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REVIEWS OF Super Car Wash & Quick Lube IN New York

Sadik Rizai

I've been a customer for over 12 years and never had an issue with this establishment until tonight. I asked for the Superwash and paid the guy at the entrance $9 and also gave him a $2 tip. As my car passed through the car wash I realized the tricolor was never applied to my car. I questioned the guy drying the cars at the exit and he stopped drying my car and told me to go speak to the guys back at the entrance. I drove around back to the entrance and explained to guy why I was there and he just pulled out two dollars and gave them back to me. I informed him that I didn't want the two dollars but wanted the tri-color was applied. He then informed me that the machine is broken. I asked if it just broke or if he knew it was broken when he accepted payment for a full service wash. He just turned and walked away. I want the Managment or Owner to know that the machine isn't working on the evening of October 25, 2017 and your staff is still charging people for it. The staff is most likely pocketing this money.

Maria Torres Martin

I was selling my car and took it to wash and ask the guys to do a good job and they did.

David Rosado

They give cab drivers discounts.

Gene Wiedemann

I've been coming here for about 8 years... the staff, service, cleanliness are all top quality... I come in... they great me... and know exactly what I need and want. I highly recommend this shop...


What happened to this place?! We have been taking our car here for ages!! This time they took the mats out of our car and lost them. Instead of admitting to their mistake and looking for them or offering a discount on a new set, the manager decided to lie about it and claim we never had them in our car in the first place. They are excellent at playing stupid and terrible at custome service. Never returning.

Michael McMorrow

Good service

Daniel Correa

Staff was friendly, helpful and competent. Did the oil change very efficiently and a good job on tge included wash.

Daniel's Hardjono

i take may car for oil change easy fast great service and i get full car wash

Silvio Mazzella

Prices are a bit high and their service is not consistent.


Not the best place for a wash, but it's fine in a pinch. Specifically, the windows are never completely cleaned properly. Streaks and areas that we're clearly missed are left every time I wind up here.

Salvatore Fazio

Good car wash they do a nice job

Mario Disarro

I go There to Get My Car Serviced...They Have Serviced 4 of My Vehicles over The Years And NEVER Had an issue, Only Professional and Knowledgeable Service, With a FREE Car Wash...and They Have a Veriety of Car Care Products Available with a Lounge Area....

kassy Mend

They do a great job

Diodi Uceta

- Were very fast but lack attention to detail. - pricey. Vacuum, window cleaning and tire =$25.

wayne stew

The spot to get your car washed

Shantell Wilson

Recommended to come here and super upset. Came with a friend to both get our car washed. Pulled up around 745pm and asked for a "SUPER INTERIOR". He stated its $17. I asked him is that right cause on the wall it says $28. He said tonight's price is $17. I asked him does that include everything in and out, he stated yes. Preceded through the car wash. After I came out pulled up as they requested. They was drying my car, I stepped out and waited aside thinking they was going to do the inside. They never did! I asked the guy what was going on he said they was done. I asked what about the inside (which I was most concerned about). He said they don't do the inside. That after 7pm they don't do that. Which made me more upset. I asked SPECIFICALLY for a SUPER "INTERIOR" car wash. Keyword interior. Can't get my money back / there is nothing he can do. Then to add to the lacking of service, my car wasn't dried all the way, streaks still on my window, and top of car, and still dirty spots. What also doesn't make sense was this. i went back looked at prices: 1) I paid $17 for each car. $34 total 2) night time prices $7 for exterior wash and $9 for superior exterior. So not only didn't I get my full car cleaned I got ripped off. I defintely will be going in tomorrow to speak to the manager. All I wanted was a car clean. I don't think that was to much to ask. Hopefully they can rectify the sitiation Or give me my money back so I can go else where.

Isaiah De La Torre

Great service and price

Gracie Lorin Morretta

Good place to get your car clean

Du'Ane Johnson

The place is a good job at a decent price.

Michelle Luchetti

Don’t waste your money on a super interior because its a super ripoff. Had to go home and clean it myself.

Jonathan Lewis

The people that work inside is great. The people that wash your car sucks. Dont clean off windows properly. I have to clean windows myself. When drying your car and drying off your windows in and out they dont use a clean rag. They stay using the one rag they use to dry off your car.

Gee Stew

Not bad


It was nice until I found my cover to my sunroof stuck and couldn't get it closed until I opened the sunroof. When I asked them why they had to open it the manager said they didn't. I DIDN'T WANT MONEY FOR THE WATER IN MY CAR BUT AT LEAST BE HONEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William mccaffrey

Decent enough car wash, would be nice if they dried the car a little better.

Javier Flores

Wash my car really good and change the engine oil of my car without issue

Nigel nembhard

One of the worst car washes ever the girl working at the desk was very rude and disrespectful I even reported her to the manager and she still continued to be rude and belligerent I do not recommend this place at all wash was not to good neither save your money !!!!!!

Cruz Melendez

Monthly plans avaliable great value


My interior was left uncleaned, I paid 20 dollars I asked why it isn't cleaned or vacuum they asked for more money although I did a super car wash . Very dissappointed

Alexander Ramirez

Today at 1030am I wash my car at this place and when they finished I noticed it was still dirty on one side of my car. I ask one of the staff if he could please remove the dirt . The gentleman that I spoke to was so rude to as he stated, we don’t have anything to remove the dirt. When I asked for my money back, he stated, oh no, we don’t do things like that, that’s other car washes not us. So I asked for a manager and come to find out, the person that was rude to me was the manager on duty. When I stated that I will make a review of how I was treated then the manager said he will not help me. The staff here needs to go to customer service training. I also have a colleague who came here and was treated horribly. Please help.


Had to go 2nd time to get the car clean

Rob Lauren

Good car wash, a little pricey

Ricardo Ruiz

This place can do better at cleaning your vehicle. Too much going on and not enough effort put into your car.

Lisa Barbarita

A little disappointed to say the least that they aren’t open anymore at 6:30am!

Cesar LaVerde

I used to have my car washed and changed oil, but it has changed for the worst now. They used to be very good, friendly, helpful and professional. Now every other time I go, they try to sell me additional services, "you need an engine flush, antifreeze change, or transmission fluid change" "The fluid looks or smells bad, I know this is not true, as I had previously just change the fluids at the Acura dealership. I asked them to fill up the engine oil to 4.5 qts., they put in 5 quarts, this could damage the engine. This has happened twice, I called the manager he said sorry for the mix up, come in and we'll remove it to 4.5 qts. I came in the next day, the manager was not in, they did it, but heard one of them say, do it to get him out of here in Spanish. I'll go to the dealer from now on.

Jongha Jin

Don't do Engine oil flush. It's totally unnecessary

Diego Fernandez

Great pricing between 7pm-12am. Definitely worth every dollar! Best car wash in this area of the Bronx.

William Davila

Love it .the have a good staff and gets the work done.

Syed Faraz

$6 for car wash is really cool but often they don't dry the water, and the cloth they use always leave those residues

Ariel Shiloh

Great service. Fast oil change


Too expensive

Jamaal Burnside

Inside car wash isnt available every day

Kymoni C

Great brushless wash for your vehicle

Sharda Lowtan

Oil guys no good car wash yes on point but I doing oil

Thomas Rea

Good fast car wash and cheaper after 7pm

Billy Catechis

Editing a review I did a year ago about this place. After learning about different places, this place is quite reasonably priced. Staff was helpful and explained everything to me, even showing me how to do it myself. Very satisfied with my experience and even got a free car wash!!

Yeraldina Estrella

Fast service. Only Cash accepted

Alfonso Bastone

Fast car wash

Jesmy Pujols

Good for the price. Nothing fancy.

Anthony Santana

Good place to wash the cars!

Dixie Normous

The price has gotten higher and higher, and they have been giving horrible service the past 6 months or so. Their super interior is $35 now and my whole center console, cupholder area, door handle, door area is still full of crumbs, dust, and syrup. It was never like this. My past 4 washes haven’t been like they used to. Time to jump ship and go somewhere else or do everything myself unfortunately. I understand for $35 you can’t expect the best car wash, but I shouldn’t go back to my car and have it looking the exact same way.

Erika Guzman

Very knowledgeable and friendly

Barbara MacDonald

This car wash is affordable and the staff are great! My vehicle looks great every time!

Kim Ziegler

Go there for oil change. Very good

Sun Tex

While waiting in line today, two (2) different names come up for the same business: "Super Car Wash & Quick Lube" and then Pelham Bay Car Wash & Auto."

Wayne Tubens

They clean your car very good

Desiderio Hernandez


Omar A.

This place has it all when it comes to cars. Mechanics, car wash and you can go inside and get yourself some coffee and snacks and wait to get your car fixed and watch your car get washed thru the glass window.

Miguel Mondesi

Too expensive and they do a horrible job

anthony giles

Good for oil changes, not so good carwash wise. I take the free washes but I wouldn't pay for one.


I’ve been taking my truck here for service for over 2 years and never had a problem. However, I take my car there for a car wash, pay $32 for a wash, rain x and interior. I open my trunk and it’s disgusting. On top of that my rear windows and my back windows were just as bad as I brought it in. I had to reverse the car back in and have them do the windows. I didn’t notice the trunk until after I arrived at work. Not going there again. I guess it’s time for a bucket and brush.

Doris Laborde

Fast service though I wish it was a bit cheaper. The mechanics pushing additional services can be annoying.

Paul Nilotic

Good price and nice job but could improve still

Inhale Yoga

I come hear often..I do agree Car wash prices have gone up Alot..I find this is at many car wash places...However u must Shop around...The Staff is very nice n doing the best job they can...Since they raise the Prices I have been Tiping them Much Much less..Im Sorry...I hope u pay ur staff more w ur increase in car wash...U do have a immaculate Place...Outstanding equipment..I always get a shiny clean car..Please focus on vacuming interier a little more detailed especially when I Pay for it in my detail wash...Thank U....

Rick Hernandez

It's ok wish the car was cleaner for the price

Emmanuel Baker

This place has more systems to clean your car. The local one are real quick and soap suds remain in places...not here. The employees are quick and respect your property. I do t like the tape on the rear wiper...but it doesn't leave residue afterwards.

Desiree Wisdom

Employees were friendly and efficient......

Angelica Perez

I come here all the time and never did I have the worst experience until today. I just bought my 2019 Toyota Camry and I also have a private drive way. I come in today 3/26/2019 at 12:15 pm to get a super car wash which is vacuum, amor on tires and basically a really good wash and dry service but I got none of that. They gave me a basic wash and a terrible dry. They didnt clean my rims and barely any amor on the tires. I didnt complain until I seen these scratches on my trunk and the front of my car. I keep my cool and go to the manager to tell him my situation and the nerve of this guy ! He tells me that it looks like someone did those scratches on my car before I got to the car wash. What?!?!? Are you kidding me ?!? I have a private drive way with cameras !!!! Plus I just bought the car last week !!! I even gave my car a hand wash the other day myself and did not see any of those scratches! This will be the last time I ever come here for any service ! My suggestion to everyone that goes to this car wash do yourself a the favor and record your car and then compare if it looks the same before and after the wash and if you have a BRAND NEW car DO NOT GO TO THAT CAR WASH ! YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE OUTCOME. And trust me when I say these scratches are not water screeches.

Phaedo Music

After my car wash, there was puddles on the floor INSIDE my car. I also hear water swishing around the engine. I'd complain but i dont want whatever free wash they would give me. Terrible.


Get your oil changed and a free car wash

Avona Whyte

Nasty workers. I told cashier that I didn't see him took out my mat to wash. They giving me attitude. I am not paying for the service if not done. Anyways Manager came and made sure it was done.

Dani Dee

Charge for everything. A little pricey

Olga Dmitryuk

ok carwash. have to get our of the car and pay inside though


My go to car wash. I recommend them!

Alex Vazquez

You get what you pay for. Nothing exceptional

Rene Taylor

This was a while back, they ripped of the plastic grommet that the mats click into, they stated that it might have gotten sucked up by vacuum, and that I should call the next day as they would be checking the vacuums. Next day the grommet wasn't found, which is understandable, however what isn't understandable is the response I got from the owner. He basically said too bad, tough luck. Until I informed him that I know basically everyone that works in the hospital across the street, nurses, surgeons, vendors, and all the directors from all the departments, and that I would make sure they all knew about my horrible customer service experience at his car wash . That’s probably 75% of his business. Things changed rapidly after that. I have not and will not return to this place, even if they paid me to wash my car there.

Adam Torres

Did a fantastic job detailing my car after it got a few scuffs.

Carlos Martinez

Very good service but watch your wallet, oil change and other spenced could disappoint you!

Heriberto Gonzalez

Best car wash in the Bronx. Plenty of options. Fast lube comes with a free carwash.

lady Ivy

I like it is neat and comfortable


Excellent service. Very friendly and in and out quick. I will definitely be returning.

Roberto El Lakkis

Great wash and service.

Lauren Porto

If you need a car wash this place doesn't disappoint. The guys are quick and do a decent job. If you live in NY and you park your car outside you probably need a car wash at some point. They offer a variety of services and even oil changes as well. Don't forget to tip !

david andersson

if you want a place for the job is not done the right way, that’s the place. I could have taken 10 more pictures than those.


Good services&prices

Gabii D

They missed a couple spots for almost $20.

Frank Orrico

Talking about getting your car cleaned in & out ! Very Quick & courteous service ! Have to try it, you'll become a regular !

Lou Perez

Clean and friendly atmosphere, a little pricey but you get what you pay for I guess.

Steven Rodriguez

The never really do a good job unless they're not crowded or you pay for the premium service.

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