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REVIEWS OF Zips Carwash IN North Carolina

James Brown

Great fast car wash. Line was easy to manage and big enough so that you don't feel like your going to crash into your neighbor. The hands on guys gave my ride a nice scrub and the automated wash was sure to get my ride wikified. Highly recommend this car wash.


AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! I use Autobell all the time, but it's a bit of a drive... So, I thought, how different can this be from that... The answer was speckled all over driver's side... My car wasn't even noticeably dirty when I got there, I use these drive thru washes weekly because I like to avoid buildup. Well.... After going thru, my car has caked on nastiness all over the driver's side that I can't get off no matter how hard I scrub... My white paint is ruined... I don't know if maybe the cars before me were just so dirty that the automatic wipers are just caked with filth or what, but I now have to pay to have the car handwashed by someone who knows how to get this gunk off. Disgusting. Never ever again. (I took pics as best as I could, it looks MUCH worse in person). After this experience, I checked other reviews and I'm honestly grateful all I got was gunk since scratches seem to be common here.... Even the vacuums were clogged to top it off. Luckily there was no one using the spot next to me and I was able to utilise that one. The big incentive to paying more for a glorified automatic wash is the free vacuum... If your vacuums don't work, what sets you apart from the $3 drive thru wash at a gas station?

GeeMoney Mc

Quick drive through, staff is professional, and friendly, enjoyed the service.

Denise McKoy

Quick and convenient car wash. It did a great job on my car.

Sungjin Lee

Love this place. It has many washing options. They also offer unlimited monthly membership. It's only 25 or 35 dollars for a month. Once you pay for washing, you can clean the interior for free. You can clean car mats for free as well.

Keshia Brown

I can go 7 days a week off of my $32. Love this place

mr. P.

It is ok, I'm not sure if you get wax or anything included in the basic unlimited monthly plan, but I don't think so. The vaccums are nice .

Brad Durham

It’s actually called Wiki Wiki Car Wash, but it’s an awesome place to go to get your car washed. Different options are given with different price tiers. The fact vacuuming is free, is great.

Hannah Swaringen

I love love LOVE my Wiki Wiki premium fast pass. Up to two premium car washes a day and free vacuums all the time?! That’s less than $1 per car wash if you go everyday and a super clean car!! Their vacuums are the most amazing thing on their own!! I have a toddler and the vacuum literally gets out milk stains and dog prints!

Diana Glauch

My vehicle always comes out shiny and looking fabulous. Definitely worth the money.

Dabbo Brister

Free vacuum usage is a BIG plus!

Christopher Trogdon

I only went to this place because a goose released its entire bowels on the hood of my car. They provide a very poor quality wash. This place is a big waste of money. Save the money and wash your car yourself or go to Autobell.

S Gunn

I absolutely adore this place. Honestly, sometimes I go just because the wash itself is an awesome colorful experience. At $35 monthly cant beat it.

Patricia Love

Usually this place is pretty good. Lately water is out and vacuums don’t work - especially on the weekend. Most wash their cars on the weekend so this is a huge inconvenience. I know things happen but my question is when the lines are long and you have 6 stations where vacuums don’t work, what good is a monthly membership?

Patrick Kirkman

Great deal! 7.50 car wash and you can use the vacuum as long as you need for free.

Maudiel Ramirez

I've been attending this car wash for about a month now and i can say that its a great place to get your car washed. i got the monthly pass(which is a total bargain) and I get my car washed here whenever i go to Greensboro. i live in High Point and I've driven all the way to just get my car washed. i would really recommend anyone to come here. staff is also quite friendly believe it or not


Told attendant buffers not touching cars as they go through at the end. Attendant looked at buffers from front of the line and saw they were spinning and said to go through again they are working. I thought good service. As I proceed through buffers are running and still not touching the cars. Attendant maybe should have gone to the buffers and watched for himself then he would see there is a problem.

Tom Brouillette

Love the free vacuums, plenty of spaces to finish your car and the wash is good

aladdin Cora

The true one with no shie and it doesn't say a time limit but there come around telling you you got 5 minutes u pay go clean your car and rig they need to do a better job In cleaning you car better

Leatha Sargent

Only place I get my car washed, love it

Laurie Clapp

The wash is affordable but buyer beware if you have a rear wiper. My Honda Pilot rear wiper was destroyed and repair was $260. I believe the attendant forgot to tape my wiper down but you ride through the wash at your own risk. I will NEVER go to a Wiki again.

ron ingalls

I have a monthly membership, but my sticker never seems to work.

Mike Bolloskis

Horrible experience. I usually hand wash my own car but wanted a quick wash. I pulled in and the attendant was super unprofessional. Yelling at me to put my car in neutral then back up then yelling at the car behind me and another coworker who was trying to help. Then I finish the car wash and got home and realized there were scratches on my car and the wash itself was awful. Still dirty. I will not go back and would advise you don’t try them.

Anita Gobble

It's a different kind of car wash. You pick what you want and you get it. You can even pay to have your car washed ahead of time. They give you codes for all the washes you pay for. My car looks almost brand new every time I leave and it's a 95. You even get to vacuum your car out for free

Michel Ruffin

extremely satisfied great customer service

Lauren Gaydon

Usually like the place, but the machine was out of change and all I could get was a voucher for another car wash that expires after a period of time. I don’t go there that often so it seems akin to theft to me. I also had close to the right amount but the machine wasn’t taking coins. The 2 attendants super busy and not too concerned.

Tracy Helms

This was the first time I have ever visited this carwash. My car was filthy, but when I drove out of that place it was shining inside and out. Lack of experience got me here. There was a wide variety of services to choose from and I didn't want to pay more than I needed to get my car cleaned. Their basic was was $7.00 and vacuums are free for their customers. There was an attendant on duty, but he yelled at me when I couldn't figure out that the wash advanced my car automatically. My tires weren't as clean as I had hoped, but they do offer a tire clean package at extra cost. The vacuums worked great but there is a learning curve for using them too. Even though the wash did a blow dry on the car I still had to towel dry it so water spots wouldn't be left behind. Overall I was pleased so I'll use this carwash again.

Randall Foust

Love wiki great wash and a free vack


The best car wash i have ever ever been too. The vacuum machines can go in deep and hard areas Which makes the work very efficient. I love it!

Mike Payne

This carwash is great. It gets your car really clean and they have a plan where you can pay monthly to go whenever you want, which is what I was looking for. It's a bit out of my way on the path to pick my daughter up from school but well worth the detour.

Angelina D. Ruggiero

This place is hit or miss, the tire shine never goes on evenly, sometimes the cloth drying at the end misses spots. It gets busy when it's nice weather, and you'll have to wait for a bit. I love the free vacuum.

rachel mclean

Great investment, u dont have to wash your car to use vaccumes theres a $3 fee just for vaccumes. Friendly staff and good location

Allison Whatley

It’s like the club for your car, with colored lights that flash as you move through the wash. There are Many different price-points to choose from with the different wash options, from just the basics at $7 on up. Free vacuums with every wash that are very strong. There are a lot of vacuum stations so there is always an open one to use. If you clean your car often, they also offer a loyalty program.

Franca Ufot

The best car wash ever


Need to change recycled water. Smell was almost unbearable past two visits. Clean car though. Free vacuum with wash, can't beat it.

Ty Po

Tore my bumper off on the left side. They refuse to pay for the damage their car wash causes my car. Do not go here. Cars older than 7 years old also aren’t welcome here.

Daniel Malloy

Nice place , do a better than average job. Plenty of room to park and free vacuum.

Jill Wiig

A great place to go for a quick, easy, and affordable car wash; however, the main reason I go is for the unlimited vacuum use after your car wash.

Lee Oakley III

In all seriousness, if you want your car to look amazing, then look no further my good people and take it here! Truly worth it, they do a great job. Take my money

Atiya Howell

My kids love washing our car here at night it's like a light show for them

Mr. James F. Moore, Sr.

Don't clean your tires very well and they hit you with taxes plus cost..... Other than that they are okay with supplies and soaps and waxing....

Stacy Glass

Way better than Auto Bell

Drorester Alexander

This place is not as good as it could be. They never have all the materials in the wash cycle, and the materials used are mediocre. The mechanics of the wash does not always work. Where are the towels at the end of the wash?!? They are under staffed.

Saha Gaming

Great place overall. Until today. The blonde guy working there really was not paying attention or something. And one of the air drying spinning things took out my back light. Did not notice it until now. I do not know how that happened. He should have saw that but he never did. Again. He was not paying attention. I just bought my car too.

Walker Moffitt

Wiki is going downhill. In the past they used a soapy brush on windshield. That stopped. Then the buffers at the end quit doing front fenders (they said to protect mirrors, I never had problem). Now the buffers are not even touching the sides at all (F150 truck, so I know its wide enough) left streaks on vehicle. Not to mention I pay for the premium monthly and the difference in price is the buffers. The floor mat washer is on the shortest timer. Had to walk to office three times to get mats done. Plan to relocate my subscription at this point. Sad that it was at one time a 5 star experience and now no better than the cheapo gas station, by Wiki’s own choice.

Sean Oliver

Wash works great, the vacuums are awesome and they have good hours.

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