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25 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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REVIEWS OF Oakley's Car Wash, Oil Change & Detail Center IN New York

Virgil Norman

Ok. After 6:00pm you set inside your car and go thru the car wash.

Joe Martell

I usually go to hand wash places, or have car wash vans come to me. However, this place does a really good job. Car came out great.

Qalb Nuri

I love the fact that when you do your oil change here you will get a free car wash. that's why I come here to do the oil change. Thanks!

Md Saz

I would give 5 star. if there employees wipe the car good way.

Shane Kusterman

Always busy and usually a 20-30 minute process. They do their best to get a good job done and move it along. Just wish the process was faster. It is what it is. Pricing is fair considering the neighborhood. They don't charge an arm and a leg.

Furkan G

Okay i was hesitant on getting my oil changed here at first but i gave them the benefit of the doubt and WOW. I purchased a synthetic oil change for my car and the total price came up to $80. Estimate of time was about 20mins in and out the door. With the oil change my tires were filled, washer fluid was filled, belt was checked as well as a walk around inspection. To add i also received a free wash. By far the best service i believe my car has gotten just for an oil change, great job.

Gary H

Took a full service bath and the staff took pride in making sure the job was done correctly. Highly recommended as the place to go for a good wash.

Charles Dono

Prices are good But BEWARE of the UPSALE........... .

M Melikova

This place it awful I’m not recommending this place to anyone They don’t do their job. I had to clean the inside of my car myself Such a sloppy work. Unbelievable

Sami Gjyrnikaj

Great service ever had issues car comes clean every time and the staf is carrying towards your car

Boris Mizhen

Changed oil, got a free carwash and $3 off next oil change. Price with 7.5 quarts of noname synthetic was $103

Sofiya NY

Always my go to Car Wash, have been coming here for more than a decade. They always do a great job, and you can always direct them if they missed a spot, lol. They'll be happy to clean where ever you ask.

Maria Falchetti

Best place to live your car, minor repairs, and serious car wash!!

Salvatore Pino

Car wash is good until the guys drying the car are too lazy to properly wipe down the outside and interior, and you realize that you wasted your money and should just wash it yourself.

Paul Pullini

Great its open after hours.

Shaunda Gilliam

My go to place to get my car washed fast and good.


Good job thanks brother

yao he

Great nightly price after 6, but cleanliness is so so.

Mike DiDonna

Great wash. CHARLES OAKLEY!!!!!

Stephanie K

Great service and the staff is friendly. Prices are reasonable

Adam Smiler

Good car wash excellent one if you remember to tip the guy that takes the money.

Nadeem Khan

It's not a great wash they did not clean my windows

Carlos Manchego

Seldom a waiting line, relatively quick service and free exterior car wash with lube, very good deal for the money. Waiting hall inside with big screen TV, used to have free coffee, no more, instead there's a vending machine for that oe hot chocolate. Wide variety of car accessories for sale at OK prices. Keep coming specially for the free car wash with oil change.

Kate Borkowska

Quick and good service

Andrew Terentyev

GREAT CAR WASH. I don't go for the super expensive or cheapest options, just that $35 one every couple of months when I'm in the neighborhood (I live in Queens!). The guys here do an excellent job - never sloppy, always careful in their attention to detail when towelling, wiping the interior and plastics, etc. Their vacuum cleaners need better attachments. As for the other experiences people complain about, and as a general rule: I've got a good mechanic to whose shop I'm loyal. There's no way I'd let anyone so much as touch the powertrain simply because I'm already in front of their shop.

tahir ashraf

best car wash and service in Brooklyn. They did shampoo for a reasonable price and car was new again inside out.

Aleksey Devyatkin

I feel like car wash getting worse and worse. Before it was much better. Just came home from wash and noticed poor vacuuming and dust all over panels. Few month ago i got so upset that i droped what i was doing and came back to ask them to finish their job. With that said its important to note that i do not experience such poor service every time i come there.

Besik Rurua

This is the pictures after washing, the job was done


Horrible have a brand new car and this was the first time i got lazy and decided to not get a hand wash and now got a 6 inch scratch on my tailgate.... not one of those situations where you are not sure where the scratch came from because when i got home i wiped the car down and bam there it is fresh with a little paint chip still attached on end... TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR WHOLE CAR BEFORE USING THIS PLACE because you WILL see scratches.

Timur Khodjakhanov

Тerrible service. I left the car for an oil change and car wash. they poured cheap oil and poorly washed car. I advise you to avoid this place.

Amin Khan

Excellent service! The guys are great for car wash or oil change.

Elevated Discourse

Price isn't 9.99 as advertised, plus taxes and fees, it came out to about 15$. But it was well worth it. They did a great job, I have no complaints.


Favorite car wash...

waqar shaukat

Great service oil change & car wash

Aleksandr Kizhner

Bad bad service .... always need to point out on everything , They simply don't care about quality and customers...

Jeff Friedman

Great service.

Mary Bergman

I always go to this car wash. The staff is courteous and work hard. They do a great job especially cleaning the interior.

Namig Aliyev

They charge you more and do less! Imagine, I cleaned all my wheels and tires myself right after the car wash. This was a first time I went there to try out but, I will not go there anymore of course.

Kamini Singh

always good service

Ibrahim Taghiyev

Most slop car wash place.!

Vitaliy Mukhaylov

Good and fast service. Lines can be long during some hours or after snow storms.

Ivan T

Amazing Car Wash facility, since I've bought my car I have been coming to Oakley's. The prices are fantastic and if you go after 6pm you get a car wash for cheaper, they have really good deals. And I also changed my oil about 2 weeks ago here and it was a great experience didn't wait long at all, and I got a free car wash coupon which I used this past Wednesday. I recommend this place 100 percent, and a good tip if you go after 6pm get the "Night Rebound" if you like ypur rims polished.

Derek B

I find they do a good job cleaning cars my man Mohammed only does my oil changed and their carwash coupons don't expire

ibrahim çolak

This oakley car wash is the worst ever experience I have ever had trying to wash my car because what ever you purchase such simple clean like $10 or the expensive one which is $39.99. They don’t even make what ever the package include. Only simple not even simple cleaning. I have took some pics how they did clean. Paying is just nothing because every routine is same as they the workers do. There is no change between the packages. Purchased the top one but they finished like the others. No polish, no protect, no rebel, no shine. Simple simple simple. Not recommend this place ever. Not to visit this place ever again. I wish I have to give it 0 star. Please if you purchase something be aware because they don’t do.

Stan Volovik

The only carwash I use. If your car is still dirty after first wash, they will wash it again free of charge. Friendly cashier and management

Kris NYC

Horrible. $25 later and my car is still dirty. I'll stick with my regular guys for $35.

Alexis Santiago

The staff is great, The tripolish machine never spray correctly always semi clogged and I get super mad thats why 3 stars, the good side is that the car wash is guarantee for 48 hours every 11 washes get a free wash and a free one in your birthday.

parviz karimov

Excellent service! Thank you.

Gennadiy Sayenko

fast service, but long lines


I like it .They have vending machines but they are a little expensive.The place is expensive but they have good service.They sell all types of things 4 ur car like refresheners and windshield wipers.They even sell greeting cards and phone cases

Eitan Goldblatt

Overpaid for a top package hoping to have my car cleaned. They tried getting away with the bare minimum. I had to ask them to shine and polish my tires, even though the package I had purchased had minimally included that. Dishonest. This was my first and last visit.

Maria Martha

The only place I go to that does a decent job cleaning SUV’s. Ive tried many others on the area and its terrible. This place also offers a punch card kind of service where if you get 10 washes, you get one free.

Gia Gia

I paid $20 inside outside cleaning... Baton real nothing changes....

Alex Koltsov

A good place to wash your car, but for God sake do not change oil at this place. They use the lowest quality oil. They offer engine flush to everybody. This procedure will make you lose your warranty and may ruin your engine.


Overpriced. Not the best place to get your car washed. Just convenient for me

Diva The Best

We love to wash our car there❤

Angel Baby

The only car wash I use.

billy betancourt

I have been washing my car there for some time now. They do a pretty good job.

Glenn Kessler

Not as good as they used to be. Need to concentrate on the details, customer service, quality control

Dmitry Ovrutsky

I have been using them for years. They are thorough and efficient.


For 5seat crossover charge like SUV. I don't have extra 2 backseats.

The Timelapse Traveler

Very good service and a manager who really knows how to take care of good patrons.

Mustafa Gulter

I used this car wash 5 times a week but it's getting worse and words every time I paid $40 for detail car wash but real nothing change

Ji Antique

In the past few years I haven’t washed my car other than by Oakley’s. They are quick, thorough and most important, don’t scratch your car. I’m happy with their service.

Dave Gelman

Great car wash. My family has been bringing the cars here for 20 years. Never once had a problem with them

John Rizzotti

Good quick and cheap especially on weekdays after 6 p.m. if you just want the exterior done

Robert Mauceri

Oakley's is a great place to get your car cleaned. There are numerous packages based on the type of service you are willing to pay for.

luisana baez

Never going back again somebody stole my headphones from my car!

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