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340 26th St E, Williston, ND 58801

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REVIEWS OF Bubba's Bubbles Car Wash IN North Dakota

Tracy Larsen

What a joke! I went through the drive-thru car wash (not the bay where you spray it yourself) paid for the most expensive one you could get ($14), the sign outside said do not pull in until an attendant is there, but the computer kept telling me to pull forward! Since no one ever came after I waited several minutes, I pulled partially in to see if the attendant was in the bay next door. The guy before me got his vehicle sprayed down before he went thru the car wash, so I assumed that’s what was supposed to happen for me since I bought the most expensive one. I waited and waited, the guy finally came out and I said “are you supposed to spray this down” and he said no, you’re good to go! I showed him my slip and said I bought the most expensive one....?? So, he grabbed the sprayer, sprayed it a little and left. I pulled forward which no lights were telling me to pull forward or stop or back up! So, I backed up a little and honked and said it’s not working, he said go back a little, put it in neutral, then put it in park (which made no sense, but that’s what I did). Then he said he would start it. The very light, light shower of water went over it a couple of times and then the DRYER turned on!! Are you kidding me!!??The brushes never even came close to touching the truck!! It never got washed!! After waiting over half an hour to get in and then the help is too incompetent to know how to punch in the right wash!! I got a rinse!! The truck is still dirty, that’s 45 minutes I’ll never get back and I’m out 14 bucks!! Then there is no phone number on my receipt or their website, so I have no one to speak to about my experience, to try to make it right by offering me the RIGHT car wash I paid for, or to refund me my money!! I was really looking forward to having a clean vehicle after all the winter grime, but hey thanks for nothing!!

Jason Berg

Great Price for a Great Wash!!

Corey Smart

Need to spend some money on maintaining the buildings. People need to respect the property too.

Juan Becerra

I love it here and It makes me really happy to see everyone leaving wit the cars nice and clean

Dustin Carlson-Hicks

It didnt clean my truck, it made it dirtier that It already was.

David Barajas

Great place besides the touch wash being broken 9 times out of 10 when I visit.

Larry Lopez

The touchless car wash seems to be down all the time other than that the car wash is great Cleanest car wash and Town

arthur clark

Sucks. Don't use brushes as there are scoria pieces inside that will scratch your windows and paint


Would give it 5☆ but they've got like $5 from me within the last week when I didn't get anything in return. Be cautious using the do it yourself carwash bay. Swiped my card and was charged and the water never came on.

Dj Fenton

Job well done

Mary Morin

Dryer process was way too short for SUVs lots of water left. The spinners are rubber not cloth so I don't advise nice vehicles go in the automatic wash.. won't use again.

Brandy Brown

Love this place. It's only downfall is that the vending machines are always sold out. So bring your own cleaning supplies and towels

Jennifer Lewis

Good job

Cailey R

I have the unlimited wash pass package. I chose the most expensive package because you can choose any of the wash levels depending on your need that day. The soft touch was recently converted into a touchless which disappointed me because I particularly liked the soft touch. However, the newly converted wash has cool color changing lights. I might avoid if you have light sensitive epilepsy. I have encountered a few instances where one side of the wash didn't work how it was supposed to but when I come back around, the staff are always great about getting me through a second time with no hassle. Definitely recommend Bubba's for washing your car in town.

Really good Person

Out in really popular place this is a little over average but out in Williston this is the best you can get. It does the job fine

Danny Boully

A good automated touchless wash. Gets my work truck looking better. Some of my co-workers are finding a film on their trucks when they are done but my truck looked fine.

Vittoria Patton

Automatic car wash never open, self wash is standard. Always seem to have quarters in change machine when needed

Richard Lewis

cleans your car very well

Avery Wilson

Doesn't even get the bugs off. Over priced. Avoid.

Ryan Wells

They do a good job and love that they have a person there to help out when you are in need. I wouldn't say it's best wash in town, but definitely one of the top!

Chrystin McGillis

thank u for fixing the bigbc one and building anothwr

Bob Shool

Good car wash has Manual and automatic wash they have a dog wash area to


Usually helpful staff, usually gets the truck clean

aaron cooper

A must have but expensive.

Julie Treib

Great facility, but couldn't get front door to go up when through washing, so had to back out!.

Phoebe and Emmanuel

Great place to wash your vehicle. The only thing I dislike is that it gets so dirty with all the muddy trucks coming through. But overall, it’s a great car wash

centralmswhc 01

NEVER AGAIN. If the brushes would have not looked like a 20 year old toothbrush maybe I could have got my truck clean. Also the price of the carwash is outrageous compared to every place I've ever been. I could have paid half a truck payment for the price they charge.

Justice Grandson95

Was good when my friend was working there

Melissa Barris

I usually go here often to get my work truck clean through the touchless station. The guys working there always pressure wash the bottom for me to get all the mud off but this time the guy working didnt even bother. My truck didnt end up getting clean at all, very disappointed.

Dylan Johnson

Everything is always broken, results in a slow, expensive, incomplete wash...

Tammy Hilliard

Not a good wash job at all!!!

Edward Gregory

Reasonably priced and they accept credit cards

Scott Coon

Clean good place to get your pickup washed In-N-Out

Teresa Burkhalter

Best car wash we have used. The truck came out completely clean and an attendant even hand dried it after

michael kirstine

The equipment needs to checked more frequently (hoses, brushes, card swipers and dollar eaters) and the auto closing doors are the most annoying thing ever. Other than that, best self wash in town.

Kimber Stuen

Love the pet wash.

Bruce Lunsted

Place is always filthy, and they rip you off with their ungodly prices! I don't recommend going there.

El Dufo

Friendly people

Gabe Crowder

nice hot water, lots of soap, great DIY wash!

Chris Fetty

Monthly wash club is convenient, but the automatic washes aren't very good

Ambrose Leahy

There is usually a guy there to pre-spray your vehicle, and the touch-less wash has great water pressure, which equals clean car. Car wash of choice for me.


I recommend coming to this place to get your car washed. It loses one star just because I find the price to be a little bit High but you are definitely Limited so I would recommend coming here it is a nice place. Sometimes there can be a wait just because of how busy it'll get. I recommend the drive-thru portion, I find it too almost work better than washing it yourself. Little bit more expensive but a lot of times I spend more washing myself and I do running through the car wash and the car wash actually does a better job. If you go during the day there's usually applied gentleman out with the pressure washer to help clean off any heavy mud that might be on your vehicle before you run it through the car wash. I actually go often, which is something I suggest doing because of the contaminants that are on the road throughout the area.

Miles Victors

Went fishing in the big red truck, got it pretty muddy. Nothing crazy, but I didn't want to scratch the paint, so I decided to go touchless. They did fantastic, for a good price. Good job guys.

Doc Ritchie

Allot of the time the soap doesn't work...

Kat Wolff

Great service now that staff has changed. Excellent wash!

Nick Stinger

Wash my truck there 2x week. Love it


These guys are always on it and bring service without hesitation....keep it up Bubba's Boys!

William Bird

They use plastic brushes that slap the snot out of your car.


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