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1817 E Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC 28054

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REVIEWS OF Sam's Xpress® Car Wash - Gastonia IN North Carolina

Candace Price

A great place to have your car washed. They even allow you to stay as long as you need to detail your car on site.

Yolanda Delaney

I gave it a 3 star because, in my opinion the employees were not very friendly. I pulled up not knowing what I wanted and the young man just stood there. He didn't even attempt to help me. Oh well back to Sapphire.

Ted Smith

The car wash did a good job

Pearly Dee

They did a great job on my car I will be going back there.

josh ledford

Car wash does pretty good job on your car here but sometimes vacs aren't always the best my suggestion is to try to go to far ends where vacs are for best suction

Leah Green

The staff seems nice but they need to scrub down the cars better. They've missed the whole side of my car or the back window multiple times. Good free coffee. Clean place.

Philip Rainey

Does a good job for a drive through and always unlimited vacuum. I'm a member for $30 a month. I use it 3 or 4 time's per week making sure I get my investment worth!!

William Hendrickson

This place is such a great value! They are open early and late which is really helpful to me and everyone that works there always has such a great attitude! Definitely an awesome place to wash your car

Paul Byrd

Clean and fast.. Can be crowded at times though.

Nicole Hudson

Missed spots and they only scrubbed the tires on the right side and didn't get the back of my SUV cleaned

Cindi Withers

This Sam's Xpress seems to get your car cleaner than the one at Lake Wylie


If you wash more than twice a month, get the membership. It allows you 2 washes per day of the best premium wash, free tire shine, and floor mat wash. Very quick also. When you pull to gate, the overhead device reads the bar code on your windshield, and your in. $30 per month, auto draft on your cc. I average twice a week since I don't have a garage at home.



Joe Bell

My wife loves the monthly plan

Tom Nencetti

Good wash, don’t use the vacuums right by where you exit the wash. They seem weaker than the rest. Seems like the prices went up recently.

Jenny boo

Friendly staff and very convenient plus if you save your receipt you can get another way for free!

tonya bolton

I came here on a Saturday. Very busy but it doesn't take long to go through. The vacuums are free and the prices aren't bad.

Paula Brooks

I got a 2019 Kia my brand new car got ruined. The owner was supposed to call me but never called and it's been over 2 days.

Family Names

Paid for the premium package and the tire shine, and it sprayed one little spot on the tires!

Starrz Child

Great wash for every cheap. Free vacume and floor board wash and dry.


Go ahead and get you a monthly pass, trust me...

Wally Anderson

Awesome people, and a great car wash. $30 per month for unlimited washes is an amazing deal, especially here in South Carolina where we have weeks of high pollen count days at a time.

Maria Thomas

Great stop doing errands: gas, car wash, good free coffee and clean rest rooms.

Jolene Vilis

If you visit during slow periods, pick a vacuuming station close the wash line exit. I found out the hard way that they shut down many of the stations, so stay close, and you will skip the process of going back to a working vacuum station.

Courtney Buchanan

Customer service was amazing, Gab was so helpful!

Anna chitwood

Went through about an hour before closing. Never been before and wanted to try it out. I wait on the young girl to tell me what to do and how to get on the track. When i get on, i heard something, like a pop. I notice the girl made a face and told me to keep turning. I get through the wash, start vaccuming my car. (Not very powerful) i noticed a bunch of spots still leftover. When i was about to leave i npticed my hubcap came off. Im about to walk inside to ask if theyve seen it when i see it laying on the wall at the end of the wash. Im guessing that was the pop sound i heard and if it was the girl couldve told me instead of me almost leaving without it and her making a face. Ill never return back to this carwash. I spent $20 on a car wash they didnt do much of anything

Robyn Chapman

I frequently wash my vehicle at this location. Bathrooms 5 out of 10 times have needed attention but that can happen anywhere. I like the available car cleaning products sold in their vending maching. (You can utilize your credit/debit card for purchases) Complimentary hot beverages served inside year round are perfect in this cold weather. Several times the attachment has come off the hose or suction has been low on the machines but overall idea is if that happens there are other spaces you can move to.

Terry Morgan

By far the best one I’ve been to, I come here every once in a while and upon entry they hit your car really good with the brushes, super friendly also.

Rubi Arias

The staff working tonight was friendly and prompt! Came to check on us after the car wash to make sure we were good!

Aaron Watkins

Buy a wash get one free can't beat it!!!

CDS Charlotte

Car and wheels were still dirty after wash. Vacuums had no pressure. You ask for help and instead they hide in there office.

Karen Harrison-Elrod

I have only chosen the express wash but I'm so thankful there is always someone standing there that helps with the selection and payment process and I get to hurry right through and get about my day. I've only stayed once and used the free vacuum that comes along with it, which is GREAT!~ The process does an excellent job getting the exterior of the car clean. I'm very happy with it!! I keep returning to get my car so shiny clean!!!! Thanks so much!

The Best is yet to come.

Good service. Open on time even early if they see you out there. Good work so far. Smiling faces, courteous all around good people.

Michael Halpin

Easy to get to. Lots of staff here on a Saturday and friendly enough. Wash was great. Everything is clean, still relatively new facility. Vacuums are included but the cool Rhino Matt scrubber costs an additional $2 instead of free at the Sapphire Bay wash on the east side. Complementary coffee is a plus.

Kelsey Carithers

I went to get a basic car wash since it is finally nice enough outside. Staff were very rude. Seemed like they were all playing around near the entrance to the car wash. Then the only available vacuum station had mud allllll over the ground from another car. Now my wheels are covered in it. Luckily I had a towel to lay down so I wouldn’t ruin my mats. The car covered in mud should have been rinsed off better by the front of wash boys, but clearly it was not. When I tried to find someone to ask if they could clean off the space of mud, only one person was out in the vacuum area cleaning another persons wheels while two other boys occupied the pre wash rinsing. Very disappointing. Tried to call customer support, sat on hold for 10 minutes before getting someone from corporate, just to be put on hold another 10 minutes to speak with a manager at the car wash. Not to mention there is still dirt all over my car. You can see the marks where the wash barely touched my car.

Jai Patcha

Quick and easy. Doesn't get any better than this.

S Damron

The wash did a great job. Smooth track.


Great car wash

Linda Parra-Alvarez

Use to be the bomb, but now getting run down and vacuums sometimes are not the best


Great good super excellent car wash as I go to lske wylie sc as get gas there if purchase a $20 car wash it is $2.11 and wirhout car wash it is $$2.29

Kelley Dragstrem

Nice set up. I may buy the monthly pass in the future.

Beckey Gulley

Just love getting my $5 Car Wash don't even have to get out of the car free unlimited vacuum with complimentary coffee you just can't beat that

Keir Peterson

Got the car washed here while on vacation very good job on my vehicle and free vacuums

Leah Stewart

Love the car mat washer. The people are so friendly and polite!

Jim Ellington

An excellent place to get your car washed


I had the monthly gold pass for a few months. During that time I probably got the car washedevery other day... if not every day. Your allowed to get a wash twice a day if you want. Its normally in & out, never a long wait. They have free vacuums & even a mat wash machine. Theres also a lounge with free wifi & drinks. Great deal for only $30 a month.

Amber Welch

My car is so shiney when I leave here definitely worth the money. And all of the workers are nice and willing to help when needed.


I’d be better off driving my car in the rain!! This car wash is a HUGE WASTE. Wheel cleaner and wheel jets included in the $9.00 wash my @$$. Car looked horrible and it’s a brand new 2019. They didn’t even brush the wheels like I paid for or use the wheel cleaner! Even had to scrub some major scratches around the fuel door thankfully they came mostly off due to the car being waxed before they put it on the lot. I will NOT be back to this place. Don’t waste your money !!

Teresa Knight


Heather R

Easy place for a car wash, clean inside, free coffee if you want and most of the vacuums work great.

Kristine Golden

Well priced washes- free vacuuming

Mary Randall

Absolutely love it here!!!! The vacuums are awesome and my car and tires look great after riding through. $29.99 a month, you can't beat it! I typically spend about 10-20 minutes here, depending on my car.

Danny Moss

Here now. Vacuums are not at full power. Wash did not wash off bird droppings from side mirror.

Yuliana Melendez

I used to love coming here, but lately they have not been doing a great job washing my car before I go through the carwash and I have noticed that I leave with stuff still on the car. The last time I went they did not get the right side of my car AT ALL before going through the car wash.

Jim Hoyle

1st time user and will probably be the last time. Inital cost for the full service wash was reasonable, but then the add on's start.....extra for the hot wax and then an extra $2.25 for token to wash your floor matts thru their special floor matt washer. The vacuum's were very weak suction. Plenty of bays to dry and finish your vehicle and there was not a wait time to get in. A lot of opportunities for improvements. I wish them well.

Steve Wetmore

Washed car better than some other local washes and very helpful staff

Sabrina Laliberte

Have a monthly membership. Worth every penny. I also have a membership for their towels.

willie mason

Not bad but could use some improvements. For instance. I went on Friday to get a top wash. Didn't get a complete tire shine. One side was spotty and the other side didn't have any at all. Thinking it was out on the one side I brought it to their attention. They came out and did it by hand. I also showed them where it had missed a few spots. They wiped it down. Well I went back Tuesday for the free one that you get. Same thing happened with the tire shine. The one side this time way good but nothing on the other side. I brought it to their attention again. I also told them about my experience on Friday. The guy goes in to get the stuff to do it again by hand. When he started to do it he put it on my rim. I'm like I don't think that goes on the rim but on the tire. He said sorry and put it on the tire. I wouldn't had a problem with it if he would have wiped it off my rim. I had to do it myself. So now I'm thinking there is no cross training here. So be careful who does what to your vehicle.

Terry Parker

Great group awesome service

Doug Johnson

Love it my car is always clean

Travis Calhoun

Even the cheapest option is a bargain, they really try to give a good prewash to get rid of bugs and road build up before you even go through. Free vacuums too!

Bryan Phillips

I feel like this place is getting worse and worse. I have been through several times where the was left bird poop or tree Sap on multiple vehicles of mine, and the most recent time we went through the guys out front only scrubbed one side of the car.

David J Kanwisher

My truck died in the car wash, it wasn't the fault of the company, just felt like sharing. If it is a fear of yours, nothing explodes and cars won't run into you at the end if they are paying attention. Sapphire Bay was closed, I usually go there because they have nice vacuums, it gets my car clean and the mat cleaning is free. This location charged an extra $2 for mat cleaning and says it would give me a token, I didn't get a token...but my truck died so it wasn't high on my priority list. I also paid extra for hot wax. I tried to smell for the hot wax, or see a sign for the hot wax, but I wasn't confident that service was applied after paying. Staff was really helpful with my truck issue, and spent EXTRA time pre-cleaning my vehicle before going through, something I don't receive from Sapphire. Overall I'm satisfied with the experience and would recommend to others.

Darryl Price

Love this car wash 2

Robin Quinn

I purchased the unlimited car wash for a month package and have been fairly satisfied with it. If I have one suggestion, one item for improvement, it would be that each time I visit there, usually twice a week, that the young people who hand-scrub, prewash the vehicle, actually scrub both sides of my vehicle. I recently purchased a new Toyota Tacoma and want to keep it spotless. About every time I roll in there, even when it's seemingly off-peak times, only one representatives pre-treats my truck, usually on the driver's side. He or she will scrub everything on the driver's side, while the right side of my truck does not get scrubbed at all. I have observed customers in front of experiencing a "top-to-bottom" brush scrubbing from two service representatives, only to find when it's my turn to pull up, one representative walks away completely, leaving only one young person to scrub my truck, and they treat the driver's side and then my truck goes into the tunnel. It's made me wonder is it because I purchased the monthly pass that I am not receiving the type of service that presumably the customer in front of me is getting? This has happened to me each time I go in there and it's making me question whether or not I want to pay for the month of June. That's how I found this site today, I was told that if at any time I want to cancel this service, I have to go on the Internet and cancel it from here. I will be taking my truck in today for a washing. If the service representatives only wash one side of my vehicle, I will not be renewing for June.

Kent Wilborn

My car was damaged on 2 Occasion's by the brushes or the tire glosser that broke my back passenger mud guard after fighting with the manager that tell me no one else car was damaged on that day and the same thang with the car wash at the mall I will be paying someone to hand wash my care from now own all the cars that comes through these washes those brushes wears out quick an many times leaves black Mark's on your car Especially a white car like mine..

Sharon Sterling

Good service and prices

Steven Jackson

Efficient staff, and car wash is good. Wish they had more room for vacuuming, but a tight site plan. Very convenient location for me.

April Freeze

Worker gave no direction when going in damaged our vehicle had to file a claim they do not care about your vehicles

Carl Hedgepath2

Good wash. employees have no care for people cars or job even had vehicle scrached cause of lack of care toss scrub brush over suv handle struck my vehicle. Employees commented (damn another car. What there no other places to clean your car)


A few of the staff are a bit stiff when dealing with the customers and the few that do understand customer care make a trip to the car wash worth it.

CoCo W

Great wash. Fast service. The folks work very hard there to help get your vehicle clean!

Jim Rasmussen

I love Sam's twice a day

Nathan Combs

Good car wash

Candy Mitchell

similar to autobell. But free vacuums and the wash your floor mats for free. I always buy the extra wash to come back and gift it to my mother or daughter.


Good machine wash with unlimited self vacuuming. If you buy the deluxe wash you get a free repeat wash within 4 days. Some locations offer discount fuel as well (Lake Wiley) < best deal. Only better way to clean your car is to do it yourself in the driveway

Ranae Wheatley

Good washing. Nice vacuuming.

Whit M

They did a very brief hand brushing of the front and rear bumpers before entering the automatied car wash. Was still a little too much dirt left behind on our not that dirty car after paying for the most expensive option and employee "pre-brush". Can't say we were satisfied with the end results and definitely won't be going back in any hurry. Will just save our money and be slightly more dirty!

Markus Black

Brand new car RUINED by this place. I signed up for the $30 month car program. Went 2-3 times a week FOR A MONTH. Now my new car is full of scratch marks because the staff uses dirty water and dirty brushes to pre wash and the curtain brushes inside arent cleaned enough. Not happy, you are better off washing by hand IF YOU HAVE A NEW CAR.

Jordan Garrett

Pull in vac areas could be more clean. You vac your car out and so much sand, dirt etc is on your shoes (even after knocking them off) your mats are dirty again...before you ever get off lot.

Danielle Webb

I had some Valley Proteins gunk in my rear wheel well... was very stinky stuff..they scrubbed and sprayed and got it out.. .. the wash club is a great value... just an all around great place with great people

Chris Albanese

Went there on Monday with my brand new truck for a quick wash, the attendants keep dumping the wash broom into a dirty bucket car after car. Sure enough I had multiple scratches on my new white paint. I will not going back, I'll pay extra and go to Auto Bell.

crystal mize

Tore off my bumper

Carlee Colvard

I don’t like to leave bad reviews, because I don’t want to be a negative person. But I feel like this one is necessary. Do NOT go to Sam’s Xpress Car Wash on Franklin Blvd. I would give them zero stars if I could. The car wash broke Asher’s side mirror, and they refuse to fix it. I’m more mad about the lack of integrity than I am the car. Asher’s been there several times to meet with the managers, but they’ve been consistent in failing to respect his time and show up when they said they’d be there. They’ll no longer get our business, and I hope they won’t get yours either. Go the extra mile and visit Sapphire Bay.

MinisterTurner Chosen1

Always satisfied. Nice hospitality. Clean environment. Everything you need within reach. And the coffee machine is LIFE!

Erkut Menekse

Good and clean car wash!


I took my truck through, because I was in a hurry, and the wash left dirt streaks down the entire drivers side of the vehicle. I probably could have found the manager and complained, and then waited in line to get a free wash or whatever, but the whole point of a place like this is to save time.

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