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Michael Jin

Exterior Only Hours are non-existent. Came here at 8:30PM on a weekday and everything is closed. Don’t understand why they advertise 7pm - 9pm on website and exterior banner, but isn’t actually open.

Guy Kaldis

This is the best and cheapest car wash on Long island, now even with lower rates for a variety of services with a store adjacent.

Chris Lazarte

Great job and friendly staff

Min Choi

Good place but price just keep climbs every year.

Naveed Wardak

Good car wash ever I compare with other one in New York. Good location, kind staff. From receiving of the car till end. Trying to do all their best, but one point which I noted is thy are not cleaning the front windshield from inside or cleaning t with a oily piece of cotton which leaves signs. As per my experience after service just cross check around the car they left some points behind from cleaning. I show them every time.

alejandra F

Was great once.. Service has decline through the years... I stoped going


Good service at a decent price. I like the fact if you're not satisfied they will make it right.

Kaitlin DAgostino

Paid for the best service and still had spots of dirt all over my car. When I brought it up, they made the excuse that my car was white and that I needed to pay for detailing in order for them to actually clean it. Told me to go through the wash again, but the line was so long I had no time to do that. They should have not done a sloppy, careless job in the first place. Don’t recommend, not coming back. Save your money and get your car washed some place else.

Refaat Fahmy

Horrible they rush the whole job car was filthy still after gold package never again.bad service and zero customer service.

shay shiran

Always great customer service and friendly staff as well as reasonable prices. Never had any problems here!!!


These guys take very good care of your vehicle

Jaclyn D

If you don't watch them they cut corners. Horrible experience and I will not be coming back, dirt still on car, they water down their tire shine so much it's gone as soon as they apply it. Oh and how nice 8 inch scratch on my door thanks to them... I do not recommend you waste your money here...



AbbeyDawn Ruan

Never ever go to this place, they just ripped you off. I paid $23.94 for the gold wash and $5 tips. They just rush to finished it. I am so pissed off about it. No waxing no polishing ( The package including). it just vacuum. I asked the employees but they just want to ignore you. Look at those reviews, the OWNER only reply to the positive reviews. The sucks car wash ever in the world. Don't waste your money in this horrible car wash center.

Peter F Rooney

Something has gone wrong there. Too bad because now I have to find a new place. Instead of a group of guys working together, there is no more teamwork. Looks sad there now. Give them a raise or you will lose more customers.

ricky chang

Not bad. Decent prices. $10 washes from 7-9pm.

Jennifer McCormick

If I could give 0 stars I would. Brought my car in with dog hair in it and just needed a good vacuum. I paid the silver package price 16.50 + tax. Knowing it was dirty and had dog hair I gave the guy a 4$ tip. I didn't even get in my car when I realized it wasn't even vacuumed, the guys dragged the vacuum across the floor once, didn't bother the seats, under the seats, by my back window or anything. Let alone they didn't even wipe down the interior, there was dirt all by my shifter. I told one of the guys and he told me no you need a shampoo for that, when I told him that I've vacuumed it before by myself at a do it yourself vacuum he just walked away. I spoke to the manager who said that he's busy and doesn't have time to fully vacuum it, which is no way to respond to a customer who just paid and tipped well. He told me I can have a free car wash next time and tried to walk away. I asked for my tip back and he said he didn't have it, he told me he asked his guys and they said I didn't give anyone the money. I went to the guy who I handed it to and he laughed in my face and walked away. He offered to run it through again, but told me I had to wait. I already waited and paid for the service and I didn't have time to wait another 30/40 min for them to do a half ass job again. Never ever going to this establishment again. Very rude, very disrespectful. All the Spanish workers were talking about me in Spanish thinking I can't under stand because I'm white.

Robert Michaels

Always do a good job and quickly. Have been going there for years.


Pricey but nicely done

Edwin Perez

Place very professional I recommend this car whashed to all my freind . David help me and all I need to keep my car clean

Val Yaloz

Quick and efficient, does the job

A google User

I've got ripped off. I was there 9/30/2017 9:00 am. The staffs are so rude and they charged me $16.99 and tax plus tips for ONLY EXTERIOR WASH. Because I have washed inside of my car a couple of days ago so I really didn't need that at this time. The guy told me that it didn't matter whether interior or exterior only. They charge same price. TRUELY INSANE !!

Eros Esau

I been use this service from long time and never had any complaints about it. Good service and very friendly people. Thanks. Really recommend to everyone.

Albert Schmid

Nicely managed car wash

Mary Christy

The wait was minimal, prices are good and my car was spotless when they were finished. It has always been a good car wash and the new management has maintained the value and friendly vibe.

Sal trucking Sal

They do a good job reasonable prices

Nevin Baratian

Some of the best service around. Would not go anyplace else. Quality, efficient and respectful. Highly recommended Pricing is very reasonable. The service is thorough with all cracks and small corners taken into account. The manager is also very attentive making sure everything happens right. Their detailing service is excellent as well. Full detail by the end of the day.

Mara Washington

Did a great job on my car. Will definitely return

Robert Grexer

It's a nice place for a quick wash

abe haber

I brought my car here a few times and every time they did a fantastic job. They pay attention to detail and clean every nook and cranny. I absolutely love it!

Si Mohamed Banassou

No good vacuum, no good customer service, they just clean my car only from exterior, and the problem I paid for the best service, that's succes, it's the first and last time I ll be there, please don't waste your money over there

phyllis zhang

Got the platinum plan, car turned out great. The manager, Ofer, offered us free coffee and hot chocolate. The supervisor David is very attentive to details. Service was great! Will definitely go back

Karl Lindemuth

Quick and excellent job removing 400 miles of bugs and road grime!

anastasios ignatiadis

Great place Ofer is the best

Judith Harrison

Very fast, poor service. My car is always dirty when I leave and the management is usually less than eager to resolve customer concerns.

Lori Ray

Would recommend unreservedly. The only place to get a decent carwash at the price in the area.

Howard Meyer

Very good wash!

David Darvish

They are quick and clean. If you have a special issue let them know before they start. They keep track of the cars which go to them and you get coupons and free washes effortlessly.


The Busier the worse.

Eduardo Pérez-Tobón

It used to be my favorite car wash. It is just a waste of money. You have to pay $3 extra for "plastic mats" and they just pressure wash them, not even scrub it. And the vacuuming is absolutely non existent, the guy won't vacuum your second line of seats.

steve c

New ownership and they do the bare minimum

Neil Schreiner

Better than any other car wash I've been too and for the price not bad either




Very nice staff. They do a great job on your vehicle. They’re a little pricey but I think that’s owing to the fact that they’re not many car washes around this area.

Revital Kleiman

I did my DETAIL cleaning and I feel like I got a brand NEW car!!! I had a good experience with them, the price was good and they are working very fast. Definitely would come back :))))

Gabriel Aharonoff

Fast place to wash your car in Great Neck area.

C. Foo

Small car wash. Prices are a bit high for the small amount of scrubbing your car endures.

Matthew Sultana

Never going back again. They didn’t clean my windshield and they there is still plenty of dirt around the wheel well and under the windshield wipers. They also stole stuff out of my center counsel that I didn’t notice until I got home! Any garbage on the inside of my truck they left too! And so many water spots all over the car. Next time I’m just going to do it myself! Waste of money!

Brian A

AVOID, if you care about your vehicle. As other recent reviews have stated, I've also been going to this car wash for years, quality definitely has dropped. Went in for an exterior only wash, their equipment banged and broke my side view mirror. Was told to come in the next day and speak to the manager, David. To sum up my encounter with David, the manager. He was simply ignorant. First he takes a look at the Broken sideview mirror, which is still intact, but broken on the vehicle and right off the bat claims it's not broken. Tells me he needs to watch the security video, moments later attempts to say its not on the video. Then proceeds to tell me it's still not broken, and follows up with telling me to visit the Repair shop right up the road. So if it's not broken why does it need to be repaired? I go to this repair shop, I simply ask the guy in charge at the shop, is this broken or not? To quote his reply "LOOKS BROKEN TO ME, I'll order you a new one." Told it would take 2 days to fix. I call David, the manager explain my encounter. Inform him I don't have 2 days, and ask to compensate me so I can fix it up myself. He replys in a condescending tone "ahhh so you want money." Well if you damage my property, I'd expect compensation.. I will be contacting my insurance to file a claim, even if I directly suffer a loss financially. This is about morals. And David, if something needs to be fixed, it's because it's BROKEN.

z arvin

The worst car washing experience, I hope you do not come to this car wash shop, I went to wash the car early in the morning ruined my mood for a day, I chose the most expensive price they called the best cost me 21 dollars, car wash is not clean, the outside of the car has not washed the rainy day for me to clean, the car washed a lot of white spots. The most important thing is cleaning the car, the car of the dust of what, what before wash, wash after dust just move the position, did not move at all, wash my car only took less than 3 minutes, I see they wash the car outside just wipe a screen of the steering wheel and the car washed feeling are a little can't read like a faint cement grinding, and dust small pieces of what is inside the car, there could even because of the vacuum cleaner isn't clean my back some more dust. And car foot pad was more than four dollars to give me wash, I wash your invoice is that there is no name of invoice, after I finished washing the car foot pad, there is no tell them why the dust in the car didn't wash, I'm afraid they want to charge me more money, and these are my already gave $5 tip after service, it is so bad, if you don't want to become more dirty car, because more money is deceived, one day a good mood because the car wash and variation, I suggest you don't in the shop. The money pit, had not washed clean, 10-year-old child is more than the washing clean, originally sign twenty-one dollars washing the car, In the end, I spent a total of 30 yuan to wash the car, and the car was very dirty after washing.I'm just telling the truth. I'm not making this up. If you don't believe me, you can see the pictures I posted

anthony rizzotto

They do good work treat me well every time I go there, sometimes they forget to clean some parts of the car, a bit pricey too.

Jhonny Rodriguez

The best car wash ever, please are great!!

World Money Entertainment

The staff needs to take more care of vehicles

Christopher Sosa

Good place to wash car, wish they really dried car up a little more so that way once you pull away it doesn't drip and have marks

John Kamamis

Best car wash in Queens David is the best manager ever most polite most helpful to me throughout all the years I've been going there as long as he's been working there and all his staff under him he's a wonderful manager and the owner is very nice man also but David is absolutely exceptional best manager ever

szuyuan chang

New ownership , price went up , armorall service was a joke, paid$ 41.34 plus tax , but car inside not even clean, and they forget to leather conditioner my seats,


I used to come here and they used to do a great job. Today it was the worst car wash ever. They didn’t even vacuum and barely cleaned. To pay for their best service and get a surface clean is horrible. Would not recommend this place anymore.

bobby u

This place is definitely shaped up a lot very good service I don't know if it's a new owner or what but they definitely changed something

ralph valdes

They work too fast and don’t pay attention to detail. The inside of my car was still dirty when I pulled off . I understand working fast and efficient but this was just fast and sloppy . Do not go there if you want the full package

Michael Vittiglio

I come here every time I'm in town. Great service and reasonable price.

George T

New ownership. No more late hours, no more evening exterior wash. Good location

Shai Kleiman

I love my car more than I love my wife and I must say that this car wash has the most up to date cleaning machine! The Service is great and you have tons of accessories

William Browne

Horrible they rush the whole job car was filthy still after gold package never again

Damian Moskal

"complete interior vacuum" not exactly complete. Refused to vacuum my seats and that was the main thing I wanted vacuumed. Front windshield from interior has enough streaks that it's dangerous to drive at night. Needless to say, never coming back here.

Nicholas Peterson

Fast and easy. Inside windows are clean and I can see again.

Ting L

Sometimes not as clean as it should be. But overall better than most places

Benjamin Wang

Having to live close by, I figured to give Little Neck Car Wash a try based on many positive reviews I've seen online. Upon the completion of the wash, I noticed there was more cars coming in so I didn't want to slow down the business by eye each corner of the car making sure it was clean. Upon arriving home, the first thing I noticed were many dust spots remaining throughout the car that was quite noticeable. I'm not to picky overall but wasn't satisfied of the overall quality of the work.

Inti Maldonado

Great car wash, great crew. And love the points program to get free carwashes!

Nikan Baratian

An amazing place to trust your car with. Everytime I come here my vehicle is handled with the best care. They take their time to make sure the job is complete and satisfactory. All of the staff is active and precise. Pricing is extremely competitive with their top teir, platinum wash being the same price at stores low quality wash. I would recommend any day of the week.


great job

Sungmin Kim

my winter washing place. It does show that they are trying to improve their services but the price is getting just too high for me.

tina U

I rarely write reviews, however every time I leave this car wash I say to myself they are just awful. Only reason I occasionally stop in is because of the convenience of the location. My car was covered in snow and salt yesterday so I stopped by. All their prices have increased. They barely wiped it down. Left salt inside and and out. Awful, awful.felt like I threw $20.00 out the window.

Edward Klein

they scratch my car in several places, car not even clean, how much worse can it get.

Hector Rodriguez

I came here when it was not busy and it did make a difference because they were able to take their time and do a more thorough job. I typically do not like going to busier car washes even though I understand that the busier it may seem the better work they're doing but when it is too busy everyone feels pressured and rushed and does not take the time or pay attention to detail... but I honestly do not remember my windows looking this clean in any car wash that I've been to before.

Juan Lima

Place is okay and the car comes out clean. The only problem that I have is when they drive too close to the metal railing that keeps the car moving along the rail it causes scuff marks on the rims.

Victoria Hansen

I like this Car Wash, there are a lot of workers around who clean the interior of the car (spray the windows etc) after they put it through the wash. They usually do a very good job and fast too.

Nikki Cantos

these guys always come through whenever i need a little extra work on my car. the guy always take out all my small scratches (after car wash) and today told them to take out some adhesive from my emblems and awesome job! thumbs up to these guys!

Tafsir Ahmed

Excellent service convenient price, really like this place....

Danielle Brethel

Every time I go here they do a terrible job. Always leaves piles of dirt in the center console and even when I point it out to them they don’t even clean it again. I live very close by so it’s convenient to go there but I would rather drive far away then go back here ever again.

Shainice Laylor

Expensive but you get what you pay for.

Gio Co

They could do a better job. I was the only customer and they rush to get me out of there. Car wasn't clean properly.

Hwang Dental

They used to be good, but detail has been lacking when getting car/suv washed. Even the pricier wash modes are just ok.

Roberto Hernandez

I am a small business owner, in the business of automobiles. I wholesale various vehicles, at auctions, since November 2001. I have used various Car Washes, Detailers, but have yet to run into an individual who actually cares, worries about Client-Satisfaction. David is his name, he is the floor-man/manager there, and at all times double checks my cars, right after there done, he confirms, the ash trays, door jams are cleaned, even tires have proper shine, before I exit the store. I am very-very impressed, satisfied! David understands, that without good service, they will all be unemployed! He understands business/client services. Great Job!

Christophe D

The prices aren't bad considering the location but your car will hardly be clean. Better than nothing I guess.

Noah Siegel

They'll get you clean but not for someone looking for attention to detail

Shawn Varghese

Great wash with "the Best" but the tires were poorly cleaned and dresses with tire shine. I would have expected better for $20.


First and last time I go there. They are lazy and won't vacuum the car if you aren't on top of them, this guy was telling me he vacuum the back seat when I was there watching and he didn't do so. Also I payed for the platinum wash and I didn't even get half of what they say they do, undercarriage dirty/ untouched, the car a regular wash on the machine and that's it. To top it all when I asked them why they didn't do the was/ seal and everything under the car they told me "we did" I was furious and left, again don't go there I repeat don't go there.

Beverly sessum

fast orderly...lots of attendants

J Gatsby

Chintzy, Chintzy, Chintzy These people are lazy period. They don't clean the inside of your car they leave dust under the seats and rush you even when there are no other cars waiting. They increase the prices every few months and knock off some of the offerings in each category so the customer ends up paying way more for the same lazy wash. They do not dry your car well so when you get home or to your next stop you notice tons of water marks. They will give you some line that it's because you need a detail or some other garbage but it's just a lie. Plain and simple. If you got a wax and polish and a cleaning the car shouldn't have watermarks and light scratches from their machines or employees who's diligence leaves everything to be desired. Refund don't even say the word you won't get it. When you bring the mistakes to their attention nicely they don't apologize or offer a refund they just try to placate you with a quick re-wiping of an already lackluster job. The sad thing is I have been going to this place for years and their quality keeps deteriorating. This is the kind of place where they will smile as they cheat you over and over. Save yourself the hassle, your car the needless scratches, and the frustration you get when you deal with a cheat. Find a place that gives a damn about the quality of their work.

Nicholas Dramoudanis

First time using little neck and will never be going back again. Vacuum service was horrible there was still dirt on the floor, they didn't vacuum under the carpets, or my trunk. Paid for platinum service and they didn't shine my tires or armor all the sidewalls of my trunk (I drive an suv). Didn't vacuum my center console either which was emptied out for it to be easier for them as was the rest of the car. Cup holders were still dirty. On top of it I bought a few extra things and my bill was $60 for the money I spent in there definitely not happy

John Chen

They close early without any notice or reason. So if you're planning on using them during their "business hours" you might have to call ahead of time to make sure they're open.

Raymond Tieu

Convenient car wash and great prices!However, they did not do a thorough job, I still needed to clean the rims of my tires. I guess you get what you pay for.

Gio Mangano

The employees aim to please, they try to do a detailed job even with your regular car wash. Management very professional!

gareeb 911

Complete wash of money... they charge a lot and they dont do a good job either

Daniel Kleiman

My car looks better than when the dealership delivered it to me! These guys really do a tremendous job in making your car shine! I have a dog and it is so clean that I can barely find a hair in it.



P Eff

Quick clean done right

Ali Zareinejad


Moshe Bressler

I got here at 7:20 AM for the morning special. It came out to be $16 for the inside and outside of my car to be sparkling clean. I was driving out by 7:35 AM. They are fast efficient and clean.

Brian Frankel

It's great staff he do a good job

Benjamin Rakhman

David and the team at Little Neck Car Wash are very professional and extremely attentive to each vehicle that comes through the wash. They are also exceptional at detailing vehicles and making old cars look new again!

Chris B

The people they got working for them are lazy! Spraying off loose dirt before going into wash as well as rims seems like too much work. I explained this to the lady at the register that they only sprayed off loose dirt on driver side only not even the front of the car, her answer was "that's how they do it now." Instead of addressing it she could care less. I have to go home and wash my car again with a detail spray after washing my car at this place. I do not recommend the at all!

Paul Wu

Refused to provide exterior wash service. Aggressively forced a full service wash on me. I quickly left. Take your business elsewhere.

E Mong

good car wash,very clean.

S Scuba

Good car wash and they offer detailing service.

gary scott cohen

They use glass cleaner that makes the car smell wonderful ☺

Archie Oman Egbert

I went this afternoon and was impressed with how quick they worked and the quality of the job. I got the Gold Wash and with the SUV charge and a tip it came to just under $30. They gave me a $30 wash, and I'm happy with it. They cleaned the car well and didn't waste a lot of time in the process. Their waiting room is clean and the staff friendly. I will come back here again.

Thomas Moehrle

A wonderful n very clean neat place . IT HAPPENS TO BE A VERY WELL KEPT PLACE N THEY DO A VERY GOOD JOB.

Marty Dressel

I went to my favorite car wash today only to learn that it had changed ownership. My usual 10 minute experience turned into 25 minutes. There were not enough people working. Only one person was wiping down my car. I got in the car and drove out. They have all day, I have to get to work.

orly vilosny

I love getting my car washed at Little Neck car wash. They do such a great job cleaning my car. I will be back!!

Tony Smolenski

Paid for the platinum service and found the inside windshield still dirty, the wheels untouched and the leather seats also undone. Greatly overcharged for what I received


I gave one star just to post this review. This is place is really horrible. Rip off. I paid 13 dollars (10 + extra 3 for wax)for exterior only and very minimum amount of water put on my car and got scratches all over whole body & windshields. Workers are grumpy and deals with customers with no respect. I swore to never go to this place. You would do the same. I swear.

Matthew Afanasenko

If I could give zero stars I would, I work at a dealership and we use this car wash to clean new cars. Then we finish the detailing at the dealership. I took my personal car here paid for the highest car wash and still the workers cut corners, left bird residue on my car, hardly vacuumed the interior, and left all the door jams dirty. They told me to wait to armor all my tires and never did. I had to detail the rest of my own car myself. I am disgusted with the service here. If you want to waste your money, please get your car “rinsed off” here

Milly Trejo

The best car wash , they clean my car quickly and very professionally . I’m very pleased with them . When I need help with windshield water they help me. The prices are very good. I have the loyalty card after 6 washes the 7 is free.

Chris Penninipede

Not bad for the price

Chun Hu

Always got a pretty good wash. Line can be a bit long at times. I really don't have a complaint. They do the interior,, Windows (with clean rags), and in between the doors...


They didn't do the best when they were in rush.

Afsoon Berookhim

The inside of my car looks like nothing has been done! I had to go home and cleanup myself! They just wipe the windows. There are dost all over inside the car

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