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15002 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11354

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REVIEWS OF Northern Boulevard Car Wash IN New York

Barry Leffler

Just ok


Decent car wash, price is ok.

Adam Narkier

No frills car wash. You get good quality was and wash for the price.

Jay Jeong

Silver Service 22.50 w/tax

Ahmed Moustafa

Dana Faria

Wellington Chen

Mostly detailed oriented for the platinum service, however they missed a few crevasses

Faizah Bodeen

They raised their prices...however pretty decent wash....

Amanda Johnson

two long to wait and not really clean after they finish

Oscar Hernandez

They offer a piss poor wash for the money you're paying. The cleaners don't give a damn once the car has come through the wash. Washing your car yourself is better than coming here.

mky mky

Waist my money Omg....

Chris Ruiz

Went to have my truck washed, paid extra because it was a pickup truck which is crazy to me because it's actually less area to clean since I don't have a back seat. When the guys go to dry it, one of them call me outside and say there's a problem, apparently one of the brushed fell on the truck as it was going under and put 4 gashes in my driver door, I go tell the receptionist girl who has to be like 17 what just happened, she called the manager who wasn't there and then ignored my questions why something like this would happen. Then processed to tell me "I don't even work here" as she's swiping the next customers credit card.... I get it, if mommy got you a summer job with your uncle or some other family member you still got to represent the company as an employee. Anyway the manager finally showed up, he was trying to be accommodating and said he would pay for the damages, we go inside to write up something saying he would pay for it and they receptionist girl starts saying I was being rude before, when all I was doing was asking legit questions on how that could happen to my truck. Thats when things really got weird, the managers 16 year old son starts threatening me and saying " oh you just want us to pay for it because you can't afford to fix it yourself" and " your truck just can't take a hit" which both statements are ridiculous, who takes their vehicle somewhere for it to get hit? The manager then goes with me outside and writes up something saying he would pay for the damages and I leave. When I come back with estimates. To fix the door he says it's too expensive and refuses to pay, now I have to go thru my insurance, pay a deductible and hope that my insurance is able to recover that from the businesses insurance (assuming they have insurance). It was one of the oddest experiences iv had with a business, iv been going for 15 years and it has been on a steady decline, no one cares for their job there. VERY unprofessional, from the snobby cashier girl who doesn't care about how she portrays the business because mommy got her the job, to the manager who lied about paying to fix my truck, to the guys who do a half ass job of drying your vehicle, alot of whom have watches & jewelery on their wrists and leave scratches. HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED, DO NOT GO THERE

Usman Mirza

First time 2 weeks ago they stole my perfum and then second time i went 10pm on friday they dnt have any sing on enterance after 7pm only exterior i went inside then i find out and there is car behind me i ask the guy u dnt have any sing outside and that illlegal guy start talking like he is the man on the northern blvd he dnt care about the business and customer never wana go those illlegals maxican come here no education dnt how to talk never wana go agian there never

Michael W

Ram Bo Lee

세차엉망 어글

Onell C

car not dried properly.

Valdez Manuel

Alex Iminov

It was terrible. Employees were unprofessional. They washed badly. Nothing has changed before and after washing. And when i informed there manager they said me that I have to clean lol

julian medina


kevin quintanilla

(Translated by Google) Very bad (Original) Muy mal

Goldsmithscorp718group Smith

Worst carwash dont know how to wash car and the wax u pay for always empty

Deb Dagger

The Car Wash hasbeen there along time. Not much to say about a car wash. Prices o.k just make sure when the guys are shining up your car at the end keep an eye on them because some of the guys try to get away with not completing their job!!

Martha Mayi

Good car wash

Danny C


Myo Thant Maw

Very crews...


It was good

Edgardo Peñate

(Translated by Google) Very good. (Original) Muy bueno.

Ma. Lynn Brewster

I'm not familiar with this place

Chris Yates

I was really impressed. My car was a total mess inside and out from a 5000 mile road trip. Did a really good job inside and out. And very quickly. I got the "Silver" for $16.02 and I am very satisfied. I will go back when I am in the area.

Vinod Kumar

One star is also much more for this people ,worse service they finish washing in seconds ,they just sprinkle water on car and dry it.waste of money

Richard Gates

Fast, efficient, inexpensive

vitaliy pak

Good price


They stole the EnVyUs logo!!


Often come here for car wash only because there is no other car wash available in Flushing area. Even though they wash badly every time my family or I come, I never complained. However, this time i gotta say something. This is what my father got after the car wash. you guys seriously need to wash more thoroughly!!

Promptos Myth

I asked for the lowest tier wash and at the register they charged me for a premium wash

Sangyon Keum

Good service.

Kirk Y

Reasonable car wash place. Pretty good job

Sergio Herrera

David Chang

(Translated by Google) Car wash service in general, the price is in the middle (evening)! Just because I am close to my residence, it is convenient! (Original) 洗車服務一般,價位中上(晚上)!就是因為靠近我的住所,方便而已!

Roberto Noria

The best carwash in queens

Shi Min Pan

Full service, can’t really clean my car...

neils natural

Good job. Unfortunately, no vacuum cleaners.

Pradeep Kumar Velumula

Sungmo Yeon

This place is probably one of the worst car wash in NYC. I just dropped in to quickly get an exterior wash after snow storm recently. As I approached the check in area and got out of my car, the guy printing checks yelled "same price for everyone" and just chose full service package without asking. I did not want full service since interior wasn't that dirty. There was a long line behind and I did not want to cause delay so I just went with it and waited for my car to go through. When it was done, I still saw visible marks on all surfaces but the finishing staffs only wiped the windows a few times and that was it. It got worse after driving around a bit as wetness dried. I saw even worse dirty spots and nothing was cleaned. This place is absolute waste of money. Just don't go here. Period.

Chonghun Song

So so.

Calito Roa

There equipment works really cheap and people don't want to wipe your car down good I have to get my own rag and finish the job

H Na

You have to really make sure they do everything you asked... I asked at least three times to wash the underside of my car and paid and tipped them for it , and even after the car washing attendant telling me twice that the car is ready to go, obviosusly nothing more than the basic wash through the drive was done.. and a crappy job at that. Then the unhelpful owner told me there's nothing she can do. No apologies.. never going back there.

David Wang

This one is the best around

Young Kim

Scratched up my car everywhere. Interior vacuum a shoddy job.


Overpriced,not worth it for a regular wash drive to Bronx

Mingsong Cui

This is one of the worst car wash in the New York city. Don't go there never ever.


Good service. I like to come here to wash my car. Very clean

Alex Dowlen

Really good and friendly service, but their prices are steeper than some other equally good car washes fairly near by. Would still recommend if you're in the local area.

William Velanis

Best car wash for the money

Grabben69 TV

did you guys steal envyus logo?


Great service!

Laim Liu

Bad service

Michael Salemi

On Tuesday it's .05 cent's off cash or debit

young lim

Edgardo Machado

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Maury De Volkellt

I told them clean the road salt from the car undercarriage, but after the service, I found they do nothing about the cleaning, there are still lots of road salt underneath of my car. Be careful when you clean your car there during the snow season.

Jeff Feng

wah is not completely clean,especially interior.


shah islam

It’s one of bad car wash center. All the stuff even who work front desk she also bad. I’m never ever again

Yicheng W


Mi Ke

I work as a driver so i regularly inspect my vehicle especially after its been cleaned. So after inspecting the car after its been cleaned, I find a hole on my floor mat. I address this to the manager and he claims his worker saw it already there while vacuuming my car and 'forgot to inform me of the damage'. The employees regularly remove the floor mats and bang on them to remove any debris. I suspect one of them banged it so hard he put a hole in it and tried to hide it. In any case they wouldn't reimbursement me. GO ELSEWHERE FOR A CARWASH. If you do decide to go to this establishment INSPECT YOUR VEHICLE!

Marcus Lee

$16.30 for a regular wash, employees were polite, some residues still left after the wash but I expected those since they were rock hard. I am giving it 3 stars because they did not vacuum clean my trunk, this is A-OK car wash place.


They missed a couple of spots cleaning car.. tsk tsk. Not worth $18

Shim wooil Shim

Blue Sky

If you have a expensive car , try handy wash. avoid scratches by machines !!!

hana pyo

(Translated by Google) good (Original) 좋습니다

Ting L

Service is bad and the price changes from time to time. Price is high as well. Not a fan of this place.

Dusan Milosavljevic

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelent

Channing Jackson

Yea this was an average if that car wash. So 2 stars fits perfectly. It sucks because this place is so close to home, but I'll go and try other local washes before coming here again. I thought the price was a little off for the actual work done. This would be a last resort for me.

Yu Zheng

Waste money

Francisco Riestra

(Translated by Google) Very bad (Original) Muy malo

Geraldine Luna

Not that great,

Brenda McKenzie

Excellent job

Jin Woo An


Sergey Davydov

Good carwash, good personal but prices expensive a little bit.

Sukhjinder Nijjar

Very expensive for below average car wash.


Waste of money. They not serious business. They don't wash good or take care of your car. All type of wash same. Just money they care. They should go out of business. better off going to jomars on main st and boothmemorial.

Zee N

They don’t care about your car. Service suck so bad, go somewhere else. They just want your money. They don’t even know how to vacuum.

Mohammad Zahir

Good service

Solo Choi

써지스 엉망입니다

Sam Kim

Ummm. Not very expensive, but also not very thorough. They pre hand washed parts of the car, then went through a car wash portion, which is fine. The interior was not very well cleaned, and left a lot of streaks in the Windows. I wouldn't bother going back here unless I wanted to watch them like a hawk and make sure they're doing a good job. Which I don't.

rajesh singh

Okay not very Good

Carwin Correa

(Translated by Google) Lousy (Original) Malísimo

T. Z.

The buy 5 wash get 1 free is a good deal if frequent washes. Only (known) location that offers anything like that.

Isac Nacipucha

Peter Yoo

OMG!! ALL TYPE IS SAME. also today silver type underbody wash $17.72 pay. but no water underbody!! no more visit.

Fernando Hernández

No quisieron lavar mi carro con vómito, soy taxista

Samuel Toby

George Karayiannis

Do you want to pay $20 for a wash and have the worst experience ever? Go to this place. After the wash I was wondering if they actually washed my car.


Service problem.

jeovanny raymundo

they washed my car and it stilled dirty.

aman sansoa

Their service is terrible, no Coustmer service, they do not vacuum the inside properly even when you tell them before to clean properly. When your car come outside the washing station it still has soap on it and they dont dry it . Over all do not waste your money on this car wash.

Wei Li

Regular service,but not very clean

tae yoon

Great service over 20 years

la mala

Get the car nice and clean


These guys have been in this business for a very long time. The quality of their service has gone down hill over time. I have seen many arguments break out and complaints submitted however there is no improvement at this facility.



Low quality job done


I lost my car mats after car wash.

Jaida Charles

Great job on you vehicle and it stay open till midnight! Wow!

Radcliffe Brown

Paul Wu

Refused to offer me an exterior wash. The only option was to upsale me on a full service package. Extremely rude and unprofessional. Who turns down and refuses a potential paying patron?? Take your business elsewhere

kay hong

Anthony Lopez

Alex Choi

InChul Chung

no good

Yong bok@ AOL. Choi

Shawon Mredol

Very bad car wash

Steve Park

I made an appoint for detailing my car that included steam and shampooing the interior and a standard exterior wash. I dropped of the car at 10 AM and I told the attendant and cashier I needed the car ready by 1 PM. They both told me no problem as I was the next car. I stopped by on time and saw the attendant was still cleaning the interior and needed another hour. I was unhappy and left. I finally get a call around 2:30 to pick up my car. I get there and had to wait another 10 minutes as the attendant was away working on another car. The car interior was still damp (no surprise) but the inside windshield had horrible streaks. I complained to the attendant to rewash all the interior glass. He was not happy but I could care less considering the poor service this place provides for a $160.00 detail job. I should have read the Yelp reviews before giving this place any business. I would NOT recommend anything more than the standard exterior wash for this place.

Bella Bueno

I went here for the first time and they left my car dirty didn't clean the glass inside and to top it off stole $2 in change I know $2 doesn't sound much but it's the disrespect it's in my car it's my property not yours I will never come here and I will never recommend anyone to come here the owner should be embarrassed to have thieves working for them

alison snyder

Great carwash, inside and outside of car done professionally. Even got to ride through was inside vehicle.

Rui Yang

Li Chen

In the morning, after going to the car wash, there is a change banknote in the handcuffs. There is a two-dollar dollar in the car. Where can I go? Can you think about it? I don’t want to brush it out. I have to wipe it again every time.

Cornelius Beard

The service was friendly and efficient.


Not the best but still much better than Little Neck Car Wass. Fast and clean interior vacuum service and most of all, the workers are pretty serious for what they are doing. In Southern California, you can find in every corner a 10 time nicer car wash service but I guess New York has very low standard of car wash business. I just pretend to be satisfied.

sara lee

Worst car wash. Dont go here. They left visible stains on my white car and towels were so dirty the inside smelled rotten. Dont go here.

Alexius Park

Nizam Aaryan

They don't vacuum better to wash by yourself honestly.. Is not worthy here..first & last time..

Joel Clase

They left my car well clean.

Anthony Neis

Very fast and affordable... Quality washes every time

George Escowitz

Good job usually

Aaron Dy

$30 for platinum car wash? And the result is not even silver car wash!! Sorry but never coming back. Horrible,so disappointed!

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