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Dennis Lessard

Best wash I've been to. And my truck stays clean.

Debi Stewart

They do good job in a timely matter, but the prices are high and they skip the sunroof everytime.

the life of a band nerd

I've been coming to this car wash for over 3 years now. They've always done a great job. They did the interior and exterior for $20. Suddenly, they've started charging $33 and stated that they no longer honor the $19.97 price because that's the price from when it was Fast Lanes. Well, that price is still listed on all the books and signs at the 142nd and Penn OKC location and the guy running the kiosk even told me that he still sells it. I spoke to the manager who evidently runs both the Edmond location and that location. He told me that no, they stopped doing the $19.97 option months ago and that was when they were Fast Lanes. Same service, but almost twice as much? $33 for a car wash?? That's ridiculous and he even proceeded to tell me that that's the standard price in the industry for what they do. WRONG! I wasn't born yesterday. I won't be back when I can go to Zips and with a bottle of spray, free vacuum and a cloth I can get the same results for $12. I was getting my oil changed theretoo. You lostla good loyal customer Don't come up to Oklahoma from Texas and try to rob us blind! I hope you all go out of business now! Shame on you! Go back to Texas!

John Hermes

Just returned from a road trip and our van was covered in bugs. Took it to Fast Lanes on Penn and they did a great job. The van looks new again. I was greeted by a very eager and hard working gate attendant. The detail crew did a great job. I will use Fast Lanes again.

R. S.

The oil change was fast and affordable with friendly staff. The car wash left a little to be desired. The car still had bugs on the front and the interior was barely touched other than the windows

Taylor, Reed

Dog wash here

Vivek Vijay

Just get your car cleaned like new.. in just 3 mins

Quinton Hershon

Went there on my lunch break from work and let me tell you the term "fast lane" describes this place perfectly. In about 15 minutes not only did they change my oil but they filled my power steering fluid, filled my windshield wiper fluid, made sure all 4 tires were properly aired up and SHOWED (not just tell me) how both of my air filters were all sorts of contaminated and how it would affect my car. ALL FREE AND IN 15 MINUTES. Well, the oil change wasn't free but it also comes with a car wash and full inside wipe down and vacuuming. I NEVER write reviews but these dudes earned it. They were also super professional and nice! Thanks again!

DeWaylon Lawrence

With a little over 15 minutes left before close and no cars in the bay, I was given the excuse that they had already shutdown the register.

Anthony Schrouf

Great store! They are very attentive to detail and take cate of your vehicle almost like it was theirs.

Kyle Steele

Had an oil change and the free car wash. Fantastic service! Will definitely be back.

Charlie Potts

Like the after wash wipe down.

Stacy Cline

Paid for a oil change and a wash but when I went around for the wash they wouldn’t let me go through said I had gravel in the back of my truck. There wasn’t a lot all the prewash had to do wash brush alittle. Explained I was from out of town and didn’t get back very often he said come back then (I later used my hand to get what gravel they were talking about out of my truck bed), seven months latter I’m back in town tried to go through again, this time they said they would have to charge extra because of the mud on my truck. I said forget it. So unless your vehicle has some city dust on it and is already clean I’d find some place else for your business.

Boubou Gakou

Poor customer service poor conflicts resolution and Discrimination . I been going to Fast Lane Super Center since they opened, I never had any issues there and they were pretty nice and helpful until recently I went there for a car wash …

Curtis Minnis

I used to love this place. In fact I recommended this place to friends and family. It has been declining they last few visits. But the last time we visited we were given incorrect information. It ended up costing us a fair amount of money in diagnostic work on our vehicle. This was very frustrating and confusing. I even called back after we had our vehicle at the dealership. They offered no apology. Unfortunately, I tend to be a trusting person and this makes me question who is under the hood.

L. Duell

I used to come here twice a month and was thrilled with the service and satisfied with the price. But the last few times haven't been worth the money. The interior job has been patchy (some spots were clearly vacuumed or wiped down, others just as clearly weren't). I have also been asked to wait so customers who paid for "premium" packages could move forward in front of me , which I find unacceptable on the customer service front.

Dick Muehleisen

Tired of add-ons. I have been using Fast Lane for several years for oil service on my 3 cars and for car washes. I stopped by today just for a car wash. When they finished I still had bugs on my windshield and grill. I asked why it was not cleaned and was told there is an extra charge of $5 for bugs! This after paying $25 for a wash. Most of the time I need a car wash to take care of the bugs! They have lost both my oil change business and car wash. I hope that extra charge is worth it for them because it is not for me.

Shannon Rooney

Always have a great experience here!

Mycall Peterson

Best price in town for a full service car wash$20 unlimited wash for a month wash and dry

Zac Dennis

Excellent value oil change, car wash, and detail package. Staff is professional and the customer experience is good. My family’s vehicles always go to Masters.

Jon Hall

They do a good job. I always get out and make sure it looks good but they close too soon. They need to stay open till at least 7. 6 p.m. isn't enough time after you get off work and winter hours are 5:30. Steven the manager is really nice and helpful.

thomas puckett

I brought my car for a quick wash inside and out! After driving away, the dash and console has not even been wiped and cleaned. Windows were still finger printed up and I was very disappointed with the service. I will never return!!

Jose Mares

Great pressure fair prices

Christopher Hyde

Cons -oil change --use to you could drop your car off and have them do the oil change and car wash. Now they make you sit there and do both Like: -membership: handy to get car done right before date -ultimate wash: it's pretty good

Jake Gully

I would give them 10 stars if possible! Great bunch of friendly guys and on top of that they provide a next to perfect car wash! I've had my car cleaned at different locations all over town and none can even come close to the customer service and quality job these guys provide! Plus the management seems to be very organized and on top of things, but with a great bunch of guys like that it can't take that much to keep them in check! Highly recommend this locations for all car washes and details!

Charley Rankin

Good wash and quite easy with the monthly pass. Very reasonable.

Zachary Colgrove

Best wash I've had in Edmond! Pricey relative to other washes, but a interior/exterior detail from the dealership costed me around $120... So $30 for the full package is an absolute bargain, especially due to how fast it was completed. Only complain was the interior had remnants from the towels they used to clean it, but easily went away with swipe of hand. Overall great job, and well worth it IMO!

Jenelle Turner-Reid

Always great service, even on the busy days.

Matt Gerding

Do not let them touch your cabin air filter. The removed my cabin air filter without asking and got something stuck in my air conditioning system. My fan is now VERY loud. I notified them immediately after it happened. Two weeks later it was still loud so I brought it in. The took it apart and blew it a few leaves but it is still loud. They refused to remedy my problem and now I have to take it to the dealership to repair the damage they did to my truck. AVOID THIS PLACE. The manager Steven Madden denies there is a problem or that the problem was not caused by them. At a minimum they should oh to repair what the broke.

Russell Gardner

Great personable experience where i felt engaged with what was worked on my truck!

Alex Loessberg

Rude employees and management who don’t accept responsibility for damage to cars or compensate repairs.

Patrick Barnwell

Needs better engine cleaners

Deedy Dollins Starr

My go-to for car wash and oil change. Oil is higher than most, but quick and thorough. And, we got synthetic, which is also more. Really like the choices of just a wash or with inside done or real detailed and even more options for tires, etc. Pick and choose what you want.

Daniel Schmitz

Not the wash that’s the problem but the rude management. They did really well cleaning the car. The manager of the internal cleaning area was completely rude and I wouldn’t go back just because of it. He said we don’t clean vomit when there was no vomit on my windows or inside of my car but insisted the shake that I dropped on my car days ago was actually vomit. He refused to clean it and walked away. I feel bad for the employees cause he was talking to them like they were stupid as well. Short white guy clean cut haircut was the manager

don mcglory

I have 4 vehicles and have them on a monthly schedule for $18 ea. I can wash them everyday if I want. Best carwash ever!!


New management. Bad prices. Rude staff and management.

Bryan Miner

The best car wash I have been to. Staff is very friendly and fast. Service always exceeds expectations. Vacums are available after the car wash for no extra charge. They also do oil change and detail work.

Sam M

Excited because of the great price advertised online (see pictures for Oklahoma site) but they were charging more at the location and refused to honor the price. Since it was only a few bucks we went ahead and signed up. The next time in there was a line of people waiting on the road to turn in and this privilege black benz drove right up and cut everyone. I tried to talk to them and they didn't care so I told the staff and they didn't say anything to them either. Disappointing considering a person cutting adds more than a few minutes to our wait.

Zaheer Kouzbari

More expensive than other places but good quick service

Chris Moses

I've taken my car here about 6 times and I've been very pleased. I went ahead and bought a monthly pass. Not sure why there are negative reviews.

Judith Landrith

"AWESOME" Wash' & Interior' pkg' + COURTEOUS' FRIENDLY' FOLKS', "TU"

jeffrey stark

Great car wash, just take an extra dollar off each price rate

Artenia Lovely


Tim Price

Good car wash

Greg Stafford

These guys did an outstanding job!! Oil change. Tires rotated, air filter changed and the detail on cleaning my truck is exemplary! If there is a better place it is yet to be found !!

Brant Combs

Best car wash I've found and good monthly subscription. I do wish they opened a little earlier!

Darren Small

Literally the best one. I went here for the first time least at this location and I was so amazed they did a outstanding job. The one on broadway isn’t even comparable to this location. DEFINITELY WORTH THE EXTRA DRIVE

Alia Thompson

This is the second time i have gone to this car wash. I thought the horrible job they did the first time was a fluke and so gave them a second chance. SO sorry that i did and really want a refund. When i got home after having them wash my car i had to completely re-wash all the windows and my dogs nose art was still visible so they obviously didn't clean them at all. The only thing that looked okay was the armor all on the tires. The interior of the car had not even been wiped down let alone armor all,d. Worst full service car wash i have ever been to. Will not go back

Ryan Tait

Good job for the $ convenient location. Can be hard to head south on Penn.

Dan Boone

Went there today and got the elite wash with all the goodies. This was a complete detail without paying the price of a detail. Not only that, but they got me in and out in an amazingly short time. Oh, to only have this kind of experience all the time. Needless to say, I will be back with these guys!!

H. Josh Seabolt

Very awful service and job. Paid for all the interior upgrades and now have to do it again myself. Was told that wipe down interior means no water or spray just a dry cloth. Spoke to the manger and he said it is because the new ownership. Waste of money but at least I learned.

Cee Me

Got a great deal, unlimited cars washes for $20 a month

James Parker

Be cautious when getting an oil change here. I had my oil changed here 2 to 3 weeks ago. Just yesterday my car started smoking and plumes of smoke started coming out of the tail pipe. Had it towed to a shop and come to find out the oil cap was missing. Keep in mind, my oil change from here was the last time the oil cap was removed. After a new cap was replaced the vehicle ran just as nothing happened. Cost me around $145.00 for the mechanic service. So word of advice. If you get an oil change here, make sure the cap is tightened properly.

Brian Turner

Best place in OKC to wash your car.

Daniel Steed

Been using Fast Lanes for vehicle services and car wash for years. Amazing staff, we'll managed and organized. Highly recommended.

Jared Williams

Dropped by to get my truck cleaned up after a weekend of pond hopping. My truck was covered in mud and a complete mess. They took my truck and completely cleaned it up. It did take them a while but I was blown away by how nice it looked after. I probably had 3-4 inches of mud caked to the inside of the fender wells and the belly of the truck. I knew that if I tried to clean it up, I would spend hours but they knocked in out in about 15 minutes or so. Really good work!

Andrew Smith

Super fast service! On the expensive side, but more than makes up for it in speed.

Kimberly Norton

The mechanics are helpful & polite. They provide quick & accurate service.

Hector E. Hernandez Adorno

Good service and great attention. Under new managements

Mad Gurkha

Great guys great services

Kelli Grimes

Super awesome job! $15 dollars for wash and Vaccum. Very impressed. I tipped them $7 cash. It's all I had on me, but worth $10+ tip.

Jeff Buterbaugh

I Do Not recommend this to anyone. The service workers neglected to reinstall the dip stick. When informed the staff he did not say a word just shrugged and turned around. Ensure to check their work. Car wash was just as poor. If only we could post these comments outside the store so we are reminded what we are actually paying for the convenience.

Brigette Givens


Caitlin Arnold

I work for a small institution and we get multiple vehicles detailed there every month for the past 6 months. The only bad experience we've had is when they push our vehicle to the back and it takes all day for a detail. I now have a monthly "pass" and get my own car washed frequently. They never disappoint.

Keila Martinez

Super fast, prefect price, & awesome job! My go to place from now on here in Edmond!

Edmond Critic

Awful management. Broke driver’s seat motor. Denied it, lied about it. Incredibly rude.

John Gardner

Unfortunately, this is the third time I've had my car detailed at Fast Lanes, and a poor job was done. The first time I didn't think anything of it, in case it was simply a one off experience. Two details later, I've had the same result. Their detail staff isn't the friendliest, and they haven't been doing as good a job as Red Carpet. I'm switching back to Red Carpet, they have much better consistency.

Charlie Wayne

Went in for a Car wash and their tunnel ripped off a portion of my trim then whenever the employees went to go recover it, the piece was damaged and did not fit back on properly. The management told me that the trim piece had to be loose going into the tunnel and they are not liable for the damage but considering the car is less then 3 years old and never been wrecked I find that unacceptable. The car wash itself was okay but for the price I paid I expected a lot more. This was my third time coming in but after this experience I would look elsewhere to get your car cleaned.

Trey Hall

This is hands down the best car wash in okc! I used to go to red carpet but they are over priced compared to fast lanes. I have the unlimited pass and they do an awesome job every time!!!! These other reviews have to be from idiots!

TJ Davis

Great staff! Always helpful. Can’t beat the price for unlimited washes monthly!!

Connie Bevill

My seat was forced off the track and wouldn’t move forward. The employee nor the manager would accept responsibility. They were both dismissive and blamed me. I had to take my car to a dealership to put the seat back on track.

erica k

I would give this place 6 Stars if I could! My car came out beautiful, the gentlemen really took their time and made sure the job was done correctly and to top it all off, I forgot that I left my husband's new Armani watch in my vehicle and it was still there in the same spot when I got my car back! Not only do they do great work they are honest people!

Haseeb Amjad

I bought unlimited car wash plan for a month. During that time I tried few times to get my car washed but they were closed. At the end of the first month they automatically charged my card for the next month, I called them and told them, I was not aware that you guys will charge automatically at the end of each month. I was told to stop by and they will take care of it. They could have cancelled it over the phone but for no reason asked me to stop by to get it cancelled. I feel like this is their way of doing business. They do not believe in customer satisfaction at all, I will never go there and will never recommend such business.

Tahir Yousaf

Best car wash in all of metro ! Very kind and polite staff .

Randy McConnell

Price has went up a bunch and quality of wash has went down

Deana Nelson

Up until a few months ago this is the ONLY place my husband would take our vehicles. It used to be wonderful with outstanding attention to detail. A week ago he told me to never take my car there again. (This is after about 5 visits of awful service and him having to rewash his own vehicle every time) I needed my car washed badly, so I thought, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Well, I got home, and had to wipe my car down again because it was not clean. Not at all. There was dirt all over my bumper, around the emblems, the running boards were disgusting. To top this off, my car is black, you can’t just not see it. I called to let them know, and stated “I am calling to simply let you know because if people don’t inform you, you don’t know that there is a problem at all”. The manager apologized and that was it. I didn’t want anything out of the call but to simply inform him. However, he sincerely acted like he didn’t care. Oh well. Now we are on the hunt for a new car wash.

Brian Oakes

A bunch of useless druggies that could not make it at taco bell whoever is running the place is a complete joke there's some younger Dbag that says his daddy owns the business and he pretends like it his, took my vehicle in there with a little mud on it, the car wash barely cleaned it and they told me they would have to charge me again to clean my vehicle, what did I pay for in the first place??? Save yourself time and aggravation go spend two and half dollars at a coin op car wash that way you don't have to worry about druggies stealing anything out of your car

Dave Sly

Usually a great place to stop in for a quick wash and dry. It’s more than a bit frustrating though that the last three times I’ve been thru certain cycles (Rain-X, clear coat protection, basic soap) weren’t working. This should be something you don’t have to worry about and makes me really consider going elsewhere. Subscription service equates to about two washes a month.

Amanda Fietz

Loved this car wash. I have been to others that pull you through them and had my side mirrors ripped off. The staff here was super friendly and loved that they actually hand dried the car and applied the tire shine with the Elite Wash.

Sonia Yack

Paid $16 for a car wash. After the wash, there were still bugs all over the windshield/front and bird poop on the bumper, even after it was wiped down. When I returned to have the issue corrected, I was told that it's an extra $5 to get the bugs off (not offered the first time). I didn't realize it costs extra to have your car actually cleaned at a car wash?! I could have paid $6 (rather than $21) for a cheap car wash of equal value and saved my time and money.

Laura Jane Leehan

I went there for a car wash and left with a flat tire. After an all day ordeal to get a new tire, the old one had a gash in the side. I'm positive it happened there on the conveyer that runs you through the wash cycle. Chris the manager defended his establishment, but offered no customer service to me; the customer. I even expressed that the ultimate wash I had that day was not done well at all. They could have at least offered me a free car wash or something for my trouble.


Too high price for full wash service. They washed by machine and dried by the guys. No clean job inside car. I expect them to vacuum and clean inside but I am wrong. Still too high price. Not worth to go there.

Lisa Nowlin

Some new dude bought it and doubled the prices. There were three separate charges for cleaning the inside, one of which was a charge to scrub the mats. The guys did a great job but won’t be back. Just too high.

Samantha Payne

First time having a vehicle detailed. Despite it being for my boss, it was awesome. Great guys and they took the time to explain everything to me.

Holly Jackson

Usually love this place, they have always don’t a great job. However, my explorer was super muddy after some dirt roads in the rain. Went to get it cleaned, charged me $10 extra dollars on top of the $17 to wash my car because it was so muddy. There was still mud caked on my undercarriage it was awful.

David Oakes

I've never had a bad experience (they could do a little better on the wheels, they never have gotten it right) until today. I have electric folding mirrors, the kid manually pops it back into place before I have the opportunity to push the button (no big deal, he's right, it's under warranty), but when his co-worker states "dude those are electric folding mirrors" to here him reply not once, but twice with "it's probably under warranty ask me if I give a F..." I had to hear it the 2nd time to make sure that's actually what I heard. Long haired kid in the hat "now that you know it's under warranty, and that you should give a F..." (because it was relayed to you by me as I left), if you don't take pride or care about what you do for a living, find a different job! This is coming from a guy who started his career detailing cars at a dealership.

Kristin Mercado

The car wash is great but the staff isn't as friendly as their other location in Edmond. Service is great and my car always looks clean when leaving.

Alexis Jackson

Brought the car in the other day about 10 minutes before they closed. All of the guys there were super cool about it, and did a great job on the car. I did the classic wash and had them wipe down/vacuum the inside of the car. I do recommend getting the wheels done. The tunnel doesn't quite cover them.

JP Uriah

This place will try to amaze u with prices and offers but pay attention to the OLD OLD car wash. No new upgrades and listen to the reviews. This place will not get your car clean. I’ve been twice before checking reviews and WILL NOT be …

marshall cudjo

This place Absolutely sucks, I went in to get my car washed it’s totally over priced, paid $20 just to have someone vacuum my car out and spray some dust around, completely forgot to vacuum up under one of my seats will not be going back to this place again.

Holly Williams

Great people and great deal on monthly pay plan

David Pierce

These guys have always done a great job of taking care of my cars outside and inside.

Cee Cann

Pretty good car wash service

John Seikel

First time visiting since the name change, sadly it's also the last.

Kimberley Kelly

Great service and love the car wash!

Jacob Mires

Make sure you take off any magnents on your car. I lost a magnet in the car wash and was told I couldn't get it back. Car had water marks all along the sides and bugs still on it, inside still had dust on the dashboard. I had to wash all that off myself. Looks like all they did was wash my windows and vacuum. Which I guess looked good. But if I wanted to half a$$ wash my car I would have paid 3 dollars to do it myself. Won't be returning.

Jared S

If want to get taken advantage of, then Fast Lanes Super Center is the right place for you! I brought in my car to be detailed with a wax and the entire interior treated. The were spots on the outside of the car the were clearly not treated. My leather on the interior was ripped. When I told the owner about the outside of the car as well as the interior, he asked two of his teenage workers who denied ripping the leather. Also, when I pointed out the areas on the outside of the car that were not treated he told me that I can feel free to take him to court. He then continued to run around with my car key and would not return it until I paid the balance in full. He would not discuss the situation or reason with me at all. DO NOT GO HERE. THE BUSINESS PRACTICES ARE NOT ETHICAL.

Michelle Branch

Paid for the $47 package and was highly disappointed. Had to have the manager, who was great, vacuum and wipe my console because it was not done. Truly not satisfied with the interior cleaning of my car. For that price I will save my money and do it myself.

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