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115 Edison Ave, Mt Vernon, NY 10550

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Where is Mount Vernon Self-Service Car Wash?

REVIEWS OF Mount Vernon Self-Service Car Wash IN New York

Steven Burnett

Very easy and convenient. Only downside is the wait time on busy days. Vacuum, soap, rinse, oil and dry options.


joel arroyo

The best pressure of water but 1 dollar per minute when you pay 5 for 8 minutes on BP

Richard Giacco

Only self wash in area. Have to go early morning or evening to beat rush. Alot of times people get carried away and spend too much time in booth. Inconsiderate people in area...

toni jones

They upped the price of the machines.... Should update the machines it self Also it should be an attendant their 8 hours of day! They cannot tell me they cannot afford it...this place does a farley good amount of business

Tony world Wide

No soap always dirty

joseph B

Sometimes you can’t even pull in it’s so busy

Mario Disarro

I Like This Car Wash bc I Lime Washing My Car Myself....and For $4.00 You CAN'T Go Wrong....

Morris Mercer

It's a nice place to wash the car but in winter there is a lot of ice in the stalls.

Tony Cupid

Easy to use.very economical and ergonomical.

Marcos Cruz

Nicole Grant

Small with hardly any space to get around the pumps

Adrian H

rick vega

Nice place, quiet and you can take your time with your vehicle

Tyson Robertson

Place is not clean (parking lot full of garbage, sharp things you can drive over like glass) plus the machines do not work great. Have been twice, used two different bays, both of them the machines did not work properly. Low pressure foam comes out the same as high pressure, foam doesn't come out when it should, foam does come out when it shouldn't. Those brushes are also dirty as hell, not good for your car. One star added because the location is easy to get to and usually not too crowded.

Praveen Kumar

Bring your own quarters or dollar bills... machines only dispense their own dollar value car wash coins.

JayBlade Street Revoluzion

Austin James

Damon Warley

The price is good. At least you won't scratch up your car.

Emmanuel Morazan

4 enclosed stalls to keep the sun off, can pay cash or credit card.

Thaddeus Brown

Needs a turn up it's already ok but make it great needs upgrades asap thts my spot tho

S Frank

Byron Cheung

pretty busy self car wash

J 2 The R

Good spot, just found out about it although I’ve been in the neighborhood for a minute. Don’t use the last stall ( there’s only 4 stalls) to the right though, the selection lever is all messed up and only shot out soap. Took some rigging of the nob and it finally worked.


Usually crowded but no long waits priced reasonably

Angelique Boone

Luv this place! I'm a Cali girl on this coast, who enjoys washing her own vehicle! This place allows me the pleasure to do just that. Traveling from Manhattan to Mt.Vernon to wash exterior and interior at my own leisure, with my own arms and hands,JUST PRICELESS

Jason Patterson

If your a DIYourselfer this a nice spot right off the highway

Melissa Davila

Luis Cueto

I like the selfless wash but I honestly don't recommended because you have to rush the more time you take the more the machine will charge you I when to wash my car took me less than 15 min pay about 12 dollar. Mind you that I didn't even …

Cris D

John Ri

ورقة رابحة

Not bad at all!! Only self service car wash around. For $4 you rinse the car off then with a wash mitt you clean your car and add an additional $8 dollars to wash off the soap and then use the vacuum to dry the vehicle, away from the sun and BAM!!! Your ride looks like it was just pulled out the dealer.

Erick Gamero

Hand wash your car

Charlie Elva Rivera

Hondo Martinez

Location provides several stations which accept both cash and credit/debit cards as payment making the lines move quicker.

Paul Cruz

A little run down, but it does the trick for me.

Gavin Young

Good place, no hot water during winter season.

Danny Badillo

I like that it is a self car wash. But the quality of the soap could be a lot better. My car is black and Everytime I wash here, no matter how hard I try to clean the car, it stays dirty. The towel machines aren't always stocked so you waste your token. The owner isn't always around if you lose your token. The water pressure is pretty terrible. But still a nice place for you and your friends to have a car wash meet.

Michael brown

Been using this place for years.. always good service

george jimenez

Jermaine .J L.


First time user. It's definitely better than going to a car wash. A little work and effort and my car was shiny as new . Credit cards are accepted to start thewash cycle which is great.

Rob Lauren

Busy place

Steve C

Always steals your tokens while trying to purchase a blue shammy. Plus, there’s always a few people Who hold up the washing bays by taking a vantage of shade and waxing their cars there. While the car wash is only 4 long, I’ve waiting for over 30 minutes before I could get in, with no one else in line, mind you.

Phil Marshall

It's a self car wash...what more do you want. This is a good spot for those you don't like going to a regular car wash or don't have a private house to wash their car. Pros: 1. Ample space to move around. 2. Good water pressure. Cons: 1. Occasional smell of urine. Will update with pictures at a later time.




self car washes are mostly all the same. This one is priced a little higher than average. 4 dollar min to start the washing station. rarely an attendant around to help with problems.

sexi Chocolate

Angel Ortiz

Big spaces for you to work easy.


Clemente Aponte

Good location for car washes machines work decent.

John Schwam

Not many left like it. Excellent do it yourself car wash.

gregory williams

Love this car wash!

Brent Strother

Strong vacuum and powerful wash for a low price. Shaded washing area while washing your car.

Rob Rousey

Never out of soap and never any broken equipment like other self-service car washes. The water pressure is great, and there’s ample room near the vacuum stations to really open all your doors and go all in without having to dance around other people and their cars.


They need new brush’s with more soap. Ended up going to a regular car wash waste of time and money.

Jeff Reis

3 *'s for the facility 5 *'s for self service Not the nicest car wash but huge props for being self service. When I want a clean car I prefer to do the work myself. Room enough to clean and dry a car with limited additional facilities.

kingmomo99 N

Dean Reid

R Edwards

Easy to use!

Estrella P.

Great option for when your own hose and driveway are not available, but you quickly run out of time to detail, therefore wash quickly and rinse on time If you want to pay one fee.

Dee Harris

Clean machines usually well maintained reasonably priced.

Williams Alexander Zenteno Cruz

(Translated by Google) Must improve the cleans (Original) Deben mejorar la limpiza

Kelz J

virginia oliver

It's convenient! Every time I go to this place I lose money. Place needs some serious upgrades, especially to their token machines.

Nica Romo

Good place to wash your car make sure you bring all you need though because the machine for the amor oil doesn’t work.

Qadeer Syed

Ulisis Valencia

Honestly like the place but it charged me double the price on my card so be careful wont be going back no more

MIguel Rodriguez

Not a bad place to take your time to detail your own car.

Michael Garrett

No space, no shami bucket, no water other then in bay.

Anony Mouse

parie2000 tammo

Jose Romero

This place is a RIP off. You only get five minutes to was your car. The brush has hardly any bristles left on it and you barely get soap. Don't waste your money.

Virgil Naveda

Love being able to wash my car by myself cuz I do a way better job

Armaan Garcha

Will Monte

Michael Gonzalez

Colin Callum

Brian Oreiellis

Its easier going to a car wash. And about the same price give or take 2 dollars

Jack Liu

They don't have self service car washes like these anymore.

VQ Maxima

Michael Boyd

Flip John

james johnson

Cost efficient, but crowded.

Melissa Canaday

Gets the job done

Chönyi R

Good cheap car wash. $4 for 5 minutes. The high pressure water rinse, high pressure wax, etc. all comes from the nozzle of the bush. (there is no separate device for the water and brush.)

Josh Colon

Quiet , out the way , able to wash and dry without having obnoxious people rushing you ...

sean s

Fair pricing. Frustratingly fickle payment machine constantly returns crisp 5 dollar bills and 1 dollar bills. You've been warned.

Tajah Hoist

Ess Kni

Well lite at night, cameras, quick solution to any issues. Reasonable rates.

rickey odrisco

It's sturdy and the machines are on timers which are way too fast

John Cardoso

It's great self service but make sure you go early in the day, it's always packed

H Luis Soto

It looked okay I like the machines but you can't get change if you have a 20 you got to use the whole 20

Mxtra TV

Expensive, $4 for 5 minutes. Other than the high price, everything you need to get your car clean is available

El Neo Yorkino

Good place to do your own wash, a little expensive, ones can get a good carwash for the same Buck.

Joshua Bautista

You have to pay $4 to get started and the timer never stops counting down, even if you're not using the hose, which does everything from soaping to rinsing. Unless you're planning on spending 4 mins to completely water, soap up, scrub, rinse off and dry your car, you're better off going somewhere else.

Chris NYC

I don't like the idea that the water house is together with the brush and the other thing is the spot is to dirty.

Osayande Grant

d martin

Roger Moore

Carlton Bacot

mike Miller

Wash your own car using coins or credit card. Perfect!

Ed Denis

You out

Debby K

Always wash my car here.

Rodney G

Just ok. Resides next to a topsoil business. There's a great chance that your clean car will become dirty when the wind blows dirt on it from next door

Es Mosa

The best hand self car wash!

Wayne Johnson

Marilyn Walker

Clean ur own car. Nice

Alyssa Gayapa

There were a lot of car wash services in my immediate area but wanted a place to wash my minivan myself, and none of those were self-serve. I was glad to find this on Google Maps and come to this facility. If I recall correctly, there were four wash stations and many vacuum stations. There is also a bill to coin changer available on site.

Shevona Taylor

I love washing my car, it's fun and I don't have to worry about anybody scratching my car

kwame whittaker

Good self service place to wash and vacuum your car.

vince mason

Nice place to go to wash your own car/suv. They need to go back to the pink cleans and rinses better. The 5 minute timer is also a little fast. Still a good place tho..been going for years


Machines take your money

luis andino

Jesus Perez

I am car cleaning guru and love the fact is a self car wash. It would be nice to have accessible faucet to fill the bucket with water and rinse it once finished and not with a pressure gun/not cool. Also recommend a small store selling cleaning/detailing products which also provide customer service/maintenance to the self car wash. A Win Win $$$$

Jabbar Richmond

Very convieient and nice location

Jenny Taylor

Best self-service car wash in the city. Equipment always works, prices are lower than I expect, and the owner is often on site and a very friendly guy. I bring my own products, only use the water, so I can't comment on the quality of the …

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