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REVIEWS OF Speedy Wash and Lube-Car Wash IN Ohio

joe momma

Website says your open iget there your closed. Wasted an hour of my time. Fix your website if your gonna have one

Michael Leidy

The upside to this place is that oil changes take no time at all. However, it's overpriced compared to other places and they'll bombard you with voicemail and physical mail "reminding" you to get your oil changed again only a month or two later. I know when my oil needs to be changed, and it's not every month. They also forgot to put some of my valve stem caps back on last time. I got my oil changed at Montrose Ford in Fairlawn instead this year and all they've sent me in the past few months is a nice letter thanking me for my business. What a concept.

Erin Austin

Love their car wash and drive thru oil changes.

Karla Hall

Very good job on the card I've taken there,lines are never long.

Wendy Lea Thomas

OMG I love this new car wash. It's been a terrible winter, so much so, I couldn't see out of my windows. Thank you Speedy for one of the best washes I ever got for my car. The Price was very reasonable and worth it. My car shines like it was new Malibu. Thanks again, I'll use you guys from now on.

Aidan Kilker

It took ninety minutes to get an oil change--not so "Speedy". And the guy literally had to ask me how to operate the hood latch and the lights...on a Pacifica. You'd expect a little more competence from a place charging you eighty bucks.

Dion Davis

Good service

alissa christopher

This car wash is terrifying, it hooks your tires so you can't drive or control your vehicle at all and then pulls you through the wash. The wash itself is not automatic and smacks your vehicle with large rags to get it clean.

Scott Pletcher

This is essentially the same review I left on yelp. You guys might want to check that. UPDATE- was replied to by somebody in place of the owner saying that I should call their service director at a phone number listed within the reply. Phone number has been disconnected and star rating adjusted as a result. Was at one point tempted to just drop in and show them the problem. But have since come to the conclusion that would probably not have any effect Seeing as how they have somebody posting as the owner and throwing a phone number that doesn’t work anyway at me. SMH The review probably would go down a star had I actually had an oil change here. But this review is based solely on the car wash. Or rather the lack thereof. I usually spend about 12 bucks for a middle of the road car wash for my jeep. The first time I went (3 months ago), I was impressed. My first impression was "I get all this for 12 bucks?". The month after that I go again, pay the same 12 bucks and considering the list of stuff that is offered that is included in a $12 wash, I was a bit disappointed. I was missing some of the stuff the $12 was set to include. Nothing big just a semi-buff dry to help the thing dry out, and a tire shine. On my jeep tire shine is very noticeable, They are 35 inch tires. So when it's not included you kind of notice. I figured maybe some equipment was down and that I can understand and forgive. I went again last Saturday and this time made the mistake of giving the place the benefit of the doubt. I paid 15 bucks which includes a little bit more and the two things that I mentioned were missing last time as well. Lo and behold, I get the same substandard version of the $12 wash again. Come on guys, get it together! I stopped going to splash in favor of you guys because it was readily apparent that their employees really didn't give any consideration to the fact that your car actually might get clean. I'm including a picture of just one of my tires sans shine. Feel like I just paid 15 bucks for nothing. In addition to this I went to their website, chose the contact us button and sent them a message and the system quickly shot back a reply of we will be addressing this shortly. Well it's been a week, nothings been addressed which kind of leads me to believe that they couldn't care less. Somebody please prove me wrong. We will see what happens the next time I go and spent 12 bucks not 15.

Morris E. Wray

Car wash and lube spot. Offers unlimited washes with monthly pass.

Paul E Beard Jr

Very good service...

Myron Honeycutt

Dale made the process easy Quick Professional Great staff

Mike Arthut

No Towel dry wipers. blow dry only.

Dean Cecconi

Long wait on Saturday afternoons, Google lists them as being open on Sunday, but only the wash is open not the oil change. Need to find a better way to list hours on google.

joe Molnar

Didn't no what they were doing waited in line 2 hours

Taylor Flinn

Love this place but I love Dale the most he is such a great spirt and brings great customer service to the company!

Tyler Dubina

This place is where I always get my car washed it is a very fast and convenient place. Can also get an oil change here and vacuum out your car. They offer monthly plans for all levels of car wash. I highly recommend it.

Diane Pinchot

This speedy is linked to Fred Martin Jeep Dealership. If you buy the maintenance package with your vehicle, all you do is roll in for your oil change when it is due. They have made oil changes super easy! Last time, I would have given 5 stars. It was my first time there and everything went well. I bought a trail rated jeep, so 5 tire rotation is included in the package. All the guys are very friendly. They are also very respectful to the owner of the vehicle. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. The only reason I did not give 5 stars was because I asked for a 5 tire rotation and they did a 4 tire rotation as was told to them by the check-in Technician. So, the check-in Technician did not relay my request to the workers. The tire guy did apologize. I will make certain they do a 5 tire rotation next time.

Jacqueline Garner

Saturdays are very busy for oil changes but once you get through the line they are pretty quick and efficient. They also gave us a free car wash and air fresheners. Very polite staff.

David Walton

1) They are still not explaining that this is an AUTOMATIC monthly charge for the car wash club when you speak to the fella in the lane. That should have been fixed already. 2) Pretty impressive though that the customer posting below got a refund, eh? 3) Yeah first horizontal roller completely misses the hood of my car. But it came out okay; I'm thinking the second horizontal roller got it. Some adjustment needed. 4) I am not sure how to cancel the service when I move on. Maybe I missed reading something. Some improvements needed, but I look forward to more experiences to see if things improve.

Michael Dunham

Great service for just about anything you need for your vehicle,that they can do right there while you wait in your vehicle. Except for major issues.

Dave Jones

Speedy Wash And Lube was AWESOME, they did a fantastic job, very, very through. They did everything and I was a mechanic, they made me feel comfortable about the job.


Good car wash. Vacuums good. Accepts credit cards


Its Saturday morning, yes, but I have been sitting for 20 minutes already and haven't moved. Here for an oil change and there are 3 bays, should be much faster. Not sure what the problem is but there are 4 cars deep in each bay. I'm looking at another 30 minutes at best. My advice, dont come on a Saturday morning.

Stephen Klopfenstein

I got the 13$ wash and it was like I paid 20+ still looks great after 3 days

Sarah Smith

Gets your car reasonably clean but it smells like cat urine. I pay for the middle of the road wash and don't get half of the things offered in the wash. I don't understand why the towel dryers don't come in to dry off when they are already spinning anyways. Seems like it wouldn't cost that much just to have them dry on every wash. But the people working there are friendly.

Shirley Simon

The staff are just terrific. They say business goes where it wants and stays where it is made to feel welcome. Martin has it down pat.

B Mayer

They need stronger blowers and vacuums

Mel Olson

Normally I have had nothing but positive experiences but I will not be returning. I got in line and after 20 minutes when the bay in front of me became available I was told to move my car into the first bay because the gentleman at the first bay had been waiting longer. OK - no big deal. I backed up, pulled into bay 1 and waited an additional 20 minutes since there was a vehicle getting serviced. 5 minutes later, a lady pulls up into the 3rd bay and is waived in with no wait. How ironic?! 45 minutes of my life I'll never get back. And I will go somewhere else to get my oil changed! Canceled my car wash package as well.

Tim Heppert

Waited 40 min just to get into the "speedy" lube. Was blocked in by another car or I would have left. Then I get asked if I want to pay for a tire rotation after I just told the guy the tires were just put on 2 weeks earlier... when my 3 yrs of free ones are done so am I.

Clarence L

Great service and really nice people

Kirk Genet

Unbelievably slow no one had a since of urgency with long line that kept building up I'm guess they are their all day so they make us all wait with them

SuRay McKay

Friendly and fast service, offer recommendations but not in a pushy manner. The employees will inform of current sales and promotions and the on-site carwash is convenient.

Chad Harvey

Clean, fast, very friendly staff. They have a camera that lets you watch the tech under your vehicle. Up selling is minimal. Many purchases include a free car wash. The car wash is there onsite also. There is a long line of free vacuum machines for you to use when pull out.

mike carder

Very professional and courteous! Got my car serviced and got a free wash too! I'll be back here!

John Tresidder

Very Good And they are open Sundays 11 a.m. To 5 p.m.

Lew English

Great carwash!

Mikkniss Gems

never seen such a place like this oil change and a car wash all in one? Okay oil change line was a little bit ridiculous but the place was awesome

Belinda New

Nice car wash. Long lines due to the oil change place next week.

uber mom

Always friendly staff. Always letting me know when i need somthing but never pushes just for a sale. Thank you!

evan whitesell

The carwash was down and four guys washed and hand dried my truck. Respectable people

Jennifer Sisk

Very fast service

Debra Parsons

They are very polite

Jessica Gainer

Always friendly staff

Anthony Crespo

Monthly pass is the way to go. Great job!

Damien Williams

Like the free oil changes.. But the wait sometimes can take a while. But once your Inside, things seem to speed up a little. Car wash is great as well.

Jennifer Gump

Great service, super friendly staff, they make sure you are taken care of and 100% satisfied

Carl Bobo

Over the few years it has been open the service has gotten worse and the people look shady

Kevin Rutan

The unlimted wash for a monthly fee is great. The tires get well done. But the rest of the washing stuff sucks. However, my car comes out mostly clean.

Marcel van den Bosch

Fast service and very precise. They show you the old filter and the filled up oil stick. Complimentary car wash coupon too! Also, the car wash facility is top notch technology. Does a very good job cleaning the car.

John Roe

Very courteous and pleasant staff. A bit of a wait but not unexpected at 9:30 Saturday morning. Once we entered the service bay work was quickly completed. Will definitely be returning.

Patty Quillin

Great job

carlynda turner

Awesome place. Very quick and quality customer service

Heather George

Love these guys

taylore cook

My car is under warranty, so I don't pay when I go here unless I get things like filters, tire rotation, whatever, but they are extremely professional. When my warranty runs out, I will be coming back.

Howard Lansberry


Jenny Ritenour

Been there a couple of times

Carolyn Clay

Nothing speedy about this place. Literally waited a hour and half in line. Definitely do not recommend this place.

Holly Rooney

Great service, nice employees, would recommend to anyone! 5 stars

Hunter B

Oil change done quickly and efficiently! Taylor and team were extremely helpful in explaining preventative maintenance and helping with my vehicle's needs.

Chris Campbell

got a free wash for gfs car because it was about to rain, but it was still a surprise

Shawn Dellafave

Only place i get my vehicles washed and serviced thank you for a great customer service staff.

William Deyling

Very fast and very professional. Would recommend to anyone.

Matt Dickerson

I had my first oil change at speedy and it was very fast the people were very nice, the car wash wash is the best in the area.

cher wi

Nice workers. They broke my air filter holder. Part of fred martin Ripoff!!!

S Scott

Not bad for a free carwash with oil change

Silvano Vlajic

Don't like it long lines not worth of wait

Dan H

Paid for a car wash, but it missed half the truck. When I went inside to show the guys how bad it was they told me that I needed the next package up in order for it to be completely clean. Even the minimum Car Wash should clean the whole car in my opinion

Bob Rzepka

Great service and knowledgeable people.

Chum lee

Good work decently fast service nice workers

Shana Bergman

Fast service

Tyler Bennett

Very friendly, fast and knowledgeable about most name brand vehicle.

Jeff Miller

Good. Great service. Full-synthetic available but still pricier than it probably should be. Very nice people. Will let you eat relax lay back listen to radio use phone w Wi-Fi. Also good car wash.

Roy Pletcher

I wish I could give no stars as most service advisors are rude. I watch at the lower Bay technician improperly tourqued my drain plug by hand. Every nut and bolt on a vehicle has a proper torque specified by the manufacturer you would think a dealership for vehicles would know that you need to tourque things properly

Elisha Crutcher

The staff is always super friendly. The manager came out and greeted each car. I thought that was a nice touch. He was thoughtful enough to give an update on the wait time and provided a business card as well. The staff is efficient and I always leave with a smile. Thanks guys!!!

Mandy Brown

Friendly and fast service.

Elliot Green

Paid for a car wash this past summer and the kid convinced us to upgrade to unlimited washes for 1 month for a few dollars extra. We were completely unware that this meant EVERY MONTH and that they would bill us for this package on a monthly basis until we called to cancel...and here we are 5 months later. Maybe if we weren't being rushed through the car wash lane someone could have better explained this to us. The sad part is we actually paid for a wash recently without realizing it should be free. The vacuums are also pretty horrible, they don't do I good job at all. Update, 12/6/17: Since my review, I have received a refund for the months that I did not use the wash. I do appreciate the responsiveness. I have revised my rating to a 3. I do think these things need to be better explained to the customer instead of rushing them through the wash.

Drew Six

Garbage ever since they put the new drying system in. I own a truck and was there over the weekend and the guy operating the car wash said it doesn't dry trucks down the middle. Not only does it not dry it doesn't clean them either. I ran it through twice and the hood and tailgate were un touched.

Kyle Oberlin

Car wash side is above average with reasonable prices. Nothing fancy. I'll change side is hit or miss. Work is always professional but man are they SLOW. Waited for almost 1.5 hours for an oil change.



Kel Kear

Great value on the $25 unlimited monthly wash package. Includes chassis bath, tire & wheel polish, spot free rinse and blow dryers. And as always free vacuums!

Gloria Moss

car wash was down for repair. Could not use my free car wash coupon

Elarr Gerht

I was paying monthly for a Grand Champion wash. After watching the car in front of me, I decided to check my truck for the chassis bath. There wasn't a drop of water on the underside of my truck. Ripoff !!

Christopher Bird

Great place to get a great car wash. I bought the monthly pass and get my wrangler washed at least twice a week.


Excellent car wash, reasonable prices.

Bill Davis

Complained many times that it leaves soap all over my truck, ruined the mirror on my wifes car by spraying some kind of chemical on it, it broke my one mirror and the last time i was there it broke my headlight and they did nothing, the guy that worked there told me they never pay for damage. keep in mind they have a sign that says they are not responsible. I wish i could do that.

Jenny Edmunds

Great service at the lube , they don't try to get you to buy anything you don't need. The service mgr explained everything that they were doing as we went along. I'll never go anywhere else.

Tom Oldenburgh

Great service fast and friendly

Jack Mills

Friendly service,definitely the best automated car wash around, buy a monthly package, 2,washes pays for an unlimited....

tenisha tyler

10min to 15min wait the prices are not that all great

Mary Glorioso

Fast and reliable

Autumn Harris

It's free for 3 years, that's about all I can say. Logistical nightmare.

David Tenney

Good wash could do better

Jennifer Holding

I rushed over to Fred Martins Car wash after work because I had parked under a tree at work and my car was covered with bird droppings.I have a monthly pass which I have for just such issues.I was shocked to see nearly all bird droppings still remained on my car after going through the car wash.I went through a second time the next day and droppings still remained.This car wash use to do a great job on my Honda accord but not now.I took the car to hand car wash to get a completed cleaning and removal of all bird droppings.I am now considering canceling my monthly membership at the car wash.

Ryan C

I purchased the $50 best unlimited monthly wash for my SUV. I also purchased a single $21 wash for my company car. After my first wash on my company car it still had dirt on the side of it. So I pulled back through to ask them to run it through again. The young guy working let me go back through. After coming back through I still had the same dirt spot. He then told me that it's a automatic car wash so there was nothing he could do. Needless to say I asked for the unlimited monthly plan to be refunded. I usually go a different car wash. Lets say I will definitely be going back to my normal spot.

Bill Guy

Quick and professional oil change!

nina eff

LOVE how easy this place makes an oil change. You just drive in and they do the rest. You don't even have to get out of your car. I've always had really friendly staff helping me. Will be back for next oil change.

Tyler Sturgis

Had my oil changed today. Waited about 40 minutes to get into the garage. I had three cars ahead of me so all in all pretty quick. Chris and dale took care of me, they were both great. I upgraded to mopar oil filter and was given a free car wash too. I’m sure there are busier times with much longer waits, but I was happy with my first visit.

Hughes Family

Did the job. Would get car cleaned here again.

Michael Steinheiser

I take my car there because it's where I bought it from. Well, across the street. I had one issue of my inspection not being done per the mileage but Rich got me back in there they day I called and got it taken care of. Brittany was very nice and helpful and got everything rectified. I'll definitely be coming back in the future for service.

Sheila Hepfl

I have to say they were quite wonderful to me on my birthday. I had to wait a long time in line for an oil change and they compensated me with and upgrade car wash which was so nice and I love the fact you don't have to put money in the vacuum.

Sherry Saffle

Always nice and not pushy

Ashley Wilt

They totally missed a massive oil leak when doing my oil change. Took me longer to pop the hood than it did to spot why my p06dd code was on and they spent 20 mins on my car and up sold me for almost $70 but still missed my puddled oil filter housing and drenched axle. I understand they aren’t a shop but a “hey you’ve got an oil leak” doesn’t take a rocket scientist when it’s so bad it’s leaked onto an axle.

Matt ODonnell

I was rear ended in the wash tunnel, staff was confused when I told them and offered nothing to rectify the situation.

Thomas Dannemiller

If you need anything from the staff getting the cars in the car wash, forget about it. If you have extra washing needed, for example bugs or mud, nothing heavy just normal dirt. The staff never pre washes it, they are too busy screwing around on their dumbphone to do it. I pay $48 a month because of the convenience of the location, however the quality of the staff and the quality of the wash is not the best. If they pre washed it, that would make a great difference.

Glenn Sexton

Get oil changed here they do a good job always seem friendly only major complaint I have is they should wipe off excess oil from bottom of the trucks I have a Ram 1500 and I know the filter is in a hard to reach place but could do some clean up , also got my truck washed here for the first time after 2 1/2 years and it did a decent job.

Jon Walkup

Service is terribly slow.

Krista Mccartt

In and out quickly very friendly staff

jen Procner

I love the guys up there. Always friendly and always make sure you're good to go in a jiffy.

Amanda Aller

I was there from 11:30am till 1:15pm waiting on an oil change...

Jamison Fennel

Will never go here again.

steriotypical Outlaw

Good at cleaning, but quite anxiety inducing.

Britany Sutton

Would not recommend waited in line for almost 2 hours, busy time or not the staff did not seem to be in any hurry even with lines of people. Would not call this "speedy" in any way,shape,or form! Not worth it, will definitely be getting my oil changes done at another facility

Chuck Fynch

Truck came out looking worse after car wash. very expensive not worth it

Dennis S

They have completely changed the car wash operation.Using the lapleader profile, it no longer cleans nearly as well,the sides and roof no longer are cleaned properly and the car is not dry at the end of the cycle, I have to dry the vehicle after the wash to prevent water spots and the shine is not like it use to be..The tires and wheels no longer looked scrubbed.Will be discontinuing my monthly service for both my vehicles and trying another service.

Traci Williams

It was super super busy but I will say the manager came to every vehicle and let people know how long it would be before my oil change, I appreciated that so much,and I had good service and got my car washed it was worth the wait.

David Van oss

Very nice car wash with great attendants

Samuel Al Kleckley Jr

Just took my vehicle in to be serviced a week or so ago. This place is great, you never leave your vehicle they have cameras and a monitor where you can actually see everything being done under your vehicle as they do it. And the wash is pretty great too, something I would recommend to family and friends, even strangers.

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