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1801 S Telephone Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73160

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REVIEWS OF OKIE Express Auto Wash - Moore IN Oklahoma

Red Leach

The car wash is pretty good, but it does often leave the back of my car wet, or even foamy. The wash is occasionally manned by fellas who need taught how to treat paying customers. Usually, though, they're polite. The Norman location seems better managed.

Kellen Jorgensen

Okie express is the best car wash in the metro. They have always treated us very well and the quality of the wash is great. They even took the time to retrieve a small truck antenna when I accidentally vacuumed it up.

TR McCracken

An excellent car wash! Automated, but still thorough. The vacuums are powerful. They have attendants that tape down the wiper on my back window so it doesn't get caught in the brushes. The only complaint I have is that I think it's a bit pricey.

Tracy Anderson

Best car wash experience ever. Fast n friendly. Free vacuum services. Car comes out looking like I just got a full detail. Very affordable u get to choose what u want. Try it you will not be disappointed n you will return. Oh n look at your receipt sometimes you get a free car wash.

Gene Higgins

So, I pay for the $28 unlimited car wash and the last 3 out of 4 times I washed my car the vacuum barely worked. I’ve been a customer for over a year. To say the least I am not that happy with Okie Car Wash in Moore.

Chris Swink

Best car wash around Moore. All the brushes work and plenty of soap. The vacuums all work and compressed air to blow water out of body crevices. The monthly membership is the best value, as you can keep your car clean everyday.

Richard Haws

Great staff hard workers

Corey Johnson

This car wash is the best that I've found around if you like drive thru. The price is a little more, but well worth it. They open early on Saturday so i can get in early before they get real busy. The vacuum cleaners are free and they have great suction to pick up and clean all dirt and hair. They also have a machine to clean floor mats that works well and is a cool extra that others don't offer.

Micheal Duke

They do a good job and the wait time is not bad.

Cameron Dodoo

This is hands down the best car wash in Moore!!! The staff is great and Jesse, the manager, is the best. He is always making sure the vacuums are working properly and that the customers are happy. He even gave me a free car was today because the lawn guys were working at the same time I was there. Five-star customer service all the way every time.


Such an awesome spot with great customer service! The staff is always helpful and my washes are great. The free vacuums are a plus!

Dorothy Ferguson

Car wash is good staff friendly and helpfull

Sharlene Crews

Okie Express is the best car wash chain in the country!

Ashley Woodward

Ive tried all the washes and All the washes seem to do the same job. Tire do not come out clean. The vacuums are free n good the garbage cans are empty n ready for use just wish the wash was a bit better. Maybe I'm too picky.

Cara Johnson

We bought the $20 wash and that didn't even clean it.

Caleb Martin

This is a cool car wash, just drive up, pay, and drive through. You don't have to leave your car unless you want to use the free vacuums at the end. They have multiple wash options with the higher price ones ($15+) having a 5 day guarantee that you can bring your car back for a second wash for free if it rains (or even if it doesn't).

Eric Vickers

This car wash does a great job. I appreciate the fact that they have attendants on duty to do a quick pre-wash before your car enters the system. I have a Ford F-150 and it could only get cleaner if I actually took the time and hand washed it myself. I also appreciate the free vacuums available. I highly recommend Okie Express car wash. They have multiple locations in the metro and with my monthly membership, I can visit any of them and get the same quality wash!

Chris Werner

Use this place often. Liked it when the dry off area had high air pressure. Been using for years.

Phil Revolinski

Paid extra for an under carriage rinse. Did not receive. Under carriage was not touched with any water. Beware!

Jenny Garcia

Good car wash and the vacuum cleaner dorks amazing and very clean around the building

Othman Shahin

Fast quick wash and free vaccum

John Patterson

One location was closed. So we used the free wash at a different location. Thanks

Ben Moody

Always does a great job.

Debbie Robison

Their sign says free car wash within 5 days with the purchase of the 18.00 wash. It’s a scam. I purchased it- went back within the 5 days - couldn’t get the code to work so I purchased another 18.00 wash. I went back again within the five day timeframe. Once again couldn’t get the code to work. I called for an attendant-he came out and scanned what I thought was the code and it went through. I thought I had done something wrong. He scanned the barcode that charged my card again. I’ve been there four times and I should’ve had two free car washes but instead I paid $18 each time. You can’t get any help from anyone when you go there or when you call. I get the same answer every time-the manager is not here. So don’t purchase the car wash from Okie car wash and expect to get a free car wash within five days because it’s a scam big time.


I bought a monthly pass and stop by the stores in Moore and Norman around two times a week. But i can't find any big difference after wash (Mine is Hot Wax & Shine). Also, I think the brushes spin too fast or with less water/foam, it makes small scratches here and there all the time. If you have a black-colored car, it's not that hard to find scratches after wash. Hope they can improve their system soon.

Randy Parsons

Very good car wash but I have the monthly plan on 2 vehicles with the stickers on windshields and the computer does not pick them up about half the time. Have to sit and wait for an attendant. Very annoying.


Best car wash in moore. Hands down

Victor Gonzalez

It's convenient and easy

Gregory Fowler

Good place to get dirt off your car.


Excellent customer service. I won’t go any other place! Thanks guys!

Amanda Moore

My go to car wash. If you use the vacuums try and get one as close to the building as possible. The ones further out tend to not have as much power to vacuum the dirt out of the car.

Marcella Wreath

This is a good car wash for the price never had a problem with the car coming out clean no scratches the guys are friendly you can wash your car get it clean go around back and vacuuming plus they do guarantee with a 5-day refund if it rains to redo it guys it's worth the trip come and get your car washed you'll be proud of your ride

sue carter

Always great service and love the free towels on Tuesdays!

Keith Strouhal

Can't beat Free , THX

Angela Center

I have a Caravan and for the price I pau it never gets my van clean. The back of the van is always left dirty. The free vacuums are great though.

Charles Swink

Gets the car clean. Like the 5 day rain option. The poor vacuums need more suction, one couldn't pick up a small leaf in the floor.


Very nice car wash! We very much appreciate the wonderful service we received from Nick. Thank you!!!

Alex Latham

Definitely the best place in Moore.

Ginger Cable

First time I ever used this cart wash.... It was amazing I haven't washed my car in at least 3 months and my car had road crud and all kinds of birds poop on it and I got everything off.... I was shocked to say the least. But I will for sure be returning to this car wash... And free vacuums which my car seriously needed and it got all the trash rocks dirt and grass off my carpet even my boys food I found under the seats lol... Hands down best car wash in Moore Oklahoma!!!

Mike Jones

Place is super nice. Definitely gets vehicle cleaner then u ever could at conventional car wash... i was very pleased....

Briana McDaniel

VERY impressed. I opted for the $15 wash as we just got back from a road trip and have the bug bombs to prove it. Not only did this wash get EVERY bug off my windshield and grill but I also appreciated listening to the employee at the beginning train the new guy about how important it is to make sure every car is properly taken care of and to recognize return customers. I’ll absolutely be back.

Robert schamel

Sorry, wasn't impressed at all, especially for what we paid! You select your wash when you pay, but it looked like everyone got the same thing, the most expensive wash???? Sounds like a racket to me. Car was not clean at all. Not going back!


Really deep cleaning car wash. Free vacuums. Cheap monthly membership.

Jerry N

Not bad, though a lot of bugs still on the bumper.

Vince Montgomery

Grate place to wash a car reasonably priced with lots of wash options

Patricia Ray

The best place to get a car wash. And free vacuum with your car wash. They will give you cleaning rags to wipe your car off with, all you do is ask for them.

Ryan shew

Only place i go, vac's are decent and the car wash is fun for my kids with all the colors

Al Harris

Great carwash, and I like the 5 day guarentee...

Myron Johnson

Poor car wash had to go through twice and still didn’t get the bugs off. The one in Mustang take pride in their work and make sure you don’t have to go through twice.

Kenneth Holland

Great car wash but prices went up

alonna meza

Ok service. I just go for the free vacuums.

sharon ward

Great. Fast. Best vacuums around and my tires and wheels have never been cleaner or shinier!

Matthew Grudowski

Car was still pretty dirty. I wash my car weekly so never really that dirty for it to look like this after a 25$ wash.

mike wolfe

Great wash!!! Couldn’t be better!

Rashele Shoun

Great carwash. If you worry about tiny scratches be sure to hand wash your car but this place is great for quick washes. I always use the $6 wash for my big truck and it works great!

Vick Figcreek

Great washing express... My Van looked way better ty

Jerry Glasco-Parish

Very helpful.

Dusty Lyons

Good service, and does a pretty good job. Wish it dried better. Some of the employees can be pretty frightening, but you don't really interact with them so it's good.

Vicki Russell

Best place to wash your car. It does a good job.

chris george

I go here once a week! Always clean, safe and I recommend getting the unlimited car wash package for 30 days if you want to keep your vehicle clean looking all the time!

David Ruiz

Car wash is ok, they say in bold letters 7 day clean guarantee but it's not true . occasional driving around Moore and within 1 hour it's back to how it was , wheel cleaner does not do its job at all, their machine does not pick up my member tag , I have to pull in and out multiple times and even have to get coupons from attendants. and it's pointless to wash your car here, as soon as you pull out of parking lot car gets dirty due to the very tight spacing and construction zone . If I already didnt have a membership I'd go to the one across the street by Mcclisters.

Serina Healey

This place is worth the price. Very fun to go to with the kids and of course use the vacuums because of said kids. Our family car is still looking great 2 weeks after with the wax job and bug shield. Happy and definitely going back!


Fantastic wash. Really pleased with the $15.00 wash! Best my car has looked since it was brand new.

Sam Barna

Good car wash! The tire shine lasted for a few days after. I didn’t have a bad interaction with the staff, new and good and efficient vacuum stalls

Google Account

I HIGHLY suggest the monthly membership as it saves you a ton. The customer service here is wonderful. I had just went through my daily wash on my way to work and got in some goup. I turned around to go get it off but only allowed 1 wash per day on the unlimited plan but then one of the guys came over then spoke with the manager and they helped me by spraying everything off and getting my car shiny again. They went above and beyond and I was so grateful, you don’t find customer service like that ANYWHERE! Thanks guys you are awesome

ML Wall Johnson

Love this local car wash! The guys are always professional. The facility is nicely laid out. Easy to get in and out. That I know of they don’t have shampoos. That’s my only beef. But otherwise I think it’s the best in town!

Mal B

The attendants are always nice. They will give you free car towels if you ask. Their vacuums are by the best I have used verses other car washes. You can get a monthly membership for unlimited washes for $28.

Corey Griffin

Pretty decent auto wash overall

Rachel Elizabeth Beeson

The best car wash..

Shalona Bagley

My favorite

Bridgette F

Great vacuum

Maji Stubblefield

Best car wash in the area hands down!!!

Joey Moheit

The wash is decent. They spray the bugs off before you go through the wash but they didn't get one side. If you visit regularly I'm sure the bumper would be cleaner. Top wash comes with great paint protection products and the paint shines like new and feels smooth. I did not use the vacuums but they were free. The tire dressing application is struggling as with any other wash in moore but overall good wash. Dried spot free for the most part.

Ed Stingray

By weekly visit. We are multi car club wash members. That says enough.

chris kling

good carwash.

Ashley Onley

Very friendly and detailed crew. Since their remodel/improvements they are crazy busy. Around 3pm it starts getting super busy do be prepared

Guy Cates

A very great washing of entire whole car. Will go back and have many times.

Jeff Thiemann

Nice place, easy in and out with no fuss. Truck came out super clean although the wheels needed more love, but I would expect as much from an automated wash.

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