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REVIEWS OF Charlie's Car Wash IN Oklahoma

Daniel Smith

I am a fanatic when it comes to washing my vehicles. I own a white 2016 ram crew cab four-wheel-drive sport and a black 2015 Audi A3. I’ve been all over the city looking for a car wash that will get most of the water off after it’s finished washing. Charlie’s car wash is “THE “ car wash to go to. After every wash from Charlie’s I can’t stop looking out at my side mirrors while driving because of how shiny my truck actually is! I live in Edmond and I will make the drive to Charlie’s car wash just to wash my vehicles. If there were 10 stars I would give them a ten star review!

Alaura Smiley

I spent $40 for a wash and detail. The wash was fine. The detail was horrible. Still have a ton of dirt in my floorboards and on the seats. They didn't even remove the trash from the door cubbies. I am NEVER going to be returning. $40 just to go back and redo it all myself. Quite the rip off. The only reason it's getting two stars rather than one, is because the people who work there are lovely.

Robyn Affentranger

This is a unique business in but from the time you step in the door you feel appreciated. That’s something that you don’t get very much anymore. The employees are happy and the work is good. The prices are reasonable. I’m able to get my car vacuumed and washed for about $32 which is very good considering how much doctors are able to remove. They do not allow tipping, which is a shame because I would like to do so but it’s also kind of nice. I can’t recommend Charlie’s high enough.

Makeba Ruff


Nick Hatfield

Great management and hard working kids.

Pamela Poag

Very professional staff. Excellent service. Nice modern facility. And I love the no tipping policy.

Chris Walls

Fast and good price

D newman

Great job inside and out

Eric Davis

Friendly staff. Although wait times can be a bit much on nicer days.

Mac Kalvin

They are best in car wash.i love their monthly subscription

Michael Thompson

This is a very nice facility. The carwash does a fairly decent job at cleaning your vehicle. Although hear lately my car still has dirt and grime after the top tier wash. Vacuums are free to use after your wash and are very good quality. The only downside is the prices are a little steep. $20 for the top tier wash, but it comes with free wash of it rains within 5 days of your initial purchase. I give it 4 stars for the price and the issues with my car not getting as clean here lately as it did in the past.

Lesa Cole

Love this place. We stop each time we come to town. it does a good job and the workers are so friendly!

Ursula Foster

This establishment ONCE was amazing - now it's a waste of monies - the Clean Car Guarantee ONCE made having to return due to employee negligence or inclement weather worth it NOT ANYMORE - it is bad enough the vehicles are packed into the wash like sardines but insult to injury ... taking advantage of the CCG - info is punched into the computer system - you pay 18$ for the "ultimate" & taking advantage of the CCG ... may as well just have your vehicle spit shined - Green Lantern has lost yet another customer - awesome job, y'all

Eve Lawrence

Wow. a new player in town down side good concept need to iron out a few details. Our first experience wasn't so great the car had to be wash twice; but would give them a second chance didn't really understand WHY there we're so many EMPLOYEES standing around while ONE middle age female tried her best to hand dry the car.

Ford Explorer

The car wash brushes put a multitude of large scratches on my hood, some 6 inches long. I spent 45 minutes with a dealer product buffing them all out. Will not be returning!

Mandy Davidson

Awesome clean car

Dana Beaver-Henz

Great wash. If you need interior done, don't be a rush because they are very busy.

Patrick Opene

New car wash with good working equipment. Staff are courteous

Sayeed Sheikh

They have great deals, Like the customer service.

Adam Wooten

Love them all way have a clean and great smelling car and truck wen I go

Brian Johnson

Very nice staff

Karri Cody

Had to go across the street and vacuum the rest of floor and seats. Went home and wiped the rest of my truck inside down that wasnt done which was half of it and the back door windows. I guess for the $18 it was just ok.

Derek de Graaf

Awesome job each time.

Jen B

I used to live in the area and love this car wash. I went again today and the lady asked me if I wanted extra tire shine which I declined. I only wanted a wash and vacuum. As I waited 5 minutes a gentleman confronted me that I didn't purchase the interior so he would need me to pull me car out. I was in shock are how the situation was handled.

Fred Germaine

Clean car

Chaith S

Im a regular at this place. Dissapointed with my last wash. Waited for 20 mins for hand dry. No one attended even after 20mins, all the water dried up by then, drove off!

Curtis Harris

Not happy here today. I feel like a second class customer because I drive a work truck. Doug the manager was courteous, but I think I have realized this is not the car wash for me anymore. Too bad, been coming here for 6 years. Another helpful and always friendly employee suggested Waterway car wash as an alternative.

Jacob Sagartz

Their carwash tore the gasket off my windshield, allowing water to pour into my car from the top.The manager said "I'm sure your dealership can fix it." The GM said "we will not do anything to fix it, it was faulty before." I've never had water come into my car and the gasket was not ripped off prior to entering the carwash... Please spend your money somewhere else!

bruce Burns

The only car wash I ever use they do a perfect job

Vivian Schrag

Good job


The Car wash broke my mirror and guys spent my car cleaning time trying to get mirror back in but failed to tell me what happened and manager has yet to fix it. When they gave me my car back they told me what happened. I didn't realize they hadn't cleaned my car until I got on the road and saw fingerprints all over the windows. When I got home I saw how dirty the car was inside and out and called the car wash. When I went back the manager on duty tried to tell me the damage was there before the car wash and that I had to come back when the general mgr. Was there. I've been back twice and he's never there. I had to duct tape it back together for now

Matt Petelin

What a waste of my time

TheRealDave Henke

Fast, friendly service.

Twila J S

I love this place. Best car wash ever

Bahama Mama

I got a carwash so happy my car is clean but I was shocked having to pay extra to clean the inside of my car. The membership is a little pricey.

Kc Travelor

Best car wash in KC. Had the dirtiest truck ever. Left with it spotless and they didn't say a word other than "we can handle it". This is my new go to for car washes... won't go anywhere else anymore. They earned my repeat business.

Anthony Priest

**UPDATE** After going here a few more times it seems to have really gone downhill. These kids can't figure out how to properly wipe down the interior and constantly miss spots. I'm done wasting money here. Cheap interior cleaning. Can't beat it

Cristil Singers

Always super professional and helpful. Car always comes out looking great inside and out. A lot of car washes will try to drive my manual transmission car (when they can't), but the staff at Charlie's is always honest and upfront about their abilities and will ask me to move my own car instead of grinding my gears. They take their time and do a great job removing all the dog hair from my very hairy German Shepherd. Love it here! Keep it up!!

David Williams

One of the best

Chris Edwards

I have been using this place for several years. They were formerly known as Green Lantern Car Wash. it's the best combination of price and quality that I have been able to find. There are other places that can do more advanced car detailing, but they also cost at least three times as much.

Saboor Rashid

Jessica Forester

I have been to this car wash twice now. The first time was great. They did a fast and awesome job on my vehicle. Yesterday was the 2nd experience. Maybe it was my fault for going close to closing time but when we got back in the vehicle there were obvious signs that they rushed thru the vehicle. Middle row seats still had dried liquid from something being spilt on them that wasn't even touched. So I explained to one of the workers that I wasn't trying to complain but...come on. He said okay, no problem. They would go through it again and look to see what else was needed. Then he said okay, all done. Well, it was not much better. If I could post a picture I took to go along with this, someone would definitely be in trouble by a manager......

Nick Vyas

Good work and great staff

Rick Chambers

Boy this wash is good for $8, great for $16, home run with the $30 +/- inside and out deals....

Chela Spicer

Quite expensive and the price is tax.... $13.06 just to run through the automated wash.

lLinda Jackson

First visit, it's a good place to wash your car.

Jim Phillips

I can't imagine a way to improve the quality. They do a great job.

Linda Boyer

Great car wash


Very polite staff who are gracious, thorough and do an excellent job!

Kizzy Taylor

Came in got the Works wash, because my car had lots of mud from the rain, and they did an excellent job getting me right..they have earned my business..

Shalisha Poe

Decided to try this place out for the first time. I get there after it’s cleaned and my car is parked with keys in the ignition and running which it was for least an hour. I look inside and car is filthy. They did not clean cup holders dash and did a half vacuum job. The manager did make sure it was re done but overall Not impressed!!

Robert Belshe

Great car wash

Jessica Hartzog

Great wash, consistent, employees care about doing a good job. The quick lane pass is awesome - highly recommended!

Vicki Collinsworth

They didn't tell me that they no longer cleaned the inside of your car I paid for the most expensive car was and my car was still dirty after the car was. Unfortunately I didn't know it was so dirty until I got home and it's quite a distance from me. I won't be back that's for sure

Manerd Horn

Using their monthly program saves me money and time, they do a great job, and catch things I wouldn't.

T_N Hofs

Sub par wash, but great facility, and they don't allow tipping. Wish a wipedown was included with every wash. Even when they do it, I end up stopping outside and finishing with my own towel.

Dale Lambert

Last few years I had received a fantastic car wash . I couldn't get as good a car wash anywhere else. But this year, the wash just doesn't quite get all the dirt and that's on more than one occasion. By the way, I own a Jeep Wrangler 2013 .

Cal Fleischer

Absolute best carwash I have been to. Went for "the works" great value.

Audrey Mason

Came in to get my jeep washed, the wash was temporarily closed for a while but they said they could still clean the interior. So my husband and I went ahead and did that option. Once we got down the street to fill up we were inspecting the not-so-great job they did, and we didn't have a receipt to follow up so my husband called. They were very apologetic, took his name and told us to come back when we could. So I came back and the wash was open so I went ahead to get it washed while there and I told them who we were, and the issues and they took very good care of me! Very pleased with the second go around..

Tom McKeon

Mostly good - I always wonder why they only include some air freshener scents for free, but you need purchase others inside.

Sheila Young

Despite canceling my account (due to a move) in June, this company has continued to charge me each month (as late as August) for a service I have canceled and no longer use. I have had to be further inconvenienced by having to call each time to obtain my refund. And with each call, I have been reassured that my account has been canceled and the issue won't occur again; however, each time it is a lie. Charlie's Carwash has done nothing to rectify the situation despite being given the opportunity to make it right. I am truly disappointed in the lack of customer service and am anticipating being charged again in a few days (as history has proven will happen). Save your money and sanity. Don't sign-up for their car wash packages...

Karthik Pandy

Mike Smith

They broke off my antenna and wouldn't replace it because it was "aftermarket". I've lost 2 wiper blades in there on the same truck and they've replaced those. They sure as heck weren't Ford OEM wiper blades. The manager doesnt realize he lost a once happy customer over a $20 part. I've spent well over $1000 at this location since they opened. I guess I will start going across the street to their competition.

Beau Blanton

Great place to wash your car

Brandon Roberts

Spent 40$ on their ultimate package, with a wipe down and interior cleaning. I watched my truck go into the cleaning bay, sat there and didnt get wiped down, watched some of the most inefficient car cleaning I have ever seen in my life. I watched 6 different people wash the same window...wondering what in the hell was going on. Management needs to get the efficiency under control or they're going to lose Ultimate cleans. Had a membership here. I cancelled that day.

Mark Spillman

Best car wash

Pamela Newman

Did a good job on the car. Was my first time in this type of wash. Was apprehensive as did not know simple things like...Not putting on brakes and putting car in neutral. They should tell you at the payment gate. Will use again

Jordan Gardner

They offer great services for the interior and exterior of your car. It can get expensive though because it all adds up by the time your done.

Meghan Carlile

Use to go there and loved it. I never review things. Was just there, cleaned my inside in less than ten minutes. Didn't vacuum everything, didn't wipe down console. Very displeased, please train staff or have someone check quality.

Elizabeth Petrie

This was the second time I’ve been to a green lantern. My first time at this location. First experience was great. They were extremely busy and it took awhile but the quality of service was worth it. However my experience this morning was really disappointing. I got the super interior cleaning. It barely took 15 min. And when I got in the car it was still dirty even though I got the wiping of hard services. I was the only car there and expected it to much better. I’m going to have to go in and wipe it down myself to get what was missed. Definitely not worth the money spent. And I will not go to that location again. Despite the poor quality of service everyone was friendly.

A. Wahab Zafar

Sunday's can be busy but generally pretty quick.

Ashley Streeter

Someone suggested me to Green Lantern and once I went I ended up with the most expensive and WORST car was I have ever received! The workers were very rude and being my first time there were not good and explaining what service i would receive for the amount I was paying. When the car was done and parked and looked at my car it still had dirty spots all in the front and the back of my car was skipped over and didn’t even get cleaned. I can’t believe it. This is the worst car wash in my entire life! I will never go to Green Lantern Car Wash again! Was not worth the money i am going back to washing my car myself.

Chris Meyers

Always get a good wash, and it's quick

Subramanian Pitchaipillai

Molly Strubbe

Excellent customer service, reasonably priced

Tricia Griffith

Can’t really say what this place is like because every time I come here it’s a 1.5 hour wait to get inside of car cleaned. Must be short staffed cuz I didn’t see that many cars waiting to be cleaned.

Steve Johnson

Love my package easy to use & great service

Anthony Pantoja

Bought the package deal for my vehicle did a great job

John Koehler

Great carwash. We go here a lot when we get the coupons. Like how they pre blast away the bugs and tar before going in.

Leslie Wilson


Very attentive to the cleanliness of your vehicle. They found a couple stubborn bugs (didn't bother me) but they insisted on a re-wash anyway. Great service!

Brittany Barker

Love their free vacuums. And their car wash is so clean and the wash is great

Sudharshan Chemicala

Curt Davidson

Drove out of my way to try this location. Prices were higher than my usual location so I left and went to their other location where I've always received great service.

Scott T.

No issue with this place. This car wash DIDN'T damage my car so that makes me very very happy!!!

Kimberly Lowe

Fast, friendly service. Great price for interior services.

Sam Shalala

I travel the country, and have visited over 100 different carwashes. The $8 base car wash came with an undercarriage wash, which was great, but the reason I am posting: Charlie’s vacuums were absolutely incredible. They sucked so hard they disturbed the visible spectrum. Black hole caliber.

Brianne Bustamante

Heather Gaither

Not really impressed with this place. Your car gets the bare minimum level of clean. You are better off cleaning it yourself because you are going to have to go back and fix it yourself anyway.

John Vanek

Good car wash. Did fine on my suburban. Only thing i didn't like was the free vacuums are outside with no cover. Price was good and staff very nice. I'd recommend them.

JM Jensen

I've been twice. The first time was pretty standard. The vacuum cleaners have extremely high suction. The second time was not good. I purchased my carwash at On Cue with a gas fill up wanting to wash my car before hitting the road. When I got to Charlie's something was broken so I waited an hour before it was finally fixed. When it was finally fixed, as I drove in it didn't feel like my car was lined up correctly on the track but the young man guiding me in indicated that it was good. The wash process went well but when it was time to exit things got a bit scary. When the green light came on indicating it was time to exit I put my car in drive but it would not move forward. The green light then went off & both yellow lights started flashing. After a few seconds both yellow lights then stopped flashing too. Panicked that my car was hung up on something I put it back in park and honked my horn a few times, no one responsed. I had to get out of my car and walk back to the front of the washing area on a walkway inside the washing area. I found the young man who guided me in. He followed me back to my car, looked around under my car and said he saw nothing wrong. There was a little resistance when I first started to drive out but then my car moved off the track. I will never buy another car wash in advance & I'm not sure if I'll be returning to Charlie's. I realize weird things happen but that trip to get my car wash delayed my trip by an hour & caused stress before a long drive.

Uri Einziger-Lowicz

Joe Panther

The best in LC!

Timothy Button

Great full-service car wash.

JOCO Listings

I've been washing at this location for over two years without any issues. However, yesterday, I received two dents on the back of my truck bed. The same size of dent, on BOTH sides of the bed. This was a BRAND NEW truck! Be very careful taking your vehicle here! They have the pressure set way too high on the brushes that slam into your vehicle. I now have a bill for $165 in repair costs.

angela Williams

clean car love the place

Christina Williams

Great service. Great work.

Mohammed Al-Turck

Sukumar Sukumaran

I did a basic wash (8$) and a Superclean Interior (worth 11$$) today (total 19 dollars). My Trunk was dirty from the onion peels that came off from my grocery purchase. so I asked them if they could vacuum it for me. This guy there.. he said they cannot do that, cos its a safety hazard!!!!.. first time i heard that... !!!, he did not offer any other option either...and he just walks off. So i came back home and cleaned it by myself. I am not going back.

Michael Ehrler

Updating my review; this establishment has gotten better these past few months. Thank you for the focus on quality and customer service.

Huey Huynh

The wash is pretty good for the money.

Serena Kelley

They work they do on my car for the price is remarkable!!! They always make my car look brand new. Nice group of staff in there and work hard so we dont have to. Love when I have to get my car washed because I know it's in great hands here at Charlie's Car Wash!!!

vanetia Wilson

Great carwash and they also offer interior detail cleaning

James Power

If I could rate this business a zero I would. There is zero difference in the services between the premium packages and the basic ones. DO NOT waste your money with the extras as it’s a complete farce. If the place is busy you can expect substandard service as volume is the only concern for them.

Jonathan Amborn

This car wash would get a 5-star rating from me as they have done a great job in the past but they would not let my truck go through because they said that the washing apparatuses will get stuck on the fuel tank mounted in the back of my truck. Apparently it's a new policy they have.

Kit Jackie Kit

The brushes are harsh on your paint. They scratched up my headlights, and it looks like one of their brushes rammed into my roof, scraping off a chuck of bonded paint on my roof trim piece. There's a significant impact dent and residual paint from being scraped off by their brush. I talked to management, and they refused to acknowledge that it was their fault, saying that maybe there was a stone chip in my paint and their high pressure water pulled it off...therefore, not bonded paint, not their problem. The only problem with that story is I know there was no stone chip on my paint, the impact dent was too significant for a small stone chip to make, and the car wash only uses brushes, not high pressured water jets. They only spray down your car with somewhat high pressure jets at the beginning of the wash, and then they take about two seconds doing it. However, I've been in car washes that use much higher pressure jets than what they used, and they also only spray the front and rear bumpers and the windshield not the roof! So, I highly doubt those took off any paint. The manager on duty looked at their "high definition" video cameras and all but acknowledged that my paint was not damaged when I arrived at the car wash. Now, it's going to cost me about $200 to fix this little damage to my car. So, go into this wash at your own risk. They will make up semi-plausible sounding stories so they don't have to file a claim with their insurance, and the manager on duty, Leah, I dealt with was weird and nervous acting the entire time she was making up the story. Unless one has MAJOR damage done to their vehicle...think body panel ripped off...I suspect it's an unwritten rule they won't offer to pay jack if they damage your vehicle. I wouldn't recommend this car wash, or any other brush car wash, at all. These people are dishonest about taking due responsibility for damage done to your vehicle. I was a sucker for using it because I thought the brushes would clean the car better than water jets. That's a $200 mistake I will never make again.

Rikki Chadwick

Car wash was ok added a few new scratches to my hood service could have been better and they dont offer free vacuums.

Claude Webb

Monthly pass with the works The Bomb!

Ellen Carey

When did they start charging tax???

Jenny R. Akers

I was disappointed at first becuz I had went through twice and my fenderwells still had mud on them but Jacob called me and offered another choice and I am going there today to find out if I will b satisfied with the results I'll let u all know later tonight if the outcome.

Drew Danielsen

Brian Wroten

Excellent car wash!

Timothy Huwar

Great place

Will Nedbalek

It was like they took the amount of mud on our car as a personal challenge. It was well staffed; someone was watching our progress through the entire wash.

Lori Voss-Schoonover

I was really impressed by the service here. Asked for the inside and outside of multiple vehicles cleaned and they got everything done really fast. Will definitely be returning.

Laurie Bishr

I think this place does a great job and they are friendly. The customers are pretty horrific though... acting like they just paid for a $200 detail.

Megan M

I got the basic clean on the outside and the super clean on the inside. The shift leader had to re-lean my car because the console was not cleaned whatever so ever. Then after driving out of the parking lot to inspect more there was still dirt spots in my back seats as well as dirt on the drivers side door and on the plastic piece on the ground next to the door; straight footprints. The basic outside wash is great and has a nice price but I definitely do not recommend the interior cleaning, I could’ve easily done much better especially for the price. Thankfully the shift leader , unfortunately didn’t get his name, was kind enough to give me a refund that I didn’t even have to ask for he just knew better.

Valerie Fischer

telle lanum

Took forever. Took so long, that I had to leave and pick up my daughter and come back, then it took another couple of hours. And my car wasn't even completely wiped down. I mean, like obvious spots, not nit picking about nooks and crannies. Won't be back.

Rick Peters

Pricey! Doesn't wash all the soap off the back of our cars (Sonic and a Forester). They need to stop speeding up the chain when they get backed up. Makes for a poor wash! Update: NEVER coming here again! This car wash used to be good when it first opened under the "Green Lantern" name. Now they nickel and dime customers over items that should be included in their exorbitant price (SUV windows, floor mats, vacuuming the cargo area, etc.). I wouldn't even give it 1★ if I could.

John Munz

They failed the extra mile customer service, got there at one minute after 7 the gate wasn't up yet and he said we're closed as the car in front of me pulled in. There was no one behind me they had to run it for the guy that was in front of me but they couldn't take one more one minute after 7 said they have a strict closing policy. Well you lost my vote

Ninja Ortiz

It’s funny to see 6 employees working on one car and 3 others just standing around, while the customer waits to get a simple wipe down and tire shine. Horrible place to get a car wash.


Customer service outstanding. Nice waiting area where you get inside cleaning. I drive a full size Nissan Titan and it fit fine with mirrors folded in. They do a great job here. Definitely will return

Josh Marcom

Best car wash at a reasonable price. Month unlimited was is the greatest.

Mark Esslinger

Fast and easy. Good car wash for me (and I am from out of town)

Lauren MacDonald

Wonderful service and staff! One employee even played a game with my kid while we waited. GREAT experience.

Grant E

WARNING: The absolute worst car wash around. Go to okie express for a good wash, or a run down 7/11, at least you’ll get the type of car wash you were expecting. While I was at Charlie’s, multiple cars were damaged, no one was drying cars, and the wash was insufficient and no one offered to fix it. I even tried to talk to a manager and they blew me off. A simple wash and dry took a full hour. STAY AWAY!

Stephen Jones

They did an excellent job on my truck last weekend. I would recommend this place to all my friends and family and I will be returning every time I need a wash

Joe Chappell

WARNING: Low vehicles are likely to rub. Taking a stock 370Z through I could hear a pop and a couple bangs as the center rail went under the car followed by another bang as the roller door smacked the underside of the car. Probably best to leave this one to the trucks and SUVs. Quality of the wash itself and service were both good. Just a poor design to the facility.

A Google User

Jennie Darby

In and out, for inside and outside cleaning, in just around 30 minutes! Thank you! (And I have a very hairy golden retriever!) Amazing work and I can not thank you enough! I have a car full this weekend and you checked this item WAY OFF my list! Thanks for making me look good!!

Eric LaRue sr.

Good young staff who work together manager on site show great leadership. If rain out you have 48hrs with purchase of wash to comeback!

Vanny LeBoeuf

Wasn't sure how to navigate through the car wash. The price is about double what it should be.

Amanda Smith

Car wash was good but I paid $45 to include my interior and they didn't wipe the dash board, or the vacuum the crumbs from the cup holder and didn't give me any air freshners

Lauri Brownrigg

Easy and convenient especially if you are a member

Amy Anathema

Not sure what I paid $40 for, doesn't even look like they wiped down the inside at all. Had a layer of dust on the steering wheel and didn't vacuum out the trunk or in the cupholders. Save time, do it yourself.

Chris Dowell

Their $8 car wash is hard to beat. Although the line gets long, it goes fast. I have been in line out of the parking lot and only had to wait 30 minutes. The first time I visited I tried to tip the staff. I learned fast that they do not take tips.

Emmanuel Mathew

Nice car wash place. Friendly staff and cleans very thorough.

monica s

The vehicle wasn't cleaned to their satisfaction the first time and had me go thru the wash cycle again

Erin Barnes

They always do such a terrible job - no matter how cheap or expensive the option I choose is. They stopped power-washing floor mats, which is a pretty significant thing to stop doing - not only does it seem as though the floor was cleaned, they don't vacuum under the mats either (I have all-weather rubber/plastic mats, they may or may not handle fabric mats differently.) I pay extra to have the car dried after the wash and they don't seem to understand that even though they blast air down into the window wells, if I roll the window down and back up, there's still water and it will leave marks. The windows appear to be nicely cleaned until the sun hits them just so and you can see ALL the streaks. I won't go back - they used to be affordable, but at this point my 8 year old could do the the same exact job for $5. Spend your money somewhere else! I've even complained to the manager and had them go over things twice (three times once!!) and I'm over it.

Shelley Watts

They spend attention to detail and my car looks amazing.

Kristin Leathers

Gary Hutchings

Does great job! Love the monthly membership. Very convenient

Wayne Hayton

Terrible service.

Aaron Markley

Very polite, they care about your car

nomadic K

I go here every other week to get my car cleaned and I freaking love it, quick and a very keen attention to detail. Though if you do come here during a rush prepare to wait and also the attention to detail will diminish while they are rushing to push cars through the bays. They have a convenient store inside with car care amenities and a bathroom for you to utilize while you wait.


I love this car wash!!! I live on a country road and they have unlimited wash for $24/ month. The employees are always so helpful and friendly! Never had an issue here. Definitely recommend this Green Lantern!!!

Linda Weaver

Good carwash at a reasonable price

James Dawson

Employee were lazy and didn't clean my car at all went back second time and they still messed it up

Jeff Park

Don't go to this place they are awful. I have white car and I went there. Got "the works" Paid 32 bucks to get blue stains all over my car and they said it's not they're fault ridiculous

Brad Holt

This was my first visit here. Before I went, I signed up for QuickPass on their web-site. It sounded nice... payment is saved on the pass and get a shorter line. I went to pick up my QuickPass sticker, and they had me pull off to speak to someone. He really did not seem to know what was going on. He made three trips to my vehicle and asked me all of the same questions I had already answered online. It was about a 15 minute deal. Then he has me pull around. I use the lane clearly signed as "QuickPass Members Only." It wouldn't do anything. I call for help and he says I need to use the "Unattended Lane" (makes no sense to me, but whatever). So, I back out and move to that lane. I'm able to make my selection but it doesn't find my credit card on file. So he has me back out again and move to the attended lane. Finally get to go to the car wash, but he says I need to give him my card after the wash to he can enter it. I go through the wash and meet him to give my card. He's gone for 10 minutes then someone else comes out to help me. But then she says something is wrong with her iPad and she has to go swap it out. I was so done at this point and just left. I'm not sure if this program is new or they just don't know what's going on, but left a bad impression on my first visit. As far as the wash itself, I did the basic. It was fine but a lot of streaking and spots, especially all the way down the middle of the car. Was hoping to find a car wash with a basic wash that didn't leave spots and streaks, but maybe that doesn't exist. The vacuums worked great. Attendants were friendly. Didn't find it worth leaving my current car wash that's cheaper and closer though.

Jason Chapman

Preferred car wash - the works is worth the cost normally. They do a great job cleaning the inside of the car. Depending on who you get, it can be a decent job to an obsessively thorough job.

richard stokes

Normally I would recommend this car wash. However today they turned me down saying"our policy doesn't allow us to wash Jeep Wranglers". When asked how long that was in place they stated it has been for quite some time. Funny how 5 days prior I was through with the same vehicle. I have owned the Jeep since 2012 and have had it through that car wash a minimum of once a month. There reason was due to the tire size which is actually smaller than the tires on my 2015 F150 yet no issues with accepting that vehicle. (Jeep 295/70/18 F150 315/70/17). My family will be finding a different wash to use as there are many that do just as good or better washes. Sorry Charlie but you lost my family and work business today..

Matt Wilkinson

Awesome awesome awesome. Love this place. Best car wash I've ever received. Freindly staff.

Screen Queen Screen!

Got my car spotless

Spencer Sherf

Awful experience. I took my brand new Jeep Wrangler in to get a first car wash. Came out of the tunnel with scratches and marks all over both sides of the jeep!!!! The employee on duty disregarded my concern and I told him I wanted to speak to the manager and he said he would not be in tomorrow and still have not heard from him very unacceptable and unprofessional will not be using or recommending this car wash at all

Justin Elliott

Great set up, equipment looks to be top notch and service was great!

Minnie Baldridge

Didn't wipe down the car very well had lots of drop marks.

Sean Hamel

It's definitely expensive. My biggest upset is that the wash is set with too much pressure. Your car really takes a beating. This wash broke my license plate frame and one of the screws was missing when I came out. No other car wash around has done that. Also - the wash left a film and didn't get all the soap off. I had to rinse it again down the street. I won't go here again.

Michele Lipscomb

Cleaned inside of vehicle abs still left dirt on doors and vacuumed cargo area and left dirt.

Monette Chiarolanza

Horrible car wash. We paid for the Ultimate wash and the rinse didn't rinse the soap off and we have streaks and spots all over the car. There is nowhere to dry the car and no drying rags available. The $17 wash is a waste of money since you have to rewash your car somewhere else or at home. Don't waste your time or money.

Edward Roche

The Unlimited Plan puts me in the fast lane to getting my car clean. The Plan allows me to have a set monthly fee for as MANY car washes as necessary. Green Lantern's staff is extraordinary, the facility is as clean as my car after the wash every time I drive up. And then when I want the inside taken care of its just a few extra minutes and bucks for a sparkling ride.

Jeff Watkins

Nice and clean but still had some bugs and bird droppings on my car after the wash.

Anna Myntami

Love this place! They can get very busy but the service is always fast and friendly. They have a nice area to wait inside while they clean the inside of your car. We bought the membership very handy on a busy day.

Sheryl Jackson

I doesn't really matter but I'll nvr go bac

Bryan Keefer

The workers were very friendly. I have two big dogs that shed quite a bit. They got 95% of the hair out of the seats, which was awesome. I paid extra to get the interior clean. They did an amazing job and I will be going back to them. They also sell what they used for dog hair, which I bought. The experience was great, the car is super clean. I will recommend this location to anyone who needs a good car wash.

Ashley Dunham

The employees are very nice and they did a very good job of cleaning my car. Looking forward to going again.

Heidi Grow

Never gets all the soap off and never washes the bottom half of the car good.

Bryant Miller

These people are pros and do an efficient and great job on the interior and exterior.

Mike Haddock


Good exterior wash, horrible interior. Floor mats and seat backs were damaged. Running boards weren't touched and there was still mud inside and in the cargo area, which we paid extra for. Shame on the corporation for selling an American flag license plate holder made in China.

Susan Garcia

Great car wash

Jill Yost

People are friendly. Did a great job on my car!

Patty Holland

Great addition to service based car washes in OKC, love the staff in the detail area!

James Hoffman

Lisa Santiago

Absolutely awesome, thorough wash and vacuum service. As a person who will spend an entire day detailing her car (yes, I'm serious), I am super impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail that the staff demonstrated with my car. You guys did in 30 minutes what takes me like 4 hours! Thanks guys, you rock!

Matt Houston

Best car wash in okc, hands down

dewayne richardson

Place is top notch 2 reason not 5 stars 1 let us tip them kids 2 have a line for non detail less wait

Benjamin Stoffer

Nice place to get your car cleaned

Daniel Steed

New full service automated car wash. Excellent service and products offered. Highly recommended!

John Pham

Gets the job done. Really nothing to complain about.

Amy Tousseau

Amazing! They used to be Green Lantern, but they still do the best work hands down

Nimati Lamb

I’d love to give them 4 stars but they just aren’t consistent. I go 3-4 times a month and every time something simple is wrong. They tell me I have to ask for the floor mats to be removed and cleaned but I paid for the highest package, inside and out.

Charlie D

Darin Quiocho

Customer service needs to be improved. Not happy with the experience. I will not be a returning customer.

E Draz

José Cordero

Food service. Can get pricey.

Jesus Loves You

This is where we go to wash our vehicles. Great cleaning inside and outside of the vehicles. The staff make sure you leave happy and if you have a complaint they will resolve it quickly.

john hirst

Nice facility with automated wash. Does a great job!

Wesley Skillman

$8 drive through carwash/dryers that cleans your vehicle nicely. Other options available including interior detailing. Clean professional staff.

Dan Danz

A quick place to get your car washed, especially if you join the club and get access to the fast lane. Unfortunately, it's not the most thorough wash in town....adequate, but not fantastic.

Tam E

I'm always really pleased with the effort put into making my car look new again when I visit. Great job every time! A plus...the crew working here seem to like their jobs, and I love that I can be a patron where that exists.

Kristin Whitehair

$8 wash did a great job on my car.

Kara Day

We just left this car wash and after waiting an hour and fifteen minutes my car still has streaks, water spots and stuff on the windshield. We won’t be back. This is the second chance we’ve given them and both times we’ve had to complain.

Brodi Canaan

They have amazing service. They do great on interior work! LOVE them. The prices are great

Bill Doyle

Good job. Staff freindly

Bobby Reddy

Nice staff

Andy Lien

You would have to be full retard (Joel below) to think the unattended touchless at hurricane is even comparable to the basic wash at Green Lantern. He probably owns that ramshackle place.

Mohammad Ghannam

Good service

Cheryl Schultz

Jake cleaned the inside of my SUV and it was spotless. Very good job! All of these employees work very hard to please you

Rick Wilson

They did a great job for the price

Sara Ebert

We have been here several times and have always been impressed with the drive-thru wash service. The employees are efficient and personable and the prices are good.

Aaron Worthan

Justin Long

I love this place...they make my 76 Benz look new again. And they love my car and take great care of it. Thank you for the great service and keep up the good work.

Paul Jaklevich

I had the works done on my car and noticed on the side of the fender a place that appeared to be a part of a bug or what a bird left. When I let them know about it they told me it was something wrong with my clear coat. I paint cars for a living and knew that wasn't it and that's what I told them. They stood by their decision, so I took it home and rub it out myself.

Jake Chambers

I got the unlimited pass. No regrets. The service is great and the car washes actually use the right balance of soap. It is really busy near the weekends, but there is a nice seating area (inside and out) and never takes too long. This is the best car wash business I have ever experienced.



Wesley Schick

Car wash is good, but the employees that clean the inside of your car are bad. I had to wait a long time until they cleaned up the inside and my car wasn't even that dirty. After they were done, there was cleaner all over my dash and it never got wiped up. When I asked one of the employees to clean it up, she seemed like it was the end of the world. I understand that these workers are young and they're trying to make a little bit of money, but this was unacceptable. I would not recommend this place.

Kimberley Mackey

Great car wash free vacuums!


I went through this car wash on 08NOV16. When I got home I noticed the front rim on the driver side of my car was scratched and had a pretty good sized gouge on the rim were the rim lip meets the tire. The line stopped for about 30 seconds while I was inside the car wash and I think something happened when they started up the line which led to the damage. Either that or the kid directing me into the car was did not know what he was doing. Probably a combination of both. If you value the appearance of your rims on your car I would not recommend this car wash. I will never go back.

Jim Alderson

Overpriced for $39.00

Dana Schartz

First, our truck is used as a work truck so we have plastic mats, very disappointed they got rid of power washing the mats. Second, I paid for a super inside and the entire door was still muddy, and under seats were not vacuumed. I use to work here, so very disappointed as I am seeing work going down hill. Dash wasn’t wiped down or anything. Will not return and use to be a regular customer

Shelly LaRose

Love my membership.

Vikram Narkar

This is one of the best car wash locations I came across in Overland Park, KS area. They did a thorough cleaning and vacuum of my car and it was looking like new! They were doing vacuum for a lot of time, which meant they took a lot of efforts to do it. I would surely go back to this location. But, I think, it was pricier than Waterway. But, results were better!

James E Adams

Easy to access, super wash does a great job. I switched from the Zippes unlimited monthly contract to Charlie's unlimited monthly contract.

Kelly Allen

Melissa Deal

Jenna Beckerle

Christopher Edenfield

Good Place for a quick easy car wash, they do an ok job on the inside of the car but the young kids doing the work always spend too much time talking to each other than getting the cars done right.

Ashton Engle

The 45 minute wait was definitely well worth it! I spent $43 for the 'Works' package inside & out. No, they didn't get every single nook & cranny, however, my floorboards & seats look really great! And the outside of my car- paying the extra $5 for the tire shine & the hand dry were definitely worth it.

Alexis Stamatis

Efficient and courteous. Will return.

Lisa Briggs

This is a pretty good car wash and they clean the inside

Matt Mosakowski

Pretty poor staff. I paid $18 for Carwash I get to the end of The wash and I get told it would take 30 minutes before they can dry my car and put tire shine on. Totally unacceptable. Thanks Chase H.

Liz Steel Goss

Best car wash out there!! Reasonably priced and my car looks like it was detail cleaned when they're done. My dealership actually brings cars here to clean them. All of the employees are so polite and friendly and hardworking.

Ahijah Adams

Nice place to wash a car

r Bhattara

I used to use them all the time. I didn't excellent job in terms of cleaning the car and everything. Just recently they significantly increase the indoor cleaning. And I felt it was much higher than needed to be with no extra services.

Melissa Wilson

Great service, decent price but the guarantee is the best!

Dennis Hopgood Jr

David Massie

Where is charlie

Lee Whitorth


Bonnie Fournier

Great value. Nice people

Christine M

Guy rudely and ineffectively directs you in where you hear your tires grinding, then they dont want to give you a receipt, try to send you away without talking to the manager because there is a meeting, and play phone tag to get a refund. A week later they still want me to tell my story to yet another person to get my refund. Ive already told it several times. Completely rediculous how many times they want me to call back about the same issue. I have a job and this is now a waste of time for $36. Screw the money. They do not stand behind their services. Who wants to get upset over and over reliving the awful experience? I tried giving them one last chance to fix it and they tried to downplay it. I asked if he knew how i felt to hear the grinding and worry what was happening and then instead of making me feel better saying well theres a sign. Then begging for a receipt. Then telling the story over and over. Still no refund. Gotta go do my windows tomorrow because they are a streaky mess still. Done with this.

Jeff Richards

Been a member for a few years now. The best one is off 151 st, the fastest and best service. They all do a great job but that one is consistently a step above the others.

Jayan Koshy

It’s a good place to wash outside and clean interior. But I’m not 100% satisfied, because twice I went there to used exterior and interior but both times interior not get that much clean

Alex Henningsen

They do a fantastic job cleaning. Highly recommend

Josh Keehn

Love this place! Prices are very reasonable for how nice my car looked. No tipping allowed.

Jennifer Piette

Finally able to get my car detailed and very dissatisfied with it. Guy took all of 10 minutes and I had to come home and clean it myself.... 35$ for what? I will go elsewhere next time. Big disappointment.

Shanelle Kidd

SLOW!!! I have a membership, which I’m going to cancel. It doesn’t matter what time of day I go, I’ve literally been quoted 45 minute wait for interior services. It’s ridiculous. I completely expect that type of wait on a Saturday afternoon, but I just left there (it’s Wednesday evening at 7pm) and I was quoted 45 minutes. By the way, there were ONLY 3 cars in the bay. How can they be so slow!! I have kids, I have things to do. I can’t wait that long for them to vacuum my car. Don’t bother!!

Kim Forester

Nice place to pamper your ride

dustin ewan

Very inconsistent quality. Sometimes they do a great job, other times it's hard to tell they did anything at all. If you utilize the Clean Car Guarantee is decent enough, but if you're expecting your car to look detailed the look elsewhere.

Lisa Ianacone

When this place was Green Lantern they did a great job detailing inside. I just went there today and I still have quite a bit of dust on my consul – kind of disappointed.


For a quick exterior wash, dry, and tire shine, it is great. Their waterway equivalent of a "whole thing", which includes interior cleaning, is terrible and overpriced.

Noel Vicente

They did not allow me in because my truck has a muddy tires. That is why I went to a carwash in the first place to get my vehicle clean.

Eric Buglewicz

Nibin Abraham Mattam

Brenden Ourth

They do a nice job getting the truck clean! My favorite local wash. Get the coupon book

John H

Great work but continue to change pricing

Melinda Fraser

Advice: group your outside washes with your interior cleaning. Too confusing the way it is now.

Kim J Dickerman

Good facility and great service., I love not having to wait in line with the Quick Pass Lane!

Shaun Long


Amazing service. Polite, didn't rush, my car looks like I did it myself (I'm very particular). I had heard good things, drove 45 min and I'll do it again in a heartbeat. For a mom with several littles who insists on doing everything myself, this was such a breathe of fresh air.

Susan McNickle

Good service for great price..

Holly Weatherford Pahulu

Unfortunately I have to change my 5 star review to a 3 star. I love this car wash, but the interior service has been on a steep decline for sometime now. Today, I paid for the super inside (not to mention $30 worth of goods in the waiting area) and shockingly my car was ready in about 10 minutes. No one inspected the car before it was delivered to me. The dash had not been completely wiped down and the floors had not been fully vacuumed. I'm sad that my last couple of visits have been disappointing. I hope management takes notice of the recent reviews and works to bring this car wash back to its 5 star status. For me it's all about quality over quantity. I would rather wait 20 minutes to have a well cleaned car than have my car back in a short period of time and still dirty. Original Review: Best car wash. Best value. Great customer service.

Jeff Flannery

Always clean the mud off of my vehicle after Boy Scout campouts. Very polite workers.

Jeremy D

Best wash in town

Brian Carson

This one did not seem to be as particular about making sure your car looks the best. The others in the area are better.

Brandi Ballard

Have to say I'm pretty disappointed with the interior. This is the 2nd time I've had the interior service and the console doesn't even look like they wiped it down. The whole reason I pay they to do the interior is to get the grime off the console. Probably won't pay $40 anymore. I can just run a cloth over everything for free.

Ankitha K


Beat car wash in town!

Emily Yoder

The best car wash in the city! I've taken my car here twice now, and both times i had them vacuum the inside of my car. It has looked amazing inside both times! Everyone is so nice, and the waiting area is great. They have snacks to purchase, Starbucks coffee and chai lattes for $1, and tons of charging stations/outlets for you to use while you wait. I recommend this place to everyone!

Trent Brown

Paid the 40 something dollars to have full detail everything was great.. next day it rained so I redeemed my rain guarantee to find out that they only wash it. Now it looks worse than what it did when I brought it in. So I had to pay $5 dollars to have it wiped down. I thought they do the outside. I guess they did... made it look worse than what the rain did to it.

Jeff Campbell

I've used other monthly membership basic car washes (speedy wash) and found that I'd rather sacrifice not having a free vacuum and pay a couple extra bucks a month for GL's automated wash. There is a difference. I have a black car and I wash my car A LOT so I can see the difference in wash and dry. I always detail the inside of my car so I don't have to rely on anyone else for my high expectations. 4 out of 5 for not advertising that $24 does not include tax like the other outfits that do include tax in the pitch.

Gina Schoenhofer

Love getting my car cleaned there they do a better job than any of the other services in town

Michael Mehl

Love the new name.

Richard M

Prices have gone up while the quality of service has gone down. Getting your tires shined is an extra $5 for their top package. However the last few trips to the Olathe location they no longer wipe the door jams and I was amazed to see bird droppings still on my bumper that wasn't cleaned off, paying $42 for full service, I think making sure bird droppings were cleaned off would be part of the service, unless that's an additional charge too.

Chris Uehlein

Excellent car wash, cleans the car very good and dries it almost spotless. The best part is that it cleans my odd shaped alloy wheels which I usually have to do by hand.

Kristina Mustard

Jamie Leeper

$8 is a fair price for the basic package. Very fast process.

Lee Munsell

Did a great job as nearly always

vic willis

$8 exterior was alright but the $13 interior cleaning was worth it. 5 stars for great customer service on a July afternoon.

Carey Jones

Doug Rushing

Quick and easy. No need to worry about having a few bucks for a tip. Tips are included. And this location is rocking Christian music.

Guy Swartwood

Had a great car wash and detail even when the weather was thirty degrees. Staff was pleasant and efficient. I believe the value was worth it.

Tony Harlan

Sadly, this is a prime example of an owner who either doesn't understand customer service, or make it a priority with his managers. I went in Saturday for their most expensive exterior package, including the hand dry and tire shine. My truck was one of TWO vehicles inside and I sat for ten minutes watching the water on my windows and mirrors dry to spots. I ended up getting out, grabbing a towel and drying the entire vehicle myself One of the many employees walking around doing nothing noticed this, apologized, and started drying everything I had already done. Was going to ask for a refund for the hand dry, but there wasn't an employee inside at the register so I just decided not to come back, ever.

Rob Frazier

I need to stop wasting my money here. First there is never anyone old enough to truly inspect the work... and if there was they don't do ANY kind of quality check. After a half hour of them cleaning my car I got in and drove away. They didn't vacuum the back (which cost extra) they may have cleaned the outside of the windows... but did't do the interior front or rear windows. They of course didn't even attempt to clean any grooves or vents. And most amazing to me is even though they wiped down all the seats and the plastic inside the doors... they somehow forgot the drivers side door. Not even a single swipe from a Clorox wipe. If I had cleaned a car like this when I was a kid my parents would have made me re-do it and I would have received no real allowance for it. If I could get my money back without wasting MORE time I would!

Omar Aldelemi

Fair car wash.

Jenni Daniel

Catherine Smith

I came on a very busy day. Getting my car wash was fast and the automated wash was very powerful and efficient. The service and employees was professional and very kind. This is the best (hand) car wash in OKc metro area. I would highly recommend it. The o OU down side was they do not accept tips. The employees deserve more and again, very good at their job. Definitely coming back!

Janeen Stephens

Inside of car was a complete mess. Got the works. Complete cleaning inside and out for $43. Staff worked hard to make it like new. They didn't make me feel ashamed or embarrassed. Just took real good care of me. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you!!

Eric Wright

Love this Carr wash. My car always looks great. They do a great job here.

Susan Wilkes

Very good wash and like the vacuums

Sricharan Annamraju

The best job in car wash services !!

Beth Houts

Very nice staff but they do not always clean every where they should.

Jennifer Panicci

What a wonderful business! It is so nice to see smiling faces from the attendant taking the payment all the way through to the hand dry employees! Wonderful experience and I will be back! Keep up the AMAZING job!

Brooklyn Meeker

My interior was in desperate need of a deep clean after several weekends of traveling, and Charlie's had it like new within 30 minutes. Thank you for the outstanding service!

Kathy Anderson

Gives a good wash

David Russell

Refused to wash my truck because it was dirty. You're a car wash. Seriously....

Faaon Mitchell Sr.

Joseph Bradin

Great place to get your vehicle wash and detailed inside and out. Their brushes wont scratch the finish like ive had happen at a couple of places. They are a little bit pricy, but they also dont expect tips and wont accept them. I would give 5 stars, but the two boys that detailed the inside of my truck seemed to be more focused on joking about something inside my truck, and threw away a stack of papers i wasnt aware of till that night when i looked for them.

Patrick McGouey

I got the Ultimate Car Wash and I was told they would get the back hatch for $2 more... They failed to clean the door jambs and the glass had smudge marks all over the windows. For $46 you think I would have gotten a little cleaner of a car I was disappointed this time.

Shari Trent

KH '

The carwash was fine and the interior service was subpar. I paid extra to have everything wiped down and vacuumed... When entering my truck there was dust all over the dash and steering column. I should've just done it myself at home.

Stacy Wilkinson

They do an excellent job on inside cleaning of your vehicle. I highly recommend this carwash. Bugs and tar was removed on outside cleaning

Tadow How you like me now

Love that you are not hounded for a tip. And they do a wonderful job

sherri Lubbers

Great place. They do good work.

Christine W

I paid for the maximum service. My vehicle was not clean inside when I left and due to limits on my time I could not stay to have them redo. I found further areas the next day which hadn't been touched. They are rushing through the job too much and not giving attention to detail. This is a DETAILING service! This is the second time this has happened to me at this location. I do not live in town so the 48 hr guarantee does no good.

Trumanator689 YT

Very great I got my car done right as I wanted it. Their was some cute guys there who were very fast workers immediate erection

Bo Harris

Kids did a great job. Took care of an issue with our fast pass very quickly. Thx

Brandon Jeffries

When I first came to the booth, the cashier, Quinn, helped to explain all the services they had to offer and was very helpful in explaining the process to me. 10/10 Quality was exceptional and would definitely recommend!!!

Paul Gottesburen

Always a great job and beats most other car washes. Interior services are adequate for the cost.

Rochelle Robinson

Very nice staff ,car looked great !!

Mary Ritch

Favorite thing. Having a clean shiny car

Angela Albee

Im usually very pleased with them but yesterday went in and paid for the super inside. Expecting the usual perfect service. I got about half of that. My mats werent even put back right (they snap into place). There was still dog hair all over (just went to get my puppy groomed). The car doors still had debri/dust on them. My center console didnt look like they even wiped it down. Now when i go here i make sure to clean out everything except for my change in my center console just to make it easier on them. It sucks because i was in a time crunch to leave town and didnt have the energy to do it myself. When i spend $14 dollars and have an expectation from the previous visits that the employees have set themselves and then i get a half done job it makes me start looking for other options.

Ry Millar

Peeled off my professionally installed decals.. General manager says to bad we didn't do anything wrong. My truck has been thru that same wash a 100 times.. good news $75 today cost you $25 x 100 a year x 2 cars.. hello bellfonte

Waqas Chowdhry

They get your car cleaned fast. Essentially the inside. Plus no tips required

Patrick Hultman

Sidney Kile

The guy at the cashier booth did not give me a receipt, so once I got inside and was waiting for my car to be cleaned I asked the manager if I could receive a receipt. I was told that they could not give me one. I spent $35 for a car wash that was not done correctly, still dirt on the car and inside the car.

Marc Gilliland

Machine does exterior fine, interior needed a little more attention.

Wendi Coffman-Stanley

My car was horribly dirty with dog hair and life! They did amazing job cleaning inside and very friendly and professional staff.

Megan Hollingsworth

This place has really gone downhill since the new ownership/name change. The price for the Works went up $10 (ridiculous increase...) and the quality went wayyyy down. It took them forever to clean my husbands truck when they weren't even busy and it doesn’t even look like they wiped down the inside. If I wasn’t going out of town I would go back and complain in person and have them re-do it. I’m only giving 2 stars because they at least made it look a little better than when we brought it in... however they did about a $20 job. Not a $47 job. Our previous experiences have not been this poor...disappointing.

Amazing Cleaning Services

The staff works hard to clean my car

James Byars

Great service, great car wash. I am very pleased with Green Lantern. It is my preferred car wash.

Garrett Hartman

Disappointed. I paid $20 dollars to have the inside of my car vacuumed and cleaned yesterday and they completely ignored my trunk. Which is the main reason why I paid it and specifically told them "yes" when they asked. I had to pick up my son from camp right afterward so I didn't check and didnt realize until I had to put groceries it it today.

Chris Lynam

Good car wash at a decent price. I just wish it had self-service vacuums.

Minister Gregg Wilson


Upscale car wash with great people.

Sarah D

I love this place. It is my go to for car washes. They always do an excellent job. Anytime I take my van to another car wash I am always disappointed.

John Pickens

Great wash. Priced a dollar or two higher than the competition, but it may be worth it.

Kyle Gould

Signed up for the QuikPass Unlimited three months ago. Tried to cancel the night before the next billing and the website was conveniently down for maintenance. Sent them an email right then to a help address listed on their website to explain that I want to cancel, but the website to do so is down. That email came back undeliverable that the address doesn't exist. Next day, noticed the charge on my card so sent an email from my account as I was able to now log in. That email was sent and received, but has gone unanswered. I have just sent another email detailing that I will dispute the charge through my credit card, but a word of warning to anyone else that chooses to sign up for the Unlimited pass or needs any customer service help. Good luck.

Mark Marquez

GREAT carwash!! Weekly stop for us and like the 3 for $10.00 add on.

Anupartha Howlader

Karl Keimig

Sloppily done interior work. Very disappointed.

Vilakone Sirisombath

Wash was good, however it would help if the workers wait to get you situated in the bay before they start soaking your windshield.You can't see what they want you to do. If I can't see I'm not moving my car

Besim Huskic

Vicky Lynn Garms

Very pregnant and on bed rest with urge to nest. Went there for interior cleaning for inside my suv just so I don't have to stress or worry. Very disappointed with the service. It was dirty under mat, i found more trash under the seat and did not attempt to really clean the back (its not hard to lift the seats and there was some trash) It was my first time to have this done, ugh! Waste of $17 when I could do it way better at car wash doing it myself. My solution? Never going back, instead I went somewhere else and the job got done right.

Klsbahegmail B

Ok...these people are amazing. I mean, my car always looks fabulous when they are finished. And, as silly as it may sound...I always leave here in a better mood...just cuz the employees take time to treat each customer with respect & smiles! Impressed.

Ali Forester

Paid for top option interior detailing on my husband's mess, I mean car. I cleared it out of junk beforehand. They left grime on the handles, dust still in cubbies, crumbs still in cup holders and crumbs now added with liquid still in the change holder. When I retrieved the vehicle they had managed to turn on the parking and cargo lamps, of which they left on and parked. I have previously only ever done basic exterior washes in my vehicle and each time. Of which is automatic so I had no issues. So two stars. They, in either case, are not clear with directions or what you are supposed to do, and when asked they are hardly any clearer as if I am supposed to know how and what already. Just rather disappointed here.

Brian B

Decent place to get your car cleaned quickly.

Ryan B

Very thorough, loved the wipe down and low price on the wax. Did a great job of getting bugs off the windshield

Nic Larson

Expensive wash and they don't treat their employees well. Very high turnover rate.

Roxanne H

They do a nice job of getting my car clean!

James Hinson

I have never seen so many unmotivated (but very friendly) slackers in all my life. I have been here for over an hour and see lots of wasted time. I’m not sure how the late Charlie ran his ship but Im betting if it were like this...this place wouldn't still be around. Somebody needs to light a fire and end the social event.

Becca Blanner

My only issue was that the inside of my car was not as clean as I would have liked it to be. They missed quite a few spots on the inside and they were not spots that were difficult to clean.

Hank Greenwood

richard rhoads

The staff at the wash is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, helpful. And there work is excellent.

Joel Guerrero

A bit overpriced at $8. I go to Hurricane cash wash down the street and spend $5 for the same service.

Susan Allen

Always do a fantastic job.

Andy Evans

I have had an express pass for several months now - and I keep thinking that they will repair the blowers at the end of the car wash. You can tell half of them are not running and they haven't run for months. So your car never really gets dried off - and you are left with water spots. C'mon Man! Fix the blowers!!

Jillian McCollam

I was impressed with the service and prices. I will definitely be back

Kody Paddack

It was sufficient. Not the best inside detailing I've had, they missed a few spots. It was really busy though so that might have had something to do with it.

Jim Easley

Love Green Lantern!!

Fango Pietra

This is probably the best car wash value around. It's nice to have a cup of coffee and make a couple calls while getting your car cleaned much better than the gas station or DIY spots. The perfect combination of price, convenience and speed comes together here.

chris tidd

Exterior wash in awesome. Interior depends on who you get, I always pay for the top detail on interior and more times than not, there is still dust and dirt in obvious spots. Still they get majority of the dirt. Would still recommend going.

Johnson County Tree

Great Service!!!!! A+

None None

We waiting in line for interior cleaning for 40 mins. The other lanes were moving ok but ours... the attendant was gazing around, barely moving and had fellow workers come by to talk. One fellow worker kept showing her new nails. Found out this nail person was the register attendant who apparently was bored. I would not recommend the place unless you have a couple of hours to burn and like just sitting around.

Jaleesa Hendrix

I've had a monthly unlimited wash plan ever since I purchased my car. It's the way to go! I love skipping the line. As far as the interior services, this isn't a detailing shop. They are expected to do as much as they can within a short amount of time so if your car is extremely dirty on the inside, I might suggest shelling out the extra cash for an interior detailing. They usually do a good job. If you have any issues, usually you can just point it out and they will happily fix it for you

Joe Hartig

Great car wash! Love the quick pass lane.

Svyatoslav Levin

Not what it used to be... Avoid

Kathryn McWho

Ethen was phenomenal! There was yellow bubble gum stuck on my black car and he was able to get it off completely! He really had a work out with it but when it was finished it looked amazing! Thank you, Ethen!


For the price great value. I did a full service interior and exterior and I'm very happy. They pay their employees enough so that there's no tripping allowed. They are quick but not rushed.


Really hated this place. Too expensive and rude staff. One member of the staff in particular made some very offensive jokes about my weight (only 180 lbs) and something about 7 moms. They did an ok job cleaning my car, but I would definitely not recommend. Steer clear of this car wash!

Paul Rieck

Left a lot of stuff on my car

Brian Bartell

Blown air dry at the end. No person drying the car by hand and expecting a tip. Wash N go.

Stevie G Petrie

Robbie Bledsoe

Another solid visit to the car wash. I knocked off a star because the dash left dirty. It had been wiped but not well. Overall still a good experience and had I noticed before I left they probably would have fixed it.

Havi B

on 3/7/2018, I went to get a inside clean, for $14.00 bucks...they failed to properly clean the inside of my car. stains were still very visible on my console, steering wheel etc... they only vacuumed my floors, and left dirt in my seats! highly disappointed, that I wasted 14 bucks! will never go back here. * as soon as I pulled in my driveway, I grabbed some multipurpose less than 10 minutes, everything was crispy clean!*

Dan Sullivan

Best car wash in the area. Beats the other one across the street

Danielle Webb

They do an amazing job detailing on the inside of my car and the outside still had some bug spots and they did a re-wash. Very friendly I highly recommend


Got an interior and exterior wash, after the manager realized outside wasnt as clean as it should they asked for my permission to drive it trough and rewash it for us. Good service does still exists in this world :)

Tyler Pearsall

From what I've experienced of pull-through car washes in the KC area, they are the best. 4 stars only because I have to finish with a hand dry after and sometimes touch up my wheels. But I only get the basic wash instead of the wheel package...

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