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REVIEWS OF Shiny Car Wash & Lube IN New York

Derrick Doom

They do a great wash inside and out for the money. $20 and you go away nice and clean.

Carlos Osorio Sordelli

if you are coming back from JFK to the city, this is a great place to wash your car, you stay in your car, it is left very clean and cheaper than any other car wash service I have found in NY

Katherine Torres

worst car was ever they don't vacuum properly. After getting home I had to clean myself left over dirty spots on the outside of the care, there was still dirt inside the car. Also they rip you off with the prices. On top of that if you do oil change they will tell you that you will get a free oil change on the 7th oil change. Once you reach the 7th they will tell you are only eligible if you flush your engine. What a rip off!!!

Rizan Mohammed

I love shiny car wash I've been going there for the past 27 years

Md Hasan

Wash is okay but using dirty towels & vacuum not cool!!!


Neighborhood car wash for me. I know or familiarize myself with most of the workers and all are friendly!


My most favorite car wash in Brooklyn; period.

B Seals

They need to use microfiber clothes to dry the behicles. They leave Linton and towel debris at time on my SUV and sometime they dont dry the vehicle well. The staff is polite

Franky Guadalupe

don't get the rain ex and watch the guys asst the end, sometimes they don't wipe the interior you gotta check. when they do, they do well..

Amira R. Crawford

They do a really good job here.

Al M

They do very good and I always appreciate their good work. 4 star bcz nowadays I need be in waiting line for long time. They do chitchat with some of their customers and sometime it’s slow down their productivity.

Miguel Jimenez

I love this place during the day. At night its a different story. The night staff sucks.

Jay Oscar

I don't go anywhere else to clean my car or change my oil. They are very professional. They are courteous. And they don't pressure you to do unnecessary work. When they clean, they are very thorough...they'll even clean your trunk if you need them to. And they smile.

Aquila Jordan

The price was a bit high for the quality of service $20.00 could have cleaned the interior windows and dash board. Why would you expect a tip.


Was ok but wash worker at night is very rude

Chocolat 4life

Good spot car comes out great

Mrs. Tucker

I love this place. The entire place is spotless with friendly and courteous staff.

Jaime Moller

Did a stellar job shining my car up.

Latara Bell

THE WORSE! I cant even call this place a car wash when I left and my car was still DIRTY! They half vacuumed. My mats were still wet when they put them back. My window shield/all windows were left with streaks. They didn't even attempt to clean my inside of windows. Left my dash board dusty. When I told them my car was still dirty he pretended not to speak English. So I found someone that spoke english & he told me I needed new paint job. Like what how rude!?!?! How do I need a new paint job when I can lick my finger & rub the dirt off my car. Their lucky my original car wash was closed & this was the nicest weather of the week. Drove across town for nothing. NEVER AGAIN! Dont waste your time folks! The rain will do a better job. I'm calling the Better Business Bureau first thing in the morning!

Keno dee

Very good place to get ur car washed at.

Abu Anas

Quick. best customer service you can get. its totally worth it

Ali Nichols

Got a oil change there like there car wash pretty good wash

Yossi Rienitz

Good service and good wash as well. Beautiful store inside. Very decorated.

Mike Colon

Paid for ultimate and they didn't armoral inside. Outside was very nice though.

Ashley Marzigliano

They have awful customer service and it depends on who you get on how much they charge. I went here a few times because it's on my drive home.. never going back. My paint chipped and my car looked awful afterwards. I would not recommend this place if you like your car

rony saha

The worse car wash place. Didn’t vacuum the car right either in the front of the car seats or back seats. Neither wiped any of the door Pannel. N i had paid for the services. N yes I DIdNT get the basic wash FYI

Lauren S

Decent. Not 5 stars, more like 3.5 but a pretty good overall car wash compared to all the others I've tried around Atlantic Ave from Washington Ave eastward & even up on Bushwick Av by the Jackie entrance. Decent work for a decent price. They don't do interiors after 7 though & when they do, make sure to watch closely...sometimes they do a great job, other times not...

Roger Martins

The vacuum and shampoo was great but the cleaning of my rims was not good and the cleaning of my tires was good but they put no shine on it. Good place but service needs to be better

Rodney Strick

Great car wash.


Great place they take good care of your car

Kwesi Bostwick

I usually get the value of service for my dollar spent on this particular visit I was not informed that for the dollar I spent, I'm only be getting $0.42 of work I was so furious I didn't even tip.

Shamika Hargrove

I alway come here. Good prices car is always to my liking...4 stars because the line is always soooooooooooo long

L. Black

I injoy the discounted prices after hours, however I'm not fond of finishing the job after paying for the job to get done

Lorenzo Phillips

This place is fast and about 50 to 100 hands complete your vehicle

Sal Bloise

Very good work for the price. Worth the trip from Queens.

Noureliza Ajana

Overall descent wash and clean facility. I did the whole car wash including the interior detail. I was not impressed because I was the first person there meaning they should have had more than enough time to have my car super clean. The cracks in between my seat were not vacuumed well and it looked like some parts of the carpet were rushed to be cleaned. I hope even borrowed the workers rag to do a bit of the detailing myself. I was expecting better.

Leon Ravenell

Not a bad car wash; quite reason. Discounts for late night, and early morning service.

Cristal Tineo

Never going back. I paid for one of the more expensive car washes and they didn't even clean inside at all. Horrible!

Ariel Rodriguez

Great place for car wash

Wilde Diaz

Ok place, would of gave it a five if they wouldn’t use clearly dirty towels

Terra Dunn

They do a good job

Marva Brown

Excellent service and excellent prices. My go to car wash for detailing and the basics. They even have a nice waiting area!


1 of Brooklyn's most popular car wash. Service is great. Lines are very long after work and after bad weather days.

janey Beckles Rodriguez

Excellent place to change your oil price watch the car via good excellent employees

Sheila Bailey


Iodele Thomas

The VIP wash was finished in 20 minutes, not an hour as they said. They broke my seatbelt piece and told me when they washed the car it was like that, I know my car so well and when I gave it to them nothing was dented or broken. It is a new Nissan Rogue and if I could I would give them zero stars. I am so upset. The manager was not nice at all he told me that the car came in damaged and to go look for the piece in the garbage bin. Never even said sorry. Don’t waste your time or money on this place.

Xea On

This Car wash Is clean Cashier Friendly. bilingual,Was the Best back around 5 yrs ago, the quality is lacking, no pride You want to tip workers but when u have to wipe ur own car dwn its not good.

Astro DivaGoddess Astrology

Topnotch service for oil change and car wash.

Tasha Burnett

This is the best place I've ever been for oil change and you get a free wash and the guys that work there is totally great they will clean your vehicle in side out

Randy Torres

The carwash doesn't get the car cleaned very well you'll find yourself have to wash spots they left dirty. They will rob you on oil change not only will they over charge you but they will also harass you to get your engine flushed knowing that it's bad for your engine. Also the special of getting a free oil changed after the 6 time it's also a scam as they will tell you would have to flush your engine in order to get the oil change which is an extra 106 dollars. Update 5/8/19 get ready if you leave a true review of how they do business because if they don't like it, they start calling you and harrasing you asking why did you take it upon yourself to write a review. I received a call this morning about this review and why i report them to BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. I can imagen how many people they been robbing and then harassing this way. ANYONE ELSE THAT HAS BEEN VICTIM TO THIS BUSINESS JUST GO ON GOOGLE AND MAKE A REPORT ON BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.

Denis Folan

They clearly did not fill my oil or coolant tanks when I came in for an oil change. Kept trying to upsell me on things.

Ronley Ellis

Great service but I don't like when they leave the tape on my car

Yusuf ahmed

My car burns oil so I brought a lucas oil treatment to use it with 4 quarts of other oil. I asked the guy who is in charge of the facility to give me 1qurt of oil which I need to use later as oil burned .(note:5qurts come in a packge ). Unfortunately, he refused my request. I told him you will lose 4 of my friends car.

Elain Green

Very intimate when getting lube job, car wash is not what I expected.

marci redmond

They did my fuel cleaning in 20 mins and I was gone. Long lines for the car wash though and a little pricey.

Charles R Davis II

Extremely fast service whether it's cleaning your car or changing your oil... the guys there really know what they're doing. And the prices aren't too bad.. to me this is one of the best car washes in the neighborhood.

Baby Chou

Expensive place how only outside cleaning $9

Marlon Cox

I always have a good experience here.

Brian smith

Create car wah but rip off if your doing oil change

Shivaun Mayers

I really like this car wash, i wish i could love it but as far as service goes, it's pretty decent. The guys a relatively efficient and for the most part do a pretty good job. My major issue is with the windows, they are always smudgy and i have to do them over myself using my own rainx. They need to either change there rags or wash them properly. Plus when they vacuum inside its always a hit or miss. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. And they are pretty pricey. They need to offer better rates or specials for regular customers.

Beverly Hughes

Veryyy nice,

Dawn Wolfe

Today was the 3rd time that I waited in a long line just to find out that the express wash is not available. I waited 45 minutes for nothing! I called ahead to be sure and the woman who answered the phone said the service was available. There is no sign posted or note on the site to indicate this to customers. I’m never going back.

Zakir Chowdhury

This place was used to good BUT now totally garbage.

Tanveer Hasan

V. good price $6 at night. CASH ONLY

John Williams

Nice car great service

Bane Calizaire

Ok. If you visit any place that's set up like this one to wash your car, then you really don't care about your vehicle. Now that we are past that point... This is your average everyday automated car wash. For a quick rinse and your vehicle is 3 years old or over 30k miles, sure. But if you are trying to clean your brand new BMW or Benz or Telsa, I suggest you find a detail, hands only spot to wash one of your prize possessions.

V Singh

Bad service at night ..people they work not nice they rude

Irsik Maria

Fast serving, price moderate, good service

kofi Obibini

They do the dang thing. Great prices with a taxi discount

Omario Jones

Could be better. Like drying off the car more thoroughly.

Lemarvolous Hearts

The car wash is the whole Block so basically if u take longer showers u should be cleaner I'm always happy with the out come

Jason Chance

They do good job

Kenneth Hicks

The employees do a poor job drying off vehicle

Dasia Tenielle

Great service. Friendly staff. Fair pricing. After every 3rd oil change the 4th is free. I believe it's 3 but double check.

robert shelton

I been to all the rest ,now come to the BEST. The staff are friendly and supportive and helpful. The prices are really good. I been changing my oil there for over FIVE YEARS. Come one come all.

Frankie Marshall

Dam that so beautiful car wash

Chasing Dreams Crew

Good staff when u need something done they will help u the best they can

Bertha Reece

Always Best car wash Expensive

Dovi Goodman

Great job oil change and car wash right after for free.

Shateama Mays

Gets the job done. No fuss.

Badar Afzal

I went to get my car washed and asked the guy to power wash my passenger door and he refused me will never come here again!!!!!!!

Delicious D Cooks

Good customer service

Selwyn Hinds

The real feel temperature was -13 degrees and they were doing a fantastic job

Maria Rodriguez

Paid for service and they still left car dirty. Gave tip and had to get different people to come and clean. NEVER AGAIN I'll be back.

Mike King

They make sure ur is clean and shiney

close call

Best late night car wash in area.

Dee Gordon

My last couple of visits to Shiny car wash has been very disappointed. Inside my car was not cleaned properly...vacum job was horrible (still dirty) dash still dusty. Car looked like it was never cleaned. They do such a rush job which is sad because I like the the place. Not going back!

Millede Echavarria

Open 24 hours which comes in handy

Lauriston Smith

One of the best car washes in Brooklyn.

crystal kinard

I get my oil changed here.

Lancelot Brown

The best car wash, service great.

James Bond

After I wash my car and dried it. I put hand on it see how much dust came out. I paid $21.99 for best wash. Here it is. They do this to a regular customer. I came here for oil change n cash wash always. But after today I won’t.


I would of given them more stars but the staff is not as nice as they use to be...specially the morning Dominican cashier she is only nice and smiles to her ppls... in the mean time she stands there on her phone holding her head with a shabby attitude with others who are not Dominican. No offense to my Dominican peps... another thing the price is gone pretty high I bring like 4 cars in here to get serviced I dont even get a free smile

Derrick Barnes

This place is ok

Jovella Brown

I Got The Super Wash.. Hmm... It Could Have Been Much Better... For The $26

Diana Pierre

It’s convenient and they do a decent job. I usually ask to borrow they towel to hit a few spots but other than that they’re good and gut price is fair

Tyronne Milton

They live up to their name. Your car will look shiny and smell great when they finish washing your vehicle

Peder Nielsen

Been a regular customer at Shiny for 3 years and always been very satisfied with their work until today. After my car came out of the automatic wash tunnel it had a large dent and 5 foot long scratch on the drivers side of the car, clearly due to a mechanical defect in the wash tunnel. When I confronted the staff they (off course) rejected my claim. I asked to speak to the manager who was more interested in picking a fight with me than actually take any sort of responsibility. Only due to one of his coworkers swift action I avoided being assaulted. Stay away from this place ...


Thorough job along with great service

Rachele Mcmitchell


Shay Bey

Clean your car very good. They are also polite too

Alissa Webb

Half price car washes 7PM-AM Great Service

Charles Stallings

The King of carwash in Brooklyn! Anything you can think of is here. Cleaning cars is their business. Still, what other car wash can you get a bagel, coffee and a computer station?


Excellent Service, you can have coffee or a cold drink, snacks, seating , a massage chair. Full service on your vehicle plus mechanics on the premisses.

Moe smooth

Love the way they clean the car expensive. After 7pm it's a few dollars cheaper.

Timothy Alston

Pretty good car wash but recently every time I go there the price has gone up.

Richard D. Gacha

Great work

B. prepared


Brian Lewis

Overpriced not as good as they use to be.

Guerrilla Focus

Awesome, great, clean, fast and convenient service. professionalism at the uppermost!

Andrew shcherba

My car after Super easy. Worst service

Tarek Elahi

They used to clean your car like their own car but now they don’t care.

John Lugar

Not bad at all.

Racquel Green

Paid $25 for a wash and car still had bird poop and other dirt on my car...they told me they can't d anything about how the car comes out...not going back

Opu ahmed

Jhose brother is good

Oswald Smith

Always had a great experience here. People seem honest and straight forward here

Rianna Smith

At approximately 7:10 I entering in shiny car wash and asked if they could brush the fender of my SUV truck a little more because it had a sticky substance on it. Then I payed my 16 dollars. The response I got was “maybe” several times rudely. Then he proceeded without brushing the spot at all and just let my car roll through. I came around to ask for a receipt because I was going to report him. However he gave me back my 16 dollars and told me not to come here anymore. This can’t possibly be a productive business. I have had up to 5 of my vehicles that I brought here for many years. But that’s no problem at all because the car wash around the corner has gotten better.

Lavoy Starnes

They do good work on my cars

Robert Miranda

The place to go wash your car after7 pm excellent car wash

ahmed b

My car was just dusty...they charged $20+ for a premium wash and the car didn't even come out fully clean from the automatic wash. The back and areas on both sides was not even rinsed after soap application. Then the hand driers don't even dry properly...wet and soapy in large areas when they said it was dry. They also use cheap tire shine that is greasy and flings everywhere as you drive. Not recommended.

Alex Valentin

I've only just finished parking my car after getting it wash in shiny car wash & lube. As always the experience was fasr and the service was top notch. As i begin to grab my things from the car i notice a fair bit of money in the cup holder. I call shiny car wash to see if perhaps one of the people working on the car may have dropped it but to my surprise the manager tells me that the money in fact belongs to me. If you want fast and professional service this is the place to go.

Ronald Wright

Great wash. I use them primarily as my default car treatment ctr

Fernando Blaker

Good job and great service

Felix Gonzalez

Great car wash but I hate how they use Terry Towels because all the other car washes around the area use Microfiber Towels. They dry better and won’t scratch the paint and won’t leave strands like the terry towels. Hopefully they get Microfiber soon or I’ll be going to another wash.

Ryan Kwong

Tip: Come after 7pm for their discounted car wash rates (approx. 40% off). I’ve been to many car washes in the city and I can say Shiny Car Wash & Lube is one of the best (Atlantis comes close). There is usually a wait during summer and winter season and once you arrive near the entrance you have 4 cleaning options to choose from. “The Best” option works for me, considering the value. My car just comes out looking cleaner out of this car wash. I wish they have a better member’s package to really entice loyal customers.

Joseph Lokoyi

Good wash and customer service

Lamont Gholson

After 7pm is the best time to go price cheap

Yehiel Denci

In case you thinking to go to this place do not go it's a rip-off they charge you 29 99 for oil change and that's what the advertising when you get there they're try to rip you off on everything don't get fooled by getting the free car wash they make a shity work and it takes very long customer service sucks worst I ever seen


Great service here and open 24 hours

Damon Lopez

After they were done the top of my truck was very dirty and they refused to clean it

Ardia Crawford

Good place to wash your cars

Crystal Childs - Johnson

Take good care of your vehicle

josie gomez

There worse service I've experienced. Full service is defined completely different here. They don't even vacuum nor do they wipe with a cloth the inside! Don't waste your cash here. Disgraceful.

Safiya Smith

Their car wash line ain't no joke.

David Santiago

This is the place for your car

David Weaver

Really good car wash the workers made sure I was satisfied

mahmud rahman

They putted internationally wrong oil to kill my engine. It costed me 1600$ to fix from the dealer... Some employees are heartless...

Mamadou Bah

Customer service need to be more respectful. Didn't like the way the associates was talking to me. I needed just answer when it was my first time here. Even though the machine cleaned the car the way I wanted so car wash well done but customer service need work

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