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REVIEWS OF Golden Touch Car Wash Inc IN New York

Yvette Rivera

I just went a few moments ago im paying almost 26.96 plus 3 in tip dollars. The staff was nice and the mechanics. I had to gonback because my car was not vaccumed well at all. The man left my seat pulled foward. I have a dress on like it was petty becaus eI came back for them to vacuum it alittle more. Not hapoy w the service but I am for the gentleman mechanic who helped me the second tine and the register lady and the car is still looks like it could have been vacvuumed better.


Come on now, I paid $43 and the wash was actually pretty terrible. Reason why I give three and not 1 is because I’ve been here before and they usually do an ok job for the $15 or $25 wash. I expected more for $43. I tried my best with the pictures...

Max McDonnell

Going to this car wash was like one of those YouTube videos where someone sees new colors for the first time. I thought I knew what car cleaning was, but at Golden Touch it was redefined. Spectacular job, thank you.


First time I paid $23 inside the car wasn’t clean properly. Second time still the same thing. Already did two oil changed with them and this will be my third and final time here. If you’re going to be expensive at least do a good job !

Eddie P.


Sabrina L.

Great affordable car wash. The workers really work together as a team to make sure everything is clean inside and out

Volvi Lieser

Great place for a oil change and small tune ups on your car

Daryush Nourbaha

Great service from a great staff. Oil change, engine flush and car wash detailing all at a fair price in a professional setting.

Sobe G

We bought a used car and paid for them to clean the outside and inside of the car. We waited a long while before we realized that they looked like they didnt even touch our car. Then we had asked they said the cleaned it but literally nothing was done. The outside was still dirty and the inside wasnt even vaacuumed as was told they were going to do. It was a waste of money and time

Amir Bather

The $32 wash will make you feel as if you’re driving a new car


I hate giving bad reviews, but i spend $22 on a wash that was supposed to leave my car pretty clean right. So after they said my car was done and i was almost leaving i had to back up twice. 1st they did not even look the dashboard, then the doors and the the tires either. I paid for extra vacuum and it looked like they barely used it. Sorry but they need to improve BIG TIME

Chaz Hofler

Good car wash. Had some other issues and they took care of that too.

Kris St. Clair

Impeccable attention to detail but way too heavy on the armorall in side. About slipped into the passenger seat.

yahya alsomih

Very bad car wash service lazy management

Emery Ford

Alright job. Basically what you expect from a New York car wash service. Make sure you check that they buffed your rims and side mirrors before you leave.

desiree reyes

It was good

Caroline Lee

Fantastic place to get your car cleaned from the inside out. 20 bucks will get you a wipe down and vacuumed car as well as an outside clean that makes your car brand new. The queue outside the car wash is often ridiculous but the actual wash, vacuum, and polish time takes about 7 minutes or so.

smalls p

I have been a loyal customer since 2015 but I am never letting them touch my car again. Their negligence means I have a frozen washer fluid reservoir full of summer washer fluid. And yet, they last topped it up on December 14, 2018 when I came in for an oil change. Why did they use the wrong fluid? Was it probably watered down already? I'll never know, but I will never forget the terrifying drive with a frozen windshield and no easy solutions to fixing this problem.


I specifically asked for a good interior cleaning PLUS SHAMPOO cleaning. The guy told me, shampoo cleaning they guy has to work on the car a few hours and quoted me $150 (yes hundred and fifty dollars PLUS TAX...) I paid and left my car, I get a call not even one hour later that it's ready! I right away knew they ripped me off. I came back, they just vacuumed the interior and maybe wiped a little but shampoo? My foot! The car had no good smell whatsoever.. They didn't even put back the floor mats to their place, they just dropped them all, and still wet, in the trunk. Total rip off's. I paid once just $30 for the service they did at super clean car wash on 70th and bay parkway, a outside wash and interior vacuum and wipe but here you'll get this when you pay $150!

Tamara Pang

Always friendly and they do a thorough job. They accept our minivan with a storage container on top

Israel Scholte

Don't waste your money for the oil change. They use a cheap brand that doesn't work properly for the engine. I paid for synthetic and after 2000 miles I had to redue by Honda, although that it was supposed to be for 5000 miles. The free cleaning is very superficial, they want you to remember that is free...

Omair Butt

Thick quick and do a good job

Sergey Davidov

Nice place and staff very good

Joel Zinger

Never disappointed here. Tire shine includes wheel cleaning.

Erica Goodridge

Got the silver package. It was not worth the money. I had to ask them to rewipe the inside mirrors they were still dirty n had to bring the car back around because they didnt vaccum the trunk. If I go back I will just get a basic wash from them. I must add the staff was very nice and had no problem re doing the items for me. Just wish the inside was better done.

George Amick

Every time I bring in my car I feel completely satisfied with the work they perform here. They take their time to do every detail needed. The crew seems to enjoy what they do because they do a terrific job. Fair prices. Try it out!

tammy saffioti

Excellent quick car Wash and my baby girl loves to watch through the Windows. The guys are especially sweet with her which is adorable

Quiana Quaid

Came here with the groupon which was a reasonable deal. As with all hand/machine wash places, don't expect a great clean. They will take the dirt off the car but the wheels/rims will still be dirty.

Ahmad Mahdi

For quick wash, their quick service was not the greatest. The people nice and great. I got better service at similar price in other car was places.

kintique Kintique

If you want a subpar carwash this is the place. They did a horrific job vacuuming. I'm pretty sure they added dirt to my interior somehow. Soap didn't really come off well in the spray cycle and they didn't wipe it off.... Overall disappointing

David Waldes

Quick and easy. Convenient.

Fred Alluso

This used to be a favorite facility for getting my car washed when in the area. Unfortunately the last wash purchased was far from great. The inside windows were left smeared while the tires were not armoured as per my request. I think it's under new management but I'm not sure.

Tracey Keys

Quick efficient

f73ddy80 G

People be careful leaving stuff in your car. My sunglasses, six pack of little trees and scissors were stolen. There's a thief at this car wash!

Nicole Patrick

My vehicle always comes out clean with no strecks or sratcges from the brushes. The oil change is top notch and the staff doesn't upsale you. They are friendly and helpful.

Yuri Estrada, PE

Horrible horrible job and lack of accountability. They broke our side mirror and said “oh man, YOU have bad luck” and wouldn’t do anything about it. The outside of the car came out so dirty they had to rerun the through the machine but only after we complained and asked for our money back. The second time around the car was still dirty and we had to hand clean it ourselves. Absolutely horrible job and will never go there again.


Rims weren’t cleaned and spilled crackers weren’t vacuumed under the seat.

Mark Sherry

Oil change and a free wash life doesn't get any better

B. Lesa Carter

Too DARN expensive!

meagan simms

Great and quick service. Oil change and a free car wash in about 30 minutes...can't ask for better.

Chris Diaz

Like this car wash. I take my car here sometimes when I'm around in Brooklyn.

Oleg L.

Crowded, chaotic place. My car wasn't cleaned properly. Dirty spots were everywhere.

Bull Market

Great service by the crew. They took time to dry the car well which is key to getting a nice finish. The reason I gave three stars is because the cashier was an absolute disgrace to customer service. She was mean and seemed to get annoyed by my presence. Great place to wash your car, just quickly pay and go.

Lupe Guevara

Yooo this is my new spot for a good car clean...they left my whip spotless...went on Sunday they was no mad lines...highly recommendation had a oil change done too

mike troy

hi sir do you have website for your business?

Nery Sal L

They used to have a better car wash service with their old machinery. Yet, they are still better than their competitors. Oil change service is reliable and good, I've been going with them for years.

frank nieves Jr.

I wouldn't waste my money in this place @ all.

Mark Kelner

It's ok.

Nika D.

The wait was kind of long but well worth it, they did a great job!!! The machine was gentle on my vehicle. They were also very reasonably priced so that was another plus!

Terry Kogan

They are fast and efficient. If you want personalized service, dont go when they are crazy busy.

Barış Can Bahtiyarogulları

As it says... “Golden Touch” they do more work than other places and its cheaper. Thank you!!


Disappointed, the roof of the car wasn’t cleaned. The folks working there were great, but the car wash itself was inadequate. Won’t be back.

Matt Olsen

Quick oil change, great service! Had mild heat shield issue after one and they fixed it immediately!


Good place nice workers. But be careful if you have window visors if they get broken it's on you.

John O'donnell

ONLY GO THERE FOR REDUCED PRICED WASHES (after 6-7PM) Good place for standard service only- anything more will get over complicated as there is a strict separation between their oil change center and car wash operation which I have experienced and observed to come down on the customer in an aggressive and unprofessional manner. Spare yourself the stress from a staff that inflates/oversells their product prices down to "professionally blended" windshield washer fluid.

Sinista I.Z.

One of my favorite car wash just wished they wiped my car down better but in all fairness it can get pretty busy and they need to move fast. Be sure to get a discount card after 12 stamps i believe you get a free car wash. I got mine free wash just the other day.

Wil Perez

A mess from the start, after waiting the oil change guy tell me the oil I used is not available and the I need to get the full synthetic of course the most expensive option. I'm already not happy and agree so I can leave. At the register as I wait I decide to look at air fresheners, I've never seen a carwash charge $8 + tax for an air freshener. After the oil change was done I was told I have to leave the building and go around a large block then re-enter the car wash, this made no sense since I already made the line. I go around and come back in just to find a long line for the car wash. While waiting I noticed one of the oil change guys hit reverse on a car and put it on the car wash line, I wonder why that wasn't offered to me. I would go elsewhere.

Josdulby Urena

1hr to get my car washed enough said

Joseph Pellitteri

Just came from this car wash after waiting on the unorganized line for 25 minutes. There are NEW scratches on the car as I’ve fully inspected it inside and out right before the car was washed! Unbelievable. The rims and parts of the outside have marks I can take off with spit and a finger... seems like that would be a better car wash then bothering to go here! The interior seems as their vacuum barely worked and there are easily removable stains throughout, although compartments were opened. I bought the Gold package too. I’m sorry I tipped so well and the tip I can give everyone else is: this car wash damaged my car, don’t take the risk, druve to another car wash.

Moutaz Munaser

Very fast car wash, good price. My favorite spot in brooklyn

Konstant Auto Group

Same as other people say I also spent $23 to get a decent wash with armor I got neither! just lazy bunch of... Didn't clean windows, no armor all applied, very lousy vacuum. Had to go back to press on manager for each single thing. When they finally put armor all on tires, they just put it on one side.... SMH. Spend your cash elsewhere.

Ronald Wright

They do good work

Jacob Fleischmann

Great service at reasonable prices.

naana reddy

They clean your car really good! I am from LA and i visited these place for a quick car wash and they did really well!

Nikita Bobrov

Super customer service. Affordable prices. Excellent wash. Thanks

Stephen Culhane

Very thorough cleaning inside and out.

Sheleen Holmes

I love coming to Golden Touch. Prices are good, staff is nice and knowledgeable. Came here last year to get my used car I bought detailed and they did an excellent job. I come here all the time for an oil change and they always provide a next service sticker. They also help me out and give advice on my car. Highly recommend

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