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530 NE 102nd Ave, Portland, OR 97220, United States

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Here we offer you the reviews of people who bought the products and services of Cascade Carwash (Car Wash) in the area close to Oregon.

At this moment the business gets a rating of 3.9 stars over 5 and the score is based on 116 reviews.

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This Car Wash is classified in the category of Self service car wash.

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REVIEWS OF Cascade Carwash IN Oregon

TJ McKnight

Greg Cain

Broke a friend's mirror and tried to hide it ..then tried to say it was already like that ..and since the mirror was on my side i know for a fact it was working cause I had just used it to fix my hair before the wash ...i wish people just owned up to mistakes.

Stephanie Bombita

I got $10 stolen from me at this place, never ever come here. One of the guys that work there swiped my card for $2 worth of tokens since I had no cash on me and needed to vacuum my car. Or so I thought...I checked my bank account tonight and he took $10 out of my account. Not $2 like he said.

Ricky Martin Jr

Vaccumes work excellent here

David Pedigo

Kim C

I got a car wash for $4! Bring quarters or else you’ll have to trade your dollar bills for tokens that only work at this location. Then you’d have to come back. I believe the car wash minimum is $2, so once you run low on the wash insert in $0.25 increments. $0.75 minimum for the vacuum.

Bre Beiswanger

Christopher Moore

Jordy Comeaux

Rex Bahr

I had my pickup cleaned and the stole everything but the spare and Jack

Nathan Kipp

24 hour, coin operated car wash. Vacuums, $1 for 3 min. Car Wash $2 for 3 min. Can't find a car wash in Portland much cheaper, supplies are always stocked and it is cleaned continuously during the day.

Hank Masdonati

Push my truck there and it was easy to get into and get out of and it was clean area to wash my truck


Heidi Christensen

Breakerof8s Ingress Prime

Very professional business. Quiet no loud music clean area. Equipment is well maintained. One of my regular places. Works on business tokens. Keep a few in car.

HotVwBug ทอมมี่

A little over priced in my book... But hey the car is clean.

Chris Brennan

Good prices, lots of car washing bays

Academy Pornstar

Noot Ali


Lyrica Lewis

Don Rogers

Laura Perry

Good minimum attendance wash and blow dry. I have to remember to remove the tape or bag over my rear wiper though. Doh!

Barbie Kush

Jared Nelson

It's the best!

Angelique X Stacy

Got my van nice and clean! Can do myself!

Holliss Obatake

I used tokens in lieu of my debit card because of previous posts complaining about issues. You can put more than the 2.25 listed and it will give you extra time because 3 min is not enough time. Very well setup, i used the high pressure rinse, foam brush, wax and tire cleaner. I spent less than $10 total, did a good spray down then foam brush, got it good and soapy before time ran out then scrubbed it well when machine was off but car still foamy. Awesome place to self car wash as all the automated ones scratch your paintjob. I went midday, it had a few other people but there are tons of bays to use so didnt feel pressured to hurry up.

Kenneth Steele

TC Carson

You can wash your car here by hand or there brush and spray

Ernie R

Deb Blagg

Large bays and equipment works well. Had a problem with card reader, it charged us $10 but wouldn’t turn on machine, so we ended up using tokens and disputing charge with our bank.

David Brent

Jesse the attendant is the most helpful guy in the world! Had sap from a maple tree all over the front hood and top of my white Ford Escape. Took it to self serve because I didn't think a drive thru wash would work, but I wasn't getting the stuff off with soap and scrub either. Then Jesse brings over a pink heavy duty stuff and a power drill with a scrubber on it. Wouldn't even accept a tip. Can't say enough about this guy and this place.


Kevin Pathmann

The machines don't always work.

Florin Pop

Lolo's Media

I was charger 10$On my card when I did a less then 5 minute wash fix this or pay back the people you scammed

Timothy Evans

Lenetta Reed-Lawrence

Tina Bogart

Would be better if they had all of the cleaning supplies


New card scanner! No more fumbling around for coins

Shyam Ananda

Exactly what i need

David Greene

Michelle Mackey

Makes ea a y to get a clean car

kari Rutledge

Allen Johns

Scott Coyne

Chris Jones

This owner knows how to run/maintain a car wash. The vacuums are always strong, the water is always heated (winter months anyway), and the change machines are rarely empty (out of order) but hey the man gets business because he's proficient in his business savvy. I personally love this car wash.

Lesley Saluskin

David Combs

Love this place, there is enough elbow room to be comfortable. You can get more done here w your buck then at other car washes!

Eva Surgeon

It was OK lots of shady people around

2M shift boots

Cool peeps, good price

James Daniels Sr

I like it it's a little crowded lot of times.. and they improved a few of the things there. We all wish things could be a little cheaper but it's okay

westcoastin 503

Free vacuum

Nicole Hedinger

Jamin Rak

Nothing special. Sometimes really dirty. Very busy on weekdays. Bring your own scrub brush and sponge since the ones here are utterly worthless.

walter curl

Been going to this carwash for 30 years. Not sure when new owners took over but have noticed a change in the quality of brush heads. Please bring back the GOOD ONES.

Rudy Ramirez

John Adams

Take your money don't get your car clean

Jennifer Czupryk

La Don Don Tha One

Loved how vaccum sucked broken glass.

Nicholas Joneliukstis

Be careful when using the debit card option for the wash it will over charge you. To tell you the truth its a rip off, in fact just don't use it at all. The coin deal is another rip off, I only go ther if I absolutely have no other option because I drive uber/Lytf as a supplement.

Liz Thompson

This place is great they have a lot of washing stalls they have some neat soap to wash your car never seen such brat soap it foams up then you rinse it off I have been to other car wash places never had actual soap that you could actually see it was so foamy loved it check it out you will love it too found out it is open 24hrs

Rachael Francis

Keith Norgard

shy laroy

The brushes are fairly shot and the change machines only have out tokens so only feed what you need.

Kirk Anderton

I picked up the 3 wash card available . Cleaning up on savings . ha ha

Megan Pressley

Jason Johnson

Great place to wash car on your own only 2.25

Jesse Goodling

6664625 65

Tokens. Meaning you can only use them there. And fast timers which cost more tokens. Which is a gambit.


Manda V

leslie elliot

kurtus sevrce

Charged me and many others i found out 10 dollars for under 4 mins on debt card...going to take action on this disconnected no owner or email listed...i wonder why....SCAM AVOID....SCAM!!!!

Lmno Pi

Do not go to this car wash. It's run by a degenerate low life who has anger issues.

Alice Bailey

Yanaisa Delgado

(Translated by Google) Very beautiful place (Original) Muy bonito lugar

Robert Benson

I use this self wash often. If I'm on a budget, I can hustle and wash and vacuum our Jeep for about $6.00. or I can do a more detailed job of it for about $10.00

Jesse Kelly

Ant T

Inserting coins starts a count down that gives no warning towards the end. Swiping a card starts a count UP that charges 2.50 a minute. Na never again.

Caitlin O'Connell

It's not that the carwash is bad, but there were nails all over the place in the stall I was in. I attempted to pick some of them up, I had 10 in my hands and obviously for a car cleaning place, not good.

Victoria Chant


Steven L

Best kept self service car wash around. Great products and hog hair brushes for minimized scratching to clear coat.


Colton Vick

Clean, self-efficient facility

Wayne Cary

Love this place. I go there all the time with my Tahoe and Mustang

bob kawaguchi

It is what it is

Ryan E

Car wash is ok, but it dispenses tokens instead of coins, annoying

Brooke Evans

Juliana Marie Arrighi

Justin Fleskes

12 dollars to clean the outside of my truck. The truck looks better then the drive thru car wash.

Nethaniel Redfield

david dessen

Gayle Blystone

Was able to take my time and Gave my car the once over. vacuum cleaners had good suction. there was on-site staff to help me with change for the quarter machines and I was able to wash my vehicle with all the options you would consider having at a car wash. It was a good experience.

Fernando Bitah

Yulia Konovnitsyna

That was a great self wash find. Affordable and convenient. Had all the essentials and was easy to operate. For $10 you can make your very dirty car sparkly clean. The only con I found were the vacuum stations that were coin operated and not credit cards friendly but I should have brought cash as backup to cards. Will definitely be back there.

Kente Bates

Idris Nassib

one of the lots in the back near the wall don't work and no sign of out of order. it wasted my money.

Johanna Bonisteel

Deandro Shavers


Great self-service wash bays. When you select tire cleaner you actually get what you pay for! Bays are maintained and well lighted.

Doug Dunn

It allows quarters. Not just credit cards.

A Google User

This place would be great if the coin machines gave quarters instead of tokens.

Amy R

Basic DIY carwash.

Joseph Kravets

Carlos Mendoza

Best car wash in the area hands down! Do rinse the foam brush with the high pressure water though

Megan Burch

This place sucks. They turned off all their vacuums and didn't put any sign on there saying they were shut off so I just wasted my money. Thanks

Greg Seleen

This is an all around good place to go to wash your own car,boat,motoryycle,ect.Although it is always super busy on sunny days.however i would not reccomend using your card for the wash time because its easy to drive off without ending your time,in which case it keeps charging you.for how long i do not know because i was lucky enough to stop go back and make sure i had stopped it,which im sure a lot of people have made that mistake

Erin Doll

The guy that is usually there is super friendly. Very helpful in resolving any issues which is very unusual for self serve car wash. We come at least once a month mainly because of this.

Cassie Wion

Damenicka Brown

David Araya

Cheap I like to save a few bucks

Parker Golden

I wash my car here all the timeit's open 24 hours which is really cool so you can go there whatever time you want to I like to go there when nobody else is there so I can use whatever little station I want

Kate Mountjoy

Toby Johnson

Can you get your car any cleaner anywhere else

Craig Dee

Jeone Harris

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