice n clean

Shauna Flett

Thank you for finding my Bigfoot magnet! Your honesty and effort to return it is commendable!

John Ekelund

Mark Abel

Quick and easy

Alexander Fairchild

Bridly Sliker

They call it the baby sister it's smaller than the other one by Jiffy Lube

Shannon Reed

Stacy Harper

I am a repeat customer to one champion go through the car wash every 2weeks a few weeks ago I decided to get there 40$ wash an interior clean which they clean the dash an console all windows an door jams an vacuum as well as wash wax an tire shine I was satisfied with the the service an decided to again have this package yesterday after getting in my van I was so disappointed in that it was not at all as the time before the outside an the windows were great the rest was poorly done

Shirley Pollick

Andrew Weeks

Only automated carwash int town

Julieanne Miller

My car always comes out clean from the car wash, and staff have been friendly.

Gina Alley

Always reliable do good work at reasonable prices



Vernessa Johnson

The machinery broke off my rear windshield wiper on my jeep. They tapped wiper arm before going thru wash. Must have happened before but never has mine needed to be tapped. New equipment maybe? They did not wash bugs off windshield. They picked up my wiper arm and said I needed to call office. No response. Last time I will go there.


Quick and easy. Affordable.

Derek Seely


Great crew very efficient. Particularly love the Stephens location!!! Jeremy is the best

Paula Endfinger

The guy that works there really hustles

Nikki Bunnell

Holly Oltman

Good prices and they just got some new specials

D Sharp

My car did not get cleaned; there are no vacuums, or option to have it vacuumed; over priced.

levi thompson

I had a long line, coming in, about 5 cars in front of me!! I received a coupon for a free wash when I got my oil changed at jiffy lube, so im just getting a freebie. The guys were fairly friendly this time, although it has been lacking some times in past visits... Just a normal car wash! Nothing stands out, nothing less than satisfactory. Oh, and the total time was only less than 11 minutes, line and all! Not too bad

Dee Hicks-Crawford

I got $7 worth of car wash. Got the dust and dirt off but didnt clean the bugs off windshield or front of car. You get what you pay for, not much.

David Lemire

Quick and easy.

Susan Diskin

Very friendly staff. They made us laugh. The car got clean. I'll come back if my car gets dirty and I find myself in Roseberg.

Natalie O'Brien

anthony briggs

Friendly staff and helpful very courteous


Joshua Shivers

Kristie Townsend

tyler studer


It's a car wash good service

John Jonesburg


They broke our windshield wiper off the back of our van. We turned right around without even leaving the parking lot, to notify them. She came out looked, and said sorry there is nothing we can do. They claim there is a sign that says they are not responsible for damage to the car. She also stated the car wash can be a little rough, and that is when I explained that it was after the wash when the employees were drying us off! She still stated they would do nothing to fix it! Horrible customer service... never again!

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