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3365 Center Rd, Brunswick, OH 44212

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REVIEWS OF Rainforest Car Wash IN Ohio

John Szalay

medina rainforest wash is better

Briana Q

My car was so clean after they were finished cleaning my car. 5 stars.

Sharlene Ramsey

amazing service and a car that really is clean.

Ayman Hamdan

Only place I'll take my car. Staff always knows how to keep their customers happy! My car is always shining like a new car, never disappoints!


You need to go here, simply the best car wash in Brunswick! The owner Adam is fantastic, really looks after is customers and staff. Support local businesses!!

Ruth Guba

What a fabulous car wash!! Everyone needs to go there! You won't be disappointed! Robby is the best worker ever!!!

Jamie Grand

By far the best car wash I go to

Melanie Zammarrelli

One of the best car washes. Great customer service. The staff is very respectful and kind. The car always looks brand new after stopping here!

Lindsey Jenkins

I had such a great experience at this car wash! Such friendly and professional staff, I will definitely be back!

Jake Cerovac

Excellent service and fantastic wash! 10/10 recommend

Rachel Pinter

A great stop to get the car cleaned when I'm in town. Friendly and thorough!

Kevin Zarefoss

I used this wash for the first time yesterday on my 2017 GMC Sierra and I have scratch all over my truck. I will never use this place again. Now I have to pay someone to see if they can but these out.

Trey Schlemp

Place has a giraffe in the wash garage and my girlfriend named it "Boris". We go back a lot just to see how Boris is doing lol. Hes always just chillin. Wash is also real good

Reggie Whitaker

Got a free wash for Veterans Day. The heavy man with glasses was nice to my wife and I and thanked me for my service. Very respectful. Wash was also good. My car looks clean. Never forget those who died for our freedom. Nice when a business shows that they care.


Car gets washed, price isn't too bad, love the way your car gets dried rolling cloths and blowers just awesome

Sean Herbst

Car always looks good coming out!


The first time was good. Car was nice and clean. The second the car was clean but it put 2 big gouges in my frunt driver side rim. So not so happy about that.

Cat Therapizer

This place makes my dog go nuts. Like, CRAZY. Love the wash and I love my dog but they DONT MIX! Great wash full of great people. I was having a bad day, then I got a wash, and the employee smiled at me and made me realize that life is worth it. The ultimate wash is worth the price. Definitely get an unlimited membership! Love this wash and love AMERICA. I'd give 6 stars if I could.

Francisco Martínez

Damn good wash

Patty Eden

Nice, modern car wash. Reasonable prices. Only reason for 4 stars is there is no one at the end to hand dry and check your car for detail. Not a huge deal, just that some places do this. I do like the place and go there frequently so I do highly recommend.

Haneen Mustafa

Staff member came out to my car while I was about to purchase a wash and informed me about a discounted monthly rate. Basically thanks to him, I paid what I would pay for one premium wash for an entire months worth of premium washes. I also really appreciate the free vacuums.

Tim Ali

Excellent wash!


great service! thanks for keepin my car clean!

Dan Logan

Gety car washed all the time there Friendly staff..Buy the Montly package...its worth it. Very friendly to Veterans.

Michael Petro

Cool place.

Lil Lass

Rainforest Car Wash cleans my car SO good every time

Katie A

Amazing car wash! The service is always to the highest standard. It's a super clean place and it is well kept. Go above and beyond for their customers, especially if you're a member. Highly recommend trying it out!

Robert Yanacsek

This place is great ! ! My Tacoma truck is always clean when I leave ! I will be buying an 'unlimited' pass shortly.

Mark Kirkpatrick

Number one for our veterans and best car wash

Tyler Phillips

Dope wash. Super wash. Amazing wash

Matt Gabor

Awesome car wash, hard to get to the vacuums after you wash is all.

Janet cameron

Upset that there is no change for wash bays and credit cards don't work and the office refuses to give change. Its a shame that we have 3 different cars with monthly membership in our family. Now regular car wash drier is broken and don't know when will be fixed. I See a new car wash if going in down on center road. Better step it up Rainforest ...

Joe Kolasinski

This wash is amazing! After every wash my car looks brand new. Definitely would recommend to others!

Jackie Gray

Fantastic customer service. The owner goes above and beyond to make certain that the customer is happy!

Cheryl Cox

Fun place. Good price for drive thru car wash.

Ronald Carangio

Does a great job on your car

John Maki

One of my favorite weekly stops. The unlimited wash package is a great deal!

Adam Opalka

Best car wash around with the best equipment and staff. Love there policy that if it's not clean they'll wash it again! Great customer service!

Josh & Rebecca Roby

Love this car wash and so do the kids!

Hilary Stephens

Love this car wash. I don't take my vehicles anywhere else. Thanks to Adam for running a tight ship - they know their stuff!!

Greta Garbo'Nzo

It's expensive enough to where they should be taking care of their majestical rain forest creatures a little better... While driving in, the elephants' trunk does not move like it's supposed to & no longer spritz's your windshield - and the giraffe at the exit is supposed to bob his head up & down to say goodbye but lately he's so lackedaisical he doesn't even look at you any more. I'M CALLING PETA!

Bill & Diane Gabriel

Best carwash ever! Top shelf service from a most friendly and respectable staff. Highly recommended...

Garry Solgos

Good wash at a fair price. Stopping there regularly.

Rick Parada

BEST car wash in town! Get that salt off your car!

Nick Barrett

100% put tons of scratches all over my truck but truth be told I can buff them out so the monthly pass is worth it just so I can wash every day during the winter. May thru October I wash at home but come November I'll be back.

Gabriel Zarzour

The most efficient and probably the fastest car wash you can find when busy.

Knagi Saki

Wheel bumped the rail on the way in loosened up my hubcap. Noticed it was gone and called within the hour. Since it was still attached when I left it's not thier responsibility. $15 hubcap. Priceless review.

Chris C

Good wash, good price.

Pete Onderko

Decent Car wash but it feels like 17$ is way too much and your paying more for the decorations that they put on the wash than the wash itself. I do like that they are using a lot safer material to wash since it's not a touchless wash but I still would be worried about this car wash leaving scratches on paint.

kristy weber

Can't go here anymore it rips off my panels and plates

Alissa Ashick

Love this car wash fast affordable and convenient!

Jason Yonkers

Rainforest car wash dose an prodigious job with their washes. Car comes out clean every time, no matter the size. Staff is exceedingly nice and they help me with all of my car-cleaning needs. I would highly reccomend getting the tire cleaner as it leaves your cars tires looking like new.

D Grassa

So they moved to a new automated system; however it comes with a much larger and very colorful branded sticker that is to go onto the front windshield of your new $50k vehicle. When I saw that i decided to opt out. I figured I would just finish off the month that I have paid for already on my old tag, and then pay as I go. However they informed me their is no way for them to let me finish off the month that I paid for without me signing back up and putting their advertisement in my wind shield. Unbelievable, they are now just going to steal money from everyone that doesn't conform to their ridiculous looking tag. Awful. Shame on them. I really hope they fail with that kind of business ethic. They are crooks. Too bad the owner is some out of state guy that doesn't care. This is what the employees and mangers have stated. Run this business back to Florida and support locally owned.

Patrick Coleman

Best Car Wash in Medina County. Love taking my cars up to the Rainforest Car Wash as when I'm done they look brand new. Great Service...Great People...Great Work

David Perish

Was just at this location using self-service vacs. Attendent came over and noticed some left over salt/soap from previous wash at another establishment and comped me on a free deluxe wash. Normally just get my washes at the dealership, but I'll surely be back so my daughter can have the experience. A+

Jess Yurick

I paid for the second most expensive wash... not only was my car still soaked when it was done, but it was COVERED in soap spots and it was dripping suds off the back, and from the under carriage. My car looks terrible. I will not be returning.

Aaron Clingan

What a cool car wash! And on a busy day the employees kept the line moving along swiftly.

Dylan Bell

This is the best wash I have ever been to. Always leaves my car looking better than when i bought it. The staff is always happy to help you with any issue and really care about their customers. Would recommend to anyone.

Mary O'Leary

Katie Gilder should be not be anywhere near customers. I waited this morning with two cars behind me and nobody in sight. I blew my horn. Still nobody. After awhile I blew my horn two more times before she appeared. Instead of apologizing for keeping us waiting, she said "want to blow on your horn some more?" I don't need attitude from an attendant. Maybe I should take my business somewhere else. I'm not recommending your car wash any more. I have a monthly contact and go out of my way to use your car wash. You might want to consider giving Katie some lessons in diplomacy. Also, three out of four times your equipment never gives me a receipt to hand in.

Zack Hill

Giving 1 star because I am a rebel and I don't give 5 stars, thanks Dylan.

Stephen Bryce

Great experience at our Brunswick Rainforest location. Went in this last weekend during a stretch of nicer weather and our Caravan came out looking brand new. Great experience and the staff was super friendly!! Recommend this place to everyone!! Awesome support of the community as well.

Aliaksei Rysakovich

Cool service

sarah Harrell

Cool lights and noises my hubby was a lil impressed

Brad Martin

I drive 25 mins to get my car washed here! Worth every minute! IF it isn't clean, they wash it again for free! Great customer service.

Cheryl Gabriel

This Car wash is the best! My children ask me just to come to this specific car wash, because they love all of the amazing animal & rain forest displays! The employees are always very professional,friendly and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this business to any one who wants a thorough car wash; and may have young children to be entertained as well!!!!

Brian Isherwood

Reasonably priced and gets my whip super clean. Great for road salt rinse in winter.

Hannah Neal

Very bad experience. I got the best wash but when I went home and got out of my car I seen that there was still mud all over the bottom of my car NOT HAPPY.

Stacy Coundourides

We always get our cars washed here. Then we heard about the car detail service so I thought I'd give them a try. We needed the upholstery cleaned (horrid condition) and engine detail. Brandon did an aweseome job. Seats and engine compartment look like the day we bought the car. Reasonably priced and awesome service!!! I'll be back.

Don Gronert

I have had the monthly pass since it’s been available and have no plans on changing. The “laser wash” places or self-serve washes can’t compare. Try one and then take a towel and dry your car. The towel is filthy. Now try that at Rainforest, you’ll see the difference because it’s a different system. It works. Thanks for the great service and friendly staff. You add value to our community.


Their Medina location scratched and micromarred my brand new car after just 3 washes. I called them and asked to speak to a manager and they had There district manager call my on monday I let him know about the damages caused and He admited their car wash should not micromar or scratch my car and if it did there is something wrong with the car wash. He told me a medina manager would reach out to me. No medina manager ever called me i had to call Eli again to let him know but no one will return my calls or voicemails. These people are willing to damage my 40k car to make a couple dollars off a $45 pass.

Diane K. Kovacs

Attendant was not paying attention and I missed the final steps.

Erin Gabriel

I love this car wash so much... it is always a blast going through and seeing all of the cool animals and also seeing my brother lol. Wonderful car wash!!

Joe K

The management and staff at the Brunswick location are very professional and knowledgeable. The staff is very friendly and eager to help out with any issues.

Kaitlyn Kough

Only 3 because of the good machine, but customer service was poor and the vacuums were not on at 1pm on a Saturday? Hope they improve I know they're new.

Amber Martin

Best car wash around! Well worth the drive from Medina. Great customer service!

Robert Downing

Great employees and awesome wash!! Enjoying taking the kids there.

Matt Caraballo

the owner Adam and his staff are excellent. Adam does so much for the community. The car wash is hands down the best in the area. I do not take my car to any other carcwash

kristie yatsko

Will never go back. Paid $17 for car wash....and my car came out dirty. Didn't even clean anything off the back end of my car. Then I tried to call them and no one answered. Left a voicemail and still no response. Don't waste your money here.

Logan Newark

Clean car. Great people.

Zachary Pytel

Great service. Even when it's busy the line tends to move pretty fast. Would recommend to others.


This is one of the "old fashion" car washes, where it actually touches your car. I like these better because I think they clean your car better. Rainforest also has a cheap option for like $6. And they have a military discount for active duty and vets!

David DePretis

I drove 2 hours just because this place looked cool. Its definatly a rainforest car wash. Expect to see a swinging monkey and a toucan with your wash.


Does not rise soap off well. There is streaking and they flip back and forth my passenger mirrors evey time, haaaard. Loud noise in the middle if the wash makes my younger kid cry. We only go when we have to. My family has 4 memberships I …

Charlene Whelan

The monthly pass is a great deal and my car looks awesome every time! Friendly and efficient staff that make even long lines move quickly.

Brian DeGross

Can’t really complain for a $6 wash

Zav60 Vlogs

I love this car wash it does the best job especially on the tires. It's not too expensive either I come about once or twice a month and it's the best car wash. The employees are super nice also and they always have a smile.

Donald Kay

Cheap fast and easy. I would recommend going their.

Caitlyn Skrzypek

Was in a rush and went through the car wash; it didn't even clear off my car. Not very happy with this time around.

David Frattare

Fun car wash to take the kids. Friendly staff and an excellent finished product.

Alan Linville

It's the best car wash and fast

Kevin Gabriel

The Car Wash is very nice and clean. Adam, the boss, takes much care for his employees. I encourage other customers to write fantastic reviews for this place! Help to get it to a 5 Star Review. I would recommend this car wash to anyone for a nice cleaned car! They also offer great deals on Detailing Services, Brandon does a Fantastic job!

Michaella McCarthy

I noticed some side damage to my vehicle right after getting a car wash. I called and informed Rainforest of this and requested to see video footage of my vehicle prior to entering the wash, thinking that the damage was a result of the car wash. Russ and Alyssa were very accommodating and allowed me to watch this footage, even after assuring me that it could not have been caused by the car wash machines. They were both very patient and took the time to make sure I felt my concern was being validated. While it was a bummer to see for myself that the damage was there prior to entering the wash, I was very pleased at the level of customer service I received.

Victor Santana Jr.

Absoultey love it here, no only does my Wrangler look perfect once it's done washing, the customer service at this car wash it the best I've ever had period.

John Mitchell

I love to write reviews. $15 hubcap I could prolly get it for $10 but instead of offering to work with me at all the store mgr wants to show everyone on Google how serious they are. Again.. priceless.

bubba Smith

Good place to get your car washed no trailer hitches allowed

Kelly Barnes

Have gone through the car wash before with my factory roof rack - the guy said it was ok since I have gone through before. Ripped part of my roof rack right off the car AND bent up my front license plate. Asked for the owner's name and was told that I could not be given that information. We're not unreasonable people - but to be completely locked out and shut down after our vehicle was damaged by this car wash is unacceptable.

Alan Rogers

I sure do love to get my car cleaned at the Rainforest Car Wash. You drive your car through the building and you get to see plenty of thematic decorations. THEY EVEN HAVE A RADIO STATION!!!

Amber Contrera

Wow wow wow. Great customer service and our cars always come out sparkling! Also their detailing services is first class! Never had a better experience anywhere else! Keep up the great work Rainforest!

Debi Kemer

Caused $1069 damage to my car and refuses to accept responsibility. I was told that I was not permitted to look at the video, when my car bumped up in the air I may have bumped my brake, or possibly when the car hit me. I would like to see the video, when can I do so. Thank you!

M Blystone

This is our go to car wash. The kids love it to, because it is outfitted with fun decorations and animals. We've always been happy with the finished product as well.

Aaron Boden

Pretty good but to much for the memberships

Erin Gillest

This car wash totally washed away any fears my kids had about going into car washes! Yeah, it's pricey, but if you have any little kids who are scared of a car wash like mine were, this is the trick. There's waterfalls, a little light show, rainbow soap, and animals. Totally worth it.

Joe Schmidt

Horrible service. Had the trim on the roof of my car ripped off. When I came to discuss the issue, I was treated disrespectfully. I asked to speak to the owner, and the manager had the nerve to tell me "the owner isn't really involved in the business, and won't call you back. Your welcome to leave your name and number, but he won't call you." This is how you treat your customers? Last time I ever go there. Update.... Estimate to repair damage is $ 325.00 ( including parts and labor). Manager did not deny that my car was damaged just that they were not responsible. They will check for my trim piece when they clean the parts and debris out of the track of the car wash and if they find it will give us a call.

Marcus Langford

Really fast and elegant service. Very nice and understanding employees to answer my questions

Clyde Kisner

Best car wash around!! Hands down.

Eric Haldeman

Although the process is quite interesting, the quality of the wash was quite poor, I thought. I paid $17 for the supermax wash, or whatever it was called, and I had a LOT of spots on my windows after it was done. Not water spots, like soap or wax spots. It didn't seem like my car ever got rinsed very well. I should have got the cheap wash, I guess. Maybe my experience would have been worth $6.

William Mayo

Best wash in town

Leslee Godwin

Was a horrible experience! My car RAN INTO THE CAR IN FRONT OF ME!! It’s supposed to pull you thru the car wash while in neutral but somehow the car in front was too close! Two girls working were clueless! I advised them they need to get …

Nicholas Brown

Was a good experience originally. Recently bought top car wash, half the drying side was broke. I politely asked for a credit and was dismissed by the lady working there and never got a call from the "manager". I typically could care less and don't complain. Out of principle however when you pay top dollar for a wash you expect complete results. Those results don't involve having to bust out a towel and dry off car after you donated 16.00 to a car wash. I could care less about monkeys and elephants in the car wash. I'm a bigger fan of the car being washed and dried. Disappointing but out of principle won't return there.

Steven Mohr

RF Wash does a great job on our cars. The entire staff is friendly and helpful, especially Katie!

Jaron Kennell

it doesnt clean the rear end of your car. soap, streaks, and spots all over the rear end EVERY time. doesnt matter what vehicle. shouldnt have to go home a re-wash, but thats what i have had to do.

Sally Standar

I purchased a monthly wash pass, and what a waste of money that was. The wash scratched up the back of my Mercedes-Benz. I filled out and incident report right away, and Adam the manager refuses to call me back regarding the incident! These people don’t care about you or your car. They don’t mantain the equipment, and in cold weather ice forms on the brushes and scratches you car. If you car about the appearance of you vehicle DO NOT USE THIS CAR WASH! Touch free laser washes are the best way to go!

Mark Hunter

Really enjoy this place. It's conveniently located and the service is super fast. I love the feel when riding through the wash. A small complaint is that the drying service doesn't do that stellar of a job on larger trucks like ours and often leaves soap in the bed.


Adam and Katie are the best. I have known Adam since he worked outside. Have always been satisfied. Katie was very helpful when I went in today for a car wash.

Karen Fobbs

They do a good job. And there's monkeys.

Carl Sayre

Price is right

Britt Bell

The absolute best car wash! Friendly service and a very awesome view! My car was details and looks better than when I bought it!!

Brandon Titchenell

Detailing here is the best. They made my car brand new and gave me even more then what I payed for.

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