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350 Rockaway Ave #5837, Valley Stream, NY 11580

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REVIEWS OF Valley Stream Car Wash IN New York


Paid for Diamond service got a crappy job. Never again

Maryann Babington

Pushpinder Singh


Geraly Guzman

They could never managed to wash my car right. I pay 20 dollars to get my mats wash and they was dirty. And when I complain the guy answer was oh I don’t know what you pay but where I busy is no way they are going to wash your mats right. Like really. Horrible !!! Never coming again this is the 3 time that I go to them and is always something.

Chantal Mitchell

Vehicle wasn't cleaned meticulously. I paid for the diamond package. They vacuumed the 2 front rugs nicely and then drove the car thru the spinning thing. After that they put very little polish on the tires to try to make it appear clean. When I picked up the vehicle, it didn't look any cleaner that I brought it in. The interior didn't even look touched.

Andrew Arkin

They say you don't get a second chance to make a first impression, and that's to bad for the owner of this car wash. I am always on the look out for a good car wash. I received a free car wash from my car dealer for this place. On my day off I went there at 8am, when they are supposed to open. There was one person there and he had no idea what was going on or when anyone would be in. I understand that sometimes people run a little late and things happen, so I waited around for ten minutes. No one showed, not even another employee. Just this one guy walking around telling people no one was there and he didn't know when anyone would be back. I saw 3 people other than me pull in there and pull out in the time I was sitting there waiting. I will never go back there again full service free car wash or not. Also that place needs to be cleaned up its a mess.

Jerry Ternier

They do a good work

Deborah Mann

Worst car wash ever. Got in the car and it was as though nothing had been done. Won't go back. Won't recommend. If you do go, make sure to check that it was satisfactorily vacuumed and then the outside cleaned... I had to point out spots on the outside that were sill dirty (like really dirty), but stupidly I don't check the inside.

Donald S

Nice and clean

Seg Blanc

Liked it.

Frank Francia

Great Job! I found the new management to be very helpful and polite, and the workers were thorough with every car. I watched them run through the two prior cars to mine and in each case, whether the owner was there or not, the workers each completed their respective job and made the cars look great. Very happy with their service all around. Keep it going!!

MI Onim

None of the stuffs speak english. The lady at the front desk doesn't know courtesy. The $8 exterior wash is a waste. They asked for $20 only to remove the stains I got from parking under the train lines (I rejected the offer and cleaned it myself)

Rose-Carline Delicieux

I had my car detailed and I was amazed to see it. It looked like it was brand new again. It was totally worth the price and I am definitely going back. The service was great too.

Bb Cone


Reasonable price .... They clean better than most car wash

Mark Kostin

Great service, very nice job.

Artie Wilson

Don't waste your time.... sloppy and no one pays attention to detail.

Joey Boston

Sandeep Bajaj

Sloppy rush job

Rory Feigenblatt

Great service!

Chris TheFuture

Vacuum job was terrible, visible huge pieces of dirt & leaves, also outside wash showed yellow stains which the ppl washing completely missed. It was awful service. I had to take my finger with one wipe and show them that if u simply wipe it can be washed. I had to for 10 mins complete the wash for them and wash off my own car smdh. The guys solution for my non vacuumed rugs was to take the car around again. My initial entry took 25 mins waiting on line and I wasn't going to do that again. Never going there again.

Muhammad Farukh

Olivia C

I've gotten 2 trucks/suvs detailed by them; the 1st was clean with superb detail to the point u wouldn't have known that a 5yr old used the car daily & the insurance company's evaluator couldn't even tell. The 2nd one, well less just say 97.00 later and I'm not impressed. The kid is now 7yrs old and while all her handy works were eliminated, I still have bird poop on my WINDSHIELD, they did a great job on the leather but how could they have missed what looks like a coffee stain going down the door. As I said, just a mixed bag of work.

Lizette Kendrick

Carlos Calderon

Really hard to In and Out of there


They don’t close at 6:30 they close at 6 o’clock


It was a little dinky place that Toyota sent you to get a free car wash after getting your car service.

Chris Vazquez

Great management hard working employees

rayging dad

Vitali Hostiuk

Highly overpriced considering the poor quality of work they do there. Paid for golden option just to get my car at the end still partially dirty with soap spots and they almost forgot about the tire shine included in that option. That's in addition to weird double line numbered system to even get there (spent 25 minutes stuck there). Platinum Wash across the street is better managed and does much better job. It was closed on that day when I decided to give this one a try. Don't waste your time and wash your car somewhere else.

Oscar Espinal

Thomas C

What on earth was I thinking coming here, I waited 15 minutes in line to be disappointed. Not only was the equipment from the 1990s but the level of quality was non existent. My car had to much soap on it so he stopped the wash and reversed the car back into the machine! What kind of joke car wash is this?!

Nick Pascuzzi

david ntiamoah

I had my daughter car detailed. Very satisfied customer, the car is like brand new. I will be back again David N. valley Stream

Chris Catapano

Love this place not too long of a wait during the weekdays

Chilaine Gaston


Aimée Souffront

Horrible service. Waste of money. They charge you for gold and platinum services and still do a half way job on the exterior, paying no attention to the interior. Highly disappointing.

Marshall Marsh

William Figueroa

The worst car wash I ever had. What a waste of money. The guy there not only wiped my car down with a dirty black rag but there were so many places that wasn’t even touched. I still had mud streaks and dirty spots all over my car. My windows and mirrors were so dirty that I had to clean them before I drove away. I am so disappointed and have to go to another car wash to clean my car correctly.

D minaa

Kevin S.

Just wash your car yourself. Enough said.

Debbielee Thomsen

Friendy service!

Tameko Cohen

Very clean, thorough vacuum and dry. Fast.

Christopher Tricoche

Tom Liguori

Good for a quick cleaning. Slightly crowded but pick the right times.

Noreen Hanney

Great Prices and Awesome Staff!!

Lee Ann Chenille

HORRIBLE !!!! BEWARE STAY AWAY..... And to add I am positive that those positive posts are friends of the owner or his workers. Look at the name Indian descent, they are trying to raise their stars on Google who are you fooling????? Listen guys this place is DISGUSTING you can get your car cleaned far better for less. I bought PLATINUM SERVICE and my leather seats were not wiped down there was still dust on my dash. My rubber mats they didn't even clean. They charged me $23.88 for that DESPICABLE SERVICE. $19.99 for PLATINIUM which suppose to include FULL SERVICE, RAIN-X, TIRE SHINE, and MORE plus $2.00 extra for SUV and Taxes. I asked the Indian guy with the long pony tail who is the Owner why isn't my mats cleaned. He said you have to purchase the top service offered to get your mats cleaned.... ARE YOU F@!#&%G KIDDING ME....I will never return and hopefully you won't either.. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, IF YOU WERE TO WASH IT YOURSELF AND HOSE YOUR MATS DOWN IT WILL BE FAR BETTER THAN THEY DOING IT. For what the people are saying on these reviews, BESIDES THE HOAXSTERS with the 4 & 5 star reviews. It's very true they SUCK......THEY ARE MONEY GRABBERS ... !!!!!!!!!!! B E W A R E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B E W A R E ############ SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE ......

Ryan King

Excellent car wash. Interior detail was worth the price. Customer service was excellent. I recommend!

Russell Audley

Almadelia Zamarripa

James Ifill


You pay for a service and they dont give you what you pay for i paid 18.00 for a sliver pkg and i got a basic wash really what a rip off

latifah the queen

Stephanie A.

Just got a car wash here. I was happy with the service and the attention to detail. There are a lot of hard working guys here, especially Luis who went out of his way to remove a stain from my windshield that other car washes hadn't been able to remove.

Viktor Rashchinsky

andre bettis

Customers service sucks here

Halal Food Inspector

Pablo J.

This car wash is ok


After wash the dust was still visible on my dashboard. Low service. 1 visit and no more.

Moris Landaverde

It sucks


Peter D

These guys are awful and the owners are really nasty people!!! STAY AWAY!!!!

Richard Watt

Very good and friendly

Daniel Dabek

Richard Meier

Great Carwash :)

Melissa Morse

Worst experience EVER. The $400 SD card was removed from my dashboard and they claim to know nothing about this and conveniently claim that their cameras erase daily. Will NOT be going back and will make sure nobody I know goes back. - In follow up - After advising them that I would be making a police report and that I would be blasting them on social media daily, they suddenly found my SD card and returned it to me (3 days later). The owner is NASTY and RUDE and did nothing to help the situation. In fact, she didn't care at all.


Pat Latchman

Took my car twice in one day, and it is still dirty on the outside.

Cindy M

ray glynn

Paid 45 dollars for a "VIP" wash. Car was simply still dirty afterwards. I had to grab a rag from one of the workers to wipe the clearly seen dirt on my white car off the front. Some help would have been nice. Running my hand over the car and it turning black is a joke. Cleaning the VIP that they wrote in marker on the front window would have been nice too. Go to ultrasonic on ocean Avenue, or just do it yourself.

Manuel Morelli

I purchased the silver menu which is $14.99 + taxes plus mats washed. And look how they left the trunk! Not even vacuumed! You decide... The rest of the car? Very poor job.

Olatokunbo Daramola, Jr.

diana carrillo

Shabbir Ahmed

T Black

They do a fair job here

Pratima Gupta

Great job done on my car . New management is way better than the old one !!

Abdul Salam

Savanah Whyte

Tanya Khan

Card machines never work. Not enough staff to do the esteemed VIP WASH yet when. They do have staff to do the job it's not done right, dash covered in dust and windows covered in fingerprints. It's been the same owners for years but they choose to not fix the small details...

Devante Wheeler

Service is terrible. You don’t get what you pay for. They literally perform the bare minimum job. Would not recommend to anyone.

Talha Khatri

They did a really good job. I had complete detail. Fair price and cooperative staff. Highly recommend


Very good condition


jaun rizvi

Dina Anderson

I have frequented this carwash on several occasions and it is always a disappointment. I would not recommend this business.

Keith miller

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