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2042 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10306

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REVIEWS OF Island's Best Car Wash & Hand Car Wash IN New York

Ritchie Christian

Horrible wash, terrible service. Windows left streaks all over. Told them, their excuse was we are getting ready to go home. Don't waste your time and money here.

minmin wei

Jack Korzekwinski

Evgeny Kolmakov

this is the best automatic car wash. I've been to many car washes in Brooklyn and Staten Island, but here's the best service.

Lesley Meurer

They take exceptional care with your car. Very detailed.

Dome Industries

Good job on exterior

Erin Ratel

Wenfeng Yang

Luis Matos

Very busy on an early Tuesday afternoon

Gaming BRO

This car wash is the best on the island. Very friendly receptionist unlike other car wash.They did a special porsche 911 start up

Gaming Hub

Crissy Poo

Islands Best workers go above and beyond. Their customer service is awesome . They are the best car wash I’ve ever been to. They get a A+ from me!

Dennis Fermaint

I just left this place, paid $36 for a wash/vac with windows and tire package. As soon as i pulled into my driveway I had to get out a clean rag and a bucket with soap and water. My truck looked like they ran some water over it and wiped it down with wet towels. This is actually the 2nd time this has happened but I came back here because the lines were so long at other places on hylan blvd. I should have known tbis place didnt have a line on easter Sunday for a reason . Rather than go back and argue with them, hardly any of them speak english well anyway, I just wiped down my truck and i will never be returning . there again! I'd rather spend the extra money from now on and go to Empire. At least they actually clean your car there.

Marvin Ceglio

Brian Ngo

Came here for a car wash and got my beat headphone stole. Call the place and told them and no one got back to me. Watch out ppl. Never coming back here again. Shady worker.

D Zhang

Absolutely the worst car wash place ever. The guy at the intake area was working hard, he seen to be new. But the 2 guys at the end of wash line were the worst. I paid for VIP wash package $25. They didn't even wipe the dirts off the back of rear seats. Left over soap foams were all over the rear hatch door area. They pretend they didn't see it. They were talking non stop instead of keep their eyes open and do their job. I saw the boss was bossing them around but these workers are unreliable.

angelina duron

Nice people and the people work fast.


Max Tashlyk

This is the best car wash

Jerrier Atassi

This is the best value for a car wash. I love this place for their great car care.

Christian Montalvo

Nicholas Barranco

Most reviews of the place are from before the place was renovated. Went there today and have to say it was good compared to prior reviews.


Love this place a must recommend if u make it down hylan

Abagail Allen

Cleanest, most detailed car wash I've gotten in years! My whole interior shined beautifully and you needed sunglasses to look at the exterior!! Management was friendly, helpful, and in top of everything ensuring a pristine end product...A little pricey but definitely worth it. Would spend the money again in a heartbeat!!!

Rosie Unknown

They are the Island's worst car wash. I went to this car wash on 3/16 I paid for the VIP 25.99, which in total comes out to 28.33. For almost 30.00 I expect my car to be clean. When inspecting my car I noticed that there was dirt still on the hood, side and top of my car. This place did a horrible job my rear view mirror still had my daughter's juice on it, there was still finger prints on my window, my front grill area was dirty. Stan the manager was present I showed him the dirty areas. This hungry guppy going to tell me oh we have to use our special buffer to remove the stain for the price of 115. I pop my trunk and take my cloth out and proceed to wipe my car down and what do you know a 50 cent cloth began to remove the dirt off my car. After I finished wiping down my car and showing Stan the cloth with all of the dirt on, he still proceeded to tell me that he would of have to use the special buffer.

Lida Bee

The worst experience ever! The workers stole my good luck money from my car & they lost my brand new mats they were GONE! I've been going to this car wash for years even after New management which I have to say the new manager has zero customer service skills and could care less about your situation. I do not recommend this place at all! They said they will look into the situation and never did they claim they have 20 cameras and they'll get back to me no one ever did. These people are theifs!!!! They will steal items from your car!

Desiree Vazquez

Jadore Lor

Quick and lovely service! Their prices are great, especially the morning specials. I am very satisfied with my car wash as my car is sparkling now :) I had great experience and I will definitely come back. I highly recommend giving them a try, you won’t be sorry.

Monika N

Joey M

One of the best car washes on Staten Island, they do a great job inside and out !! Worth the money !

Victor Victor H

Really great car wash super focused on details

Christopher Deats

I have been going to this car wash for about a year and all was fine, yesterday 5/8/18 I brought my truck to be cleaned. I always get the Island’s Best option, I also believe this was my 11th wash so it would have been free. The receipt was given to me and stated PAID nothing due, my truck goes through and all the options that go along with the Island’s Best were not activated as my truck passed through. I see the cashier in regards to this and she stated that it was just the hot wax that didn’t dispense this I know isn’t true because you can clearly see the whole process through the glass. She brings up that the receipt states paid I responded by saying I believe this is my 11 wash so isn’t it free? I got an I don’t know with nothing to add so since they can’t find out it’s your job as the consumer to keep track of it, then she proceeds to tell the workers to have the truck spray waxed. I watch the truck drive out as she is saying this and parked to the side of the building. I proceed to sit outside and watch the staff discuss who’s doing the truck, after about a minute of talking 4 guys start to dry the outside and clean the inside of my truck. After the majority of the truck was dried 1 guy remained wiping down the inside and then a few windows on the outside. After he had finished he tells me the truck is done, I stated what about the spray wax? He tells me it was done I watch the truck pull out and worked on the whole time with no wax sprayed on the truck. He starts yelling at me and tells me I did you just didn’t see it. I said show me the bottle you sprayed it with, he picks up a bottle that was never picked up from the cart. I informed the cashier of the situation and stated you have lost me business. The rudeness and the unprofessional actions of the workers have permanently taken this place off my list of car washes. There is no responsibility taken nor over sight of the workers. If you wash your vehicle there alway make sure you get what your are paying for, it’s very easy to pay for a service and if our not paying attention be charged for services that we’re not rendered.

robert Cavagnaro

Very good drive thru automated car wash, early bird special $ 7.99 before I think 10. New optional hand wash opening soon I will revise when hand wash is operational

henry karri


Rex Christian

Quick job, not very thorough but clean enough I guess for the speed.

elsie santana

Great car wash

Danie Paramount

Best carwash in New York . They washed my car inside and outside for 5 minutes! Thanks you guys!!

Ali Asssi


No good

Julia G

Place looks nice and new, receptionist is very nice. However, the car wash is the worst I have ever had. Dirty seats, back seats not cleaned, doors not touched at all, old food crumbs that my kids left in the back seat are still there. Wrappers, stickers in the floor and between the seats. I have been there a few times since they opened giving them a chance each time, but I feel it gets worse and worse each time I come. The entire full service VIP wash took about 7 minutes. Takes at least 20 at other places. Truthfully, came in today because there was no line, suspecting that i wont get a good wash. Well, that was my last time, will wait online elsewhere next time.

Nosirdzhon Nazarali

Jo S

Yanky Halpern

Very bad place I paid for a vip wash but,it was hardly cleaned never coming back!

yauheni vysotsin




Very bad!!! Not recommended!!!

Andrew Burke

Emmit Franklin


Anthony Garofalo

Very good work in and out

Antonio Villanueva

They do not do what you pay for .The manager dosen't care when you complain about what the workers are doing. NEVER go back to this place..

lizzy ros


Very good car wash.

eastern Teamwork

No next time , no clean very bad hard washing

Eugene Furer

After recent renovation, place improved dramatically. Nice and clean. Doing thorough job, free coffee and friendly staff. Update: Coffee is no longer free and they almost scratched my car. They also stopped "but 10 get one free" wash at around my 8th one.

R Shroff

Not good. They left a lot of uncleaned spots and they forgot to give me back my mats after waiting for almost 30 minutes! Not worth the $30 price tag.

Michael Nicolosi

If I could rate this place with zero stars I would. had my car washed here from a voucher from island auto group drove the car through the wash scratching the whole side and the manager wouldn’t do anything about it saying it’s a 100,000 machine it don’t scratch cars do your self a favor and go down to h20 auto spa where they really care about your car

Francisco Sanz

5 Stars Service Prices are fair for the amount of work.they do

Karen Moran

Got the $25 VIP wash. Disappointed in the amount of bugs still left on my windshield & grill. Also didn’t really appreciate having my radio not only turned back on, but blaring a different station that is not one of my presets to say the least. The wash and interior were 3 stars, and the friendly cashier and free air freshener was a nice touch, but definitely not great especially considering there are 3 car washes essentially right next to each other. I meant to turn into the Empire Hand Wash and I will next time.

Vlad Davydov

Great service. Management is best I've seen. Reasonable rates.

Qawwali Fun

Disrespectful Stan the Manager does not have manners of how to speak to people

Anna Amber

They went above and beyond with their service! Great prices! I recommend to everyone!

Stan Lubovny

Brendan McCool

Queen Gabbi

Nice car wash

Dee Williams

Dominic Santana

Need your car detailed, don’t bring it to Island’s Best Car Wash!!!! I took my car to this place because my car was left with a cigar smell after I lent it to my uncle. When one of the guys inspected my car, he said that he guaranteed getting rid of the smell, he said, “the smell is not a problem; we’ve dealt with bigger problems [in the interior].” Well, when I took the car home after the interior detail, I asked my wife to smell the car inside, because I wanted an objective point of view, and she said, “the smell is still lingering.” Well, I said to her that maybe the smell would go away within a few days. Unfortunately the smell did not go away within a few days. Two weeks passed and I contacted Island’s Best and the receptionist (who is extremely courteous and pleasant) told me to come in person and speak to the manager. So went in and spoke to Stan. I explained to Stan that I wasn’t happy with the smell still lingering in my car. Stan’s response was that I can bring it in, but that he’ll charge me. At that point, I told him that I was not going to pay another penny because the job was not done well. Then he said that how does he know that I didn’t smoke inside the car within the last two weeks. I told him that I do not smoke, and I assured him that no one has smoked in my car. He said in a very arrogant way that he did not know that—so, he, indirectly, called me (a customer) a liar. Finally, I told him that I would not come back to his car wash, and he shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he did not care. If you are like me and believe that it is the responsibily of an establishment to respect and value you as a customer, do not bring your business to Island’s Best Car Wash!!!

Hossameldin Hosameldin

Best car wash i have ever been to! Great service!

Joseph Gonzalez

Alpha Communication & Security ACS

Wuwu Bello

Best car wash on the island, don’t mind traveling across just to wash my cars, 3 times doing details there and never disappointed, friendly staff.

Alexandr Galitsky

Aida Purisi

Great staff, super nice & friendly!

Asif Sarker

They r really do good job

Harold Bumbrey

Robert Mavashev

Verrry bad cleaning, poor service. They put some armor which one I didn’t even ask and car smell like pee

Nithin Thomas Kannanmannil

Great service and good people

Carol Gorman

Great service

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