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REVIEWS OF America's Best Carwash IN North Carolina

Tonya Sampson

michael webb

I feel like my vehicle left dirtier than it was before they cleaned it. The armor all job was so bad I had to re do it at home from all the streaks not to mention all the finger prints all over the car.

Cindy Jones

Had to point out places that needed cleaning that I had paid for. Will not go back.

Abraham Torrez

Enock Prempeh

For a $27 wash you would expect your car to come out shiny and new or atleast the interior wiped down. I made the mistake of spending my money at this “car wash”. I personally vacuumed the floors and cleaned the insides before I took it just to get my car cleaner but it came looking the same. Tires still had dirty on them, the interior was barely touched you could literally just take a napkin and wipe the dust off. Will definitely not be coming back. I’ve been to better washes where everything was sparkling like new for only $15. Was thinking of buying a detail package but never mind. P.s You’re welcome for my $27, no need to say Thank You.

Menyon Kennedy

Just got my truck washed 25 dollars wasted, the out side of my truck is still dirty white stuff all over the window. The lift has feet prints all over it my front grill still has bugs on it. It looks like the threw some water on my truck and that’s it. This place is the worst

Willie Stukes

Alan Moffett

Quintin Fronek

I went 25 minutes before their own closing time of 5:30 and they told they are closed.

Julien Swain

Good staff and wash was great.

Lonnie Murray

Nicholas Lewis

Dorothy Russell

Love this great. The people are so friendly. Just a great place

Pamela Massie

Very nice people and not that long of a wait

Jules Lane

I was hesitant to come here because of the reviews but I’m happy I did because they did a great job. My car was pretty dirty, they really took their time and payed attention to detail. The staff was really friendly as well, I’ll definitely be coming back.

Glenda Futch

Chad Owen

I waited a few days before going ahead with this 1 star review to give them a chance to call me back. Had my truck ran through the wash and it ripped both passenger side center caps off of my truck. The staff itself was helpful, went back into the wash to retrieve both of my caps. Then proceeded to take down my information so it could be passed on to the owner. I was expecting at least a phone call stating they were sorry but they couldn't take the time to do that. In my eyes if that's a representation of the kind of buisness they run I will never go again. I'll also be sure to advise others to stay away from there.

Adam Adams

Fantastic job today. Steve the new manager was a breath of fresh air.

Samiee Soso

Johnnie Williams

So 5 months ago, I went when it was Adams car wash. Wasn't impressed. I just got back from America's best carwash. The attention to detail is on point. I got the best package. Now even though a guy had to ride through in my car, I'm pleased to say he wasn't on his phone. And he was paying attention. So all in all, I will upgrade the original 2 star review to a 5 star review. Thanks again ABC!

Abdue Knox

Pretty good car wash, the attention to detail could be better.

George Denning

Glad to see the manager(Jeff) and his staff have brought the service at Adam's back up. Keep up the good work.

Debbie Jones

Ok car wash

bennie scott

Nice to see some people know what they are doing. Very impressed with the new managers and the wash I received. Keep up the good work.

Billie Mctaggart

Really good people and worth your money

Michael Condon

New name and better service. I gave up on Adam's a while ago. I saw the new signs, so on a whim, gave them a shot. I'm not mad at the service I got for what I paid, but just not impressed either.

Russell Miller

Good for quick wash.

Peggy Simmons

If there was another star I would use it. Super, friendly people, car was clean CLEAN inside and outside. Fast service. Just all around great GREAT service. My husband got his truck done also and he is picky and he really was pleased with the job they did.

Johnathan Buckrham

Great customer service and wash was what i paid for !

Ricky Darden

Go to clean & beam auto detailing service and never right a review again. 107 Hines drive lot. 10 Goldsboro n.c. 27530. You will be blown away

Thom Paulson

Very slow, not exceptional quality. No vacuum. Inside cleaning was ok, but not thorough.

Mary Jones

Full detail paid for and they only sent through the car wash and dry. Very Much so disappointed.

Josh Williams

After my car was finished, I noticed a deep fresh scratch in my door. I confronted management about this and all they could say is there is no way the machine scratched your car. I understand that. After watching the people using the pressure washers in the entrance area, I know they can scratch my car.

Debbie Wyatt

My husband took pickup for a wash about 3 weeks ago. He took the extras (rim shine, tire gloss, etc) but sadly, they failed on the basic stuff. Drivers side floor mat was not touched, dash half wiped, inside of windshield was cleaned poorly if at all. Absent close supervision, the employees don't try very hard. Disappointing and definitely not worth the nearly $30.00 cost.

Stephen Patrick

Darnell Davis

Charles Lockhart

Normally I use the one in Greenville but was in Goldsboro today so decided to try them out. It took a little longer than Greenville does and the location is much smaller but the service and finished product was quality. Would suggest a Television like Greenville so you have something to occupy yourself while waiting. Not quite a Greenville store but I was very satasfied with the experience and the way my vehicle looked after the wash.

Althea Bridges

Love this place, My car is always very clean and the staff is very friendly

Ned Petrak

Lynn Howard Westbrook


Gabriela Blalock

Disappointed. Had a gift certificate to use for interior & exterior wash/clean. My husband tipped (well) before the car went back. A thorough job was not done. Carpets were not vaccummed well, Dust still on dash, doors not wiped down etc. I bid on 3 full service gift certificates at an auction and won, so i have 2 more to use. When I go back, I'll update accordingly.

Mark Shaw

They do a good job

Katie D

Preston Milsap

I had the pleasure of discussing an issue i had with Jeff and Brandon. After talking to these two managers, I feel like I have spoken to Dumb and Dumber. It is amazing that any owner could hire either one of these two to run anything. Wish I could have gave 0 stars. This place is a JOKE.

Jayme Thompson

Took my car to get cleaned and got the deal which was supposed to include inside detailing including the windshield, the doors and the back window and a full vacuum. The staff was very friendly but when I got my car back the doors had not been wiped off at all. Also the front of the dash had not been cleaned nor the back window and there were streaks all over the inside of the windshield. Will not be going back.

jeri bell

Seems they have some new management and it is certainly a huge improvement. Keep up the good work.

Trina Stone

Michael Swartz

Go somewhere else

Keith Moore

First time here and wasn't expecting much. Ordered a super and walked to music store. When I came back I barely recognized my vehicle. Yeah I know it just came out the wash, but it never looked like it just came from the dealership in a long time. I felt so proud walking over to it. Interior was wiped clean, even the space between the doors was shining. I tipped him $20 dollars. Ask for Cory.

Henrietta Ford

I was amazed 14.99 car wash,my vehicle look like it came out of the showroom, took their time

Peter Cowan

I have been coming to the Auto Wash for years. The last few times I have noticed change missing in my car. I counted the change in my cup holder before I arrived. I had $8.26 in my cup holder. After I was called to my car, I counted my change and there was $2.25 left. I actually went to my car to "get something out" after it was washed and not dried yet. The money had not been touched. The man drying off the car actually tipped himself by stealing 6 dollars out of my car. Do not know his name but he was a tall slender male. I am very disappointed and I will never go back to a place that steals out of my car. I was a customer for years.

Jaime Artis

I went today and got the Rain x package which is “bennies favorite”. I should’ve looked at my car before I left because my rims weren’t even cleaned... they only put tire shine on them. Also I still had bugs on the front of my car :(. Plus they didn’t vacuum the inside of my car well I had rocks on the side of the seats. Only reason I’d come back here would be for the $10 wash they have.

Dee Wright

Had a wax job done. When i picked my car up the two worker guys had my car in the garage with my radio blaring. They were playing around and not even working on my car. Had to then wait 40 minutes for them to finish the wax job after I was told it was ready to be picked up. Maybe if this place hired adults and not children, they could actually get the job done. Also those boys were still laughing and cutting up when they called me to my car. Looking at me for a tip. my Tip is......GROW UP

Crystal Ruffin

I Love this car wash the employees are fast and friendly. This is my number one car wash. What an awesome job you all do. Keep up the good work. Detailing is off chain just like a brand new car after detailing from ABC Car Wash. Thanks I'm a satisified customer.

Michael Carver

I just got a simple car wash and vacuum. They did a good job in a reasonable amount of time. It could cost 5 dollars less tho.

Carlton Gerald


Sherri Newman

Great carwash and staff!

Ronald Marler

Ashley Knowles

I haven't even been yet and I'm fed up with this location! I was trying to buy my grandpa a gift card for Christmas and I haven't been able to reach ANYONE on the phone (call several different times on different days and times). Had my aunt go by to grab it for me and at least twice they were not open. Bad business!

Tina 03



Shelly Chandler

Dirty rims,,,smeared windows..$27.00

Pam Carter

New ownership..just opening back up awesome job. Great Staff!!

Michaela Jenkins

Probably will never pay for someone else to clean my car ever again after going here. HUGE waste of money.

Russ Chevy-Gasser

I have not been there WHY ?? No place on there web page do they give hours opening and closing MR>>C.

Ashley Kelly

Steam Masters

They finally got a new carpet steam cleaner and it's one of the best machines on the market for cleaning carpets. If your looking for a good carpet or seat steam clean then go to Adams. Very impressed with the steam clean I got for my wife's car.

carolyn edwards

They didn't clean my car good they left dirt all over the seats and the dash they didn't clean the windows on the inside another man had to wipe all the upholstery off again and clean the windows inside and out grease was still on the back of the car they just didn't do a good job and I have been there many times before in the past and they did do a good job

Julie Coker

I have not been to ADAMS in over a year. It is nice to see and meet the new GM on the Front Lot. Steven Pope is the new GM and actually inspected my car and made sure I was satisfied with the services I purchased. I must say the staff on hand today was very nice. I will bring back 100 percent of my business to Adams in Goldsboro. This store is like a whole new place compared to my last visit a year ago! I purchased the Diamond Deluxe special for 34.95 and my car looked as if it had gotten a 100 dollar detail.

Tony J

The change of ownership is really reflected in the quilty of work. I keep trying this place every 3 month or so in hopes of improvements. Not yet....

Natalie McArthur

ABC lives up to it's name for sure! AMERICA'S BEST CARWASH!

Thalia Solis

I can’t believe I paid $33 dollars for a full service package and my car looks like a toddler washed it. There’s still dirty marks on the outside of the car but the inside still looks like trash: the stuff I told them to wipe down looks like they just got a wet rag and went over it once. My cupholders were filled with water and soggy crumbs. So not only did I have to personally finish the job WITH a 2 year old but I also wasted my money. The people working there are okay, no one greeted me with a smile. The young lady that walked up to me at the front needs better training for social interaction. This place is trash do not waste your money here, you’d expect for 33 dollars your car would come out sparkling clean but the job they did is something I could do with 5 minutes and a vaccum. Save your money and do the job yourself. The job they did was worth Atleast $5...and I say that because the only thing anyone did was run it through the automatic wash. I repeat DO NOT GO HERE! Don’t even waste your time thinking of it! Don’t double think or doubt this review, because you will be sorely dissatisfied, disappointed, and extremely frustrated. If I could rate 0 stars I would. If anyone wants pictures of the awful job they did just email me. Thanks for nothing Adams Carwash, not only did you waste my money but you also wasted my time!

Joanne H

Very over priced. They are very quick and not so thorough. Ordered the "Rain X" package and they don't even have Rain X! False advertisement. Do yourself a favor and bring it someplace else.

Bonita Peartree

Very convenient

Ventura Torres

Jose Negron

Despite the other bad reviews, I decided to give them a try anyway. I soon regretted it! When my car first came out of the wash cycle, the passenger side was still covered in blue soap. I pointed it out to the staff and they said they'd get it. I thought they'd hose it off first but to my surprise, they just started wiping it with their drying rags. I asked the person at the register if this was normal. My concern was that the soap in the crevices and wheel-well would obviously not be cleaned off properly. The guy from inside told the folks outside to run the car through the wash cycle again. They were annoyed big time and didn't shy from showing it (huffing, eye rolls, etc.). Second time through...same problem. This time they decided to simply hose the soap off. They said there must be an issue with the water-to-soap ratio on the machine. Once they had the car pulled out, they quickly dried it. However, there were numerous spots on the car where it was still dirty, which they missed. The inside windshield was not fully wiped down and had huge streaks and the mark from my suction cup phone holder was still there as well. The rims were barely touched. They simply ran a rag over the flat parts of the rims and all the angled parts were still filthy. Lastly, my all-weather floor mats had been vacuumed but were not taken out and cleaned or even wiped down. All in all, a poorly done job. I will not be returning as another place in town definitely does a better job.

Lisa Rogers

They make your car beautiful again!!

Steven Pope

Joshua Gray

The human touch in the begining and end make this place the best for car washes in my opinion.. they get in places machines can't.

Emily Griffin

I took my car to Adam's to have it cleaned. When the car was returned, the clear coat and paint had popped on all the bug areas and was peeling. I took my car to the dealer for a repair estimate which I took to Adam's. Adam's ironically quickly claimed they "didn't use the pressure washer on the front of the car and would have hand washed the areas since there were places where there were paint bubbles". I find it interesting that the girl who identifies prior damage NEVER identified front fender paint damage. Why? Because there was NO DAMAGE to the car before I took it to Adam's to be cleaned!!...The manager refused even a portion of the compensation saying it was not his problem, nor did he refund the $45+ I had paid for "quality service". The integrity this establishment has faithfully had in the past, the excellent customer service and quality work -no longer exists. I won't be going back.

Jim Boatright

Terrible! Worst service I have received at Adams to date. The wash was fine, that's all automated. The hand towel wipe down area needs attention by management. The guys didn't wipe down entire truck , just hit and miss, leaving water spots and could see where they missed. I asked the guys to please go back over it and once again, and again did not completely wipe down truck. Went home and completely wiped down truck myself. Next time I'll give GW Quick Wash a try. I do not recommend Adams.

Terri Smith

Spent $27 something for inside outside car wash. It was horrible . The rear window wasn't cleaned still has finger prints . Still trash under my car seats found an empty water bottle. Will not be going back. I tipped well now I'm sorry I did.

Aldwin Humphrey

I think the young lady did a great job cleaning my car. It just took her a long time.


Fast friendly service if you desire a squeaky clean vehicle in under half an hour they got you covered

Patricia Ruffin

They are great makes your car looks just like it's new again I love it.

Laura Hodges

Very helpful & polite when asked about options. Truck looks great now. Stayed out of weather while waited.

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