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REVIEWS OF Moo Moo Express Car Wash IN Ohio

Life Good

Very good car wash and free vacumes

Alle Schwartz

Attendants were nice. There was a line, but it went fast.

William Tappan Kenny

It seems like it's probably the same as any other auto-car wash. Price was reasonable, vacuums after are nice.

Emily Kearns

This used to be my favorite car wash place in the area! BUT: Today I went there and waited in a 35+ minute line. When I finally got up to the kiosk, I paid and pulled inside. I made it a little way inside and they shut off the machine. My car was not even wet yet. I waited and waited. Another ten minutes or so passed and there was no indication from the staff what was going on. Finally they ushered me to drive forward and through the machine without washing my car. Still no explanation for why I was doing this. They hosed off the car in front of me because it was covered in soap, but did not hose off my car at all, or wash it on any way. They did not indicate for me to stop, but rather had me drive all the way out. They never asked me to stop, and it seemed like they expected me to just drive away with my dirty car! I was confused and annoyed that I had waited so long and had not gotten a car wash or an explanation. The workers there did not follow me out to explain or anything! Annoyed at this point I got out of my car, walked over, found a worker who half heartedly apologized and said there had been an accident a few cars ahead of me. He gave me a token for another wash and did not offer my money back. He was going to let me drive through the machine without stopping me to explain any of this or offer a free wash if I had not asked. If I had not stopped, gotten out of my car, and complained, I would have spent 40+ minutes and $13 on a long wait in line and NO CAR WASH. I took my car home and washed it outside. I understand that the carwash can't control if an accident happens. But they can certainly let customers who have already paid know what is going on and make an effort to offer a free car wash before the customer has to come up and ask. It was very confusing and upsetting and I doubt I will use this free car was token because I'm so annoyed with the service from today. Sad because I really like Moo Moo, but I like to know that when things go wrong it will be handled well by the staff.

Fred Levy

Best service in town excellent pricing clean car

megan scott

Mootastic! Only place I go!

Rayne Blue

Great price for a great car wash. Although I didn't use it today, I love the free vacuums!! From the first time thru, the hilarious signs at the end of the car wash have cracked me up. The one on High St. has a light to turn left which is awesome for almost anytime of the day or week.

timothy cartwright

Nice car wash bruh

Nayeli Munive

My car along with other cars in line were rear ended by each other, due to a car blocking the exit waiting for an available vacuum cleaning spot. Huge scary mess. I will never go back there again.

Renée Shannon

Let me go thru twice since winter snow storm left my car dirty.

Belinda Harden

Great place

Laura Allen

Loved it

Jack Southall Jr

Vacuum sucks, otherwise just a car wash.

Maryellen Stevens

Quick and efficient. Inexpensive too!

Robert Jensen

Great car wash

Jenn Rosas

Great experience. Love the fact that I can vacuum my car for free after my car wash. The first time I went, was indecisive about what type of wash and a very nice guy let us have the first wash free. Made my day because we were actually on our way to my grandma's funeral, so thank you for the nice gesture. It went a long way!

Richard Buzzelli

Best kept secret in car wash in town

larry cooper

I use Moo Moo car washes frequently I can get a basic wash for $5 and upgraded wash options if I am inclined, usually I am not The real attraction is the free vacuums for cleaning the interior. You have to do the.vacuuming.on your own

Eric Baillargeon

Great car wash

Michael Nelson

Car was not clean. Windshield and front hood were still all dirty. Paid for the $10 wash but couldn't pay with a card because the machine was down. I told a worker there and he just said "yeah, I know." Well how about a sign so customers know it's not working? Also, my wash was supposed to include tire shine and it was not applied on either side. I'm about done with moo moo.

Melissa Wood

Great service and so fun to drive through!

Amanda Woods

Nice easy place with very friendly staff and free vacuums.


I love Moo Moo car wash! My car sparkles when I'm done, free vacuum, and they are environmentally friendly

Gina Freeman

Love this carwash

LaShaun Reuer

Awesome place Fast and efficient.

Christopher Martin

Does a decent job of getting the loose dirt off. It typically leaves some dirt in the tight corners. I like that it applies tire shine on the more expensive wash. The driveway has a very tight turn at the back. Larger vehicles may have issues.

Ashley Breneman

LOVE this place!!

Playboi Kieonte

The service was a lil shaky at firsy then they cleaned my BMW I8 perfect i highly recomend if u own a foreign car as i do!

Saul Bleaeck

Pretty handy place to do DIY car cleaning.

Robert Thompson

The car wash did a good job. No free air freshener like some place ..

Helping Hand Solutions

Love the car wash, clean, convenient and friendly staff!

max Miller

Fast, cheap, effective wash with free vacuum stations. If all of the green vacuum handles are open, your suction might be whimpy. Close a few of the others if most stations are empty..


I paid $15 to have streaks left all over my vehicle from what I assume is the hot wax... nice to have free vacuums but the quality of the wash didn't match the price.

David Pelletier

Facility is new and in excellent working order, as far as I can tell. Entire process is smooth and effective. Staff is friendly (when it's necessary to communicate with them.) On a more general note, I had a billing snafu with Moo Moo originating at this location (likely born of me incorrectly reading the Stampede pass monthly car wash service agreement form) that resulted in me being charged for more than I was interested in purchasing. I contacted Moo Moo through their webpage, and the issue was resolved in less than an hour. The contact person was very friendly, professional, and capable of addressing the situation. One of the best customer service experiences I've had in the service industry. Cannot recommend the company in general highly enough.

Jenny Collins

Corporate is trying to pull a fast one on its customers by replacing the $5 option of the main screen with $8. It is deceiving at first, until you know to click through the $8 option to get to $5. Also, their sneaky computer interface change is causing a back up in lines because every other customer is selecting "help", waiting for the attendant to tell them how to get to the $5 option. They need to put $5 back on the main interface screen of the computer. Also, they are talking away the awards punch cards.

D Smith

Great service!

Karen Krainz Edison

Great value, staff is very polite!

Kara Howells

Just not as great as Goo Goo.

James Fulkerson

Decent wash but the vacuum kept losing suction

Nate THomas

Great wash at a good price.

Charvella Williams

Best wash in the city

Mark Baller

Best Car wash in town for automatic washes and free vacuum

Nicholas Moyer

This is the only place I'll go to wash my car! The vacuums are great too

Jessica Williamson

I love moo moos! :D

James Thomas

People are nice

Clear Water Prowash

Being a truck, sometimes we have to go thru twice. Staff always smiling. Free vacuums are great.

Susan Heller

Good experience. The attendant was very nice and helpful. I didn't get his name but it 5/16/17 if any managers or owner is looking. I got the $5 wash but next time I'll upgrade. Might want to consider being open a little later during day light savings time. But real complaints. A+

Lucky Fate

Convenient. Would have been perfect if staff could have scrubbed front grill & windshield prior to running thru the wash.

Vicki Anderson

Love this car wash, it's the next best thing to detailing it myself!!

james humelhans

Tooo hi of price

Michael Murphy II

Best car wash!

Hemant Kumar

Awesome place to get ur car clean. I even made a video recording while i was inside the car. It looks kind of 3d. Even good from the entertainment point of view. And only $5 , with automated payment, all cards accepted. No waiting.

Gabe Wansitler

Great place for a basic $5 automatic wash. Plenty of upgrades available if needed. Free vacuums are a huge plus!

m jefferson

The wash pass (only $20.00) is truly a life-saver for the finish of my vehicle -- they staff is always friendly and, if you ask, they will even give you the premium packet (towell, wet wipes and a nice little air freshener with a non-offensive smell) too! I have never experienced a stratch either, even when the place is packed. The free vacuums are really convenient as well. Keep up the great work!

Darlene Lewis

Fantastic xmcar wash!

Nitche Prowell

Great location never too busy. Staff is always helpful.

David K Bush

Smooth and efficient. Free vacuums.

Andrea Curtiss

Excellent car wash with great customer service

Larry Hall

Does a good job.

Jad Busby

Bring back the free car fresheners...

James & Sarah Dunlap

Need brushes that gets the entire back of the car but good people

Jordon Young

It was a nice experience, but it didn’t even rinse off rain marks. Now the dust has little brush marks though it; it looked cleaner before. Update: I went back and they ran it through for free, but it came out the other side and still had drops of the yellow spray wax on it. They ran it through again, and while 80% of the car looked better (after three washes), it didnt completely clean off dust that I can wipe off with my finger. The staff is amazingly friendly, but I can’t improve my rating because it’s not an effective car wash.

D.M. Lamb

Great not expensive

Deborah Smith

Bent my license plate and peeled the trim off the roof of my car

Tyler Good

Fun car wash experience with powerful self-service vacuums

Michael Black

Sometimes they will give your dog a treat if it's in the car with you.

susan constable

This is a great place! Today my battery died cause I left stuff on while vacuuming. The guys that work here were great—they had a charger and restarted it for me. They wouldn’t take a tip.

Melanie Hall

Great customer service I wont be going back to gogo.

Chad Wilkins

Great car wash

Kelly Nasdeo

Gets my car sparkling clean, free vacuum, friendly employees. I like that they conserve water and that the prices are very reasonable for such a good cleaning - almost as good as hand washed!

Patrick Kohr

Free vacuum. I come here sometimes just to sweep my car. Suction is good too.

The Nerdos!

Nice wash fast gets most of the whole car great vacuums nice people always come here now.

Phil godfrey

Great vacuums and happy with the wash.

Grant Hutzel

Great staff, great wash and vacuum.

Nina Bowman

Here at 8:05pm, on Friday 9/29/17, didn't catch his name but the gentleman that was working still Ran us through as he was closing, and made a last second effort to shove suckers through the car window for my kids and barely made it before we all got sprayed. Thanks! that's great customer service

Georgia Saultz

Good deals

Kim Morelli

Had to go through four times because the carwash brushes wouldn't spin with my truck inside. The manager paid for my carwash and also gave me coins to come back but I hated having to wait in line so many times. I almost left with soap all over my car because it was taking so long.

Ian Seeds III

Great service and next to food. Taco Bell and Arby's right next to it. But lately the sweeper system is not working. Some do but not all of them. I will post when they fix them. Been 2 weeks.

Michael Harris

Good car wash... quick quality wash with free vacuums

Kenneth Zimpfer

Vacuum doesn’t work sometimes. Too many times.

Ben Spadafore

Best value in town! Love the Free vacuums, work well.

Jared Ingram

Always get my car washed here. Sometimes super busy but nice overall.

Alexander James

Good service good prices. Give a lollipop to the kids and will remove attenae from your car to help!

Marcel Ulvert

People keep clogging the vacuums, Damn it. Can't blame the staff tho. Kids love the rainbow color suds.

Daniel Conway

Usually uncrowded, pleasant staff; clean water unlike the 5th ave location. I always thought: "What could go here at the light..?" This fits perfectly.

Tyler Phenicie

Apparently my review didn't post correctly the first time. The wash itself isn't bad, it doesn't do as good of a job as the one on 5th in Grandview. My issue with this location is that they never have both lanes open. I purchased a wash pass to be able to get in faster. At this location we're forced to wait. If it's broken, get it fixed. It's been like this for months.

Richard Wynkoop

Self serve car wash. Vacuums are free with a wash!

waverly maxey

Do a very good job washing your car

Kimberley Rinker

Awesome vacuums!

Judi Bell


Steven Popovich

Fine enough car wash

Jacob K

love this place

Alexander Kiseloff

Awesome chain of carwashes. Really recommend!

Dustin Ultican

I'm a regular. Quick, easy, and multiple types of washes.

Sherlon Middleton

Good clean carwash.

Lieutenant Dangle

Free, powerful car vacuums and good car wash

Noelle Britt

Great customer service, good wash and vacuums.

Michael Corcoran

Cheapest and best car wash in Columbus!

kathy davis

They dont stay open long

Matt Hausmann

Place to get your car washed

Sarah Kelly

Didn’t get my vehicle completely clean so they let me go back through on the best wash and even gave me a towel to help get it clean!


Very clean. Love the vacuums. The staff are most attentive and friendly.

Katie DiFranco

I've always loved Moo Moo Car Washes, and always stop by one when I'm driving through Columbus. The only downside to this particular location is that the parking is tight.

Sidney Welch

been coming there since they opened amber the new manager and her TEAM are great everytime i come thru alexis is always very helpful and friendly so is all the other staff great job n high st keep up the great work!!

Peter DiGravio

Fast and easy. I like the vacuum set up

My'Keyia Lowe

Loved it there

Deborah Gillum

Nice car wash, affordable, friendly staff

Ed Caldwell

Good wash for the price- 5 buck's!

J. Miller

Cleaned my car... The weather was great!!! One of the employees, Jessica, was a great help!!!

michael love

Nice car wash. But long lines

Jaclyn Fischer

Literally cannot get enough. If Im with my kid, they have a sucker, if Im with my dog they have a doggie treat, if it's just me, a solid high-five.

Jamol Hardin

Great and local establishment I will continue coming here because what I see in the Columbus Ohio area is that car washing prices dramatically increased and the level of service has decreased

Gary Stamm

Convenient. They run the car through for an outside only wash but a great value with facrself.ilities to clean the inside yourself.

Kendra Clark

I go here every time I need a car wash. It's inexpensive, and the vacuums are new and easy to use.

Greg Thirtyacre III

Nice staff, clean location

Julie Walsh

Quick, efficient and vacuum a even picked up dog hair. Even better, it was free!! Thanks to the attendant who was very helpful as well.

August Wolfe

Their 5 dollar "fat free" car wash damaged my car. Was told to sign documents saying that if I fixed it before they decided to admit they were at fault, then they wouldn't pay for it. It's my windshield sealant.. If it's not there and it rains my car gets ruined. It has to be fixed immediately. The staff did not care at all whatsoever. Mostly only got awkward laughter from those two as if this is a all the time situation that they have to deal with and don't know what to do but laugh at this point. Escalated it to their "area manager" Kieth Lawrence from Express Wash Concepts that apparently owns Moo Moo. He proceeded to laugh about it as well and tell me to call the police and get a lawyer. Which is who I'm waiting to talk to as I write this review. Definitely WILL see you in court Keith Lawrence.

Ed Chang

Fat free . The way to be

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